Podia Review 2024: Best Online Learning Platform?


Overall Verdict

Podia is an online learning platform that hosts and sells online courses, subscriptions, as well as digital download content. There are no technical issues, no processing costs, and unrestricted access to anything.

Out of 10


  • Instant payouts so you never have to wait to be paid
  • The platform is really easy to use
  • It is decently priced for the features it offers.
  • Very refined UI, UX, and easy to use
  • Podia offers great support for all its customers.
  • Integrated email marketing


  • The membership feature is only available in their Shaker plan
  • Free plan like that of Thinkific and Teachable is not available
  • Their email composer lacks personalization fields


Price: $ 39

Hey🙋‍♂️, I’m Linda. Welcome to my Podia Review.

If you own a WordPress website, you are probably aware that several eCommerce plugins and WooCommerce could be used to establish an online storefront. The issue with plug-ins is that they might complicate things if several of them are enabled to operate your business.

Couple that with the fact that if you want to be hands-on with your project’s operation, you will need some technical knowledge.

Podia has a massive advantage over its more complicated opponents in this field. Podia’s drag-and-drop mechanics make it easier.

There are thousands of online class providers in the marketplace, with Thinkific, Kajabi, and Teachable being some of the most well-known online course platforms. Podia, on the other side, has got a lot of coverage over the last few years.

Podia Review

Bottom Line Upfront: From my own experience, Podia has truly revolutionized the way creators and entrepreneurs can sell their digital products, online courses, and memberships with ease. The platform is incredibly user-friendly, providing individuals like myself with the necessary tools and support to transform their passion into a profitable online business. With Podia’s comprehensive features and outstanding customer support, it has become the go-to choice for anyone seeking to monetize their expertise. Personally, Podia has had a significant impact on my journey towards success.Take Podia for a FREE 14-day test drive here.

Here what creators have to say about Podia on Twitter:


Developers often question if Podia is suitable for creating engaging web courses or membership platforms.

Podia Review: What You Can Do With Podia?

Podia is an online learning platform that hosts and sells online courses, subscriptions, and digital download content. There are no technical issues, processing costs, or unrestricted access to anything.

You will offer your customers online classes, memberships, webinars, and digital copies. It’s the simplest way for digital artists to make a decent living doing what they do.

Podia Review- Sell Online Courses Memberships and Downloads

You can create a stunning storefront in just a few seconds and eventually sell digital items. There is no need for technological information or any third-party extensions.

With one platform, you can manage anything from content creation to delivering customer messages and safely processing transactions. Compared to where it was a few years ago, Podia is a much better website today.

Here’s a quick rundown of the Podia app’s features:

  • Create an interesting online membership or program.
  • Podia provides unlimited video hosting.
  • Using the built-in course player, you can professionally offer your course material.
  • Make an appealing sales site for your products.
  • You can demand a one-time cost, a monthly membership, or a payment plan.
  • Allow transactions quickly and easily with PayPal or Stripe.
  • Tackle digital VAT taxes in the EU.
  • Build and maintain an affiliate link for your company.
  • Send email promotions that are either broadcast or programmed.

Podia Is An Ideal Tool For?

Podia is an all-in-one platform for online learning. It is suitable for almost every kind of user regardless of profession, ranging from creators, programmers, advertisers, consultants, businessmen, and those who offer online courses, downloads, subscriptions, and webcasts to expand their business online.

Our Podia Video Review: How To Use Podia

Course Creation & Engagement

The most essential role of any online learning system is its curriculum design and delivery, and a great choice should allow you to manage your material, quickly make program structures, deliver it effectively, encourage your learners, and watch as well as monitor their performance.

We will now look at how Podia works on all of these components of course design in this article. Let’s simply start with the material uploading and curriculum design.

Podia Review- Membership Area

Podia even supports the uploading of videos in 4K resolution. Podia is here to help you improve the quality of your videos if you have been inspired to do so by the ads for Gordon Ramsay’s or Martin Scorsese’s Masterclass courses.

Uploading and Structuring of Content

You can use Podia to manage all your content, such as image files, audio files, and other files. Podia utilizes Wistia for video hosting, and as a part of your membership, you get limitless file storage.

When it comes to importing your material, you can do it either one by one time or mass uploading several files in one go, with Podia automatically generating tutorials from them.

Podia’s Content Uploader

Whereas the material uploading procedure is relatively simple, I dislike that you cannot just freely import data from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Importing files from the cloud space is much easier than importing content from your phone, and it’s a must-have feature. Since Podia lacks the video library feature, this becomes even more critical.

Creating your course design in Podia is split into two segments: 1) parts and 2) lessons. Parts are merely used to organize the project’s lessons, while lessons are where all the main action occurs.

Any files you attach in Podia will become a lesson, and the course creator in Podia allows the user to conveniently reorganize and transfer your courses within a segment and between the sections.

The course builder is very convenient to use, but it is limited in its ability to connect multiple content elements to a single lesson. You can’t include a video clip and a PDF file in the very same lesson, for instance. Correspondingly, a questionnaire and a video cannot be put in a single lesson.

Podia Review- Online Courses

Course Player & Content Delivery

Since the course player is where your customers view your content and lessons, its layout and structure significantly impact their learning experience.

The positive factor about Podia is that it provides a well-designed course player from a user interface perspective while still visually appealing.

Your viewers can access the course in the right-hand content section. Then, there’s the left-hand sidebar, “Table of Contents,” which the learners may use to move through the section.

Podia Course Area

Additionally, the icons for your next and last sessions are beneath your material, making navigation easier for your learners.

Suppose you have enabled the comments section for your program. In that case, the comments section will be located at the end, allowing your learners to engage, interact, ask questions, and give feedback without leaving the course player, which is exactly what you want.

Another feature I appreciate about the Podia course player is that your learners can cover the entire navigation toolbar by clicking the small button at the top of the screen, and the content area takes up the complete window, which is perfect for a distraction-free studying experience.

Podia Review- Digital Downloads

Sales & Marketing Features

Podia provides you with all the resources you need to manage transactions and offers courses regarding marketing and sales. Since Podia is not an all-in-one strategy, it may not have a sales funnel builder or a full-fledged email campaign remedy. With all that insight, let us just take a closer look at what the website has to deliver.

Email Marketing Tools

Podia provides a few simple lead-generation resources to begin with. You may obtain email addresses by adding a previously launched registration form to your product pages or a newsletter registration form to your marketplace.

Podia helps you to submit both one-time and automatic messages when it comes to email campaigns. As a result, you can deliver an automated email campaign to your program buyers and those who sign up for the program waiting list.

You can develop some messages, set a timetable for everything to be sent, and determine the mechanism for when the emails should be sent out utilizing their campaign creator. For your project, you may also set entrance and exit criteria.

You may, for instance, sign anyone up for the project when they fill out one of the previously launched email forms and then delete them until they purchase one of the items.

Podia Review- Email Marketing

Membership Website Builder

Podia has a product form, “Membership, ” which allows developers to create unique “Posts” for your users and combine your courses. Such “Posts” run in the membership region independently and are perfect for offering one-off information that does not follow a regular pattern, such as online courses.

Additionally, you can plan your updates, submit an email update, and more, making this a handy function for a member site creator.

A significant aspect of Membership Posts is how to open and utilize them as a company name blog. Remember that it’s more of a hack than a proper blogging resource.

Learning & Engagement Tools

Course designers employ a range of educational resources to involve students and assist them in achieving the change expected. Questionnaires, program enforcement, certificates, and other common training and interaction resources are just a few examples. Let us just begin with Podia’s educational resources.

It helps you to soak your learning content, for starters. You may set up a timetable for your course segments and generate emails that instantly notify your learners when fresh stuff is ready.

Podia has a useful dripping function that allows you to access dripped course materials for potential learners. You can offer your students instant access to various lessons or even the full course. 

Quizzes are yet another common tool for learning provided by Podia. As a result, you can build a multiple-choice questionnaire to assess your learners.

Podia Review- Podia Editor


  • Live Preview: There is really no switching back and forth between your editor, and there is also a separate tab to preview your content.
  • Customizable Layouts: All the things out there are fully customizable as here with Podia Editor. You can easily customize every element.
  • Fast and Simple: The best part is that here, you don’t have to be a designer or a developer to drag and drop your way to create your simple and stunning pages right with Podia Editor.

Site Design & Customization

In this part, we will look at how Podia operates when allowing you to establish a brand on the website.

The key benefit of utilizing a hosted system like Podia would be that you will not have to worry about purchasing a hosting service or an SSL certificate independently or about technical difficulties such as protection, upgrades, or maintenance.

Furthermore, every school created with Podia receives a complimentary subdomain (for example, mysite.podia.com), and you can also use your specific domain name (like mysite.com). Now, look at Podia’s resources for creating and customizing your site.

Website Themes

Site Themes are always the first thing to consider regarding website development. Podia currently doesn’t offer website designs; all the shops created on the system use the same design by default.

Colors are the only factor you can alter at the website level. You may change the background color and the colors of the titles, words, and keys.

You do have the option of changing the preset fonts for your text box and headers. However, apart from these things, you have no power over your site’s layout or design. You can’t adjust the design of your site’s heading or other features, such as the navigation bar or keys.

Furthermore, if you are a power user, you cannot reach your site’s database or attach CSS code to change the design. The good news is that the standard design is simple and sleek, so your shop and sales pages will look really good.

Podia Page Builder

If you want to customize your Podia storefront and landing pages or sales pages nicely, you will enjoy using the Podia page builder. There are many pre-built elements in the page builder that you can add to your page with a single click.

As a result, you can quickly create a product banner, course summary, author profile, FAQs, and testimonials, among other things. Some common elements can be used to build custom parts for your sales page, such as “Image with Text,” “Video with Text,” “Columns,” and so on.

They also have section themes, which allow you to customize background and text colors at the section level, a handy feature. Overall, the website builder is extremely simple to use, and even if you have no design or coding experience, you can easily produce a professional-looking sales page.

Product Pricing & Payment Processing

Podia supports Stripe and PayPal for payment processing, so the students can pay with a credit/debit card or PayPal. Furthermore, the funds are deposited directly into your account (instant payouts).

Regarding pricing choices, Podia’s “Products” and “Memberships” function in various ways. Your “Products” (Courses, Digital Downloads, and Product Bundles) may have a one-time price and a payment schedule.

One issue with pricing “Products” in Podia is that several price points are impossible. As a result, there is no simple way to sell the standard version of your course for $99 and the premium version for $199 in Podia.

You can have different plans and select which Products and Posts are available under each plan when you build a “Membership,” but this only works for subscriptions. In addition, you can charge a monthly or annual fee for your membership, and you can even offer a free trial.

Coupons, which allow you to discount your goods by a sum or a percentage, are one useful tool Podia provides for product pricing.

You can generate coupons that relate to all of your goods or only a few of them. Plus, you can build direct links to your sales page that apply the coupon automatically at checkout, which is fantastic.

Checkout Process

The payment method at Podia is a multiple-step procedure but excellently optimized. Your customers don’t need to build a profile to make the purchase; they just have to insert a little information to complete the sale.

There is no actual payment page. Instead, the whole process takes place in a window. The advantage of this transaction is that your customer can finish the transaction without quitting the page.

You can also use this store experience on other sites independent of your Podia domain. As a result, you can include a purchase key, a product card, or a textual link on your main page, and your users can finish the entire purchase process without exiting it.

Another feature of Podia’s purchase process I like is that it will let you generate EU VAT for your programs. Podia will automatically update the appropriate VAT amount to your courses if you enable the “Collect EU VAT” feature in the configuration.

At last, you might include a single-click upsell and a coupon within your transaction and checkout page. The best feature is to attach multiple upsells for the exact item.

Third-Party Integrations

Because Podia’s built-in online marketing capabilities are so restricted, you will almost certainly need a third-party email service company. Podia partners with some famous email marketing channels, which is excellent news.

ConvertKit, MailChimp,  GetResponse, Drip, MailerLite, and ActiveCampaign are natively integrated. You may send a person’s details to your email service company and connect him or her to a particular list or label and tag them when they participates in one of your programs.

Podia currently includes a Zapier integration. So unless you use some email systems that Podia does not explicitly integrate with, you can still transfer user information through Zapier.

Furthermore, Zapier will connect to thousands of third-party applications, such as ClickFunnels (for funnels and checkout), Quickbooks (for accounting), Accredible (for certificates), and much more.

Lastly, Podia helps you to incorporate third-party scripting into your site, allowing you to use resources like ConvertBox, Deadline Funnel,  Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and others.

Podia Pricing: How Much Does Podia Cost?

Podia offers simple and quite affordable pricing options. It has straightforward pricing to get your online business up and running. The best part is that the Podia platform also offers a 14-day free trial offer that doesn’t require any credit cards.

Podia Review-Pricing

Here’s the catch: If you choose the annual plan as a bonus, you will get 2 months for free. And also, if you’re selecting the yearly plans, you will get better monthly rates. Also, check the Podia Discount Coupon

Podia isn’t cheap, but its features and interface are great and compensate for the price.  Podia mainly offers two pricing plans; let’s check out what they actually are:

1) Mover ( $39/ Month)

  • Online courses
  • Digital downloads
  • Email marketing
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited everything
  • 24/7 support

2) Shaker ($79/Month)

  • Online courses
  • Digital downloads
  • Email marketing
  • Memberships
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited everything
  • 24/7 support
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Third-Party Code
  • FREE Migration

Podia Platform Security

We all know that if a website or a checkout page is not secure, nobody will make any transaction. So it’s better to have a secure checkout page so your customers can easily enter their details and make any purchase.

And here, your Podia Checkout is generally protected by Stripe and PayPal. The best part is that Podia doesn’t collect any information right when one of your customers goes through the checkout; all the checkout pages and interfaces are entirely secured.

You will be amazed that all your transactions are mainly sent through an encryption process protected by 128-bit SSL encryption. And if you are trying to sell your online courses or digital downloads, it will help you as people often try to game the system to get everything for free.

One plus point of choosing Podia is that they offer free SSL certificates for both pricing plans to provide extra security to your transactions.

Podia Customer Service

As mentioned above, support matters a lot regarding software or tools in the market. One drawback of Podia is that they lack the phone support they should provide their customers. Podia offers emails as well as live chat support.

The Shaker plan will get migration assistance if you move right from a different platform.  But, it’s not the thing that bounds Podia as it also has a Blog where everything is updated on time, so you can easily relate to that.

Overall, I would like to say Podia support is about as good as it can get without phone support and medium.

Affiliate Marketing

Podia protects you if you intend to use affiliate marketing to advertise your programs. Using Podia, you could connect affiliates to your shop and generate new affiliate links for each item. 

In addition, the affiliates will exclusively use the dashboard to manage their affiliate connections and monitor profits and commissions.

When it refers to partner commissions, you have the option of paying a percentage of the revenue or a flat fee. You can also configure the commission at the handy product stage.

Why Do I Recommend Podia?

Podia is the most concise way to create and offer courses online and subscriptions. Even if you have no specialist or coding knowledge, you could host and distribute your content, achieve a good storefront, and begin offering it in a few hours.

By far the smoothest interface UX interaction I have had with an e-learning system, and I have tried a few in the past. In less than 24 hours, the squad could move me from Failjabi, and the assistance was highly personal and loving. It also offers quality products at affordable prices.

I like the other software I have used for my specific webpage, and   I am a big computer geek. Still, now I realize that while it has many cool features, creating a new course or maybe even a simple gift option is highly tricky.

Podia was the perfect match for my requirements, still has the best interface, and has been the most cost-effective choice for everything I required.

The Podia framework appealed to me because of its simplicity and importance. When crafting a wealth-building curriculum, I couldn’t see myself investing twice or three times as much as Podia on another forum as I instruct someone else on how to create wealth while being careful with money.

Podia was chosen because it appeared easier to understand and as a side business economic start-up company. Quality is essential to me, and they also addressed all of my queries before I signed up.

Pros & Cons Of Podia

Pros of Podia (What I Like)

  • It’s incredibly simple to use and set up.
  • The storefront and the course player are built in a sleek, contemporary style right out of the box.
  • Specific “Posts” for the subscription can be created.
  • It’s possible to insert checkout or buy buttons on third-party websites.
  • VAT on digital goods in the EU is handled
  • There is a built-in online chat feature.
  • Sending autoresponders is possible.
  • Good Customer service 
  • There is no transaction cost on all subscription plans.

Cons of Podia (What I Don’t Like)

  • The course builder is limited in versatility and does not allow cloud imports.
  • Critical learning resources such as graded questionnaires, assignments, qualifications, and course compliance, among others, are missing.
  • It is not possible to build a separate group space on the site.
  • There isn’t a smartphone app.
  • Essential reporting resources are available.
  • It is not appropriate for the development of a fully functional website.

Podia Customer Reviews & Testimonials:

What people are saying about podia on Facebook:

Podia Facebook Reviews

Hear what people are saying about podia:

Working with @podiadotcom to relaunch several courses. Really impressed with the team—very helpful and responsive.

  • Josh Earl

I’ve tried tons of membership platforms, and @podiadotcom is the best I’ve found.

  • Justin Jackson

Just saw what I thought was impossible. @podiadotcom got memberships done right. It has finally been done.

  • Bryan Chappell

Just launched Health Geeks Academy this week using Podia. It is awesome. Super user-friendly.

  • Health Geeks

FAQs Related To Podia Review

💥Does Podia offer a free plan?

No, they don't offer free plans like Teachable and Thinkific.

⚡️Does Podia offer demo?

Yes, they do offer a demo. Podia comes with 14 complete free trial which enables you to use the toll for free

Does Podia offers any refund policy?

Yes, Podia do offer a refund for their plans within 72 hours of your monthly or annual plans. Also, they do not offer pro-rated refunds for annual payments. Refunds take 5-10 business days to process.

🔥Is Podia safe and secure for online transactions?

Of Course, Podia is safe and secure for doing transactions, and your confidential information is safe there.

✅ Does Podia offers discount coupon codes?

Podia don't have any specific coupon codes, they offer discounts on their annual plan and you can save up to $158.

Q. Who can use Podia?

Podia is an all-in-one platform for online learning and is suitable for almost every kind of user regardless of profession ranging from creators, programmers, advertisers, consultants, businessmen, and those who choose to offer online courses, downloads, subscriptions, and webcasts in order to expand their business online.

Q. What issues does Podia address?

Podia is an online learning platform that hosts and sells online courses, subscriptions, as well as digital download content. There are no technological issues, processing costs, or unrestricted access to anything. You will offer your customers online classes, memberships, webinars, and digital copies. You can create a stunning storefront in just a few seconds and eventually sell digital items. No need for technological information or any third-party extensions. With one single platform, you can manage anything from content creation to delivering messages to your customers and safely processing transactions.

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Conclusion: Podia Review 2024

You can now access detailed information about Podia’s pricing, features, functionality, pros, cons, and other important details. The decision on what to do next is entirely up to you. However, I highly recommend Podia to my readers as a dependable platform for selling online courses, memberships, digital downloads, and more.

Now, I hope this post meets your needs. Please let us know in the comments which platform you use for selling your courses, memberships, and digital downloads.

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40 User Reviews on Podia

  1. I’ve been using Podia for three years now and I still love it. It’s extremely versatile, so you can customize your website to show off what you do well. The customer support is unparalleled in the industry because their entire team works on this app to help people feel confident in starting a business or just marketing themselves better. And if that weren’t enough, they also have Facebook Messenger customer service and an email ginger who responds within 24 hours with anything! 10/10 would recommend 💗💗

  2. Ok, who am I kidding? You do need technical skills for this. But don’t worry! Suzi is here to show you the ropes. Plug-in your info and download a pdf tutorial guide from Podia so you can be up and running in minutes!

  3. The first time I bought a course from Podia, I wished it had been around years ago. It’s so easy to sell online courses and webinars nowadays, thanks to this brilliant new website! This site is the easiest way out there for anyone whose customers are demanding more than one product option. You can offer payment plans, quizzes and drip content before they buy- INSTANT RETENTION right off the bat! What’s even better? You don’t have to be tech savvy or know any code at all because everything you need is included in your Podia dashboard without plugins and other complications.

    Want to launch an online store today but feel like you’re jumping into a shark tank alone? Never do that again with our help!

  4. The best place for entrepreneurs, teachers, and accountants to sell their digital products. Nick has made it so easy to make money online if you know what you’re doing. I love this service because all I do is fill in the blanks. If I can’t take care of updating my website he will even do it for me!

  5. Podia has made it absolutely hassle free to sell online courses with built-in, professional email marketing. No more making time for writing lengthy emails asking people to buy my stuff or optimizing video content – I’ve found that most web designers are big on their computer skills but not design (that’s what they pay me for 🙂 But anyways I’m happy with the features Podia has, which help keep me motivated and focused without having one of those annoying moments where you think “I should really reply to this comment ASAP!”. With Podia it’s possible – so easy even your mom can do it!

  6. I’ve been selling online courses for a while, and it’s always been a pain. I have to create a whole site just to be able to do it. From the design, approval process, uploading content… you name it, there was work involved. But with Podia everything is different! There are no technical skills required (even if you don’t know what “technical skills” means) and there’s virtually no setup time at all–you can literally launch your website in five minutes or less! And after that you’re good: Podium handles all the maintenance like upgrades and security issues so I’m free from worry and stress about my business. It really couldn’t be easier; try Podia now today!

  7. When I read the description for Podia, it seemed like an overpriced AirBnB or Uber. I’ll let you know if my opinion changes after I actually get to use the app.

  8. You can access your personal store no matter where you are, so long as you have an internet connection. Very few technical skills required for this beyond basic linking and formatting familiarity- which is of course no problem for someone like me with all these college degrees! The interface never feels too cluttered or cumbersome to figure out what I’m looking at. It’s really intuitive once you get used to it. You can even offer payment plans without feeling like a scum bag (I always hate that).

  9. The last time I lost a bunch of weight, it took me forever to find new clothes and find looks that looked good on my now-slimmer frame. Knowing this song and dance too well, I signed up with Podia as soon as I decided to lose the baby weight, so that when it’s all over there would be nothing stopping me from dressing up for success!

  10. Podia is the real-life app of your dreams.

    Sales might fall if we don’t keep up with technology, and at some point you’ll need an online storefront to sell your products and services anyway. Well Podia has got it all figured out for you! This one stop shop of the future has get this – no tech skills required! You just drag and drop files into a template that actually looks good on every browser, then customize the pricing plan, offer payment plans and more… basically do everything you want to do because they’ve already given you the tools to make it happen too so there’s really nothing stopping us from making tons more money than we did last year. With Podia, our profits will only ever go up

  11. An ultra-intuitive, desktop website builder that is incredibly easy to use while still offering deep customization. It’s perfect for musicians who need an online store for digital downloads and physical products; designers looking to offer prints on demand; coaches with membership sites or membership courses; creatives of all types who want a place to sell their projects.

  12. Since I signed up with Podia, my life has been turning around for the better. I’m making enough money to move out of my parent’s house and quit my job at Aramark! In just a few months, the courses I put on sale have helped me garner new students who pay me monthly. One of these days soon, maybe i’ll be able to do what I want as a living!!!

  13. I deleted my blog a few months ago in a moment of panic. I was feeling the pressure to keep churning out words and wasn’t confident that they would be any good. All the while, people kept asking when I was going to publish something new. “Wait,” they’d tell me when I told them about my hiatus from blogging, “you have so much to say.” And they were right.
    To give myself an escape valve without completely losing control of my workload or creativity or money-making potential, I signed up for Podia… It’s free to sign up! …

  14. Podia is an online course platform with no technical skills required. If you’ve ever wanted to sell your course or membership for extra income, Podia can do it all! The best part about these courses are the features like drip content and quizzes–so students won’t get bored. No more trying to figure out how to set up a website from scratch, just set up a free account with Podia instead!

  15. Podia is a new online store that I found when I needed to sell my course, but was too lazy to make an entire site. Plus, it includes all these helpful features like beautiful layouts and video tutorials. Five out of five stars for Podia!

  16. “Yay, no more updating two different sites to sell my courses! This made it a breeze.”

  17. I love the quizzes! You can create interactive quizzes that will keep potential customers researching your product. The interface is very user-friendly and designers are always on our end to help us customize everything, down to fonts and colors.”

  18. I love Podia so much! I’m a teacher and I always struggle to find time to create content for my classes. I use Podium instead because it’s so easy and better than doing nothing at all, plus the students LOVE that they get fresh content every week from me.

    I love that there are different plans with tiers of access- depending on what you’re teaching you can offer a little bit less or a LOT more in terms of material. The customer service is second to none and will do everything they can if something goes wrong.

  19. I love using Podia to sell my e-course! The intuitive interface was super easy for all of my attendees. They love it too – I now have over a thousand email subscribers from the launch alone. Unlike other platforms, you can host as much content as you want and generate unlimited income streams with varying price points and payment schedules.

  20. This has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I always wanted to offer some courses on my website and this was easy and inexpensive! The design is very well done and looks great on any screen size; it’s super customizable, interactive, and fun to look at. You can’t beat their prices.

  21. I wasn’t sure what to do with my newfound knowledge, so I was really happy when I found this site called Podia. It lets you upload files and videos so people can easily purchase them. And it’s really easy to get started! You just sign up for an account, drag and drop the file or video into the system, put in a price (i use dollars but they have other scales), then set payment plan type if needed– i offer monthly or yearly repayment plans because that makes everything simple for my clients! Then you’re done! Site is capable of handling high traffic too, even though I haven’t seen any yet 😉

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