Podia Pricing Plans 👉How Much Does It Cost In 2024?

Podia provides three price tiers: a $ 39 monthly “Mover plan,” an $ 89 monthly “Shaker plan,” and a $ 199 monthly “Earthquaker plan.”

The Mover plan is the less expensive choice, but it does not offer assistance for online courses, digital downloads, webinars, or email marketing. The Shaker plan, which is more costly, includes subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and other services. The highest tier, Earthquaker, is for people who need more colleagues and require support beyond what is provided by the other plans’ regular customer care capabilities.

Podia does provide a 14-day free trial, which allows you to get started and familiarize yourself with the interface before spending a thing. However, I’m certain you’ll appreciate this platform as much as I do.

Let us check its pricing plan in detail.

Podia Overview – All You Need to Know Before Buying

podia dashboard

Podia is an online course platform that enables you to develop a variety of digital goods in addition to online courses. Additionally, you may use the platform to sell subscriptions and digital downloads.

Course developers may contribute supplementary resources to their online courses to improve the students’ learning experience. They may upload as many files as they want since Podia has infinite bandwidth.

Webinars and video lessons are two types of material that are often utilized on Podia. They are ideal for visual learners.

Podia allows customers to design their sales pages to assist in marketing their digital items. They are intended to serve as digital shops, enticing users to make a purchase.

Podia also includes other marketing options such as email and affiliate marketing. Creators may send mass emails to registered students and prospective consumers informing them about new items.

Additionally, they may collaborate with affiliates to promote their online courses. Affiliate commission rates may be established, and they will also get access to their own Podia dashboard.

Customer assistance is excellent since Podia’s support staff is available 24/7 through live chat and email. These characteristics set Podia apart from other online course systems.

Finally, following enrollment, Podia offers a 14-day free trial. You may have access to all of the necessary elements for creating an online course.

After your trial period expires, you may choose among Podia’s three paying options. There are no additional transaction costs associated with any of the plans.

Podia Pricing Plans:

Podia new pricing

Podia Free Trial:

However, before deciding on a premium subscription, you may try out all of Podia’s features. .

Utilize this period to thoroughly test everything on Podia. Following that, you’ll begin receiving monthly charges depending on the paid plan you choose.

Podia has 3 plans:

The free plan includes:

  • A free website with unlimited pages
  • A free online community
  • Sell 1 digital download
  • Sell 1 coaching product
  • Drafts of online courses and webinars

The Mover plan  ($39 per month paid monthly or $33 per month paid annually) includes:

  • Everything from the free plan
  • No transaction fees
  • Sell unlimited online courses
  • Sell unlimited digital downloads
  • Sell unlimited coaching products

The Shaker plan ($89 per month paid monthly or $75 per month paid annually) includes:

  • Everything from the Mover plan
  • Sell unlimited webinars
  • Affiliate program
  • Add third-party code to your website
  • Embeddable checkout
  • Course certificates


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Which Podia Pricing Plan is Right for You?

1. Who is the Podia Earthquaker Plan Best For?

Podia’s Earthquaker plan is ideal for those that manage a big staff. It allows users to add up to five other colleagues, sends out 50,000 emails each month, and offers an unlimited amount of courses, digital items, webinars, and coaching services. Additionally, the Podia Earthquaker plan includes the ability to generate promotional coupons for marketing purposes, an integrated email marketing system, and access to an affiliate marketing network.

2. Who is the Podia Shaker Plan Best For?

The Podia Shaker plan is an ideal option for creative entrepreneurs or small enterprises looking to ramp up their creative efforts. The Podia Shaker plan includes hosting for the full blog, seamless integration with Zoom, and the ability to conduct webinars and subscription plans. Additionally, this approach provides the customer with the resources necessary to launch and embrace success, including an intuitive interface and customized tools.

3. Who is the Podia Mover Plan Best For?

The Podia Mover plan is ideal for the lone business or content creator of innovative courses. It is affordable, costing just $39 per month, and is an easy-to-use platform. Additionally, the Mover plan includes seven days of customer assistance to guarantee your material gets up and running properly! The Podia Mover plan is ideal for anybody looking to be innovative and monetize their knowledge.

Is Podia Worth the Price?

Yes, Podia is definitely worth the price. Let us see some of the reasons that make Podia worth its price – 

  1.   Integrations:

Podia interfaces with a variety of email marketing platforms, including AWeber, ConvertKit, and Mailchimp. Additionally, it integrates with analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

Podia’s Zapier connector enables you to connect to other programs such as Leadpages, Trello, and Google Sheets.

Having said that, Podia’s native integrations are currently rather restricted and fall into a few specific areas.

  1.   Affiliate Marketing: 

Affiliate marketing is another effective marketing method that you should not overlook. Podia enables you to quickly and easily create your affiliate program without the need for extra software. You may either establish a site-wide commission system or allocate commissions to particular goods.

Additionally, you have the option of making your affiliate program public or invitation-only – the decision is yours!

Again, although having an integrated affiliate marketing platform is advantageous, you may lose out on some of the more complex affiliate marketing capabilities provided by third-party providers. For example, Podia does not support the creation of several affiliate levels or the management of specific affiliate commission rates. This complicates establishing VIP connections with your most devoted partners.

  1.   Email Marketing: 

Email marketing is critical – some would argue that you cannot operate a company without it. Fortunately, you don’t have to with Podia. The platform has an integrated email marketing solution that enables you to host an infinite number of subscribers regardless of the price plan you choose.

The quantity of emails you may send each month, on the other hand, varies depending on your subscription plan. For instance, the most affordable package allows you to send 5,000 emails every month.

The email marketing process at Podia begins with email capture. Subscription forms may be added to any of your landing and sales pages.

Once you’ve accumulated an email list, you can use it to design and distribute automated drip email campaigns to construct a sales funnel. You may configure the triggers for these emails, such as when someone downloads a lead magnet or makes a purchase of a course. Additionally, you may send one-time broadcast emails at any moment.

Additionally, you may send broadcast emails or full campaigns to segmented audiences. These segments might be created based on product purchases, membership programs, or other types of subscriptions. These are just a few instances, but the point is clear. By segmenting your email list, you may much more easily target certain clients with appropriate information.

The Email tab displays all of the key statistics you need for campaigns and broadcasts, such as the number of emails sent, opened, clicked on, converted to sales, or resulted in unsubscribes.

Podia’s email marketing function is ideal for small firms that need to communicate often with customers or employees. However, you may eventually need to invest in a more sophisticated email marketing solution to fully use the effectiveness of this method.

For instance, Podia’s email segmentation is extremely straightforward. It does not support the use of custom tags to segment your audience. Additionally, the emails themselves support only rich text editing and file uploads. By comparison, several third-party email marketing providers provide higher-quality templates, more customizable design choices, more precise segmentation, and extensive automation services.

  1.   Messaging:

Podia has a messaging widget that you may include on your website. This is not a plugin from a third-party developer. Podia is now the only online course platform that has an integrated live chat.

This is an excellent way to engage with new consumers and visitors. For instance, you may provide logged-in clients with on-page live chat help when you’re accessible. Additionally, if you are not in the office, the message widget may gather client queries, comments, and requests for you to react to at your convenience.

The chat feature is available in 11 languages and sends you alerts to guarantee you never miss an important message.

  1.   Website Creation: 

Podia enables you to construct your website and product landing pages, with no limit on the number of transactions you may handle.

Fortunately, the website editor is very user-friendly and does not need any prior understanding of HTML or CSS. Additionally, it is search engine optimized and allows you to incorporate subscription forms or free items to increase conversions.

  1.   Community:

Additionally, Podia enables you to construct membership programs that allow you to cultivate a devoted and lucrative community around your content. You may publish members-only material, pin posts, schedule content in advance, and even specify which membership plans have access to particular pieces of content using Podia’s community capabilities.

Additionally, the membership is not lopsided. Users may comment and like your content on Podia, which increases interaction and fosters a strong feeling of community.

With Podia communities, you can build several membership tiers, charge clients on a monthly or annual basis, and give free trials to lure new members. Additionally, you may package your membership programs with other items to make your offering more desirable.

Paid communities, on the other hand, are accessible only via the Shaker and Earthquaker programs.

  1.   Webinars and Coaching: 

Additionally, Podia’s YouTube Live and Zoom connections enable you to provide webinars and coaching services (the latter is only available with the Shaker and Earthquaker plans). Additionally, you may force viewers to join up using Podia to convert those anonymous YouTube admirers into active subscribers.

Podia simplifies the process of scheduling webinars in advance. Additionally, you may generate passive money from replays; Podia records all of your webinars and makes them available to prospective clients.

To provide coaching services, you may integrate Podia with your preferred scheduling tools, such as Calendly, Acuity, or SavvyCal. Students may then arrange and pay for coaching sessions directly via your Podia site. You may even include tutoring as a course module if you so choose!

  1.   Online Courses and Digital Products:

Any online course platform’s most critical component is its course author. Podia, fortunately, does not disappoint in this regard.

You’ll discover a diverse selection of product categories and different methods to sell them here. You may develop solo courses, drip-fed courses, packages, pre-sales, and pre-launches, for example. With the latter, all you have to do is schedule your course’s start date. Then, purchasers get access only when the course is officially opened. This is a wonderful method for creating excitement about your digital items!

Apart from conventional courses, Podia also supports the sale of digital items such as eBooks, templates, lead magnets, audio files, and music. In the same way, as with online courses, you may upload, title, and describe your product.

You may produce consumer coupons to aid in your marketing efforts. More precisely, you may create promo codes that include use limits, product restrictions, and expiry dates. Additionally, you may use an upselling tactic by including additional related goods on your checkout pages.

You may include any form of material in your courses, including text, photos, video, audio, and MP3 files, links, PDFs, Photoshop files, and quizzes. Each subscription includes unlimited video bandwidth, making Podia an excellent option if this is your favorite form of entertainment.

Additionally, establishing your course structure is a breeze. To begin, you must choose to create a new product, choose a product type, and begin adding sections. From there, you can give your course a title, upload an accompanying picture, write a description, and begin adding media to your content sections.

Additionally, Podia enables you to provide students with course completion certificates, a feature that is popular with both course developers and students. It eliminates the need for intermediaries such as Canva, and it gives your course a more official appearance, which works wonders for instilling a feeling of real progress in your students.

Additionally, students may switch to distraction-free learning. This eliminates all navigation areas, allowing viewers to concentrate only on your content.

You have just a limited amount of control over how students advance through your courses. For instance, you cannot produce the certificate of completion for assignments, grade tests, or establish course compliance requirements. The only way to maintain control over course advancement is to design a drip-fed course.

Podia Pros and Cons

Podia Pros

  • On any account, you may sell an infinite number of goods and use an unlimited amount of video bandwidth.
  • There are no transaction fees associated with any plan.
  • You may produce certificates of completion for courses.
  • Daily live Q&A sessions and live chat provide tailored help.
  • It includes straightforward email marketing and affiliate marketing capabilities.
  • With the Shaker plan, you have access to all key features for a modest monthly fee.
  • Podia’s pricing structure is basic and open.

Podia Cons

  • If you wish to expand your workforce, the monthly charges rapidly pile up.


Podia is an exceptional online course platform that includes tools for not only creating courses but also promoting them.

Podia’s Shaker Plan entitles you to affiliate and email marketing. These will assist you in effectively advertising your items and increasing income.

Additionally, the onsite chat option is quite beneficial since it facilitates contact between teachers and students. It promotes general learning.

And in terms of cost, Podia offers a free trial period followed by two subscription options from which consumers may pick. The Mover Plan includes all of the necessary aspects for course development and promotion. The Shaker Plan includes more tools and integrations.

Podia will not charge a transaction fee regardless of the plan a user chooses. One thing to keep in mind is that if you use a third-party payment processor such as Stripe or PayPal, you will incur their costs.

If a consumer is dissatisfied with the service provided by Podia, he or she may even request a refund from the support staff. Additionally, you may upgrade or decrease your existing package.

Podia is one of the most popular platforms available today for a reason. It provides quality features at an affordable price.

Our ultimate conclusion is a yes. Podia is without a doubt worth a try and a membership.

Podia Pricing FAQs:

Is it possible to get a refund on Podia?

Yes, refunds are available on Podia. If you are dissatisfied with the service, you may cancel up to the end of the subscription period. After that, all you have to do is wait for Podia to reply with information on your refund. However, if you miss the cancellation period, you may still seek a refund from the customer service staff. Within 72 hours following the final day of your membership, contact them through live chat or email and wait for a response. However, reimbursements are only available to individuals on a monthly paying plan. Podia does not provide refunds for subscriptions that are invoiced yearly.

Can I upgrade from my current Podia pricing plan?

Yes, you may upgrade at any moment from your existing Podia price plan. Additionally, you may reduce your existing price plan if desired. The adjustments will take effect immediately. You may easily convert from monthly to yearly billing or vice versa.

Does Podia have extra transaction fees?

No, none of Podia's programs have additional transaction costs. Additionally, it makes no difference whether you've selected monthly or yearly billing. However, if you prefer to pay via a third-party payment processor, they will charge you a fee. PayPal and Stripe, for example, charge a set fee for each transaction you make using their app.

Is there a free plan on Podia?

No, Podia does not provide a free plan. There is, however, a 14-day free trial available. With the free trial, you have access to all of the Podia Shaker Plan's features.

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