Predict What Your Customers Will Do With Machine Intelligence

ByteGain uses deep learning to help companies understand their users.

Keep Engagement High

Pinpoint users when they matter. Nudge those who are ready to engage again and stop others from churning.

Improve Recommendations and Monetization

Every user is different. While they’re on your site, get real-time predictions of what a user will buy and what else they’re interested in.

Find More Customers

Build highly accurate user segments. Target the ones that you missed out on, but are most likely to engage.

Deep Learning is transformative

ByteGain provides custom real-time predictions that you can use as your users are interacting with you. We are a fully-managed service and handle the data science so that you can focus on your business.

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How It Works


Integrate using Segment, GA360, or directly from AWS or Google Cloud.


Relax while ByteGain builds models of user behavior for your site.


Get real-time predictions about users while they’re on your site, via our REST API.

Customer Testimonials

Impressed both with the product and quality of team at ByteGain.  Their models have enabled changes in our product we didn’t previously think possible – we’re driving more revenue and have happier users as a result of partnering with them.

-Chris Erickson

The ByteGain team made it incredibly easy for us to invest in deep learning.  Great product and an even better team.

-Vic Gundotra

Great team to work with, brilliant, responsive, and understanding. Great products come from great teams so watch out for what they are building. Thank you ByteGain for partnering with us early on, can’t wait to see all the successes.

-Saad Khan
VP of Product

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ByteGain is helping bring the power of machine intelligence to the rest of us.

 We’re engineers, scientists, and operators from startups to Fortune 500 companies who want to make deep learning available to the world.

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