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ByteGain uses AI to predict what each user needs in real-time to help you serve them in the best possible way.

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Discover user insights, automatically

Deep learning technology analyzes user behavior in real-time, predicting who is likely to sign up, ask for help, or leave. All without the need to dig through analytics.
ByteGain helps you engage, retain, and retarget your customers intelligently.
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Will the user come back?
ByteGain looks into the behavior of your users and automatically builds profiles for who is coming back and who is likely to leave. With such insights in real-time, you know where to put your attention.
Does the user need help?
ByteGain can tell if a user is feeling lost and needs a nudge in the right direction. The platform can even integrate with existing tools to automate the process of offering help, letting users explore at their own pace.
Will the user purchase?
ByteGain follows each user’s journey and takes thousands of signals into consideration. We then apply deep learning to build an understanding of what makes a user a buyer. This lets you focus on selling to the right users, saving time and resources.
Is the user happy?
User happiness means something different for every business, whether it’s product conversion, engagement, or return visits. With ByteGain’s custom experiences, you can define exactly what happiness means, helping you accurately track the results and act on them in real-time.

Create delightful experiences

After learning about each user, ByteGain makes it easy to serve relevant experiences using existing support, email, and advertising tools.
Instead of sending the same campaigns, pop-ups, and questions to everyone, ByteGain helps you tailor the experience to each user.

Better yet, it all runs automatically, and integrates with tools you already use including Facebook, Google AdWords, Intercom, Mailchimp, and more.
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Help the users who need you
ByteGain seamlessly integrates with your existing customer support system. Once we predict that a user needs help, the platform will automatically connect them to your support team. And the others? They can explore your product without unnecessary pop-ups or interruptions.
Send campaigns that get read
ByteGain connects with your email tools to target customers with useful and actionable content. After predicting what a user is interested in, ByteGain can then automatically send relevant messages and campaigns.
Target high-potential users with ads
ByteGain works with your advertising networks. Instead of displaying ads to everyone, target the exact users that are likely to convert. Unlike other retargeting services, our deep learning platform helps you save by displaying ads to only high-potential customers.
Create custom experiences
You can also integrate ByteGain with your webapp in a completely custom way. Anything from showing better search results to directing visitors to the right pages. Read more about it in our customer stories.
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Chris Erickson

Impressed both with the product and quality of team at ByteGain. Their models have enabled changes in our product we didn’t previously think possible – we’re driving more revenue and have happier users as a result of partnering with them.

Apartment List

Saad Khan

Great team to work with, brilliant, responsive, and understanding. Great products come from great teams so watch out for what they are building. Thank you ByteGain for partnering with us early on, can’t wait to see all the successes.

Consumer Affairs

Vic Gundotra

The ByteGain team made it incredibly easy for us to invest in deep learning. Great product and an even better team.


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