Spayee vs Podia 2024 : Which is Better Online Course Platform? (Detailed Comparison)

Spayee vs Podia

Overall Verdict

Although both the platforms are amazing, it is not wrong to say Spayee is providing more value at such affordable prices. They are providing all the advanced features except in the mobile app, in even their basic plan. 

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In this post, we have shared the Spayee vs Podia comparison. Let’s find out the best online course platform below…



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$ Pricing
$39/month $39/month
Best for

If you're a beginner, Spayee enables you to create, market and sell online courses without any hassle.

Someone who is having some kind of techinical info. The platforms makes it to super easy to create and sell online courses.

  • Completely White Labeled
  • Create Beautiful Courses
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Set up unlimited courses and have unlimited customers.
  • Track Student Progress
  • Detailed Course Structure
  • Easy To Use DIY Platform
  • Multi-layer Content Security
  • Multi-layer Content Security
  • Built-in affiliate system
  • Integrated email marketing
  • Hosting for free or paid courses
  • Limited Trial Period
  • Only focused on memberships
Ease of Use

Easy to set up platform with quick navigable tools and robust dashboard.

Easy to use platform which easily lets you create online courses. However, the dashboard isn't that easy to understand.

Value For Money

Spayee is equal in pricing to Podia but offers more features plus free trial.

Podia offers great value for money with the kind of features it gives.

Customer Support

Spayee provides dedicated account managers to their clients even in their basic plan.

Podia has good customer support however it needs improvement.

Launching your online course is a wonderful way to monetize your knowledge. You can share your expertise & build authority around you. Online education is becoming more popular every day as it is an affordable and efficient way to learn & grow. 

Online Courses Are A Source Of Passive Income

Online courses are not like any product which gets over if someone buys it. It is a digital product. That means once you have created it, you can go ahead & sell it even a million times.

Most of the work goes into the creation part initially. But, once it is launched, all you have to worry about is marketing it. With that extra work that you put into marketing, it keeps giving you a constant stream of income.

If you don’t want to do extensive marketing, affiliate programs are always an option. 

High-profit margins

Because the operation and manufacturing cost of a digital product is one time, it has a very high-profit margin. The cost usually occurs is of software usage that you do or what you pay for it. 

You can sell online courses on any subject

This is literally just the best part about online courses. Whether you want to teach how to play the guitar or learn to code or how to be a vlogger, it’s possible. You can even go ahead and teach academic subjects online.

No matter what you are an expert at, there will be people out there interested in learning that subject. 

Hence, you need an online course platform that fits the bill. In this article, I have put in a detailed comparison between Spayee Vs Podia. 

Bottom Line Up Front: If you are looking to sell to an Indian audience, then Spayee is an obvious choice for you. From Indian payment gateway, membership sites, & multi-layer security to branded mobile apps, Spayee has it all. In the same price, Spayee provides quite comprehensive features as Podia.


Spayee vs Podia Pricing 

If you are a course creator or an entrepreneur then you would definitely want to opt for the platform which would give you the best ROI, right at a reasonable price, right? So let’s dig deep into the pricing of these two platforms.  

Podia Pricing 

Podia has three plans: mover, shaker, and earthquake. The basic plan of Podia starts with $39 per month and their highest plan goes up to &179 per month. But apart from this, there are certain other costs that you will have to bear.

I have explained them in detail in the next section of this article.

Podia Pricing- Spayee vs Podia


If you choose their mover plan which is the lowest priced among the three options. You will be paying $39 per month. They provide very basic features in this plan.

So, you will have to get it upgraded very soon to their shaker plan or earthquaker plan. If you want to give an amazing learning experience to your learners. 

Podia features

Spayee Pricing 

Spayee overview- Spayee vs Podia


Spayee has four plans: basic, pro, business, and advanced. They provide way too many features even in their basic plan. Their basic plan starts at Rs. 2999 and their highest plan goes up to Rs. 15000 per month.

In all of their plans, they will be providing you with push notifications, affiliate marketing, and many more other advanced features. However, in the advanced & business plan, you can launch your own white-labeled mobile application too. This plan is pretty affordable.

Spayee pricing- Spayee vs Podia

There is a slight difference in the pricing of the two platforms but if we look at the features then we can definitely say that Spayee is a better option to go with. 

Pricing Plans Spayee Vs Podia

Spayee Price (Monthly) Podia Plans (Monthly)
Basic Rs. 2,999 Mover $ 39
Pro Rs. 4,999 Shaker $ 79
Business Rs. 9,999 Earthquaker $ 179
Advanced Rs. 14,999

Indian Payment Gateway 

One thing that keeps Spayee above its competitors is that it supports all the major Indian Payment Gateways including PayTm, Razorpay, Instamojo, PayU and many more.

If you are an Indian course creator or if your learners are majorly from India then this feature is a must for you. You will be getting this along with Paypal integration. 

Whereas Podia doesn’t provide the integration of Indian Payment Gateways.

So, if you are an Indian course creator then I would suggest you go for Spayee. It is the only platform that provides this feature. Because receiving payment through Paypal would not be an ideal decision for your online academy. 

Indian payment gateway- Spayee vs Podia

I am sure you would want to know the reasons behind it, right?

 Don’t worry! I have it all sorted for you. Here are the reasons that will help you in understanding the downsides of Paypal over Indian Payment Gateways. 

  • Paypal doesn’t support UPI payments

This means that if your learner doesn’t have a credit card or a debit card then he/she can not purchase your course. And you know how much we Indians depend on the UPI payment method. Whenever we have to make any payment we look for UPI. It is extremely convenient and easy to use. So, this reason alone has the power to keep your potential learners away from you. 

  • High transaction charges

You will have to pay high charges on your transactions if you choose Paypal. While you will not be incurring such costs if you choose Indian payment gateways. 

  • Paypal won’t automate your payment. 

Paypal will not automate your payment. This means your students will not get access to your course even after making the payment. You will have to depend on a third-party tool like Zapier to get this work done. Again this could take a heavy toll on your pocket. 

But, if you are using Spayee and have an Indian payment gateway integration, then you will not have to worry about it. Your learner will immediately get access to your course once they make the payment. 

Customer Support 

Your online academy is dependent on the LMS platform for its day to day operations. When you choose a paid platform for your online academy then you would definitely want to get your queries solved within a few minutes, right?

You can not bear the communication gap with the platform because that is going to affect you and your learners.  Both Podia and Spayee are amazing course creating and selling platforms. They both provide good customer support to their clients.

But obviously, Spayee is better than Podia and If you keep reading, you would also feel the same. 


Podia provides dedicated account managers only in their earthquakers plan which is worth $179 per month. But, if you have chosen their mover or shaker plan then you will not get the dedicated account managers to handle your account.

They do provide live chat support or you can check it out on their knowledge base.  

Customer support Podia- Spayee vs Podia


But, some issues are so technical that they can not get resolved through live chat support. You need someone from the technical team to actually listen to what you are saying, right? So, I think this is one of their major drawbacks. 


On the other hand, Spayee provides dedicated account managers to their clients even in their basic plan. If you feel that you are stuck somewhere then your account manager is just a phone call away.

In a nutshell, Spayee provides

  • Personal Account Managers
  • Chat Support 
  • Email 
  • Knowledge Base 

Our clients specially mention this feature while giving their testimonials. It is also one of the biggest reasons people choose Spayee. 

Customer support spayee- Podia vs Spayee comparison


White Labelled Mobile Apps

Aren’t you feeling amazed? 

Don’t you feel that it is too good to be true?

But, I want to tell you that it is 100% true. Because spayee provides you with your very own white labelled mobile phone app. Your learners can download your app from the Google Play store and can start learning through your app.

This is something that no LMS platform is providing to their clients till now.  You can move here, & view the SPAYEE demo app.

Spayee demo app- Spayee vs Podia review

Podia doesn’t provide this feature to their clients. In fact, they don’t even provide white labelled websites to their clients in their mover and shaker plans. They provide white labelled websites to only those clients who are on their highest plan. 

The best part is, Spayee is quite affordable. If you hire an agency to develop an app for you or get an in-house team, it would be an expensive affair for you.

Nonetheless, managing them all would be unnecessarily stressful. Spayee makes sure you get rid of that strenuous situation. From launching your app to maintaining it, Spayee does it all.

Spayee Pricing- Spayee vs Podia

In-built Live Classes

An online education program with a combination of pre-recorded lectures & live classes work best. If you launch an online live class periodically, say once a week or bi-monthly, it gives better results. You would find the learners more engrossed in the course. 

Podia doesn’t have the support of in-built live classes. But, Spayee does & has amazing features. 

In built live classes- Spayee vs Podia

Here is how Live Class would be helpful for you:

Favors interaction

Conducting online classes allows interaction within the students. Through chats, comments & polls it would help you create a close-knit interactive community of students. Spayee live classes provide the option of each one of them.

This means that the class would be more dynamic, interactive & fun.

Promotes credibility

A professional who has the skill to transmit classes in real-time gives utmost confidence and credibility to its learners. Spayee also has the option of a public discussion forum from where you can take up the doubts & commonly asked questions.

Increases sales

Spayee has the option of Mobile Push & Web Push notifications. That means you can notify students before every live class. You can also notify them of a flash sale or a discounted coupon or simply surprise them with a powerful webinar.

There is actually a lot that you can do, using this feature. 

You can also do free Live streaming or workshops to convert them into paying customer of your highly-priced courses. This is also a very efficient marketing & sales strategy. 

Release The Recording

Within Spayee Live Class, you have the option to enable the recording and later share it with your learners. You can also use this recording as your content bucket. This is also quite helpful for the students who missed your classes and want to watch it. 

Easy to use

Trust me the whole process is so easy with Spayee.

Unlike other platforms, you & your students aren’t moving back & forth on different platforms. You can either use the Spayee in-built live classes or integrate any third-party platform like Zoom. All you need going forward is a computer with internet and a webcam.

The technology part is just sorted.  


Many course creators like to provide certificates to their learners who complete their courses. 

Spayee allows its clients to issue certificates automatically to their learners within the course platform. The client has to decide if they want to give the certificate on % of course completion or scoring marks in a test. 

Certificates- Spayee vs Podia

On the other hand, Podia doesn’t have this feature. You will have to use Google Slides to manually create certificates for your learners. 

Quizzes and Assignments

One of the best ways to keep a check on your learners is to conduct live quizzes and give them assignments. This will help you in understanding how well they are learning. 

Both Spayee and Podia allow their clients to conduct quizzes within the course platform. The only difference is that on Spayee you can add open-ended questions, fill in the blanks, numerical, and MCQ’s whereas on Podia you can only ask MCQ’s. 

But, what if you would want to add open-ended questions where students have to write a paragraph to answer the question? You will miss out on this feature in case you choose Podia. 

Also, Spayee allows its clients to collect assignments from their learners. But this feature is not in Podia. 

So, in the above-mentioned scenarios, Podia would fall short. 

Membership Site

In order to create a thriving community around your brand, you need learners to keep receiving value and stay connected to you. In order to do that, you definitely need a membership site.

This way you literally just have a wonderful way to define your authority & expertise in your niche. 

Podia has the membership site option only on its highest plan.

Membership sites- Spayee vs Podia

On the other hand, Spayee has the membership site option on all of its plans. “Recurring Subscription” or “Membership Sites” give you the freedom to launch your programs that have a consistent stream of income. With Spayee, the process becomes cost-effective. 

Add pricing plan foir Spayee- Podia vs Spayee

Affiliate Marketing 

Spayee provides the feature of affiliate marketing to its clients irrespective of what plan they are on. This feature gives your learners a reason to showcase your products to other people. 

Even Podia provides this feature but only on their specific plans. 

How To Launch Online Course Business Using Spayee

Launching an online course with Spayee is a seamless process. You can create your online course platform for free & test the waters for 15 days.

Just head over to Spayee, & click on “Get Started Free”. 

Spayee overview- Spayee vs Podia

Next up, include your details & sign up.

Get started with spayee- Spayee vs Podia


It really is a pretty straightforward process. 

Once you are into Spayee, you have a fully-loaded dashboard with all the features that you thought you would need.

Spayee dashboard- Spayee vs Podia

Creating your first course or customising your website is a pretty great place to begin. 

FAQs on Spayee vs Podia

🔥 How is my video content secured by Spayee?

Spayee has multi-layer content security when it comes to lectures uploaded on Spayee. Spayee secures all the videos through its custom technology which is based on encryption & authentication. That being said, no external or third party Video downloader can download or play the video lectures. In order to prevent screen recordings, dynamic watermarking is still there.

✔Which payment gateway does SPAYEE support?

Spayee the support of all major Indian & International Payment Gateways. Indian Payment Gateways include Instamojo, Razorpay, Payumoney, Razorpay, Paytm, CCAvenue & TraknPay. Over & above, they are continuously adding new payment gateway options. In the international payment gateway, Stripe & Paypal are allowed.

💥 Does Spayee charge a setup fee?

There is no transaction charge or any setup fees that SPAYEE charges. You can even launch your first online course in a free plan.

✌ Is there a limit to how much content I can upload?

Not at all. Spayee allows unlimited courses, unlimited content & unlimited learners. Spayee supports pre-recorded videos lectures, PDFs, Text, images, audio SCORM & much more.

👉 What happens if I am not able to set up my own payment gateway?

If you are facing any issues in setting up your payment gateway then Spayee can go ahead & collect payment on your behalf. They will be settling the payment monthly after the necessary payment gateway charges & taxes.

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Spayee vs Podia Verdict: Which Is Better Course Platform?

Although both the platforms are amazing, it is not wrong to say Spayee is providing more value at such affordable prices. They are providing all the advanced features except in the mobile app, in even their basic plan. 


After taking a detailed look at both Spayee Vs Podia we can say that they are a great choice for someone wanting to launch an online education business.

But a few features like Indian Payment Gateway, & personal account managers just make Spayee irresistible. This could potentially save you a lot of money & stress. 

Although both the platforms are amazing, it is not wrong to say Spayee is providing more value at such affordable prices. They are providing all the advanced features except in the mobile app, in even their basic plan. 

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