Omnisend Review 🚀 2024: Is It #1 Choice For Ecommerce?

Omnisend Review

Overall Verdict

Drive More Sales By Combining Email With SMS And More Channels, All From One Platform. Omnisend Provides Everything You Need To Convert More Visitors Into Customers.

Out of 10


  • Powered by Great A/B testingfeatures
  • Powerful list management tools
  • Email Deliverability options
  • Mobile optimization
  • The ‘Product Picker’ feature is fabulous.
  • Attractive and customizable landing pages


  • Customer support needs improvement
  • A/B Testing feature lags sometimes
  • here aren’t any customizable themes for holiday marketing available.


Price: $ 12

Are you in the market for a powerful email marketing platform that can help make your ecommerce business more successful?

If so, then look no further than Omnisend! This revolutionary email tool offers users access to an array of features and functionalities designed to take their online business to the next level.

In this Omnisend review we will evaluate its full suite of services, as well as what makes it such an attractive option for serious entrepreneurs looking to maximize their reach and earnings potential.

Read on and learn why any savvy entrepreneur should consider making Omnisend number one choice for their ecommerce needs.

Omnisend Review

Bottom Line Upfront:

The bottom line for Omnisend Review is that it is a comprehensive ecommerce platform that offers the best features and tools to help businesses build strong relationships with customers, increase website conversion rates, and reach higher sales.

With its powerful automation capabilities, it allows businesses to personalize campaigns and create automated workflows tailored to their specific needs Get a special discount on Omnisend today.

This new type of marketing is called email marketing, and it has become the most crucial parameter that defines the success of an online business today.

Why is email marketing best?

Email marketing has fast become the most reliable way of enhancing the relationship between a merchant and its current or previous customers.

Email marketing plays a key role in acquiring new customers or convincing current customers to purchase something.

It can skyrocket your business into a profitable and successful one if done correctly and using the right resources.

Today I will give you a step-by-step review of an amazing email marketing platform called Omnisend.

Omnisend Review 2024: Is It Worth Your Money? 👉

What Is Omnisend?

Omnisend is an innovative marketing tool and a popular e-commerce marketing platform offering automation features.

Omnisend began as a simple email marketing solution called “Soundest” in 2014. It has since evolved into one of the most popular eCommerce marketing tools.

Omisend promotes itself as an eCommerce-focused website.

It serves eCommerce businesses and customers from a wide range of sectors and caters to enterprises of any size, from solo entrepreneurs to multinational corporations. Omnisend cleverly promotes itself as:

  • Specialists in providing an automated platform to eCommerce businesses
  • A platform built to provide an omnichannel marketing experience to online store owners

What Omnisend tends to claim to promote themselves certainly looks appealing and impressive, taking into fact that they combine seven different types of marketing channels:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Web Push Notification
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Facebook Ad Retargeting
  • Google Customer Match (Ad Retargeting)

Omnisend Review- Ecommerce Marketing

What can I do with Omnisend?

Omnisend has several built-in templates that can be used to personalize your emails. That’s in addition to a slew of automation tools for segmenting the database and sending emails.

Furthermore, the app works with Facebook’s Messenger and SMS marketing campaigns.

Furthermore, Omnisend includes tools for creating entertaining, convincing, and effective forms for lead generation. These are extremely effective at increasing lead capture rates.

Most notably, you will get access to many forms, each of which you can seamlessly blend into your marketing campaigns.

Omnisend Features Review 🔥

Omnisend has some really cool and powerful features that allow you to manage your email marketing requirements seamlessly with the least of manual effort.

You can create high-selling lead-generation forms and automate your marketing campaigns through smart email segmentation and integration with leading third-party apps.

Omnisend Review

Powerful Email Marketing Features

Omnisend offers several email templates along with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor. This simplifies the process of producing emails that look professional.

When you combine this with Omnisend’s product picker (discussed previously) and Omnisend’s CTR boosters.

Such as scratch cards and dynamic discount offers/codes, you’re sure to build and circulate emails that your subscribers will enjoy.

Smart Reporting

The reporting features in Omnisend are designed to help you perform an in-depth analysis of your campaigns, thus allowing you to dig deep into the details.

You should be certain that you can examine every important aspect involved in your marketing strategy to determine what is effective and, more specifically, what needs to be improved.

You can also create personalized reports that are based on your brand’s sign-up forms for getting a better understanding of who your target audience is.

You will learn about the languages spoken by your customers, their origin countries, devices they are using to communicate with your organization/brand, and more.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

You can use Omnisend to build and deploy marketing campaigns covering a variety of platforms, such as email, SMS, as well as social media. It is needless to emphasize that this helps you reach a wider audience.

Users may now combine all of their accounts on social media and communications platforms into a single workflow, making it much easier to automate and monitor multi-channel marketing campaigns.

Product Picker

Lead Generation Forms that perform

When we talk about lead capturing, Omnisend has a number of options. Users may, for example, choose a signup box that is minimalistic and low-key.

Marketers have traditionally placed these at the side or bottom of their websites.

You may also use an adaptable popup widget. These are becoming more common as a means of obtaining email addresses.

Perhaps you’d like to try your hand at gamification?

If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that Omnisend lets you build a signup form that looks like a spinning wheel or wheel of fortune to win exciting prizes,  offers, and discounts.

Regardless of your approach towards lead generation, Omnisend is likely to have a signup form that will meet your needs.

Automation Tools

Automate Your Marketing Campaigns

Personalizing your message is critical for maintaining a positive relationship with your target audience.

You can use Omnisend to determine where your subscribers are in the journey of becoming potential customers and give them the relevant materials to their stage.

Smart triggers can be used to ensure that the right text message is delivered to the right group of customers. New users, for example, receive a welcome text.

A shopper who has purchased something from your website will also receive an email about order confirmation. These are only a few examples, but the point is made.

Omnisend also includes a number of pre-built workflows for marketing automation. These are fantastic for making sure you’re getting the most out of automation and saving a lot of valuable time for you as well as your team.

Create Campaigns

Smart Segmentation

You can divide or segment your email list into several subdivisions using Omnisend’s smart segmentation feature.

These ‘segments’ may be based on your subscribers’ demographics, shopping preferences, relationship with your brand, and so on, allowing advertisers to deliver customized messages &, as a result, increase consumer interaction.

You may also use Omnisend’s’auto-renewed’ segments to intelligently categorize the customers based on their:

  • Shopping/Purchasing behaviors
  • The online channels used by them for interacting with your company/brand
  • Their campaigning activity

And many more!

This type of smart segmentation of email lists can be extremely helpful for an eCommerce business when you have to create some personalized messages or custom promotions.

Integrate with your favorite marketing tools

Omnisend has native integrations with over 30 applications in a variety of categories, including eCommerce sites, shipping & logistics, revenue conversion, optimization, and customer service, and many more services.

The following are some of Omnisend’s most common integrations:

  • Shopify 
  • Shopify +
  • Woocommerce
  • Magento
  • Prestashop+ 
  • Opencart
  • Volusion
  • Enormous Commerce

The eCommerce Capabilities of Omnisend

Omnisend shines as an email marketing solution for eCommerce businesses. Many of the other channels are designed on top of email and are more or less incorporated into the overall bundle, so that’s the main offering.

The number of emails you can send for the price is one area where Omnisend really shines. You can send up to 15,000 messages a month with Standard, Pro, and even Free Packages.

That’s more than MailChimp (12,000 is the regular level) and significantly more than Klaviyo.

Perhaps this is another indication that it is aiming for a wider audience? Let’s go over the main features of Omnisend.

Subsriber Manahement

Visual Email Builder

Omnisend has a nice, user-friendly email builder with a lot of default blocks and a lot of customization options. You can also save and reuse your custom models, which is convenient and time-saving.

Although some reports (mostly from graphic designers and other design-focused professionals) claim that the advanced visual capabilities aren’t as good as other alternatives.

Omnisend has all you need in the vast majority of cases.

Omnisend also compares favorably to the market. For more advanced marketers using the platform, an HTML alternative in the email builder would have been useful, but that’s a minor quibble.

Online Store Integrations

Omnisend’s selection of off-the-shelf eCommerce store integrations is unrivaled. That’s many no-code options, making it very easy to use Omnisend as a marketing tool on top of almost any store.

They also offer an API that can be used to incorporate the service into personalized and bespoke tales. Omnisend is particularly praised for its Shopify integration, which extends well into the web.

This makes sense, given Omnisend’s aggressive pitch to woo MailChimp users disillusioned by the latter’s breakup with Shopify and subsequent price hikes.

When creating Omnisend emails, for example, you can identify and deploy Shopify discount codes directly from the builder app.

If you want to do it for another shop, go to their website, make a discount, and then paste the code into the Omnisend email.

Omnisend Review

Campaign Analytics

Another field where Omnisend’s omnichannel claims fall short is in this area. When it comes to email analytics, it offers what you’d expect from a marketing automation tool.

Clickthrough analysis is not available for SMS or Facebook Messenger platforms, however.

Wouldn’t you want to be able to compare the efficiency of those capabilities to that of email if you’re paying a premium for them?

Omnisend brings all your cross-channel campaign analytics together in one spot, but it doesn’t allow you to compare channels.


Omnisend, like its email builder, offers a comprehensive range of tools for creating lead capture forms, exit intent pop-ups, banners, and other web forms.

They can be personalized in appearance, place, and timing, among other things. Omnisend has a well-deserved reputation for lead generation.

Omnisend also allows you to create landing pages and insert forms, which is particularly useful for retargeting social media. Unlike emails, you can remove the Omnisend logo from web forms, as discussed above.

Omnisend has gamified lead capture pop-ups, which is a good feature. You might, for example, offer visitors a chance to spin the wheel of fortune in return for their contact information.

It’s not a one-of-a-kind feature. Here’s our take on it. Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool.

However, if you are familiar with email marketing, you may also know other email marketing tools that offer more value than MailChimp.

If MailChimp is ideal for beginners and you’re intermediate and want to level up your email marketing game, it’s time to look for a new tool.

Fortunately, many MailChimp alternatives offer many other features that allow you to develop an even more powerful email marketing strategy.

Same here in the case of Omnisend; as we have mentioned earlier, it is one of the best and most reliable Email Marketing solutions in the market.

Segmentation and Workflow Automation

Omnisend offers in-depth segmentation, allowing you to divide your lists along a variety of lines, such as:

  • Personal details
  • Purchase history
  • Email interaction history

It excels at purchase history segmentation, allowing you to easily filter users in and out based on their reactions to previous promotions.

However, as previously mentioned, there is no multichannel engagement data to segment audiences.

Omnisend’s otherwise simple and comprehensive automation method also has a few annoying quirks.

  • Triggers can only be used to begin a workflow; they can’t be used to describe behavior within it. You can’t tailor the messages sent to users based on how they dealt with the campaign’s earlier measures.
  • Similarly, Omnisend’s “Contact Tags,” used to segment an audience inside a workflow, don’t launch either/or sub-workflows.
    Instead, they exclude anyone from the campaign who doesn’t meet the Contact Tag’s requirements.

That is to say, Omnisend’s capabilities are all very linear, with a single target in mind.

Why should you use Omnisend?

Here are 10 reasons you should use Omnisend to satisfy your email marketing requirements.


  • The platform is way too easy to understand, use and configure.
  • Very intuitive user experience and the email templates look professional.
  • Perfect for small-scale businesses having less subscriber count.
  • Smooth and efficient automation emails.
  • Send targeted messages to specific groups and subscribers using the Omnisend Subscriber segmentation tools.
  • Customizable built-in content editor for editing landing pages and push notifications.
  • Professional and customizable templates that will help you create the EXACT look of the landing pages you are looking for.
  • Attractive and out-of-the-box popups that make your project look amazing and appealing.
  • “Wheel of Fortune” or simply “Turn the Wheel” feature to attract your visitors into possibly winning exciting prizes.
  • Omnisend Automation will save you valuable time and brain cells.
  • Integrations with Shopify, Tictail, Magneto, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and other e-commerce platforms are supported.
  • Get instant access to stats based on real-time analytics like who clicked, who shopped, how much money was made, etc.

Omnisend Dashboard

omnisend review

Connect Your Store

Omnisend discount coupon

Add Code To Your Website Pages Where You Want To Track

Omnisend Add code to your site

Your Store is Connected

Omnisend reviews

Now setup your campaigns and import the email list into the Omnisend Dashboard

Discount coupon

Omnisend Customer Support

Known globally for their excellent customer support services, the support team of Omnisend lets users connect with them via:

Live Chat Support

  • Email Support
  • FAQ/Knowledge base
  • Social Media
  • Video Tutorials / Webinar

Omnisend Pricing Plans:

Omnisend Free Plan

The free version of Omnisend only supports email and none of the other platforms. The Standard Package, the next tier up, contains SMS. The Standard Package costs $16 a month.

To use the SMS feature, you must first purchase credits. That’s common for all SMS marketing channels, but Omnisend’s isn’t the most affordable.

Send an SMS via Omnisend is $0.015 US per message (1.5 cents). SMS messaging costs $0.0129 US on CartsGuru (1.29 cents).

When you look at it that way, it’s not much of a difference, but it saves CartsGuru $21 per 10,000 SMS messages.

We’ll return to other limitations in Omnisend’s SMS offering later, but for now, let’s finish going through the channels available at each pricing tier.

Here is a quick list of important features you get with Omnisend’s Free plan:

  • A drag-and-drop email editor
  • Choose, customize, and send pre-built email templates 
  • Website tracking and access to up to one month of data history 
  • Publish up to 3 active signup forms
  • Circulate and promote scheduled marketing campaigns
  • Email Segmentation 
  • Sales reporting
  • Click maps 

When you upgrade from Standard to Pro, you gain access to retargeting on Facebook, Google, and Web Push Notifications.


No. of subscribers



























Omnisend Standard Plan

The Basic Package is just $16 a month. This makes it less expensive than Klaviyo’s nearest equivalent kit but more expensive than MailChimp.

However, upgrading to the Pro Package raises the price from $16 to $199 per month. This package includes everything you get with Omnisend’s free plan, as well as:

  • x12 the sending limits of the Free plan
  • Automation reports 
  • Automate workflows 
  • Website tracking with access to three months of data history
  • Unlock SMS marketing campaigns and automation. 
  • Publish unlimited signup forms.
  • Register multiple users to your Omnisend account. 
  • Create up to 20 email segments.
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Integration with third-party apps such as Smile, Yotpo, ReCharge, LoyaltyLion, etc.
  • Run A/B test campaigns.
  • Advanced email features, including ‘Product Recommender’ and ‘Product Picker.’
  • Use gamification features like ‘Wheel of Fortune’, etc., for your sign-up forms.

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend Pro Plan

Omnisend’s Pro plan offers you all the features of the Standard package, along with the following:

  • x15 the sending limits of the Free plan
  • Create up to 50 email segments.
  • Website tracking with access to six months of data history
  • Unlock and integrate with third-party apps such as  CartHook, Easyship, Gorgias, and more. 
  • Send up to 30,000 push notifications every month
  • Operate everything using your custom domain
  • Get access to deliverability support
  • SMS credits worth $99 per month
  • Target the right customers seamlessly using Google Ads Customer Match 

Omnisend Enterprise Plan

You’ll still need to upgrade to the Enterprise Package if you want to use Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. They also don’t have pricing details.

However, the Omnisend help website states that Whatsapp messaging can be used. This is Omnisend’s most premium and comprehensive plan that offers everything discussed in the previous subscription plans, plus:

  • Migration of Email account 
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Deliverability Support
  • Custom IP address
  • Send unlimited emails
  • Send unlimited push notifications
  • Unlimited SMS credits for free
  • Website tracking with access to 18 months of data history

You will need to directly contact Omnisend for more precise pricing. They’ll then give you a customized quote based on your company’s requirements.

As you can see, Omnisend’s positioning is problematic. It will cost you money if you want to use any of Omnisend’s features.

Many small businesses who want a truly cross-channel experience for their clients and leads will be unable to afford it.

You can also use a free 14-day trial version for both the Standard and Pro plans.

For more information regarding all the plans and the pricing system based on the subscriber count, visit the Omnisend official website.

Reasons you may like Omnisend!

  • The ‘Product Picker’ function is fantastic. Simply choose a product from your store and have it automatically added to your newsletter. The days of manually adding product photos and details are long gone.
  • Omnisend is extremely easy to use. Signing up and getting started is easy. It also has a very simple and straightforward backend architecture.
  • It’s simple to harness the power of automation, and you’ll save a lot of time!
  • Users will send 2,000 free messages a month with Omnisend.
  • Omnisend integrates with a variety of common eCommerce sites natively.
  • Customer service at Omnisend is said to be outstanding. 

Reasons you may not like Omnisend!

  • Omnisend’s email design choices are minimal compared to its rivals.
  • Regarding Omnisend alerts, several users have complained about a lack of contact. This has caused some users to become confused, prompting them to contact Omnisend’s customer service team for more information about how to handle the latest updates.
  • There are no holiday advertisement themes that can be customized.
  • You must enter data from scratch whenever you start a social media campaign.

Pros & Cons Of Omnisend

Pros Cons
Omnisend is a perfect option if you own an online shop. It works for all major eCommerce sites and includes unique and useful features including a product picker, gift boxes, and scratch cards in the email editor. Unfortunately, it does not monitor the subscribers’ email clients, social media accounts, or geo-location.
Omnisend also offers a free plan that is very generous, offering 15,000 emails a month, three landing pages, and fiUve parts. The following is only available in English: Many looking for a forum that supports several languages would have to look elsewhere.
With its suite of automation workflows, you’ll save a lot of time and see a rise in sales. There are several filters, triggers, and options to select, and their editor is extremely user-friendly. Integrations are limited: All of the major eCommerce platforms are present, but core integrations with Google Analytics and CRM apps are missing.
SMS, push notification as well as Emails can all be used to monitor sales.  Deliverability: In our deliverability tests, Omnisend performed poorly.

Who should use Omnisend?

You should definitely try out Omnisend if.

  • You own an online business or store

Omnisend is an excellent platform for creating email newsletters for online stores, especially those using Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Drupal Commerce, OpenCart, or Volusion.

Omnisend offers you to directly integrate with these platforms.

  • You are serious and dedicated to automating your e-commerce business

You’ll have models for cross-selling, transactional communications, customer reactivation, and order follow-up in addition to abandoned cart automation.

Omnisend’s automation features will help you save a lot of time and will almost certainly result in further conversions.

  • You are looking for modern designs and templates

Omnisend currently offers 18 eye-catching email templates and five different landing page layouts.

Omnisend is not for you if…

  • You are looking for advanced tracking options

Despite the fact that the reports include a lot of information including the revenue generated during your campaigns, you won’t be able to see which email clients your subscribers use or where they are located.

  • You don’t have an online store

You won’t be able to use Omnisend if you don’t have an online store because it needs you to connect one. In this case, MailerLite is a better, easy-to-use, low-cost newsletter service that you might try.

What Omnisend Customers Say About Them 🙂 Omnisend Reviews🤔

Make sure you’re using all Omnisend features, this way you can benefit the most as info about your customers is synced and in one place.
I’ve started with forms but then added automated workflows like Welcome series and Cart Recovery and I see how this is giving my business way better results.

– Melissa C

Automatic marketing flows, timed pop-ups, beautifully designed and customizable forms, straight forward reporting, easy importing of addresses.
It’s all here for the same price as the other guys, and way more user-friendly. Built specifically for eCommerce.

– Lauren N

The biggest advantage Omnisend gives to my business is the ability to manage everything in one unified platform.
I finally feel like I don’t need to use multiple platforms to manage subscribers, customers and newsletters.

– Aurelija

Omnisend Vs Other Email Marketing Tools

1. Omnisend vs Aweber

Are you looking for Aweber alternatives?

Don’t worry we have got a great choice for you. Just choose the Omnisend, as it’s a fully focused ROI tool out there in the market.

As we have already mentioned Omnisend is the platform for the automation of e-commerce marketing developed for sales-oriented people who are looking for reliable and best e-mail marketing platforms.

Now with Omnisend, you can easily convert your visitors right into your customers.

Effective email marketing is good for your business and that is what you’re going to get with Omnisend. Also with the help of this tool you can easily automate e-commerce marketing in order to earn more money in a much better way.

Omnisend provides an all-in-one platform for distributed e-commerce companies: advanced registration forms, e-commerce marketing automation workflow.

Omnichannel communications, and more advanced features that other email marketing tools fail to provide.

2. Omnisend vs Kalviyo 

Omnisend is an all-in-one email and marketing automation package that allows online businesses to create email campaigns in minutes, create complex automation workflows and identify their email campaigns easily.

And no doubt, Omnisend is the best Kalviyo Alternatives that you can easily trust.

Omnisend is also the only tool that mainly offers dynamic gamification elements for customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Simply choose a gift box or simply scratch card in order to get discounts on the campaign, or simply create your email list right with a spare wheel that runs only when you enter an email address easily.

Here we have used a quick comparison of the best Kalviyo Alternatives..

Omnisend Review- Klaviyo Alternative

Omnisend Alternatives

1. MailChimp


Mailchimp’s intuitive design and flexible features make it easy to design and send all types of marketing campaigns, from simple one-off announcements to sophisticated automation.

With Mailchimp, you can easily send newsletters, campaigns, and marketing emails to your subscriber list. The service is free up to 2000 subscribers, and the platform integrates with various platforms.

Mailchimp is one of the most convenient tools for businesses just starting with digital marketing and want to leverage the latest web services and tools.

It is an affordable, full-service marketing platform with all of the tools needed to grow your business on your terms, and from your home or office when you want it done right away!

2. SendInBlue


Sendinblue is a complete marketing solution for your business. It includes email marketing, landing pages, and social media marketing. Sendinblue also has a function for creating video cards and other graphics and videos.

Sendinblue gives you complete control over every aspect of your digital marketing efforts. It can optimize your strategy, design it right, measure results, and customize it further based on different market trends.

To send your e-mails or newsletters all in one place, the Sendinblue e-mail marketing toolbox is simple to install and set up.

You don’t have to spend time finding a designer or trying different templates, going through endless emails that go nowhere, and downloading all that useless information.

3. Drip

Convertkit Vs Drip

Drip is a marketing automation platform that integrates with over 65 marketing platforms to deliver valuable information to users in a timely, relevant, and customized way.

Drip makes it easy for E-commerce businesses to automate their marketing and increase revenue by up to 400%.

Its powerful automation features help you get the most out of your marketing channels by automatically sending triggered messages.

Drip is the easiest way to keep your customers updated on your products and services. It connects your brand with its customers in real time, delivering a personalized experience that helps drive purchase intent.

You don’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple marketing systems when using Drip. The platform takes care of all the work for you and lets you focus on what’s important – driving revenue!

Quick Links:

FAQs related to Omnisend

🤔What is Omnisend?

Omnisend is an automated email marketing platform for marketers and with Omnisend, you can send mails to your potential customers and even personal messages which will definitely help in your conversions.

💡How do I use Omnisend with Shopify?

You have to integrate Omnisend with Shopify and with your store then you can send emails to your users easily. Even you can automate those mails.

🔥How much does Omnisend cost?

It depends on which plan you’re choosing. You can start with the free plan, standard, pro, or enterprise. The standard plan costs $16/mo, the pro plan costs $99/mo, and you have to contact Omnisend directly for the enterprise plan. Choose a plan according to size of your business.

Conclusion: Omnisend Review 2024

In conclusion, Omnisend is an excellent choice for any serious business looking to grow its ecommerce presence and increase their customer base.

As a powerful and user-friendly tool, it combines the best email marketing and automation systems elements into one comprehensive package.

With customizable templates, detailed automation flows, access to analytics reports, and an extensive library of integrations, you’ll have all the necessary resources to build loyal customer relationships.

Not only that but with customer support available around the clock in various channels – from email to chat – you won’t have to worry about any additional obstacles on your journey to success.

If you’re ready to take your digital commerce game to the next level, Omnisend is the ultimate solution.

Trustpilot Review: Omnisend

Trustpilot Review

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79 User Reviews on Omnisend Review

  1. The email marketing automation platform that marketers need.

    Omnisend is a way for your ecommerce store to talk to its customers in the best possible way. Omnisend allows you to create super targeted emails in minutes, without having to specialize in coding or copy writing. The intelligent technology behind Omnisend automatically delivers relevant content based on visitor preferences and previous interactions with your website, which leaves you time for product research, not letter-writing!

  2. “With Omnisend I’m able to hit my email goals without driving myself insane. I never have to wake up in the middle of the night stressing about deadlines because Omnisend does it for me.”

  3. Omnisend saves you time and let’s your email marketing power provide sales. Finally, Easily create personalised emails to customers, no technical skills required. Automated campaigns set up in minutes because theres nothing better than growing business via something so simple as an email campaign!

  4. Omnisend is like an ecommerce blogger, but takes care of everything for you. It’s like having programmable A/B testing on steroids with high tech, voice-controlled robots powering your email marketing automation. When they say “Omnisend automates everything” the Omnisend team means EVERYTHING! You can drag and drop emails to their respective lists right within the software (even if that list only exists in your head). Just fill out some questions, write a few lines creativity about why someone should buy from you and Boom! I’ve got autoresponders set up for all my needs.

  5. I’m not really familiar with email marketing, but this made it SO easy. I used to be using Mailchimp, and Omnisend seems like the better service because I get more relevant emails (thanks to clever segmentation). It’s also very intuitive- even for someone who is new at things like this. These guys know their work!

    5 out of 5 stars.

  6. “Omnisend is a user-friendly, powerful tool that helps your business grow. I’ve been using Omnisend for the last year to help my ecommerce company automate email marketing and CRM systems, and it has been transformational.”

  7. The Omnisend team has created the solution any ecommerce company needs to maximize revenue. It’s easy enough for beginners, robust enough for advanced users, and scalable to suit growth-focused brands. With Omnisend you can create personalized emails in minutes by using segmentation or their drag-and-drop editor based on what people are talking about in your industry. And when it comes time for transportability, just copy the whole thing over into Gmail! You’ll be glad you tried this one out with their 14 day free trial that includes responsive customer care service 24/7.

  8. Omnisend is so much more than an email automation system! With it, you can gain insights about your visitors and subscribers based on their browsing behavior. If they’ve browsed through your site before visiting the sale page, Omnisend could collect data about them to be able to send customized messages that are hyper-targeted towards what interests or worries them most. You have total control over segmentation filters too-meaning if someone has also shopped with your competition in the last year, you can tell Omnisend not to bother sending any emails to them–saving both time and money for you! It even integrates with all major ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce & Mailchimp.”

  9. “Omnisend is amazing! I used to think email marketing was a bother, but not anymore. The automation possibilities are endless and the personalization makes me feel like my customers actually care about me!”

    “”I’m in love with Omnisend! It’s been incredibly helpful to update our emails from time-to-time and when we do, I never have to worry about sending it by hand. Easy, efficient, and has helped us grow exponentially.””

  10. I recommend Omnisend because it is really convenient with its automated email functionalities. It has allowed me to easily manage my emails without having to worry about the tediousness of organizing everything one by one. My inbox now looks more professional, and I can keep up with what’s important without spending too much time on the details! Omnisend also organizes all of your emails which has helped me stay organized with minimal investment into work that can be done automatically (shopping). Using this application was one of best decisions that I’ve ever made for my business because now they feel like part of my team instead of just consumers.”

  11. Retailers, we’re all looking for the best email marketing app to take our business to the next level. I’ve done a lot of research and this is what I found: Omnisend. It’s got everything you need for leveraging data and automating your campaign so that success can soar higher than your expectations.

    Do less work, but get more results with this automation software from leading retailer Omnisend! They have everything you need–from up-to-date customizable templates and responsive layouts, to AI-driven segmentation and smart targeting that will lead each customer down their own path–and we’re living proof these features work wonders!

  12. When I first started my business, I got a lesson in how to manage spam. Returning unwanted emails put me at the top of everyone’s contact list and drastically reduced my chances that any legitimate email would get through because it had been buried among all the spammy ones that came in when people thought it was from their favorite retailer. The Omnisend platform changed all of this for me by giving me automation so I could outsmart spammers and delight recipients. Previously unreliable emails high up on lists were suddenly arriving with unprecedented frequency – because they weren’t marked as spam or land mines waiting to be stepped on! Finally, my marketing efforts were able to consistently connect with customers instead of just pushing fruitlessly anyways.

  13. “Omnisend has hands down been the best decision I’ve made for my small online business. With all the automation features, wealth of customization options, and easy setup it’s hard to ignore.”

  14. Omnisend is by far the best tool for sending emails that we have used. They offer a ton of different features and good customer service at a pretty affordable rate. We had an issue with one of their integrations and they were quick to take responsibility, rectify the problem without any fuss, and make sure it was working properly longterm. I can’t recommend this company enough!

  15. I’m not a marketing specialist but I can tell you about my experience with their product.

    I used to think that email marketing was something way out of my realm; too complicated and time-consuming for me to want to deal with. That changed when I discovered Omnisend, an all-in-one simple and easy email marketing platform like no other. It’s everything you need in one place–segmentation, automation, conversion optimization–all built for growth focused ecommerce brands to make sure your site management is running smoothly while maximizing your profitability!

  16. Omnisend will help you transform cold Facebook followers into warm, engaged customers who are looking forward to your emails more than opening their daily email digest. Connect with subscribers on an individual basis by sending them personalised messages. Marketing your online shopping business has never been so simple or cost-effective! Get 5% off now by using coupon code.

  17. Omnisend is the hands down favorite of all my fellow friends – great reviews, easy to use interface, and everything can be done right from one account.

  18. This is the only email marketing tool I need for my small business. It has made it so easy to send emails that match what my buyers are really into. And it’s all managed in one place!

  19. Omnisend is the best tool for ecommerce marketers. I’ve used it to take my business from $200 in sales every month, to over $900 per day and well past six figures in revenue! With features like, personalization by location and device type, and scheduling options that go well into 2020 (I’m not joking), there isn’t a better system out there.

    Your product deserves an Omnisend!

  20. As a new company, Omnisend has made it my priority to get the most bang for my buck. It’s so frustrating when I have to do multiple different things just to get sales or coupons or something out there…And with email marketing, what you really want is ease of use. With any platform plus templates plus segmentation? That right there equals an “easy-peasy” time management system that really helps me keep up with the demands of being in business.

  21. With Omnisend, you can craft personal experiences without the hassle and burden of time investment. It takes only 30 seconds to create a new email campaign and with these automated campaigns tailored to your customers and their interests, response rates will increase dramatically — earning you more revenue. No other all-in-one solution makes marketing tasks this easy!

  22. When I started my ecommerce biz in 2014, I had a million questions about how to market my product. Should I start a newsletter? What should I be sending out? How can people opt in for that stuff anyway? Well thank heaven omnisend came into the picture three years ago when everything was so confusing and difficult for me! When you sign up with them they take care of all your email marketing needs by designing personalized emails, segmenting your list based on their interests, and orchestrating an integrated campaign from the ground up. Plus it’s been really easy to use- which is something that has any newbie ecommerce owner focusing on scaling his or her website down high on their priority list! My favorite feature is its automation tool.

  23. An email marketing automation platform built for growth-focused ecommerce brands. The Omnisend app creates personalized emails in minutes so you can target both customers and blog subscribers with relevant, incentive based messages to create profits. From lead generation to cross-sells, Omnisend is the solution that’s giving marketers everywhere an edge on their competition.

    If you’re looking for a flexible email marketing quota then look no further than our comprehensive feature set – which includes A/B testing technology, too! We make it easy for even the newest of marketers to effortlessly build campaigns capable of driving high ROI rates by offering templates, prewritten content blocks, segments presets, goals orientation.

  24. I just spend hours building my marketing campaign when I stumbled across Omnisend! It’s made it so much easier to build an email strategy that works. Already I’ve seen a 10% conversion increase without even changing anything else in my funnel.

    It takes everything you love about Shopify, Magento et cetera and simplifies the process down to steps with clear screens for what each one looks like. You can find any feature you want in an instant by filtering your searchbar to only display the features relevant to your use case – whether that be using Omnisend on Shopify or using it yourselves with Quicken; there is no limit!

  25. I was so frustrated with trying to do my email marketing by hand. I literally wasted hours doing it wrong before Omnisend came along and saved me from all the mistakes I made. Now that these automated emails are handled through a system, my life is a lot easier. It takes literally 10 minutes of work every week instead of the hours upon hours it would take be to manually write out long, detailed emails for myself — especially when you’re not really interested in the products anymore! The best part? Customer conversions have gone up ever since I started using Omnisend because they’re personally tailored for what each customer wants. Awesome!

  26. For growing ecommerce businesses, Omnisend has been an incredible time saver and well worth the investment. The different set-ups have eliminated a lot of headaches for me when managing my email blasts. I no longer have to find templates for each newsletter I send out. And the signup widget is really cool too!

  27. “I used to struggle with automated emails for my store, so I spent days trying to remember to create emails. With Omnisend, email automation has never been easier. It’s built specifically for ecommerce stores so all the features are custom-tailored towards what you need.”

  28. Omnisend is the most reliable and cost effective email marketing software on the market. It integrates seamlessly with your ecommerce store, allowing you to send messages of all shapes and sizes directly from your backend. You can create messages whenever, wherever with intuitive templates that make it simple for exploring creativity without sacrificing function. With Omnisend this is not a one size fits all shoe – we let you decide how broad or targeted your email campaign reaches by using customer specific segments and personalized content based on extensive research about behavioral targets and buying patterns!

  29. Omnisend is the freelancer’s dream come true. Its user-friendly features allow you to make your business look more professional without paying a fortune for an agency to do it all for you, reducing your workload by letting Omnisend take care of sending emails on time, making changes when needed, and compiling reports every month that will help you track sales conversions. You can focus on creating awesome products instead of remembering what customer said last month about Cute Puppies!

  30. I’ve been using Omnisend for a few months now and I love it! I saved hours per day by going from hand-crafted transactional emails to automated campaigns. What used to take hours of setup is done in minutes with a ton of different templates to choose from. It also uses the data you already have on your customers, including what they bought previously and their purchase history, so really relevant messages pop up in people’s inboxes.

    I haven’t missed out on any sales thanks to Omnisend’s built-in customer intelligence which is pretty awesome because it can even combine my Shopify store with Facebook ads if the opportunity arises!

  31. The product is amazing. You can go from growing your store with just a few visitors per month to getting hundreds of visits and potential customers signing up for your brand within seconds after installation an Omnisend account. I’m working on building my company and the number one thing that has helped me grow it so quickly has been this system.”

  32. Omnisend is no doubt an essential email marketing upgrade for any business. It has all the features you’ll need to seamlessly strategize your way out of stagnancy and test new tactics without too much fuss. I recommend it 100%!

  33. “If you’re looking to create conversion focused email campaigns, Omnisend is a fantastic tool. I’ve been able to use it for quite a while and its helped me change the way my business operates.”

  34. Hey! My name’s Jake, and I’m here to tell you about my favorite online shop. So, before Omnisend I hated sending emails…I had no idea what content would resonate with people on my list, let alone how to follow up with them if they didn’t reply…. but now it’s different. I LOVE sending emails- because all the fruits of my hard work are paying off in droves with their omnisend automation tool – which makes designing emails a breeze. Ten minutes every day is all that separates me from inboxes full of happy customers eagerly awaiting for me to contact them whenever the urge strikes! ?”

  35. Omnisend has been an absolute game-changer for me. That’s because it’s so easy to use, the features are perfect for my needs, and it integrates with all of my current business software without too much effort on my part. If you’re looking to streamline your company email  campaigns in order to maximize profits, then this is a no brainer!

  36. Omnisend is a great email marketing automation platform that handles everything from A to Z. You can track your ROI and view detailed analytics, create hyper segmented campaigns automatically, send powerful emails in minutes with their whole team of writers (including designers) on standby for you 24/7, utilize the Omnisend Founder’s Advantage program where our team will set up all your autoresponders; publish your newsletters; design infographics; run ad campaigns; launch Facebook Ads using their system or CRM integrations with lookalike audiences or custom audiences. Plus they’ll even work closely with you to create bespoke newsletter content that converts! This really is an all-in-one solution right here folks.

  37. As a Shopify store owner who’s fed up with other email marketing automation providers, I was really excited to try Omnisend. It does everything! The segmentation tools are incredible and there were different methods I could use to create personalized messages without any hassles. In the past, if I wanted to send a message about an offer but not necessarily all customers would see this, it became inconvenient and time consuming creating two emails from scratch. With Omnisend, you can split them out into smaller groups using filter tools or even a simple batch feature which allows you to modify certain details in bulk instead of one by one specific email account.

  38. Omnisend is an all-in-one email marketing automation platform that helps you convert more visitors into customers. They allow you to create personalized emails in minutes and automate your email marketing with their easy to use platform. Contact us today for a free trial!

  39. Having experienced their product, I can say that Omnisend has been a lifesaver for our company. We’ve grown our email list 250% and we’re closing 5x more deals than we were before using Omnisend! We barely have to spend any time at all doing outreach and the smart segmentation is sooo cool and really efficient because we can send personalized messages based on what customer group they fall in! Big thumbs up from me- if you want to grow your profitability across platforms check out Omnisend today.

  40. I really love using Omnisend because it’s so easy to keep up with marketing in an automated way. It also doesn’t cost any money to sign up, they have plans for people at all levels of experience which is great!
    I don’t think my customers appreciate the emails they get from my brand nearly as much as I do though. The personalized touch and segmentation options make me feel like I’m getting to know them better and delivering even more rewarding offers their way.

  41. Out of all the email marketing automation tools at your disposal, Omnisend is by far the best one. It’s unbelievably accurate in finding out who your customers are and tailoring emails to fit their interests. You can even take advantage of dynamic content for maximum effect! I use it every day because it just works well.

  42. Personally, my favorite features in Omnisend are the autoresponder and the website monitor. The autoresponder lets you send follow-up emails at certain intervals for any reason from abandoned carts to lapsed payments to top up orders – it’s a really useful way of catching up with your customers. The Website Monitor checks that everything that should be online is accessible and sends me reminders if there’s something new that needs to be published on my site or just notifying me when it breaks. I can’t stress enough how easy this system of all around marketing connectivity has made store management for someone like myself who doesn’t have an army of staff.

  43. This is the best marketing automation tool I’ve used for my ecommerce store. It’s so easy to navigate, and has tons of features! The potential great thing about this software? If you are someone who struggles with sending weekly retargeting ads, this app will do it all for you !

  44. I think Omnisend is a cool little app that can help you grow your ecommerce stores. I have been using it for almost half a year and they really do automate marketing for me. It saves me so much time, as at the beginning this was not my expertise. If you are looking to implement an automated solution which allows you to focus on other aspects of growing your business, then I would recommend giving them a look.

  45. Omnisend makes email marketing painless! Selling multiple products? No problem! Targeting specific customers? Done in a few clicks or with their amazing Rules Editor! Use their neat automation features to choose from pre-designed templates or create custom ones from scratch ALL FOR FREE!

  46. OMG this is the coolest app I’ve ever seen. There are so many useful features and they’re done really well too.

    One of my favorite things about Omnisend is how it easily integrates with any ecommerce platform as a Service Provider, allowing you to send emails right from your storefront – just like on eBay or Amazon where delivery information and customer tracking info show up next to the email content in their inboxes! Give this versatile software a try today and save on clicks and split-tests by importing all of your first-party shopping data. Pretty cool, huh?

  47. “I love Omnisend! It’s so easy to use and I’ve grown my email lists so much since using it!”

  48. I’ve been using Omnisend for the past year and it has completely changed my business. Custom email templates are easy to make, segmentation saves me time on engaging individual customers, and the templates are always spot-on with what I need.

  49. Omnisend is a better alternative for an ecommerce firm than Mailchimp because it is incredibly rapid and straightforward to send out. It instantly creates professional-looking emails and works well with Shopify. Support is also really responsive and helpful.

  50. Omnisend makes creating and launching marketing campaigns via email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other channels a breeze. The Shopify integration is straightforward, and setting up coupons, abandon cart sequences, and other features is a pleasure.

  51. With Omnisend, it’s incredibly simple to create professional-looking emails. It is easy to customise and achieve the look you desire because it pulls directly from your Shopify product listing. I was really pleased with the appearance of my emails.

  52. Excellent email tool for managing minor campaigns and getting things up and running quickly. One of the most user-friendly, intuitive, and feature-rich email marketing platforms accessible, with a decent free plan.

  53. This email service is extremely user-friendly. For years, I struggled with Mailchimp’s out-of-date features. Nothing kept me faithful to Mailchimp, so I started looking for a new email provider. Before discovering Omnisend, I utilised a variety of email providers (mailjet, sendinblue, Mailchimp). Omnisend is without a doubt the best. And on their free plan, you get 15,000 emails every month for free, which is a ridiculous number!

  54. I’m not a computer illiterate, but Mailchimp has irritated me for years. When Shopify and Mailchimp went their separate ways, I switched to Omnisend and learned how to use it in just a few hours. It was very simple!

  55. I absolutely acknowledge that I am not utilising Omnisend to its maximum potential. My email campaigns are spotty at best, but when I do go in to create a new one, it’s a breeze. I’m not tearing my hair out in frustration because my email list has grown. There are a lot of features I haven’t looked at yet, and I’m sure I’ll have to upgrade to the commercial version to do so, but for beginners, I really recommend Omnisend over Mailchimp.

  56. Omnisend has been quite helpful in getting email marketing to customers! It has a lot of customising options, which is excellent, and it’s also reasonably priced in contrast to other options.

  57. Omnisend is an efficient tool for marketing execution. It’s simple and gratifying to set up a multichannel campaign. Overall, my experience with Omnisend has been excellent. It’s a terrific product at a reasonable price that does exactly what you need. This is something I’ve always recommended.

  58. Omnisend is an excellent marketing tool for any small or medium-sized business. It’s one of the few companies that can genuinely deliver on that talking point, and it probably boosts sales considerably.

  59. Overall, I’d say it’s been a good one. I enjoy that omnisend is so simple to set up and use, and that it is also so much less expensive than its competitors.

  60. Omnisend has made email marketing a simple and reliable approach for me to develop my business. It’s simple to set up email marketing campaigns and keep track of the revenue made by all of them.

  61. We will continue to use Omnisend and aim to utilise it more in the future because it is generally extremely good. We mostly utilised it for SMS sending, and it completes all of our tasks on time and on schedule, which is critical to us.

  62. The power of Omnisend lies in the multitude of integrations, triggers, and automation that you can achieve with it, not in the showy and beautiful stuff like forms. Although I won’t be able to go over every function in Omnisend here, you can’t go wrong with Omnisend for e-commerce.

  63. Omnisend has almost everything you’d need in an email marketing programme and autoresponder. Omnisend, on the other hand, is specialised to e-commerce, and its automated capabilities make it a terrific piece of software if you own an online business. Although you could use it to send mass emails, you wouldn’t be getting the most out of it that way.

  64. I would utilise Omnisend without hesitation, especially if my store uses the most widely used cart software available. It works great with a lot of them!

  65. THE VALUE! What are you talking about?! When compared to Mailchimp, this is a bargain. I couldn’t believe I’d spent so much money. Such a terrific team, and they respond swiftly, among other things.

  66. I swear to Omnisend, my queen, but I would recommend this to anyone working in the e-commerce industry. It’s even better than klaviyo, which I thought was great.

  67. I appreciate how simple Omnisend is to use. We were able to quickly generate segments, sync it with our Shopify store, and create lists based on user activity on the website.

  68. It’s what we utilise to send out email campaigns to our subscribers. It doesn’t matter if it’s about sales, updates, or product information. We divide them into pieces and ensure that the material is relevant to each one.

  69. With Omnisend, creating an email campaign is a lot easier and less frustrating. The instructions are simple, the layouts are beautiful, and it’s far superior to a generic email platform.

  70. My and my team’s experience with Omnisend has been excellent. The interface is very user-friendly, and the support features were available when we needed them. We’ve never felt closer to our customers than we do now.

  71. Omnisend is simple to use and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. It also offers a lot of nice inbuilt themes, which mailchimp lacks. Themes for Mailchimp are simple but attractive. Omnisend’s themes are more attractive and elegant.

  72. Omnisend enables you to contact and engage with customers through a single platform using many communication channels such as SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and Push notifications.

  73. The Omnisend provided a pleasant experience. For our automations and consumer involvement, we liked this solution a lot. For our fashion brand, Omnisend is the greatest email marketing solution. On a regular basis, we use this product for our automations and campaigns.

  74. You know that feeling of disappointment after spending ages creating beautiful emails only to send them out not knowing if anyone actually read them? Know how frustrating it is when you’re just one person struggling on your own with marketing? Well thank goodness for Omnisend because now instead of wrestling with all these tasks alone I have access to awesome campaigns that just go on autopilot–including awesome A/B tests! It’s honestly awesome being able to finally track results so easily.

  75. Omnisend makes email marketing SO easy! You know those messages that pop up on Facebook and Twitter advertising the latest deal you missed? Those messages sell me. I want to buy things but my busy schedule won’t let me into a store or take time out of my day to shop online. Omnisend uses a personal semi-spam approach that goes straight to your inbox about something you’re interested in, just like those promotions! And it never stores your e-mail address for sale or profit, so it’s safe for any brand. Best of all – Ominesend is inexpensive and has an awesome free trial period.:)

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