Moosend Review 2024: Is Moosend The Best Email Tool?


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Moosend is an email campaign managing tool, it allows you to manage your email campaign with efficiency. The email campaign tools are the most important tools for all the marketers because it allows them to communicate easily with a large number of pupils at a single time as well as it makes marketing of different products easier for the marketers.

Out of 10


  • User-friendly Campaign Editor
  • Email Marketing Automations
  • Advanced List Segmentation
  • Powerful Real-time Analytics
  • It even provides you with an unsubscribe database too
  • It allows you to manage your mailing list with efficiency


  • Free trails comes with many restrictions
  • Sign-up forms need improvement
  • Moosend seems to load slow sometimes


Price: $ 10

In this Moosend Review, I’ll talk about my experience with an email campaign tool that has been a game-changer for my marketing efforts.

As a marketer, I know how important it is to use emails to reach and interact with my readers. Moosend has become my go-to email marketing platform because it has an easy-to-use design and robust automation tools that have changed how I talk to my clients.

With Moosend, I feel like I have the power to make email campaigns that really reach my readers and are very successful. The simple features of the platform make it easy for me to plan and run my projects, even though I don’t know much about technology.

Moosend Review

Bottom Line Upfront: Love Moosend! Their platform makes email marketing fun for me. Moosend lets me build beautiful, responsive campaigns in minutes without design or technical abilities. They give me the tools to measure and optimize my performance, so I can focus on client interactions and business growth. Sign up for a free trial of Moosend today!

What’s Big Brands Opinion on Moosend:

Moosend Review: What Is Moosend?

The Moosend email marketing and marketing automation platform has many features, advantages, and integrations. This, combined with its subscriber-based pricing model, makes it ideal for SMBs and well-known corporations.

The platform aids small companies in executing active marketing strategies. Many of Moosend’s competitors’ automation workflows are less stable than Moosend’s. Customer service is only available five days a week in their free plan and does not provide phone or priority support. 

It also has a small number of third-party integrations and pre-designed templates. Overall, it’s a user-friendly platform with valuable resources that let you do more with your email marketing campaigns.

Moosend Overview

From the top leading companies to the new start-up companies, all are using Moosend software these days for email campaigning and all other related stuff.

They use Moosend software to design as well as to send their email campaigns to the clients and also to manage as well as to grow their mailing lists. So, let me give you an insight into all the remarkable features Moosend provides.

Don’t have time? You can also watch our Moosend review below.

Moosend Dashboard 

Moosend Review features pricing

Moosend campaigns setup

Moosend campaigns setup

Moosend Marketer’s toolbox

The email marketing toolbox for creating and designing campaigns is intuitive and easy to use.  It has navigable tools and user-friendly features that help you create a campaign with just a few clicks.


  • Customization: The campaigns can be customized and edited with several tools and elements. You can design the campaign without leaving your account. You can preview and send test email campaigns anytime.
  • Easy-to-use Tools: These tools are easy to use and work as drag-and-drop elements. Like a simple website builder works, you can create a campaign using these drag-and-drop editor tools.
  • Design: Rich design and templates make your email campaign more attractive. This is the best way to strengthen your brand and get more ROI through email campaigns.
  • Mobile Responsive: Your email campaigns have a mobile-friendly design. Whatever the screen size is, your email campaign adapts itself accordingly.
  • Editable Code: If sending the newsletter, you can split the CSS and the HTML view in the form of code.

Moosend Features Integrations

Moosend pros and cons Moosend Integration

You can integrate Moosend with many platforms or different applications.

  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce
  • PrestaShop
  • Optimonk
  • Maitre
  • Zen Cart

Moosend Review features integrations

Moosend Main Features List

Moosend tags


Moosend Review features pricing as you go

  • The price starts from the amount of $25.00 per month
  • It comes along with a free version for a stipulated period as well as a free version of it too.
  • It has a deployment of the cloud, the SaaS, and the web.
  • Also, it provides you with training in how to use the software through documentation, webinars, and personal training.
  • It supports both online as well as business hours along with it
  • It has this remarkably amazing feature that responds automatically.
  • It has a list of certain behavior-driven rules associated with it.
  • It has a bounce tracking feature, allowing you to check if the email you sent has been bounced. It immediately notifies you if something of that sort has happened.
  • It comes with this amazing feature of SPAM Compliance, which lets you limit any kind of SPAM.
  • It has a Click-Through Tracking feature that helps you to track all the details of your email campaigns with the help of just a click.
  • It has all the databases in the Contact Database.
  • It allows you to carry out Drip Campaigns with efficiency.
  • It has the function of email, which is triggered by the event in one way or another.
  • It has a vast range of Image Libraries.
  • It has various frequency limits associated with the mailing feature.
  • It allows you to manage your mailing list with efficiency.
  • It provides you the remarkable feature of Multivariate Testing.
  • It has a feature that allows you to manage the newsletter with ease.
  • It also allows you to check the spam and notify you of that.
  • It allows you to subscribe as well as unsubscribe if you wish to.
  • It has the survey management feature, allowing you to manage all the surveys you conduct.
  • It allows you to effectively manage the templates that you design.
  • It even provides you with an unsubscribe database, too.
  • It comes along with the WYSIWYG email editor feature.

So, the above-mentioned long list efficiently describes all of the remarkable features the Moosend software provides you with. There are a lot of features, making it difficult for me to count even, so this indicates the quality and quantity of the features that Moosend provides.

Moosend Templates

Moosend has a variety of email newsletter templates for various occasions and business needs. These templates are mobile-ready; you can create a campaign in less than a minute.

MOOSEND templates

There are wholesome readymade email invitation templates with different categories, such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Baptism
  • Blog
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas
  • Corporate
  • Invitation
  • Mobile
  • RSVP and many more…

Moosend Pricing Plans:

Moosend has three plans: free, pro, and enterprise. The pricing is subscriber-based, which means that each unique subscriber gets an unlimited number of emails. The same prospect can be on as many lists as they want and still be counted as one subscriber.

Up to 1,000 users can be added to the free plan, and each subscriber can receive unlimited emails. Sign up for a free plan if you need subscription forms, countdown timers, and multi-step marketing automation workflows, and will be content with non-branded emails and 24/7 chat support.

Pricing for Moosend email marketing

When billed annually, the Pro package costs $8 per month or $10 per month when billed weekly. Landing pages, SPAM checking, subscription forms, email heatmap analytics, and chat and phone support are among the most essential features.

Priority support, premium campaign results, SSO & SAML, and a dedicated IP, among other items, are not included.

Many of the features and integrations are included in the Enterprise plan. Priority support, deliverability, strategy optimization, a dedicated account manager, transactional emails, and personalized reporting are all options. If you’re interested in the Enterprise plan, get a quote from Moosend.

Moosend Pricing


Email Marketing Campaigns From Moosend:

Moosend enables you to build and submit five distinct campaigns to maximize your email marketing efforts. To get a sense of what is included in the campaign section, consider the following:

Moosend enables you to build a routine promotion and then automate the delivery after your subscribers take action on your website.

1) RSS Campaigns:

RSS Promotions are analogous to repeatable campaigns. They can, however, not only retrieve information from a URL but can also incorporate it into a prototype. You may build the prototype using Moosend’s editor or a third-party HTML editor.

2) Create a Repeatable HTML Campaign:

By creating a repeatable HTML campaign, you will submit emails regularly. Your repeatable campaign can also use material from a custom URL that you may include.

3) A/B Split Campaign:

A/B Split Campaigns are used to determine which campaign components work the best. Moosend allows you to build two distinct models and compare their efficacy. Likewise, you may submit campaigns directly or plan them to be sent later.

4) Regular Campaigns:

This is a standard email campaign that can be created using an editor. You can either use and refine an existing prototype or begin from scratch. Then, you may choose to deliver the campaign directly or later.

Moosend’s campaign selection lets you choose the most appropriate one for your company.

Therefore, whether you run an eCommerce company, an organization, or a forum, Moosend can assist you in creating and sending the appropriate message to the right audience.

Now that we’ve covered the promotions, let’s peek at Moosend’s sophisticated drag-and-drop campaign editor.

Creating The First Moosend Campaign:

Assume that the prospective buyer has attached a few items to their shopping cart. That is fantastic news for you and your company! However, as you follow up with them, you discover they have not yet completed the purchase.

Cart abandonment is a fact you will encounter sooner or later. As such, I’ll demonstrate how to generate a cart abandonment email using Moosend’s editor in this experiment.

When you choose the standard campaign alternative, you are taken to the Campaign Settings section.
Here, you can conveniently have the titles of your campaigns, the subject line, and the preheader text.
Additionally, you can use Moosend’s e-mojo functionality to jazz up your subject lines seamlessly.

E-mojo is a recent update to Moosend that analyses the subject line and suggests the most appropriate emoji. This latest functionality can be an invaluable ally in helping you stick out from the crowd, target your emoji-obsessed subscribers, and maximize your available prices.

After you’ve completed your subject line, you may add your campaign sender, choose if you want recipients to respond to your email address, and give yourself a distribution confirmation letter.

Sophisticated Campaign Editor at Moosend

Let’s create a cart abandonment email to demonstrate how the editor functions! However, do not fret; we will examine Moosend’s models later. The campaign editor in Moosend is all about convenience, using drag-and-drop to have the optimal interface and save you precious time.

When designing the campaign, you can use the concept view or, if you’re feeling adventurous, the code view or a split view that blends both.

Now, drag the container you prefer from the left side menu, followed by the part you want to include.
Moosend has many of the standard elements you’d suspect and several specialized features, such as timers and product blocks.

You may incorporate as many elements as possible to build your company’s most effective cart abandonment email.

Drag and drop the desired elements, configure your colors and fonts, and use the latest image picker to simplify inserting graphics. You’ll have the first content plan ready in a few minutes.

drag and drop editor moosend

After creating your own, all you have to do is click on Update Campaign and continue.

The next move is more about your campaign’s email deliverability.

Moosend enables you to conduct a spam and distribution evaluation to validate the appearance of your campaign and address any issues.

Finally, plan the campaign. You may opt to send it directly or at a later date.
Additionally, by activating and scheduling the automatic resending button, you will aim your non-openers.

Developing The First Custom Workflow

It’s time to choose the requirements and activities comprising your personalized workflow.
In this scenario, our cause is the cart abandonment action of your future shoppers.

A pop-up window will appear by clicking on the button where you can configure the triggers and your website’s activation frequency.

moosend custom workflow

Then, introduce a conditional/control move using the add command.

You may select the “Wait a certain period choice” and enter the desired interval here.

Then, create another situation by filtering your connections according to the actions of your cart abandoners.

You will access the automation behavior based on their actions.

Therefore, if a consumer does not pay within 45 minutes, they may obtain an email indicating that their cart has been abandoned.

When they can make a transaction, you can give them a thank-you email or an incredible discount for their next purchase.

Recovering cart abandoners may not have to be tough.

On the other hand, if you are new to workflow development, Moosend recently published some excellent video tutorials demonstrating how to automate an abandoned cart text.

Creating A Sign-Up Form For A Newsletter

Let’s test Moosend’s subscription types by building one of the most frequently used forms.

I chose the modal pop-up type for this illustration.

After choosing it, you’ll need to name it and choose a design from the available options.

popup forms moosend

Before selecting it, you can preview the sample, and if you’re satisfied, you can begin customizing it.

It’s worth noting here that the email editor and form designer all adhere to the same ideology.

Thus, if you’ve perfected the campaign editor, type-creating can become second nature.

This is particularly useful for busy advertisers who must produce various types of content utilizing multiple builders. Thus, Moosend gains another point.

You can edit the text in the form creator by simply clicking on it and applying your graphics using the picture picker.

After that, you may display your form and go to the next stage, where you can configure your form’s visibility settings and publish it to your website or external forum.

Pros & Cons Of Moosend 

Moosend’s automation workflows are very stable as compared to similarly priced solutions. Moosend, on the other hand, has several drawbacks that might be deal-breakers for you. Customer service is only available five days a week in their free plan and does not provide phone or priority support.

While Moosend does not provide native SMS messaging, users can configure their automation to send SMS messages. Moosend still does not have a smartphone app. Moosend also has several email templates and integrations with third-party platforms.

So here are some quick pros and cons of the platform.


  • Cost-effective,
  • Individualized Email templates are available for free.
  • An intuitive user interface,
  • Automated email
  • For businesses with less than 1,000 subscribers, a free plan with advanced features is available.
  • For businesses with over 1,000 users, flexible pricing plans with no hidden costs are available.
  • Support options are available via email, the internet, live chat, and a self-help knowledge base.
  • E-commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), lead generation, and other marketing technologies can all be integrated.
  • In comparison to similarly priced rivals, automation workflows are more robust.
  • Most of the functionality in paid plans is included in the free plan.
  • This framework allows you to generate infinite custom data fields and segments.


  • Just about 70 pre-designed email templates are available in Moosend.
  • Customer service is minimal in the free plan.
  • In comparison to competitors, Moosend’s third-party integrations are limited.

Why You Should Choose Moosend?

Email Marketing is as easy as it gets with Moosend, and it is trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. Just send unlimited email campaigns just for free.

I would like to say you should start with Moosend free trial today! And the best part is that you will get all of the premium features for free, and no credit card is needed here.

Email Marketing Software Marketing Automation Software- Moosend Review

  • User-Friendly Campaign Editor: They have a foolproof drag-and-drop editor that empowers you to create a gorgeous newsletter that looks great on any device. Just look at Template Library. It will also send out your custom newsletter faster than ever.
  • Email Marketing Automation: If you want to get a better target on your subscribers and prospects tool and also willing them to turn into raving fans and buyers. Then, you should go with Moosend, as it will automate workflows, take the repetitive tasks out of your hands, and increase your ROI.
  • Advanced List Segmentation: The thing is that segmenting your email list will definitely help you speak intelligently to your customers, along with giving them information at the right time. You can use its intelligent segmentation to increase the open rate and CTR (Click-through Rate) with ROI.
  • Powerful Real-Time Analytics: With their campaign performance reports, you can easily optimize your email campaigns and measure your success in real-time with their powerful Real-time Analytics.
  • Integrations: Now, with their API, you can easily integrate its platform with your favorite apps. They also offer a professional SMTP service. It integrates with various 3rd Party applications and web services to get you the most out of your email marketing provider.
  • Free Newsletter Templates: Here, you will also get free newsletter templates that are basically mobile-ready, and it has also been tested in more than all of the major clients. Just use their email templates to create the next campaign with their template builder in less than a minute and send it to 5,000 subscribers for free, or you can simply download it from another system.
  • Grow Email List Automatically: You may seek ways to increase your email subscribers. And herewith, Moosend, you will get all the tools to improve your email subscribers. They have a service called “import” where you can import all your contacts directly to Moosend from a file or any other external source, just like Google and Salesforce.

Now, create striking email marketing campaigns that convert. With Moosend you can easily build a mobile responsive newsletter that delivers results. This software has many excellent features that you can use to achieve remarkable results.

With the Marketer’s Toolbox, you will get features to thrive in email marketing. Here is everything you need to design from scratch and go towards perfection. You can customize the tools with HTML and CSS, and it is topped with mobile responsiveness.

You can also create templates that can be quickly built from scratch simply by using their library. To create consistent branding,  you can just customize a newsletter design, and you should also use it for future use.

The best part about Moosend is that it is trusted by thousands of brands, and now you know why I am recommending Moosend to you here. Thousands of brands all over the world basically go with Moosend to help them grow their email marketing.

Moosend Customer Support & Service

Each business has a dedicated Account Manager who can advise on email marketing best practices and other helpful hints. Customer service is available by email, phone, or live chat.

Additionally, they will search the knowledge base for commonly asked questions and access video guides and webinars on the platform’s features and email marketing best practices. Also, Moosend has a deliverability unit that will suggest improving email delivery.

What Big Brands Saying About Moosend: Who Uses Moosend?

“When it comes to brands, usually you don’t have a second chance if you miss a deadline or undelivered message to their audiences. Thanks to Moosend our clients are always happy. User – friendly dashboard, amazing support, great tools & automations help our business grow, and our clients delivered outstanding results.”

“After going through Mailchimp, and other platforms, we decided to stay with Moosend because there is no other tool matching the feature set & price point offered. From seamless onsite event tracking to journey building to amazing customer support. Furthermore, we can easily migrate any bulk size of data into and out of the system thanks to the very high threshold API rate limits. Lastly, adding as many custom fields further eases our process of managing adhoc campaigns.”

“With Moosend we tailored our communication to our customers exactly as we desired. It is very hard to find a team that is willing to give solutions to your business needs, but with these guys we certainly did it! The product is seamless giving the best satisfaction to our most precious assets…our customers.”

“Moosend is a user friendly professional platform with a great support team. And the most incredible thing is that it’s cost efficient. Thank you moosend for making my life easier”

What Users Saying About Moosend On Facebook:

Moosend Facebook Review

FAQs On Moosend Review:

Is Moosend a good email marketing tool for beginners?

Yes, Moosend is a great email marketing tool for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and pre-made email templates.

How does Moosend compare to other email marketing automation tools?

Moosend compares favorably to other email marketing automation tools in terms of pricing, features, and user experience.

Can I try Moosend for free?

Yes, Moosend offers a free plan that allows businesses to send up to 1,000 emails per month to up to 1,000 subscribers.

How does Moosend handle email deliverability?

Moosend has a high email deliverability rate due to its use of advanced email authentication protocols and its partnerships with leading email service providers.

Does Moosend offer customer support?

Yes, Moosend offers customer support via email and live chat. However, support options may be limited on the free plan.

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Conclusion: Moosend Review 2024

I am a complete fan of Moosend software. It has too much to offer to all its clients, making much work easier for marketers. I have been using it for the past 3 months, and I have been pretty happy with its use.

Moosend is an excellent alternative to other email marketing platforms today. Its easy-to-use interface and wide range of features make it perfect for businesses of all sizes.

And, with its affordable pricing plans, it’s an excellent value for your money. If you’re looking for a new email marketing platform, Moosend is definitely worth considering.

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42 User Reviews on Moosend

  1. Moosend is a low cost way to take your email marketing game up a notch. You can enjoy the features you’ve been dreaming of without investing weeks into learning how to use expensive software that only does one thing for you. I write all my own emails in Moosend and I have never had better results with anything else. 10/10 recommend!

  2. Mailchimp’s awesome, but for a lot of business owners it can make you feel like a little overwhelmed at first. I was signed up with Mailchimp and although their features are really good, if you don’t know how to use them properly it can be very difficult. Then Moosend came along. One of the things I love about these guys is that they’re free (except if you want integrations), so what do you have to lose? What happened to me actually amazed me in a great way: I just registered my website through my account on Moosend and within an hour or two had over 400 new subscribers! And this was all without needing any HTML code – which is perfect for beginners or anyone who doesn

  3. Moosend is the easiest way to create a fluid marketing strategy. What’s best about it? It does all the hard work for you! You just need to input your email content, recipient list, and desired call-to-action. This easy-to-use tool will take care of the rest for you! The design of each template is done by seasoned designers in house who have created engaging layouts with lots of room for your message. With Moosend, your emails are fully customizable and up to date according to current practices; whatever email designs that exist on google ads or social media can be applied through Moosends templates instantly

  4. I hate to admit it but I had an embedded and more or less unwieldy Microsoft spreadsheet with practically every contact for my business in varying layouts, drop-down menus, fields, formulas and so on…and that’s just the contact list. It was time to upgrade to a system where all of my data is stored simply, efficiently and centrally.
    Moosend helped me with that process, when we integrated their email marketing tool into our event management plugin it worked like gem

  5. I am an entrepreneur. I have a thriving company with great products and services, but I’m always looking to improve. Moosend was the missing piece of the puzzle for my marketing. Most email campaigns are troublesome for me: time consuming, laborious, complicated- you name it! On top of that, most people find them impersonal so they ignore or delete emails before opening them or reading content within them. Moosend changed all that for me– creating beautiful and engaging emails is really easy– even on a mobile device without using any coding! Now everyone has access to our newsletters which means more people signed up to receive deals from us at no cost to either of us!

    Moosend saved me hours each week

  6. You’ve tried sending emails, and they weren’t working. Now it seems like no one even looks at your marketing efforts anymore. Worry not! Moosend is here to take you back into the savvy sender category with our undeniably helpful automation features, personalized content, interactive in[content]s that ingrain themselves within users of inboxes everywhere.

  7. Moosend is an email marketing platform that solves many of the common challenges businesses face when trying to grow their customer base. The powerful features and features like automated workflows can help your business not only be sustainable but also profitable.

    – Industry-leading features for a fraction of the price
    – You can send emails, newsletters, surveys or polls quickly and easily with Moosend’s easy-to-use interface.
    The ability to save personal details about customers means you’ll have more data on demographics so you can implement trigger emails right away instead of guessing based off a name or address location.
    A robust social media section meant for brands looking to engage on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – plus opportunities for retarget

  8. We all need a break from long hours of coding, don’t we? And at Moosend, they gave us just that. All the great features of email marketing without any technical headaches and nothing but fresh air! I find it so convenient to customize an already-finished template with my own text, attach images and other attachments as needed, and come up with awesomely relevant emails that get clicked for me. With the ease of use in generating memorable templates and taking care off some routine tasks like setting up automated newsletters or managing subscribers lists from scratch becomes easier than ever before!

  9. Moosend is a solid product. If you have any sort of decent understanding of web design and html coding, I would avoid it like the plague. However, if your skills don’t extend past copy-and-cling brochures or sending newsletters through Microsoft Word, Moosend has got you covered. It does exactly what they claim–not much more than that honestly–but it’s entertaining to use and incredibly simple to set up relative to other options out there on the market today.

  10. Email marketing may sound intimidating to the uninitiated, but in reality it is profoundly simple. You send an email out, people reply and bam! you know what people think of your product. But then there are these pesky things called compliance regulations which inhibit our desire to click ‘send.’ The result? Emails with no bounce rate or social media shares and lots of crickets. Oh well…until now. I’ve been using Moosend for a few weeks now- they help me create beautiful emails that get read and clicked- even better than before because this service makes sure my emails stay compliant!

  11. Before Moosend, I was trying to do my email marketing totally DIY. To summarize, it was a disaster. Between the time-consuming grunt work of getting together all the information and gathering tens of thousands of emails into my spreadsheet and sending out 10 what were technically well-made emails a week that got almost no response; it was looking like I’d end up throwing in the towel before even making progress on my business goals. Thankfully Moosend came along with its one button automation feature for emails as soon as I signed up meaning that now if I want to send out an email blast or newsletter campaign to customers or prospects, all I need is five minutes (to fill in where appropriate) then punch one button sell!

  12. The best features: automatic form filling, predictive typing, form morphing and data analytics. Marketing shouldn’t be any harder than your job already is. Moosend can help you achieve results with a low effort on your part. Moosend take care of sending the emails and collecting all the data for you in just 3 minutes a day! Imagine what you COULD do with those extra hours for yourself!

  13. Moosend is a service that helps marketers send and edit emails with the click of a button. I’ve been using it for about six months now, and while Moosend is not perfect, it has made my life easier and allowed me to get better results from my email marketing campaigns.

  14. Moosend is so easy to use and simple to understand. We love how they have created a better way for email marketing, letting us stop thinking about all the coding. You can also grow your mailing list around the clock! Customers are in charge of their information here; you don’t need a bunch of expensive code-savvy employees or developers on staff! It was very important that I give them my feedback after using this product because it really has been life changing for me!

  15. Moosend is a unique email marketing tool that lets you send highly personalized emails without having to write any code! It saves companies time on their campaign by decreasing the amount of work needed and expanding the success rate.

  16. The first thing that caught my eye was how advanced the automation features were. I use it to send emails with personalized subject lines that I know will snag my brother-in-law’s attention. That way he doesn’t ignore my emails like he did last time! Awkward? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely – Moosend had me hooked from the get go.

  17. Who doesn’t love a good email? Especially when it feels like you just got an email from that sweet person in your life or boyfriend. And not the kind of email where they want to break up with you, but rather one where they’re thanking you for breaking them out jail. I know! Me too! That’s what Moosend is all about: delivering beautiful and highly relevant emails that feel as awesome as the old fashioned handwritten letter on a stationery card from the Victorian Era.

  18. I originally conceived of Moosend to cut through the overwhelm and negativity experienced with email marketing. I believed an intuitive, user-friendly interface, creativity encouragement, and personalized emails would make it easy for small business owners to succeed. And you know what happened? It worked. We had a humble beta release in 2013, we hit 800k customers in 2020, and we just passed 1 million!

  19. I can’t even tell you how much of a lifesaver this software has been to me. Before Moosend, I had set up my email marketing schedule with hours and hours in front of the computer trying to find a way for it all to work. But Moosend came along and did the heavy lifting for me! All I had to do is type in what day I wanted an email out and boom, everything was done. It got tedious so eventually I deleted my account because it was too easy (and it made me feel lazy). Now there won’t be any more tracking down of that discount code or copy-pasting images from one website to another for me—it’s all taken care of automatically

  20. I am absolutely in love with Moosend. I thought it was just a new email marketing software when I searched on Google for leads but found so much more! This is like the best invention ever because you can do everything through their platform, which gets rid of tons of hours and headaches!

  21. I love your Moosend Review. It’s easy to use and does all the work for me. Start using Moosend today! I totally recommend it.

  22. Moosend interface is very friendly. It is easy to find the tools you need. There are many free options and a paid version as well, which can be affordable for many people. They also have videos on their blog and academy that teach you how to use the tools that are available in Email Marketing.

  23. Moosend is good because it does all the tasks you want. It has a free plan, and it does not put the company’s name in your email when you are on this plan. This is one of the few email marketing tools that does not do this. It also has a template builder that makes your emails look good and easy to make if they are hard for other people to use. Try it out! You will like how easy it is for everyone to use – best for beginners and experts!

  24. I did not like Moosend at all. We have had so many issues with it! Honestly, nothing is great! Our unsubscribe button was not working, therefore we kept being reported because people could not unsubscribe correctly. We discontinued the service, i don’t recommend it

  25. Moosend was hacked and when we told customer service, they didn’t help us. They said that it was our fault because we left the laptop open to Moosend and shared our password with someone else. But these things didn’t happen. We canceled the account and left Moosend because we were no longer safe there

  26. Customer service might be hard. And sometimes, the people who work there do not have good advice. They might tell you different things that can interrupt automation and not get your emails to your subscribers! That happened to me, and the person said that their software is not set up to send emails “as you go”. Instead, they told me I needed to create a whole campaign ahead of time (which is silly because I need time for other things).

  27. Moosend is a simple and easy way to stay in touch with your customers. With Moosend, you can automate email campaigns so that the more they buy from you, the more you contact them. Their features are as robust as any competitor at the same price point, so if cost-effectiveness is what’s important to your business then Moosend should be top on your list of cross-checkers. All this and without having to worry about privacy breaches, either; like other things in life where it pays off not to skimp—email marketing services being one—Moosend takes security seriously too by giving users full control over who has access to their data for analysis or segmentation purposes and ensuring sensitive

  28. I fell in love when I first used Moosend. It’s easy to set up, so you can get started right away with your email marketing. The sketches on my emails looked clean and polished but still got the message across securely and professionally. There are lots of templates for beauty products such as soap scrubs to try! The doodles were addictive, and I felt like a pro without needing any design skills at all.”

  29. “After being a free user for years, I was happy to upgrade my account so that I can manage more contacts on the platform. The ease of use is unparalleled and it’s just fun to send automated messages. It’s like having your own little team of marketers working for you!”

  30. Moosend is a great product that provides an effective and efficient marketing and automation platform for marketers. It’s intuitive interface was designed with the average person in mind to better ensure all skills levels can take on the same burdensome tasks more efficiently. One of my favorite features, because I really wanted this under control anyway, is its visual email language builder to create subject lines that get read more often! They’re so easy to use–just tweak them until it looks like exactly what you had envisioned before sending off your campaign!

  31. I have been dabbling in email marketing for the past year and I’ve tried everything, from MailChimp to Ontraport. Moosend changed my life! I could focus on making money rather than coding complicated emails with different links and offers that will get me spam blocked. The exportable data they offer is also really helpful if you want to gather some comprehensive analytics about your client base or delve into your newest campaign results.

    Moosend beats those other guys around because even up-and-coming business can afford it – all there is are cheap plans that won’t break a bank or make us pay more for features we don’t need. Besides, the customer service is five stars!

  32. Moosend is a godsend for brands who don’t have the marketing budget of Netflix to create custom campaigns, but that doesn’t mean you should pass on it.
    Ditch your CRM tracker and email service provider all together, Moosend simplifies everything from lead generation to activation and follow up through automated drip campaigns with maximum reach. You’ll find everything in one place: an intuitive dashboard where you can design in 360°*. It’s over-achiever central!

  33. Moosend is the software that I’ve been looking for all my life. Why does this seem so simple? This platform makes my email marketing campaigns go viral in no time and it’s completely customizable to suit your needs. Moosend saves me a lot of money because I don’t need to hire any developers, which is perfect since I’m more than happy paying out of pocket knowing how much the process could save me in the long run. One thing that might stump some people are their pricing decisions, but for a professional like me who knows what they want, it was clear what fits into my monthly expenses–it literally took one minute tops! 5 stars from an expert user on finding her ideal product line in Moosend

  34. I love Moosend because it’s not too difficult! You can create a campaign without any previous coding knowledge on their platform and send beautiful emails with pricing tables, banner ads, etc. I was actually able to get the code for creating my own email campaigns from them. So if you don’t know how to do that by now, I would recommend checking Moosend out and getting your free trial as soon as you can!

  35. Moosend allows you to create, segment, and personalize your campaigns with no effort. It’s an email marketing platform focused on advanced features with a low price point that will surely grow your business! With easy-to-use interfaces, Moosend is the most user-friendly email marketing software out there for anyone looking for an affordable solution.

  36. A budget-friendly way to grow your email marketing strategy” Moosend is an easy to use, affordable platform that makes it simple to start up and create email automations workflows with robust features. Once you sign up for a Moosend account, they’ll walk you through the process of setting things up and getting started. I am still in the development phase but already have clear ideas on how my messages will be planned and shared with my audience. The power of this software is just phenomenal! It’s worth every penny!

  37. Moosend is a great product that will simplify your marketing campaigns. I never thought creating emails could be so easy until Moosend came into my life. In less than five minutes, you can have your first email ready to go! Plus, they have pre-built templates which make designing your campaign even faster and without any stress on the creative side of things.

  38. Moosend is simple email marketing that’s totally customizable. You don’t need any design skills or complicated coding to create gorgeous emails that grab your customers by the eyeballs just when they matter most. Plus, Moosend puts you in complete control with its automation features – so sending a customer an abandoned cart reminder when they accidentally abandon their shopping cart will never be out of reach again.

  39. Moosend has really changed the way we run our email marketing campaigns forever. Seems like all these big, expensive programs are not worth what they used to be! We simply can’t get enough of their automation workflows still cannot compete with Moosend’s low price and exceptional customer service.
    The team is always working hard so that clients can come back for another purchase in the near future because it’s just too easy of a system to use when compared to other platforms.
    No more learning new tools or waiting on customer support from days ago…Moosend is set up for everyone with no hassle whatsoever. Giving us access to better data never felt so good!

  40. Moosend is a company that focuses on making email marketing easy for small businesses. They offer tools to collect and store data about customers, which helps make email marketing more personalized. The great thing about Moosend is not only how affordable it is, but also how short the learning curve can be – if you’ve used any CRM software before, then using Moosend will be relatively simple. It’s also perfect for those who work with larger clients they want to customize content or emails for specific groups of contacts such as prospects or current clients.

  41. Thanks for the article, it was also exciting and inspiring to read about moosend marketing automation. Meanwhile, even I had made similar ideas as I handle marketing automation for my organization. I will give a thought regarding this.

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