How to Create Your Amazon PPC Campaign 2024: Step By Step

PPC is a form of internet marketing which means Pay Per Click. It is used by the advertisers to pay money each time when anyone clicks on their advertisements. It is the best way of purchasing visits on your website.

PPC campaigns advertise your products on the SERPs and allow advertisers to reach their visitors, searching for the relevant keyword for their product. If you want to increase your product’s profits and sales, then it is highly suggestible for every seller to run a PPC campaign for their online business.

Amazon is one of the platforms on which you can run these PPC campaigns. Joining Amazon PPC campaigns will increase your product sales and profits in the market. Below are discussed some benefits and a guide for designing an Amazon PPC campaign. 

Overview of Amazon PPC

It is a well-known and well-paid platform for advertising your products. It helps sellers to increase their sales online. PPC is an excellent advertising method in which the advertiser pays money for advertisements when any visitor clicks on it and views that product.

Best Amazon PPC Software

When you create an Amazon PPC campaign, Amazon will charge you with each click the visitor makes on your advertisement. It will increase your product sales in the market and promote your brand. It is the ideal way for any seller to be on the top searches of Amazon.

When Should the Amazon PPC be Activated?

Amazon PPC is very profitable for your listings. For the betterment of the Amazon PPC campaign, the seller must wait for the listings to have 3 to 5 reviews. You can start the campaign after identifying the perfect set of keywords for your products.

It will also help you with a better understanding of the market competition of the keywords. It will also help in recognizing the ideal budget to run the PPC campaigns. You can also adjust the price of the selling products and make them more profitable.

Types of Amazon PPC Ads

How-to-Create-Your-Amazon-PPC-Campaign- PPC Ads

The famous Amazon PPC ads come in three categories:

  • Sponsored Product ads
  • Headline Search ads
  • Product Display ads

Let us discuss these ads in detail for better understanding.

  1. Sponsored Product Ads: Sponsored product ads allow different sellers to promote and sell their products on Amazon. These ads are great with sales conversions and making profits out of goods. You can find these ads under Amazon’s search results. 

How-to-Create-Your-Amazon-PPC-Campaign- Product Ads

To set up the sponsored product ads, you have to select the product, choose a keyword, and set up the budget. Amazon will direct your sponsored product ads to the appropriate customers. The company has made many businesses successful and is cheaper than any other platform like Google.

  1. Product Display Ads: These ads are posted on the section, where similar products are displayed when a visitor visits any product. These ads learn about the nature of the customers and show identical products as per their likes and interests. Product display ads are designed as self-service options for the customers. 

Amazon provides a chance for each seller to deal with the interests of the related audiences. Being a seller, you have to target the detail page of the product, related product categories, and similar listings. To choose an ideal ad for a product, you have to keep in mind these three things:

  • What is the type of product
  • Target audience
  • What is the objective of making an advertisement?
  1. Headline Search Ads: Headline search ads are also called banner ads. They are those ads that appear on the page when searched with the brand logo. These ads work with keywords. They are limited by product categories that allow brand owners to sell their products with a customizable keyword. They are always seen at the top of the search to promote maximum sales.


Amazon PPC of headline search ads offers massive customizations on brand pages, result search pages, and detailed product pages. These ads are used to increase the awareness of brands in the market and their purposes.

Benefits of Amazon PPC

  1. Win Over Your Competitors: Amazon is the best platform where customers can buy products. Thus, Amazon is the perfect platform for PPC campaigns. It is the leading online shopping site, and it gives sellers a great experience of selling their products compared to other competitors in the market. It is essential to manage everything perfectly to maximize the number of customers and sales. Many small companies in the market use Amazon PPC campaigns to grow their business and increase their profits.
  2. Saves Time: When compared to other advertising platforms, Amazon is a little time-consuming. It allows you to run PPC campaigns so that you can focus on increasing your business profits and sales in the market.
  3. Improves Campaign: Amazon PPC can help you in improving your campaigns in the market. You can customize the keywords and even raise charges for each keyword.
  4. Deceased ACoS: Advertising Cost of Sale is another benefit of Amazon PPC. It calculates the total sales made by Amazon advertisements. It can be calculated as the percentage of the total amount spent on ads by the total amount of money earned.

Requirements to Run a PPC Ad

Below are the following requirements that are very important to run a PPC campaign on Amazon:

  1. Seller account: Firstly, every advertiser should have an active seller account.
  2. Shipping: To be an advertiser on Amazon, one should be able to make shipments of their products all over the United States.
  3. Buy box: To advertise your products, you need to fulfill the needs of the buy box eligibility criteria. The buy box eligibility criteria include show metrics, stock availability, and a professional seller account. 
  4. Amazon brand registry: Amazon brand registry is mandatory for advertisers who want to advertise with headline search ads. This Amazon brand registry is basically for protecting intellectual properties, and it offers user experience as well. 

How does Amazon Pay Search Work?

Here is a quick guide provided on how Amazon’s pay search works. It is not so difficult to learn and understand. Millions of people keep on searching on Amazon every month. These searches include many short and long keywords for different products. These searchers are those people who buy products from Amazon.

Original shoppers are never interested in doing window shopping. They are not interested in making ideas but in buying the products. You just have to go to the search box of Amazon to purchase any product and type the name of the product in that search box that you want to buy.

In response to your search, Amazon fetches the resultant products that meet customer search needs. A list of products is displayed to the customers, and that list of results is known as organic results. 

How-to-Create-Your-Amazon-PPC-Campaign- PPC Ads

There is also a term called paid search results. These are the results that are displayed above organic results. It does not matter what you have searched, but it will show you the paid results. Not just above the organic results, it can also appear in between, below, and on the right side of the organic search results.

There are upgraded auction-based options for marketing and advertising are used for every paid advertisement in which every seller sets a budget for their ads. Higher the amount paid by the seller or the vendor, there are more chances of their ads to be displayed. These vendors or sellers pay for each click on their advertisements by the buyers. 

How to Design your PPC Campaign?

Let us discuss some ways of designing PPC campaigns:

Focus on Your Products First

Firstly, when you are looking forward to launching the Amazon PPC campaign, you have to enlist the products. Get the essential details of your products to be filled. All the product descriptions should be accurate. Any description with false promises will get you bad reviews, which can negatively affect your ads and product.

You have to fill clean and sharp images of the products and set up the competitive prices of that product. You also have to check on the competitor’s prices in the market for a similar product.

It is essential to have good reviews of your product. Those positive reviews will help enhance your ads and allow you to earn more money and trust of the customers. 

Run an Automatic Campaign

If you are willing to run an Amazon PPC campaign without any use of the Amazon PPC tool, then it is suggested to use an automatic campaign. The feature of Amazon’s automatic campaign will help you to run ads without spending a lot of time on research work for keywords and advertising tools.

It will automatically provide keywords that are suitable for your products. It will also allow sellers to bid with the lowest amount as the starting of a bid. After bidding on keywords, it is easy to run an automatic PPC campaign.

After creating the campaign with the appropriate name, you can enter your budget and the start date. And when the campaign launched, you should be running that automatic campaign for a few weeks.

Run a Manual Campaign

After running an automatic campaign for weeks and gaining experience, it is advised to switch to the Amazon manual PPC campaigns. In manual campaigns, you have to make a list of keywords that are most suited to your product. Before running a manual campaign, it is highly recommended to use an automatic campaign.

Basic Terms Used in the PPC Campaigns

Here are the two terms of Amazon PPC used. Let us discuss them to understand them better:

  1. Search terms: These are the accurate terms that buyer types in the search box for buying a product on Amazon. The results showed as per the term searched are your product ads. You may find the resultant product names misspelled or with incorrect spellings, but you will get it the same as the searched term.
  2. Keywords: Keywords are those words that allow sellers to choose on which search terms their ads should display on Amazon to the buyers. If the seller’s keyword and the buyer’s search term gets matched, then the ad will be displayed on Amazon.
  3. Search queries: Search queries are considered as a set of keywords. By using search queries, sellers can have a variety of keywords that can target PPC campaigns. Search term querying has also proven to be a great way to find out the negative terms restricting in earning PPC money. Amazon has the authority to decide whether to display the product as per the keyword or the opted keyword match type.

Amazon Keywords Match Types

For the first sponsored product, Amazon displays the Baking tool. Suppose the search term is taken as benches, then the ads matching with these search terms appear. You can easily avoid these instances for irrelevant ads that are displayed by choosing the correct keyword. With the feature of Keyword Match Type, the seller can decide about his product and post an advertisement based on the appropriate match of the search term and the keyword.

The seller can choose a suitable search term that matches the keyword. It can provide restrictions on the search term. For the campaign, Amazon will let you select the type of keyword and its categories.

Amazon PPC Keywords and Match-types

When you are up to create a PPC campaign for an ad, you have to choose keywords you want to bid on. A keyword can be of more than one word. If the customer searched term is a keyword, the ad gets displayed on Amazon in front of the customer.

For every chosen keyword, you have to select a match-type also. Now you will be wondering about what is a match-type? It is a way in which your keyword matches the user’s search results on Amazon. It is categorized into three types:

  1. Exact Match: Amazon will display your ads in front of the customers if your keyword is the same as the customer’s search term. There can be an exception accepted of slight misspellings.

Pros and Cons of Exact Match

  • You have to type the exact, small, and precise words for the display of your advertisements.
  • A toll is taken by an exact match on the number of ads displayed to other people typing the correct search terms as your keyword.
  • It is an excellent way to ensure you have the right clicks and target most people looking for the product to buy them.
  1. Phrase Match: Your ads will be displayed for a long time until your keyword phrase is there in the customer’s search term without interruption of any other words in between.

Pros and Cons of Phrase Match

  • The ads are displayed when the keyword is the same as the search term. There can be additional words before or after the keyword.
  • Here the ad has a medium range of the target group that can be triggered by anyways: short or broad search terms.
  • There will be a high possibility of enjoying your product and can avoid unnecessary clicks of broad term matching.
  • You will be having control over the display of ads.
  1. Broad Match: It is the kind of match type in which the customer’s search term should acquire all the words from the seller’s keyword phrase independent of any order.

Pros and cons of Broad Match

Broad match is for search terms where a short phrase or word gets matched with the keyword, and the ads get displayed to the customers. The search term can include synonyms, abbreviations, and acronyms.

  • There is a high possibility of displaying ads as customers can use a wide range of search terms to trigger the seller’s advertisement.
  • It can be found expensive as it can drain out your money by asking for clicks with irrelevant search terms.
  • It is excellent for targeting many people and adding them to your listings.

Keyword research is a critical aspect of the leading advertising campaigns and many search ads. You can not ignore having proper keyword research. There is also a term called negative keywords. Below we have discussed what negative keywords are?

Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are opposite from the keywords we were talking about above. Like the keywords, we want our search terms to show up, but in the case of negative keywords, we do not wish our search terms to show up.

Negative keywords can make you avoid wasting your ads on irrelevant search queries. Amazon works on algorithms that will help you get your product popped up with favorable terms.

Factors that Affect PPC Placements

There can be more than one sensible product for each search term. Two crucial factors decide the ad placement for which everyone is competing for:

  1. Amazon CPC: The person who is capable of paying higher CPC than any other seller wins. As there is bidding over the search terms, the higher the bidding person wins.
  2. Quality Factor: When the maximum buyers click on Amazon’s ad, that means that those ads have some quality to attract the buyers. Your account should have a considerable ad click history.

Why Should You Try the Amazon PPC Campaign?

There are many reasons you should consider why sellers should prefer running PPC campaigns for their products. Here are some reasons discussed below that can help you to increase your sales and profits in the marketplace.

To Boost Product Sales

To increase sales of your products, running PPC campaigns can be profitable and the fastest way to do so. Sellers must opt for PPC campaigns for long-term sales.

Increases Rankings of Organic Keywords

There are many keywords in the seller’s listings that do not rank in organic search terms. PPC campaigns help in building the visibility of such keywords. It increases the ranking of the product for the keyword that will increase sales.

Create Awareness for New Brands and Products Launches

The product having the maximum sales is always shown on the top of the search results. Newly launched products may find it challenging to get a higher rank with keywords. Creating a PPC campaign will help you rank your product high in search results that can increase your product sales.

Avoid Competitors to Snatch Your Position and Sales

Most of the top-ranking brands in the market run PPC campaigns to safeguard their brands and sales. All the top rankers in the market do not want to let their competitors get a higher rank. If your product is ranked high on the organic searches, only you can compete with your rivalry brands in the marketplace.

Increases the Visibility of Products Seasonally

There is a massive increase in sales at times of different seasons in a year. The maximum sales depend on the products at the time of Christmas, Halloween, mother’s day, etc. the Amazon ads help generate more and more sales by increasing customer interest during these festive seasons.

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Conclusion: How to Create Your Amazon PPC Campaign 2024

Amazon PPC is an excellent way of creating, managing, and increasing sales in the market. Amazon supports the feature of creating PPC campaigns is a fantastic platform that can help any seller to maximize its sales and to be a higher ranking in the market. Amazon PPC helps advertisers to make ads so that customers can visit them and make purchases. Whenever any person searches for a thing, he will get ads and a way to reach your business. 

The advertisers have to bid for their ads on Amazon. Advertisers making higher bids will have Amazon support with its PPC campaigns. Sellers have options for choosing keywords for the customer’s search results. As soon as the keywords match the customer’s searches, the resultant list of products will be shown to the customers for making purchases. 

Amazon PPC campaign is an ideal way to increase the fame of your brand online and make sales in the marketplace. So, try Amazon PPC campaigns for your leading online businesses. If you want to grow and get a position in the huge market, then it is the best way to attract millions of customers to your business. You can easily attract buyers and sell your products and services with ease. 

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