How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights? Step-By-Step Guide

Looking for a tool that can gather all the product review data from your Amazon competitors so you don’t have to spend hours doing it by hand? Look no further, because I have found the amazing Helium 10 Review Insights tool for you.

So you don’t have to go through the same trouble, I’ve spent hours getting to know this new tool.

This article is a detailed explanation of what Review Insights is, how it can help your Amazon business a lot, and, most importantly, how you can use it to stay ahead of your competitors.

Review Insights gives you an in-depth look at a product’s reviews. This may be used on your own items or on those of competitors to see how they are performing. Review Insights is a feature of our Chrome Extension.

To understand how to utilize Review Insights efficiently, follow the steps below.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights

1. Go to an product page, then click the Chrome Extension icon and pick Review Insights.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step1

2. This activates the Review Insights window. Choose your preferred parameters for each filter, then click Extract Reviews. If you want to examine and evaluate all of the reviews, keep the filters at their default settings, and it will pull them all. Each filter is described in detail below:

2.1. The date range will be determined by the listing. If the listing was changed three months ago, you might wish to choose the preceding three months.

2.2. You may then sort the reviews by Verified, Helpful, Images, or with Videos.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step 2

2.3. You may also sort by ratings. This is particularly handy when you simply want to know what people truly like or hate about a product.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step 3

2.4. The final option is to put a keyword in the keyword area. This helps you to identify reviews that particularly mention something.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step 4

3. The filtered results will be displayed, and the Overview tab will be the default. The Top Phrases area will give useful information about which phrases are used the most frequently that meet your evaluation criteria.

In the sample below, the most often-used phrase in five-star evaluations is “easy to use.”

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step 5

4. The All Reviews page offers a few more options to help you narrow down your review analysis. After you’ve tweaked the filters, click Apply.

4.1. You may filter by Top reviews, which display the most useful reviews, or by Most recent.

4.2. You can sort based on ratings.

4.3. You may sort reviews by variant.

4.4. You may limit your search to only reviews that include photos or videos.

4.5. Only the last filter allows you to pick verified reviews.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step 6

5. The All Questions tab displays customer-posted questions, which may be sorted by votes or answer count.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step 7

6. The Review Analysis page shows your reviews with the top terms highlighted in expand/collapse view choices.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step 8

6.1. You can also export your analysis to a CSV file from the Review Analysis tab, either by individual phrase results or for all reviews that apply. To get reviews for a specific phrase, click on the download button next to the phrase. To get a copy of all of the reviews, click the download button next to Export Analysis at the top of the page.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step 9

7. On the Product Variations tab, reviews are organized by the ASIN of each different product.

How Do I Use Helium 10 Review Insights step 10

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Conclusion: Helium 10 Review Insights

As an Amazon seller, I know how time-consuming and boring it can be to go through multiple pages of goods and personally collect review information. But Review Insights from Helium 10 pulls all of that information in seconds, saving me a lot of time and effort.

Now, all of the answers, reviews, questions, and even the most frequently used phrases on my competitors’ goods can be seen on one screen. It’s like having a full picture of my rivals right at my fingers.

Review Insights from Helium 10 is without a doubt a big deal for buyers like me. I really think you should use this strong tool to learn useful things and stay ahead in the competitive world of selling on Amazon. It’s a tool I can’t do without if I want to make good choices and improve my business plans.

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