Hubspot vs Mailchimp vs Moosend 2024: Which One Is Worth The HYPE?





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HubSpot vs Mailchimp vs Moosend!! Are you asking why this triple showdown?? Because you are searching for a platform that takes care of all your marketing strategies and I don’t want to recommend you just one platform and try to sell that product like other articles. Here I am going to compare the top three marketing platforms available in the business and you are the one who is going to decide which one to choose as your Marketing partner.

The reason why I am comparing these three platforms are due to their automation in the marketing process and the level of accuracy in their marketing stats. Don’t worry!! These are not just hyped up sentences!!!, I will give justification for each and every one of my sentences with appropriate features because I’m not just a reviewer, I am also a consumer of these products. So, without any further, Let’s get into the article of comparison between Moosend VS Mailchimp vs Moosend.

Hubspot vs Mailchimp vs Moosend: Overview

Hubspot Overview

HubSpot is a Marketing platform that provides all kinds of services like sales, service, Marketing, etc… to their users with individual hub and features for each of these platforms.


Hubspot was founded in 2004 with an idea of creating tolerance free marketing for the customers and they extended this strategy to all the marketing platforms throughout the years. Hubspot integrates with more than 500 companies and these are the services Hubspot has to offer

  • CRM(Customer Relationship Management) Hub
  • CMS(Content Management Software)Hub
  • Marketing Hub
  • Sales Hub
  • Service Hub

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Mailchimp Overview

Mailchimp is also one of the all-in-one marketing platforms which guides you with appropriate tools and support at each step of your campaign. Mailchimp is one of the forefathers of online marketing and they are in this business since 2000.


Mailchimp provides all kinds of services like

  • Creating custom domains for your site.
  • Broadening your marketing campaign with their successful audience management tools.
  • Helping for your content through their platform, called the content studio.
  • Improving your marketing performance with various analytical tools.

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Moosend Overview

Moosend is one of the leading competitors in online marketing whose primary focus is on email marketing and its automation features.


Even though they vary from the services provided by their competitors, Moosend also provides services for some critical marketing steps like

  • Landing page creation to increase your customer rate.
  • Data tracking to analyze the needs of your customer.
  • Email marketing with an automated management process.
  • And much more…..

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Unique features of these platforms: Hubspot vs Mailchimp vs Moosend

As I said in the introduction, I am going to explain the features of these platforms, that make them unique and pioneers in the marketing industry.

Unique features of Hubspot:

HubSpot is one of the fast-growing marketing platforms in the business with its amazing features and customer support system. As I said they give full marketing services with their individual hubs. So, Let’s look at some of their top-performing features in each of their hubs. 

For the marketing hub, 

  • To attract more visitors

HubSpot provides services for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking which is important in determining your content display and also helps you in optimizing ads to give your visitors a personalized feel with your products.

  • To convert more Leads

To increase the rate of the audience to consumer ratio for your products, HubSpot provides various kinds of services like

  • Lead Management

Hubspot-Lead Management

This feature monitors all your potential audiences that can turn into consumers and it gives them a personalized notification about your products based on their needs.

  • Form Builder

This feature helps you to create instant forms to your customers to record their needs and those who fill out the forms will automatically be redirected to CRM(Customer Relationship Management) Hub where you can interact with your customers with various tools like leading pages, call to action, etc…

This is one of the features I personally tried using HubSpot free tools services and similar to this image, you can create your own form with the details you need from your customer.

Hubspot-Form Builder

Based on my experience, Form builder lives up to its standards with its quick creation settings and catchy titles and with personalized redirection to my site based on the functions I requested.

For the CMS (Content Management Software) hub

  • Website themes

HubSpot offers pre-built websites with performance tested themes to save your time in creating the templates so that you can focus on your business more.

  • Drag and drop editor

This is one of the most user-friendly editors I have ever experienced and even though they are pretty common among marketing platforms, Hubspot’s automation process combined with this interactive editor makes it unique from the competition.

These are just examples of some of the features offered by HubSpot. They offer unique services in every one of their hubs and you can try them for free in Hubspot CRM tools.

Unique features of Mailchimp:

Like Hubspot, Mailchimp also has some pretty unique tools in their sleeves to impress their customers. So, Let’s take a look at some of the cool features of Mailchimp

  • Contact profiles

This feature of Mailchimp helps you to track each and every one of your audience in detail regarding their purchase history, recent interaction with your products, and much more…

Even though other marketing platforms do data tracking, Mailchimp tracks your audience data in a near-perfect level, that you can maintain an individual database for each one of your audiences.

Mailchimp-Contact Profile

This is one of the features of Mailchimp I personally experienced, and I genuinely got blown away with the details I got about each one of my audiences who in some way interacted with my products.

  • Audience dashboard

This dashboard gives all the data of your marketing campaign in one place so that you don’t have to search individually for each data. Even though it is a common feature for all marketing platforms to provide a dashboard Mailchimp’s additional features like 

  • Brief detail about recent sources for the growth of your platform.
  • Pinpointing the top locations where your ads are performing well.
  • Determining CLV(Customer Lifetime Value) which gives you the potential sales value for every one of your audiences.

Mailchimp-Audience Dashboard

I just gave you a preview of some of the Mailchimp’s features and they offer their platform with this level of uniqueness for every one of their services. If you want to try more of their features they are offering a free plan with most of their tools for free. You can try that if you want!!.

Unique features of Moosend:

As you can see from above, there is a pretty big competition in the marketing platform, But even though there is a huge competition in the field, Moosend paves its way to the top with its top of the line email-marketing tools and automation processes. So, Let’s take a look at some of them here,

  • A/B testing

This feature calculates the performance of your creative templates in front of a sample audience and various AI tools to find out the expected performance of these templates before even launching it in the market.

 This will help you to reduce your investment in unsuccessful ads and you can modify your templates in pre-launch itself it will save you a lot of time.

  • Email Automation templates

Moosend is particularly known for its email marketing and this is one of the features that make them the pioneer in email marketing. These fully automated templates will analyze your audience’s response to your products and they will personalize the next email based on their previous response.

Moosend-Email Automation Templates

This is one of the email flow for the customers and there are separate flow charts for every possible scenario with customer interaction with your site. These processes are fully automated and the only thing you have to do is monitor the results and modify your templates!!.

Like the previous two, these are just a few examples of their products and you can try more of their features with Moosend free plan offers.

Hubspot vs Mailchimp vs Moosend: (Comparison of Basic features)

In order to be a successful Marketing platform, offering never before seen tools is not only sufficient, but they have to deliver their top performance in various sectors like Customer conversion, Interface usability, Guidance level, and much more.

So, In this topic, we are going to compare the basic features for all these three platforms that qualify them as a successful marketing partner.

Customer conversion:

I don’t think I have to justify this as one of the basic features in marketing. The ultimate goal of every marketing campaign will be to increase its customer numbers to become a successful product. So, Let’s see how these platforms are performing in these criteria.


HubSpot provides various features like email tracking, Meeting schedules, and various others to collect the audience’s data in order to give a personalized experience to every one of them.

They provide separate hubs called Marketing and sales hub to focus on this goal and as we have seen above, there are some pretty cool tools in these hubs.


Mailchimp strategy of increasing their user’s customer rate is to collect every single data about their audience preferences and to give a personalized experience to them based on their needs. Mailchimp tries to do this using their tools like Contact profiles, Audience dashboards, etc.. to accomplish their objective.


Moosend also takes customer conversion as their primary objective and tries to achieve it using their tools like user tracking and Website-based recommendations to give their users a new perspective of marketing to achieve their customer conversion rate.


All three platforms are pioneers in Customer conversion and there is not even one loser among these three, because the users from all these three platforms are happy with their performance. But If I have to choose one means, I would go with Mailchimp due to their Contact profile feature which gives me a ton of data about my audiences.

Interface Usability:

All platforms make their interface as user-friendly as possible but in order to be a top competitor, their interface usability should be at the next level, where the interface has to do all the work, and you have to just monitor and command the orders. So, Let’s see these platforms meet those standards.


HubSpot tries to give its users a user-friendly interface using tools like Drag and drop editor, Marketing automation, and various other lead automation tools. Hubspot offers most of its tools for free in the CRM hub so that you can try its interface first before purchasing it.


Mailchimp mostly focuses on giving their tools as user-friendly as possible and they need some development in the automation sector. But most of their tools are userfriendly due to their easily modifiable editors and executing their tools are just a few clicks process.


Moosend primary focus is on e-mail marketing automation and they have done a good job in automating their sectors using tools like Email Automation templates, Drag and drop Automation editor, Automated user tracking, and much more. Their Automation process is pretty straightforward and you can easily track them using your dashboards.

Moosend-Interface Usability


Even though Hubspot and Mailchimp offer some automation features to their users Moosend dedicates most of their tools to automation and it makes their interface more userfriendly and easily accessible by the customers compared to the other two platforms. So, In the case of a user-friendly Interface, My recommendation will be Moosend.

Guidance level:

Having the best interface and maintaining a good customer conversion rate only does not ensure a product’s success. Guiding each and everyone their users through the interface and giving the best out of their features consistently for their users make a good marketing platform. So, Let’s see the guidance level of each of these platforms.


I don’t have to tell you, But if you have followed from the beginning of this article you can see that Hubspot provides individual hubs for their services with separate customer support for each one of their hubs.

Hubspot-Guidence Level


Mailchimp guides its customers about its various tools with the help of detailed videos and blogs and customer support to provide a one on one experience for the users. 

Mailchimp-Guidence Level


Moosend also guides its customers by giving a detailed explanation about their products and giving customer support in case of any additional details required.

Moosend-Guidence Level


I don’t have to tell you the result because based on my explanation you can clearly see that Hubspot guides its users through their interface and tools with the utmost care and they are consistent in giving the best out of their features.

Pricing: Hubspot vs Mailchimp vs Moosend Compared

Not all the best services come at a free cost, So, Let’s see the price of each of these platforms plans to give you an overview of your investment.


HubSpot offers a free version of some of their tools in their CRM hub and to access their full service, these are the plans Hubspot has to offer

For the starter plan, these are the features available

  • Email marketing
  • Landing pages and other kinds of information collectors.
  • Website activity tracker and various other lead monitors.

For the professional plan

  • All the starter plan features plus
  • Traffic analysis tools like campaign reporting etc..
  • Content management tools

For the Enterprise plan



Mailchimp provides a free trial of their tools and in addition to that, they offer these plans for a full experience.

For essentials they provide

  • All the free tools plus
  • Pre-built email templates
  • A/B testing and much more

For standard plan

  • All essential plan features plus
  • Optimization tools and customer tracking tools,

For premium plan

  • All standard plan feature plus
  • Advanced tools in each sector to give you some exclusive data



Like the other two platforms, Moosend also offers free tools along with this premium plans 

Moosend’s plan is monthly or annually based so the price will vary depending upon the plan chosen but the features offered are the same.

For the pro plan

  • All free tools plus
  • Basic tools for marketing and audience tracking.

For the enterprise plan

  • All pro plan features plus
  • Custom tools exclusive to your needs.


PRO’S & CON’S of Hubspot vs Mailchimp vs Moosend

PRO’S of Hubspot

  • Individual hubs for each of their services.
  • Free trial version for most of their tools.

PRO’S of Mailchimp

  • Top of the line customer tracking features
  • Unique tools to get unique performance from the platform.

PRO’S of Moosend

  • A/B testing to increase the performance of your templates.
  • Automation for most of the marketing process.

CON’S of Hubspot

  • Only basic features in their marketing platform.
  • Not a user-friendly interface compared to the competitors.

CON’S of Mailchimp

  • Their plans are not in the affordable range.
  • Mailchimp’s customer support still needs some development.

CON’S of Moosend

  • Customer support needs to be improved.
  • Customer tracking is not up to the level of competitors.

FAQ’S on Hubspot vs Mailchimp vs Moosend

👉 Do these Marketing platforms increase the customer rate for my products?

Yes, Of course, these platforms are the base for many successful businesses and they do their analytics based on the customer reviews and market trends.

👉 Can I trust the data from these platforms?

Yes, of course, these data are derived from the past and present market trends, and the tools are developed on the basis of numerous customer reviews.

👉 Can I use these platforms for free?

Yes, Most of the marketing platforms offer most of their tools for free and the price of the plans is very much affordable in some of the platforms you can afford to get the full experience as well.

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Conclusion: Hubspot vs Mailchimp vs Moosend Comparison 2024

All these three tools are unique in separate ways and it will be suitable for different types of audiences.

HubSpot will be suitable for those who need guidance at each of their marketing steps with basic features and reasonable investment for their marketing campaign.

Mailchimp will be suitable for those who want to get every detail about their audiences and are ready to invest some high-end amounts for their marketing campaign.

Moosend will be suitable for those who need their interface to be so user friendly and they want to spend much less time on their marketing campaign.

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