7 Out Of The Box Ways To Get Thousands of Twitter Followers

In This Post, We’ll See All The Ways To Get Thousands of Twitter Followers.

We all know how popular Twitter is. Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social networking sites and a good place for bloggers to find targeted traffic.

I’ve never seen a Twitter user who never tried to increase followers. Humans always love large numbers whether it is their bank balance, likes on Facebook or followers on Twitter.

This post is meant specially for people who are new on Twitter and want to increase Twitter followers. Before moving further, make sure you already have a Twitter account. If you don’t have one, then sign up for an account now.

Why are Twitter followers important?

1) Shows your social authority.

2) More social activities benefit SEO.

3) You can get tons of traffic to your blog.

4) Some blog owners look at your Twitter followers when you submit a guest post on other blogs.

Is buying Twitter followers a good idea?

This is definitely a bad idea, specially for bloggers. You can increase your followers from 0 to 10k overnight by this method, but such users won’t engage with you on Twitter. In other words, you wont find such users useful.

You need quality followers who will love to read what you tweet, retweet your tweets and visit your blog when you promote your blog posts. This is absolutely a dumb idea. So never buy followers on Twitter or other social networking sites.

Buying followers is also against Twitter TOS as well. There are many more disadvantages of buying Twitter followers.

7 Out Of The Box Ways To Get Thousands of Twitter Followers

Whether you want to get traffic from Google or you want increase the Page Rank of your blog, most of the things on Internet require TIME.

Don’t dream of getting thousands of followers on Twitter overnight, unless you are a celebrity or a popular personality and you have gained thousands of offline followers already. 😉

1) Set up your face as your profile avatar

Ways To Get Thousands of Twitter Followers

I’ve seen Twitter profiles of some bloggers with no profile picture or in some cases pictures which do not match their personality. Twitter is a world of real people and not bots or machines. So you ought to set up your real face as the profile picture.

Profile picture is the first thing that Twitter users see before visiting your profile. A perfect profile picture can attract a lot of clicks and this can increase your Twitter followers. Make your profile picture look neat and professional.

Here is an awesome post on choosing a perfect Twitter profile picture.

2) Write a short but descriptive bio

Write a short but descriptive bio

Twitter allows you to display a short bio about yourself under your profile picture. The maximum character you can use is 160. Make full use of it and create a perfect bio which describes your personality and interests.

You can use hashtags in bio to make your profile appear on Twitter search. Twitter users always search for people with similar interests and including your interests in bio can make people follow you.

3) Tweet interesting stuff

Twitter users love to read funny and interesting tweets. I increased my Twitter followers by 100 one day when one of my tweets went viral. If your followers are interested in sports, then don’t post tweets about fishing or cooking because your followers would find them boring and they might ignore your tweets.

4) Follow other users

Follow other users

Another good way to increase your followers is following other users with similar interests. Over half of the users you follow will follow you back provided that you have a great profile set up and people find your tweets interesting.

Find a Twitter user with lots of followers and follow his/her followers. You can find a profile by searching keywords using Twitter search. Twitter limits following to 1000 per day. So make sure that you don’t exceed the limit. Also if your account is new and you have very low number of followers, don’t follow hundreds of users in a short time.

Follow 20-50 users per day till you get some followers. People are unlikely to follow you back when you the number of your followers is less compared to number of users you are following. After waiting for a couple of days, you can unfollow those who haven’t followed you back.

Don’t unfollow everyone because Twitter users are very smart and you may lose many quality followers.

5) Display your Twitter profile on your blog

Make sure you add your Twitter profile link on your blog wherever it’s possible. The best place to add this is on the sidebar and footer. If your blog displays author bio box on posts page, you can ask your readers to connect with you on Twitter.

I’ve managed to get hundreds of Twitter followers by doing this. “About Me” page on a blog gets a lot of attention, so this is another good place to add your profile link. If your blog visitors find you interest, they are likely to visit your social networking profiles to know more about you.

You can also add your profile link in the email signature. Whenever you send an email to someone, he/she might click on the link to your Twitter profile and start following you.

6) Too much promotion is too bad

Promoting old blog is good but don’t do it too much. Don’t overload your follower’s Home page with a lot of promotional tweets. Your fellow followers might find them annoying and may even decide to unfollow you.

So maintain a gap between two promotional tweets. Sometimes I get annoyed when I log on to Twitter to read interesting tweets and find my page overloaded with many tweets from a single user.

7) Retweet and Reply to tweets publicly

Retweet and Reply to tweets publicly

People love it when we pay attention to them. It’s the same case on Twitter too. People feel happy when someone retweets or replies to their tweets.

You can increase your Twitter followers by participating in public discussion or by replying to tweets publicly.

Whenever someone retweets my tweet, I visit their profile and if I find the profile interesting, I follow that user without any hesitation because I want such targeted users who will engage with me on Twitter.

Over To You

I’ve listed out some great methods to increase your Twitter followers by thousands. Now it’s your time to share strategies you use via comment form below.

As this post is about Twitter, please don’t forget to share this post with your Twitter followers because every Twitter user wants to increase followers.

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