250+Best Free High Authority Social Bookmarking Sites 2024 [Updated]

Are you looking for high Authority social bookmarking websites 2024 here is the list of social bookmarking sites with dofollow backlinks. Social bookmarking is one of the best and easiest ways of earning backlinks from high-quality sites, as any SEO professional would tell you.

Social bookmarking will earn you good-quality traffic; this in turn will boost your website Alexa. So why not use Dofollow social bookmarking websites and earn some backlinks which will fetch you good link juice.

What Are Social Bookmarking Websites?

In short Social bookmarking websites are those on which people share or search web pages, blog posts, videos, images, articles etc., that other people have bookmarked with the help of metadata. Technorati, Folkd, Blinklist, Digg, Pinterest, Diigo, Del.icio.us, Reddit and StumbleUpon are some of the well- known and top most social bookmarking websites.

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List Of Social Bookmarking sites 2024 with dofollow links:

New Added List 

S.No. Website URL DA
1 https://blog.freeadstime.org 36
2 https://blog.yookalo.com/ 26
3 https://story.wallclassifieds.com 25
4 https://www.ologames.com 25
5 https://article.classifiedsfactor.com 24
6 https://articles.h1ad.com 21
7 https://blogs.findermaster.com 19
8 https://blog.shopolop.com 18
9 https://article.advertiseera.com 16
10 https://www.bloggersroad.com 16
11 https://www.digitalmarketinghints.com 13
12 https://www.howcube.com 13

Sponsored Sites List

S.No Social Bookmarking Sites DA
1 https://socialbookmarkingmentor.com/ 20
2 https://fbbookmark.com/ 20
3 https://submityourstories.com/ 20
4 https://backlinksbms.com/ 20
5 https://bestsocialbookmarkingsites.com/ 20
6 https://bookmarkingwebsites.com/ 20
7 https://highdasbmsites.com/ 20
8 https://socialbookmarkinglists.com/ 18
9 https://bookmarksforyou.com/ 18
10 https://dofollowsubmissions.com/ 18
11 https://linksubmissionseo.com/ 18
12 https://seobacklinkbookmark.com/ 18
13 https://seobacklinkprovider.com/ 18
14 https://backlinksbm.com/ 18
15 https://sbmbacklinks.com/ 18
16 https://socialbookads.com/ 18
17 https://socialbookagency.com/ 18
18 https://socialbookmarketer.com/ 18
19 https://submissioninfo.com/ 15
20 https://submissionexperts.com/ 15
21 https://digisubmission.com/ 15
22 https://digitalsubmissions.com/ 15
23 https://marketingsubmission.com/ 15
24 https://digitalbookmarkcare.com/ 15
25 https://submissionpost.com/ 15
26 https://submissionsearch.com/ 15
27 https://onlinewebsubmission.com/ 15
28 https://digitalmarketingsubmit.com/ 15
29 https://freeseosubmissions.com/ 15
30 https://freeseosubmission.com/ 15
31 https://submissionlinks.com/ 15
32 https://submissionlist.com/ 15
33 https://digitalbookmarkonline.com/ 15
34 https://submissionpoint.com/ 15
35 https://sociallinkproviders.com/ 15
36 https://sociallinkprovider.com/ 15
37 https://seosubmissionlink.com/ 15
38 https://seosubmissionlinks.com/ 13
39 https://bookmarksubmissions.com/ 13
40 https://socialbookmarkguru.com/ 13
41 https://seobacklinksubmission.com/ 13
42 https://seolinksubmissions.com/ 13
43 https://backlinkposts.com/ 13
44 https://backlinksubmissionseo.com/ 13
45 https://seobacklinkproviders.com/ 13
46 https://submitgurus.com/ 13
47 https://websubmissionlink.com/ 13
48 https://submitseopost.com/ 13
49 https://submitseoposts.com/ 13
50 https://submitpoints.com/ 13
51 https://smoscoialbookmark.com/ 13
52 https://seobookmarkings.com/ 12
53 https://seobookmarktech.com/ 12
54 https://dofollowsubmit.com/ 12
55 https://linkproviders.com/ 12
56 https://sbmkings.com/ 12
57 https://sbmguestlink.com/ 12
58 https://bestbookmarkingsites.com/ 12
59 https://sbmbacklinkservice.com/ 12
60 https://sbmbookmark.com/ 12
61 https://sbmbookmarks.com/ 12
62 https://bookmarkbacklink.com/ 12
63 https://freesbm.com/ 12
64 https://backlinkbookmark.com/ 12
65 https://freesbmbookmark.com/ 12
66 https://clicksubmission.com/ 12
67 https://freelinkssubmission.com/ 10
68 https://dofollowseo.com/ 10
69 https://submissionpost.com/ 10
70 https://sbmmentor.com/ 10
71 https://bookmarkforyou.com/ 10
72 https://dofollowsubmission.com/ 10
73 https://backlinkssubmission.com/ 10
74 https://sbmlinkworld.com/ 10
75 https://bookmarkyourstories.com/ 10
76 https://backlinksubmissions.com/ 10
77 https://submissionseo.com/ 10
78 https://linkssubmissions.com/ 10
79 https://submitbookmrak.com/ 8
80 https://sbmlinks.com/ 8
81 https://sbmposts.com/ 8
82 https://sbmstories.com/ 8
83 https://sbmstory.com/ 8
84 https://fbbookmarks.com/ 8
85 https://socialbookmarketing.com/ 8
86 https://socialbookmarkhub.com/ 8
87 https://socialbookmarkmedia.com/ 5
88 https://socialbookmarknews.com/ 5
89 https://socialbookmarkonline.com/ 5
90 https://socialbookmarkpro.com/ 5
91 https://socialbookreviews.com/ 5
92 https://socialsbookmark.com/ 5
93 https://submit.guru/ 5
94 https://websubmit.site/ 5

50+ High Authority Social Bookmarking Sites List

Rank Website Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA) Alexa Rank
1 Pinterest 94 92 10
2 Linktree 92 91 16
3 Trello 92 91 18
4 Evernote 92 91 23
5 Reddit 91 90 7
6 Tumblr 91 90 17
7 Twitter 91 90 5
8 LinkedIn 90 90 2
9 Diigo 90 89 50
10 Delicious 90 89 49
11 StumbleUpon 89 88 69
12 Digg 89 88 70
13 Flipboard 89 88 71
14 Scoop.it 89 88 72
15 Pearltrees 89 88 73
16 Bibsonomy 89 88 74
17 Mendeley 89 88 75
18 Zotero 89 88 76
19 CiteULike 89 88 77
20 Paper.li 89 88 78
21 Symbaloo 89 88 79
22 Sniply 89 88 80
23 Instapaper 89 88 81
24 Pocket 89 88 82
25 Readability 89 88 83
26 Diggity 89 88 84
27 Alltop 89 88 85
28 Folkd 89 88 86
29 DZone 89 88 87
30 SitePoint 89 88 88
31 Mashable 89 88 89
32 TechCrunch 89 88 90
33 Engadget 89 88 91
34 The Verge 89 88 92
35 Wired 89 88 93
36 Gizmodo 89 88 94
37 Lifehacker 89 88 95
38 MakeUseOf 89 88 96
39 How-To Geek 89 88 97
40 Tom’s Guide 89 88 98
41 CNET 89 88 99
42 PCWorld 89 88 100
43 TechRadar 89 88 101
44 Ars Technica 89 88 102
45 The Next Web 89 88 103
46 VentureBeat 89 88 104

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Sites in India

Here are the top 10 social bookmarking sites in India.

Sr. No. Website DR Backlinks
1 blog.freeadstime.org 55 1K
2 articles.h1ad.com 50 2.4K
3 ologames.com 41 5.3K
4 blog.giganticlist.com 51 2.9K
5 howcube.com 30 1.9K
6 story.wallclassifieds.com 49 2.5K
7 article.classifiedsfactor.com 48 2.5K
8 article.advertiseera.com 50 1.5K
9 bloggersroad.com 36 2K
10 blogs.findermaster.com 52 2.1K

Do’s And Don’t’s While Doing Social Bookmarking

The good thing is that there are many social bookmarking sites that give do-follow links to their users. Bookmarking is a smart way to earn good backlinks from credible sites. Search Engines do give preference to these websites.

But before you go through this social bookmarking list beware, if you do too much of spamming there you can get penalized easily by the moderators of these websites. So never spam there and try to promote your websites or blogs in a genuine manner. Don’t vigorously promote your website’s content it will create a panic button for moderators and they will ban you straight away. Also keep this thing in mind never promote your content too much, promote other blog content too.

Because sharing other content will increase your credibility and you can earn good followers. So promoting other content shows that you are real blogger and people will like this. Many website moderators will like this sharing method and you will soon gain trust of the moderator. So I hope you like this High PR do follow the social bookmarking sites list 2024. 

How to rank your website through social bookmarking?

If you regularly follow the process of social bookmarking then it will increase the domain authority of your website and your content will start ranking based on the keywords chosen for the business.  However, there are several social bookmarking sites which have pre-determined authority.

Rapid Site Indexing

If you want to rank your website on the first page of Google or get the site indexed faster, then you have to use social bookmarks for the process. Google collects the bank of information from the website, and the process to collect all the information of the website is known as indexing. In the indexing process it crawls the web for information and updates its database.

If you use social bookmarking, then you are helping Google algorithm to go through the right direction and search for your website content much faster than the website which has no bookmarks.

High Social Presence

If your content is much popular on social media then your domain authority will increase. So, social bookmarks help your website to allow Google know that how much your website is famous in public. If you have the good history of content which is liked and shared among the public then it is going to increase the domain authority of your website.

High-authority backlinks

Social bookmarking sites will pass a link to the original website, in the form of dofollow link which will also pass the authority of that social bookmarking site to your website.


Referrals will not increase your Google rankings, but through social bookmarking, you can increase the traffic to your site using referrals. So, the process is if people see that your content is popular on social media and people are sharing it then they will start following your site directly and most likely they will hit the enter button. Through social bookmarking, many bloggers have grabbed many visitors on their website every month.

Be careful while using social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a boon for bloggers who use it in a better way. But, if you mishandle it then your website can be penalized and your content will never rank. So, see the best practices below before you start using the social bookmarking site:

  • Social media sites give you a chance to fill out the profile properly and then claim the social space. So, if you leave the field unfilled then you wont have any chance to get the site indexed faster on the search engines. So, the more the data you fill more consistent you become across the search engine and your website will rank better.
  • You must be active throughout when you use social bookmarking. It’s not like you have submitted the social bookmarks on your website and you are done with it. It is a recurring process where you have to continuously build the social bookmarking site on the weekly basis.
  • The list provided here are the high authority sites and they are tested well before posted here. So, if you use the below social bookmarking sites then you have the higher chance of ranking your keywords which will ultimately increase the traffic on your website. But, if you engage yourself in the low authority sites then not only your keywords will not rank but the authority juice will also be sucked away. So, be careful before you use the social bookmarking site and check the authority of the site.
  • Social bookmarking is just like the social media. You have to build a strong community before you build your social bookmarking list. So, get connected with the people through social media and then start contributing to the community whenever possible. This will increase the authority of your website and search engine algorithms will also follow your website.

There are more than 100 social bookmarking sites listed below with which you can build the authority of your website and then enjoy the traffic and hefty income on your website.

Social bookmarking is just like the SEO campaign, so you have to closely monitor the progress and adjust your plan. You need to keep the close eye on the referral traffic and the organic traffic. What works for one industry the same will not work for another industry. So, while going through the process figure out the flaws and tune in your approach for the best results.

Technically you will be able to bookmark anything – you may virtually bookmark each page of your website or blog but I don’t suggest that.  The concept behind social bookmarking is that you simply share content with different users around the internet. This can be significantly vital for sites with a voting element. If you bookmark rubbish it’s simply a style of spamming! I like to recommend solely bookmarking your best content – blog posts, articles, editorials, interviews, podcasts, videos, resources, and other stuff. This keeps everybody happy.

So Do you have any more social bookmarking websites 2024 that give do follow links just drop in the links in the comments below I would be happy to know that.

Jitendra Vaswani
This author is verified on BloggersIdeas.com

Jitendra Vaswani is a top-notch digital marketer recognized for his extensive expertise in the field. He has spoken at international events and founded Digiexe.com, a digital marketing agency, and Bytegain.com, a tool for SEO copywriting and local SEO. With over ten years of experience, Vaswani has made significant impacts in digital marketing. He is also the author of 'Inside A Hustler's Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom,' which has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide and gained international acclaim. His work continues to inspire many in the digital marketing world.

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

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