ChatGPT Statistics & User Numbers in Aug 2024 (New Data) 📈

Get ready to delve into the realm of ChatGPT usage and engagement as we present an overview of the latest statistics and user numbers for the month of August.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has soared to unprecedented heights, captivating the attention of countless users, myself included. ChatGPT users spend an average of 8 minutes and 32 seconds on the website.

Explore how this powerful language model has been shaping interactions, assisting users, and making its presence felt across diverse domains.

The AI chatbot has swiftly attracted millions of users, setting a new standard for rapid adoption.

A detailed analysis of ChatGPT’s current user base will be provided in this article, revealing how this dynamic AI platform has grown so rapidly.

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Here are the latest statistics and facts about ChatGPT, the AI chatbot launched by OpenAI. Come on, let’s get started!

Statistic Category Details
Launch and User Growth Launched on November 30, 2022; 100 million active users in January 2023; 173 million users in April 2023.
Daily and Monthly Visits 60 million daily website visits and 1.8 billion monthly visits in April 2023.
Training and Infrastructure Trained using Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF); Fine-tuned on GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 models; Infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure.
Data and Usage The dataset size is 300 billion words, 570 GB, and 10 million queries per day during launch week.
Operational Costs The monthly cost to run is 3 million USD.
Revenue and Subscription We predict revenue of 200 million USD by the end of 2023, 1 billion USD by the end of 2024, and ChatGPT Plus subscription at $20.
User Engagement Average website visit duration: 8 minutes and 32 seconds.
Comparative Growth ChatGPT reached 1 million users in 5 days, faster than other platforms like Instagram and Netflix.
Website Traffic Increase 576.6% increase in website visits from December 2022 to April 2023.
User Base Distribution The largest percentage of users is from the USA (15.22%), followed by India, Japan, and Canada.

Overview of ChatGPT

Created By Open AI
Launch Date November 30, 2022
Number of Users 100 million active users in January 2023, 173 million users in April 2023
Daily Website Visits 60 million visits per day
Total Website Monthly Visits 1.8 billion monthly visits in April 2023 (up from 266 million in December 2022)
Training Method Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF)
Model Fine-tuned GPT-3.5 (text-DaVinci-003), GPT-4 (in ChatGPT Plus)
Knowledgebase Up to 2021
Dataset Size 300 billion words, 570 GB (crawled web, books, Wikipedia)
Queries Per Day 10 million/day (during launch week)
Infrastructure Microsoft Azure
Monthly Cost to Run 3 million USD
Cost to Users Free during research preview, $20 for ChatGPT Plus
Predicted Revenue USD 200 million by the end of 2023, USD 1 billion by the end of 2024
  • ChatGPT’s user base witnessed remarkable growth, hitting 1 million users within just 5 days of its launch and reaching a staggering 100 million active users by January 2023.
  • Impressively, the platform’s user count skyrocketed by a remarkable 9,900% in a span of 60 days, marking it as the fastest-growing platform in history.
  • Utilizing linear regression, it was estimated that ChatGPT boasted 173 million active users in April 2023.
  • The platform’s website,, experienced a substantial surge in visits, with a 576.6% increase from December 2022 to April 2023.
  • In April 2023, ChatGPT tallied an astonishing 1.8 billion visits, showcasing a remarkable seven-fold increase compared to the 266 million visits recorded in December 2022.
  • The distribution of users across countries reveals that the largest percentage of ChatGPT users are from the USA, comprising 15.22% of the user base. Following closely are India (6.32%), Japan (4.01%), and Canada (2.75%).
  • On average, each user spends an impressive 8 minutes and 32 seconds on the website, demonstrating the engagement and interest that ChatGPT has garnered from its users.
  • This incredible surge in users and website visits highlights the widespread appeal and utility of ChatGPT in the AI chatbot landscape.

Sources:, Reuters

ChatGPT User Growth

ChatGPT’s rapid ascent to user popularity has set a remarkable benchmark. Within just 5 days of its launch in November 2022, it garnered an astounding 1 million users.

time taken to reach 1 million users

Source: (

To provide a comparative perspective, consider that Instagram took approximately 2.5 months to achieve 1 million downloads, whereas Netflix’s journey to 1 million users stretched over nearly 3.5 years.

User Growth Breakdown:

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the time it took various online services to reach 1 million users:

  • ChatGPT (2022): An astonishing 5 days
  • Instagram (2010): About 2.5 months
  • Spotify (2008): Approximately 5 months
  • Dropbox (2008): Around 7 months
  • Facebook (2004): Roughly 10 months
  • Foursquare (2009): About 13 months
  • Twitter (2006): Over 2 years
  • Airbnb (2008): Around 2.5 years
  • Kickstarter (2009): Approximately 2.5 years
  • Netflix (1999): Nearly 3.5 years

In January 2023, ChatGPT achieved an astonishing feat by amassing a whopping 100 million monthly active users.

ChatGPT statistics

Source: (

This growth trajectory is in stark contrast to TikTok, which required 9 months to reach the 100 million user mark, and Instagram, which took 2.5 years to achieve the same milestone.

On a daily basis throughout January, an impressive 13 million distinct visitors engaged with ChatGPT – a figure that exceeded the previous month’s count by more than double.

Progressive Monthly Visits:

Tracking ChatGPT’s monthly visits over its initial six months provides a clear snapshot of its burgeoning popularity:

  • November 2022: 152.7 million visits
  • December 2022: 266 million visits (an increase of 113.3 million, or 74.2%)
  • January 2023: 616 million visits (an increase of 350 million, or 131.58%)
  • February 2023: 1 billion visits (an increase of 384 million, or 62.34%)
  • March 2023: 1.6 billion visits (an increase of 600 million, or 60%)
  • April 2023: 1.8 billion visits (an increase of 200 million, or 12.5%)

The statistics showcase ChatGPT’s extraordinary journey from its inception to becoming a powerhouse with a rapidly expanding user base.

Chatgpt Traffic

Source: Statista, Reuters

ChatGPT Updates and Evolution

Since its initial launch, OpenAI has been consistently enhancing ChatGPT by introducing new features and frequent updates.

This ensures that users can anticipate changes in both the interface and the quality of responses, providing a dynamic and evolving experience.

August 2023 ChatGPT Updates:

The updates introduced in August 2023 have further enriched the ChatGPT experience:

1. GPT-4 Integration: ChatGPT Plus now seamlessly incorporates GPT-4 as a default feature, empowering users with enhanced capabilities. A limitation of 50 messages every 3 hours has been set to ensure a balanced and effective interaction.

2. Guidance with Example Prompts: To stimulate creativity, users are now presented with example prompts that can serve as inspiration for their interactions.

3. Enhanced Code Interpreter: Users can now upload up to 10 files with improved support from the code interpreter.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts: The addition of keyboard shortcuts streamlines the user experience, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

5. Suggested Replies: Similar to the functionality seen in Bing, ChatGPT now offers suggested replies, facilitating smoother conversations.

6. Bing AI Integration: Bing AI receives a GPT-4 toggle, aligning it with the upgraded capabilities of ChatGPT.

GPT-4 and ChatGPT Plugins:

OpenAI has launched GPT-4, a successor to the previous GPT 3.5 model. GPT-4 boasts the remarkable ability to comprehend both images and text input, showcasing superior performance across various tasks, including surpassing the US Bar Exam.

ChatGPT Plugin Source:

Additionally, ChatGPT plugins have been unveiled, opening the door for ChatGPT to interact with external applications like search engines, code interpreters, food apps, and more.

This groundbreaking move effectively connects ChatGPT to the broader online landscape, potentially marking the inception of an AI App store.

User Empowerment:

OpenAI has also extended user autonomy by enabling the option to disable ChatGPT history for training purposes.

By accessing the Settings menu and toggling off the “Chat History & Training” setting, users can choose to keep their conversation history private and separate from the training data.

This continuous evolution and expansion of ChatGPT‘s capabilities and functionalities underscore OpenAI’s commitment to providing users with a dynamic and empowered AI-driven experience.

ChatGPT User Engagement Insights 2023:



Recent data from Similarweb provides valuable insights into ChatGPT’s user engagement:

ChatGPT users in US

Source: (

  • Over the past 30 days, has witnessed an impressive surge in visits, totaling approximately 1.6 billion. This signifies a remarkable 160% increase from the 1 billion visits recorded in February 2023 and a substantial seven-fold rise from December 2022’s 266 million visits.
  • The bounce rate for ChatGPT stands at 38.67%, indicating that a significant portion of visitors engage with the platform’s content.
  • On average, each visitor to ChatGPT explores 4.26 pages per visit, showcasing a healthy level of interaction and exploration.
  • Users spend an average of 7 minutes and 27 seconds on the website, demonstrating the engaging and informative nature of ChatGPT’s offerings.

Comparison with Prominent Websites:

To put ChatGPT’s performance in context, let’s compare its statistics with other popular websites:

Website Total Visits Bounce Rate Pages per Visit Average Visit Duration
ChatGPT 1.6 billion 38.67% 4.26 7 mins 27 secs
Google 84.6 billion 28.46% 8.66 10 mins 38 secs
YouTube 32.7 billion 21.31% 11.56 20 mins 25 secs
Facebook 16.8 billion 30.83% 8.68 10 mins 43 secs
Twitter 6.5 billion 32.46% 10.19 10 mins 47 secs
Instagram 6.5 billion 34.61% 10.81 8 mins 22 secs
Baidu 5.1 billion 21.54% 8.12 5 mins 06 secs
Wikipedia 4.4 billion 59.61% 3.09 3 mins 53 secs
Yandex 3.3 billion 24.06% 9.31 9 mins 12 secs
Yahoo 3.3 billion 33.33% 5.51 8 mins 35 secs
WhatsApp 2.9 billion 42.93% 1.72 18 mins 38 secs
Amazon 2.3 billion 34.47% 9.28 7 mins 13 secs

Comparing ChatGPT’s User Engagement Statistics:

The table comparing ChatGPT’s user engagement statistics with those of prominent websites provides several valuable insights:



User Engagement and Interaction: ChatGPT’s user engagement metrics, including pages visited per session and average visit duration, demonstrate that users are actively interacting with the platform’s content.

The average of 4.26 pages per visit and the 7 minutes and 27 seconds spent on the website signify a meaningful level of engagement.

Significant User Base: The massive number of visits ChatGPT has received, amounting to 1.6 billion in the past 30 days, places it in the league of widely used platforms like Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Comparative Bounce Rates: ChatGPT’s bounce rate of 38.67% indicates that a substantial portion of visitors find its content engaging enough to explore multiple pages.

While some platforms like Baidu and YouTube have lower bounce rates, ChatGPT’s rate is competitive when compared to others such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Average Visit Duration: ChatGPT’s average visit duration of 7 minutes and 27 seconds is commendable, as it falls within the range of other well-established platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

User Engagement Versus Usage Volume: It’s notable that platforms like YouTube and Instagram have higher pages visited per visit and lower bounce rates.

This suggests that users on these platforms explore content in more depth. However, ChatGPT’s ability to achieve a relatively high level of engagement despite its AI-driven conversational nature is impressive.

Potential for Improvement: While ChatGPT’s performance is strong, there is room for growth in terms of reducing the bounce rate and increasing the average visit duration.

Platforms like YouTube and Instagram have achieved lower bounce rates and longer average visit durations, indicating that users are deeply engaged with their content.

ChatGPT Usage and Awareness by Age Group:

YouGov’s data provides insights into ChatGPT usage and awareness among different age groups:

Level of ChatGPT Awareness Age Group Percentage
Using it myself, I’ve generated text 18 to 29 15%
30 to 44 17%
45 to 64 9%
65+ 5%
Though I’ve seen text generated for others, I haven’t used it myself 18 to 29 48%
30 to 44 46%
45 to 64 27%
65+ 30%
It has never been used by me or anyone else I know 18 to 29 20%
30 to 44 31%
45 to 64 55%
65+ 59%
I’m unsure 18 to 29 17%
30 to 44 6%
45 to 64 8%
65+ 6%

Several Noteworthy ChatGPT’s Insights

The data provides several noteworthy insights about ChatGPT’s usage and awareness across different age groups:



Usage Varies by Age: The usage of ChatGPT to generate text is most prominent among individuals aged 30 to 44 and 18 to 29, with 17% and 15%, respectively. This suggests that these age groups find value in using the platform for text generation.

Awareness Outweighs Usage: While usage percentages are relatively modest, the awareness of ChatGPT is significantly higher across all age groups. A substantial portion of respondents have seen text generated by ChatGPT for others, even if they haven’t used it themselves.

Limited Usage Among Older Demographics: Usage declines as age increases, with only 9% of 45 to 64-year-olds and 5% of those aged 65 and above having used ChatGPT for text generation. This suggests that older demographics might be less inclined to utilize such technology.

Higher Awareness Among Older Age Groups: While older age groups have lower usage percentages, a significant portion have seen text generated by ChatGPT for others. This indicates that even if they aren’t active users, they are exposed to the technology‘s outcomes.

Potential for Increased Adoption: The “I’ve never used or never seen anyone else use it” category is higher among older age groups, especially those aged 45 and above. This implies that there is potential for increased adoption and awareness efforts among these demographics.

ChatGPT User Demographics by Region:

The distribution of ChatGPT users across different regions provides valuable insights into its global reach:

Rank Country Proportion of ChatGPT Users
1 US 15.22%
2 India 6.32%
3 Japan 4.01%
4 Colombia 3.3%
5 Canada 2.75%
Others (combined) 68.4%

ChatGPT Users Offer Several Key Observations

ChatGPT Examples


The regional breakdown of ChatGPT users offers several key observations:

Dominance of the USA: The United States leads in ChatGPT user adoption, with 15.22% of the user base hailing from this country. This underscores the technology’s popularity and relevance in one of the world’s largest tech-savvy markets.

Global Presence: ChatGPT’s user base is not limited to any specific region, as evidenced by the diverse distribution across countries. This global presence suggests the widespread appeal and accessibility of the platform.

Significant Contributions from India and Japan: India and Japan are notable contributors to ChatGPT’s user base, with proportions of 6.32% and 4.01%, respectively.

This showcases the platform’s ability to resonate with users from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Emergence of Colombia and Canada: The presence of countries like Colombia (3.3%) and Canada (2.75%) demonstrates that ChatGPT’s popularity extends beyond traditional tech hubs, indicating its relevance in a range of settings.

Combined Impact of Others: The “Others” category, which accounts for 68.4% of users, signifies the collective influence of various regions not listed individually.

This underscores the broad global reach of ChatGPT, touching users from a wide array of countries.

Potential for Further International Expansion: The dominance of the “Others” category and the diverse geographic representation highlight ChatGPT’s potential for continued international expansion and user acquisition across regions that are not explicitly listed.

ChatGPT’s Rapid Rise in Active Users:

ChatGPT took the online world by storm shortly after its launch, with its popularity soaring due to widely circulated screenshots of its remarkable responses. Here are some key facts about ChatGPT’s user engagement:

      Fact                          Description
Active Users in Initial Days ChatGPT garnered an astonishing 1 million active users within a mere five days of its release. This rapid adoption underscored its immediate impact and appeal.
Fastest-Growing App Title ChatGPT secured the title of the fastest-growing application on the internet. Within just four months of its launch, it amassed a staggering user base of over 100 million active users.
March 2023 Statistics According to SimilarWeb, ChatGPT recorded an impressive 1.6 billion users in March 2023 alone. Users engaged with an average of 6.67 pages during each visit, reflecting their engagement with the platform’s capabilities.
February and January 2023 The trend continued in February 2023, with over 1 billion users recorded. The preceding month, January 2023, saw 616 million users exploring ChatGPT’s capabilities.
Bounce Rate and Visit Duration ChatGPT boasts a bounce rate of 16.07%, indicating that a significant portion of users find the platform engaging enough to explore further. The average visit duration of 8 minutes and 44 seconds further signifies the platform’s ability to capture and hold users’ attention.

ChatGPT’s Active Users Reveals a Compelling Narrative:

The data surrounding ChatGPT’s active users reveals a compelling narrative:

1. Unprecedented Early Adoption: The speed at which ChatGPT gained 1 million active users in the initial days of the release highlights its immediate resonance with users seeking creative and intelligent text generation.

2. Remarkable Growth Trajectory: Attaining 100 million active users within just four months is a testament to ChatGPT’s exceptional growth rate, indicating its widespread recognition and rapid expansion.

3. Substantial Engagement: The massive number of users in March 2023, coupled with the average of 6.67 pages per visit, signifies a high level of user engagement and interaction with ChatGPT’s functionalities.

4. Sustained Popularity: The consistent user engagement in subsequent months, reflected in the substantial user counts for February and January 2023, suggests that ChatGPT’s appeal is not a fleeting trend but a sustained phenomenon.

5. User-Friendly Experience: The bounce rate of 16.07% indicates that a significant portion of visitors find ChatGPT’s offerings compelling and engaging enough to continue exploring beyond their initial interaction.

6. Extended User Attention: The average visit duration of 8 minutes and 44 seconds showcases ChatGPT’s ability to captivate users and provide them with meaningful interactions and responses.

Collectively, these insights highlight ChatGPT’s rapid ascent and continued popularity in the online landscape, with users engaging extensively with its capabilities and experiencing prolonged interactions.

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Conclusion: ChatGPT Statistics & User Numbers 2024

ChatGPT Statistics & User Numbers show that ChatGPT has become super popular! In 2024, it’s clear that loads of people are using ChatGPT for all sorts of cool stuff.

From chatting and getting help with questions to learning new things, ChatGPT’s user numbers are really impressive. It’s amazing to see how many people are enjoying and relying on this smart chatbot!

The age of AI-driven potential is here, and ChatGPT stands at the forefront of this remarkable journey.

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