How to Download Instagram Stories 2024? (Top 11 Tools)

If you’re like me, you’ve probably seen some amazing Instagram stories that you just wish you could keep forever.

Whether it’s a funny moment, a beautiful scene, or a handy tip, these stories can be golden. But they vanish in 24 hours, right? Well, not anymore!

I’ve been exploring and testing different tools that let you download these stories easily, and I’m here to spill the beans on which ones are the best.

So, if you’re curious about How to Download Instagram Stories In 2024 before they disappear, stick around. I’ve got some fantastic tools to share with you!

Reasons to Download Other Users’ Stories

Let’s talk about Instagram stories. You know they only last for 24 hours, right? But what if you want to keep them for longer?

Maybe you’re managing different Instagram profiles or running a personal blog, and you’re always hunting for new, exciting content ideas to keep your followers interested. No one likes boring, repetitive posts, so it’s smart to look around for inspiration.

Here’s a tip: keep an eye on what your competitors or other cool profiles are posting in their stories. This isn’t about copying their stuff – it’s about sparking new ideas for your own posts.


When you see something you like, save it to a special folder. Think of it as a collection of inspirations for your own unique content.

Also, lots of people love sharing their life moments on Instagram. Whether it’s travel pics, weekend parties, family dinners, or just a casual coffee date, these stories are full of memories.

But since they disappear after a day, saving them is a great way to hold onto those moments forever.

And guess what? You can even show your Instagram stories on your website. There’s this cool option where you can add an Instagram stories widget. You can try it for free and keep your website visitors up to date with your Instagram adventures. 

How to Download Instagram Stories In 2024? (Top 11 Tools)

So, now let me tell you the top tools that will help you download Instagram stories that you like and want to keep. 

1. Toolzu – Download Stories On the Web

 I’ve got to tell you about my absolute favorite tool for saving Instagram stories – it’s called Toolzu. It’s perfect for downloading Instagram stories, posts, and even IGTV videos. 

Trust me, it’s a game-changer, especially if you love keeping those special Instagram moments. The best part? It’s super simple to use, and it’s free!

Toolzu is more than just a story saver. It’s a handy tool for anyone who wants to keep Instagram content. And if you find yourself using it a lot, there’s a premium version, too.

With premium, you get unlimited downloads, faster speeds, and no ads. I think it’s a fantastic tool for Instagram lovers!

Key Features of Toolzu:

Hashtag Generator: Toolzu’s Instagram hashtag generator quickly generates relevant hashtags with access to over 12 million hashtags and cross-language searches, which is ideal for international campaigns.

Profile Analyzer: This feature analyzes Instagram profiles with over 10 metrics, including follower count, engagement rate, user activity, and more. It helps evaluate your own or competitors’ performance.

Downloader: Toolzu has an Instagram downloader that lets you save photos, IGTV videos, stories, and profile pictures. Just copy the Instagram content’s URL and paste it into Toolzu’s downloader.

Profile Search and Viewer: This service enables users to search and view Instagram profiles. It’s a convenient way to explore Instagram content without the need to switch between apps.

Online Image Editor: In addition to its Instagram-focused tools, Toolzu offers an online image editor. This editor provides basic functionalities like adding filters, frames, stickers, or text, and it also allows you to rotate, mirror, and resize photos.

Here’s How to Use Toolzu:

Step 1. Open your browser:

Just type in your browser and hit enter.

Step 2. Find the Instagram Story Saver:

Once you’re on Toolzu’s website, look for the feature named “Instagram Story Saver.”

Step 3. Enter the Instagram account name:

write the name

In a white box on the page, type the name of the Instagram account you want stories from. Remember, the account should be public.

Step 4. Click Download:

Download the story

After typing the account name, press the blue “Download” button.

Step 5. Save the story:

You’ll see all the stories from that account. To save one, just click the Download button again.

2. Regrann

Regrann is a free app you can get for both Android and iOS phones. It lets you download and repost various types of content from Instagram, like stories, photos, feed videos, IGTV, Reels, and highlights. But remember, it only works for public Instagram profiles.

Key Features of Regrann:

Multiple Content Types: Regrann isn’t limited to just Instagram stories. It allows you to download a variety of content from Instagram, including photos, feed videos, IGTV videos, Reels, and highlights.

Reposting Capability: One of the standout features of Regrann is the ability to easily repost downloaded content directly to your Instagram feed or story. This is particularly useful for users who manage pages for marketing or content curation purposes.

User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed to be straightforward and easy to use. The process of downloading and reposting content is streamlined, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Works with Public Profiles: Regrann can only download content from public Instagram profiles. This means that the profile you want to download from must not be set to private.

Here’s How to Use it, Step by Step:

Step 1. Open Instagram:

Start by opening the Instagram app on your phone. On the home page, there’s a section for Instagram stories. Pick any story from an account you’re interested in.

Step 2. Access Story Menu:

After opening the story, look for a small icon with three dots at the top right corner of the screen. Tap on this to bring up a menu.

Step 3. Share the Story:

From the options that appear, select “Share to…”. This allows you to share the story outside of Instagram.

Step 4. Choose Regrann:

Your phone will show a list of different apps where you can share the story. Find and select the Regrann app from this list.

Step 5. Save the Story with Regrann:

Once Regrann is open, it will give you options for what to do with the story. Choose the option to save the story to your device.

After completing these steps, the Instagram story you chose will be downloaded onto your phone, and you can find it in your downloads folder.

3. is another awesome way to download Instagram stories right from your browser. It’s really similar to Toolzu and super easy to use.

You can save stories from any public Instagram account or even their story highlights. Since it works directly in your web browser, there’s no need to download or install any software on your device.

Go to the website

This makes it super convenient, especially if you’re not a fan of downloading extra apps. Not only can you download regular stories, but you can also save those specially curated Story Highlights that users post on their profiles.

This feature is particularly useful for capturing the essence of someone’s Instagram presence.

Here are Some of its Key Features:

Ease of Use: You can download content by simply entering the Instagram username and clicking the download button.

Downloading Stories and Highlights: It allows for the downloading of current stories or story archives (highlights) from public Instagram accounts.

Compatibility with Devices: works with various devices including iPhones (requires iOS 13 or higher), Android devices, and also on Windows or Mac computers.

Privacy Focused: The platform does not keep a history of the downloaded content, ensuring user privacy.

Accessibility: No need to install any software; the service is accessible directly through a web browser.

Let me Break Down the Steps For You:

Step 1. Go to the website:

Open your browser and type in

Step 2. Open StorySaver:

Go to the website

Just click to enter the StorySaver platform.

Step 3. Find the account:

Find the account

There’s a search bar where you type the Instagram account name you’re interested in. Then hit the green “Download” button.

Step 4. Download the stories:

Download the stories

All the stories from that account will pop up. You can then download them one by one to your device.

4. InStore

InStore is an app that lets you download Instagram stories, posts, videos, profile pictures, and profiles. It’s a third-party app, meaning it’s not made by Instagram but works with it.

Open the App

The story will be saved in your phone’s storage or gallery. In addition to story saving, InStore offers other features like a hashtag generator, caption generator, and photo grid.

Key Features Include:

Downloading Instagram Content: You can download Instagram posts, stories, Reels, highlights, and display pictures (DPs).

General Tools: The app provides a range of tools like a Collage Maker, a Resize tool for photos, a Grid Maker, a DP Creator, and a WhatsApp Downloader.

Content Discovery: InStore includes a feature to discover short videos across various categories.

Social Media Management Tools: It has tools like a Hashtag Generator and Caption Generator, designed to enhance social media posts.

Here’s a Simplified Explanation of How to Use InStore:

Step 1. Open InStore App:

First, start the InStore app on your phone.

Step 2. Select Story Saver:

Open the App

In the app, find and tap on the ‘Story Saver’ option.

Step 3. Log in to Instagram:

Next, log into your Instagram account through InStore by entering your Instagram login details.

Step 4. Choose a Story:

user name

After logging in, you’ll see Instagram stories just like in the Instagram app. Pick the story you want to download.

Step 5. Download the Story:

download it

Finally, click the ‘Download’ option to save the story to your phone.

5. Story Saver

Story Saver for Instagram is a mobile app for downloading Instagram stories. The story will be saved in your phone’s storage. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and offers a premium subscription to remove ads and add multilingual support.

Key Features of Story Saver:

Ease of Use: The app’s straightforward interface makes it simple to log in and navigate.

Direct Profile Access: Users can directly access and view stories from any Instagram profile they follow, enhancing convenience.

Selective Downloading: The ability to choose specific stories to download allows for personalized content management.

Integration with Instagram Account: The requirement to log in with an Instagram account ensures a seamless and secure connection to users’ social media content.

Here’s a Simplified Guide On How to Use It:

Story Saver

Step 1. Open App:

Start the Story Saver app on your phone.

Step 2. Log In:

Click on the login option to connect your Instagram account with the app.

Step 3. Choose a Story:

You’ll see a list of people you follow who have active stories. Select the one you want to download.

Step 4. Download:

When the story you want is displayed, click the button with a red circle and an arrow to save it to your device.

6. is a web-based tool for downloading Instagram stories. Offers Several Features:

Download Instagram Stories: Allows users to download Instagram stories using the story’s URL.

Easy Web Access: Accessible directly through a web browser without the need to install any software.

Simple Interface: The website has a user-friendly interface with a straightforward process for downloading.

Multiple Content Types: Besides stories, it may support downloading other types of Instagram content.

No Account Login Required: Users don’t need to log into their Instagram account on SnapInsta to download content

Here’s How to Use it in Simple Steps:

Step 1. Log into Instagram:

First, open your web browser and log into your Instagram account.

Step 2. Choose a Story:

Open the page

Find and select the story you want to download from any Instagram profile.

Step 3. Copy Story URL:

When the story is open, copy its URL from the browser’s address bar.

Step 4. Open SnapInsta:

In a new browser tab, go to the SnapInsta website.

Step 5. Paste URL and Download:

Enter the url

On the SnapInsta page, paste the copied URL into a provided field and click the “Download” button.

Step 6. Save the Story:

click download

You’ll see a list of stories from that Instagram account. Click the download option next to the one you want to save.

After these steps, the story will be saved to your computer’s download folder. This process makes it easy to download and save Instagram stories using just their URLs.

7. is a website that lets you anonymously view and download Instagram stories.

Here are the Features that Make it Stand Out: 

Anonymously View and Download Stories: Allows users to view and download Instagram stories without revealing their identity.

Easy Web Access: Can be accessed through any standard web browser, no installation needed.

Simple Search Functionality: Users can search for stories by entering an Instagram username.

Direct Download Option: Provides a straightforward option to download stories directly to the device.

User-Friendly Interface: The website has an intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use.

Here’s a Simple Guide on How to Use It:

Step 1. Visit the Website:

Open your web browser and go to

Step 2. Use the Search Bar:

On the homepage, you’ll find a search bar. Type the Instagram username of the profile whose story you want to download and press Enter.

Step 3. Select the Story:

Select the Story

The website will display all the current stories from the entered profile. Look through these stories.

Step 4. Download:

Click the ‘download’ option for the story you wish to save. It will then be saved to your device.

This process is straightforward and allows you to download stories from Instagram without revealing your identity.

8. StoriesDown 

StoriesDown is a tool for downloading Instagram stories directly from your web browser.

open StoriesDown 

This tool is designed to be fast and user-friendly, allowing you to easily save stories from any Instagram account you choose. Offers Several Key Features:

Web-Based Tool: Accessible directly through a web browser without needing any software installation.

Easy Profile Search: Users can search for Instagram profiles using a simple search bar.

Instant Downloads: Offers the capability to download Instagram stories and posts quickly.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, ensuring a straightforward experience for users.

No Account Login Needed: Users can download content without logging into their Instagram account.

Let me Explain StoriesDown Easily in Steps: 

Step 1. Visit StoriesDown:

Go to in your web browser.

Step 2. Search for a Profile:

open StoriesDown 

Use the search bar on the home page to type in the Instagram username of the account you’re interested in.

Step 3. Find and Download Stories:

Find and Download Stories

After searching, you’ll see a list of stories posted by that account. Choose the story you want to download and click the ‘download’ button.

9. FastSave

FastSave is a Chrome extension and mobile app designed for downloading Instagram stories and posts.

Find the extension

FastSave Offers Several Features:

Chrome Extension and Mobile App: Available as both a Chrome browser extension and a mobile application for Android and iOS devices.

Download Instagram Stories and Posts: Enables users to download stories and feed posts from Instagram.

Easy to Add and Use: Can be easily added to Chrome and used directly from the browser.

User-Friendly Interface: Designed for simplicity and ease of use

Here’s a Brief Explanation of How to Use It:

Step 1. Find the Extension:

Find the extension

Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for “FastSave for Instagram.”

Step 2. Install FastSave:

Install FastSave

Click on the FastSave extension in the search results and add it to Chrome.

Step 3. Using FastSave:

Once installed, open FastSave from the Chrome extensions area.

Step 4. Download Stories:

On Instagram, navigate to the story you want to download and click the download arrow in the top right corner of the story.

The downloaded story will be saved in your download folder. This extension offers a convenient way to save Instagram stories and posts directly from your Chrome browser.

10. Save-Insta

Save-Insta is a web-based tool for downloading content from Instagram. Save-Insta allows for the downloading of various Instagram content types, including stories, photos, videos, Reels, and profile pictures.

Open Save-Insta

It’s free and accessible on both computers and mobile devices. Offers a Range of Features:

Story Downloading: Enables users to download Instagram stories.

Support for Various Content Types: Apart from stories, it allows downloading photos, videos, Reels, and profile pictures.

Web-Based Access: Accessible through any web browser without the need for software installation.

Free to Use: The platform is completely free.

User-Friendly Interface: Simplified process for searching and downloading content.

Mobile Accessibility: Can be used on both computers and mobile devices.

Here’s an Explanation of How to Use Save-Insta:

Step 1. Access Save-Insta:

Go to in your web browser.

Step 2. Navigate to Story Feature:

Open Save-Insta

On Save-Insta’s homepage, click the ‘Story’ option to start downloading Instagram stories.

Step 3. Enter Username or URL:


Type the Instagram profile name you want to download stories from, or paste the story’s URL, and then click ‘View’.

Step 4. Download Content:

Download Content

You’ll see a list of available stories from the profile. Click the ‘download’ button to save your desired story.

11. EmbedStories

EmbedStories is a unique platform that connects to your Instagram account to download and save your Instagram stories automatically.


It works by integrating officially with Instagram’s API, which means once it’s set up, it functions smoothly without needing further manual input.

EmbedStories Offers Several Features:

Automated Story Downloads: Automatically saves Instagram stories once connected to your account.

Official API Integration: Uses Instagram’s official API for seamless functionality.

Story Archive: Creates an archive of all your Instagram stories in one place.

Website Widget Creation: Enables users to create a widget to display stories interactively on a website.

Increased Story Reach: Helps in extending the reach of Instagram stories beyond the app.

Free Trial Available: Offers a free 7-day trial for new users.

Easy Website Embedding: Simplifies the process of embedding Instagram stories on websites.

Here are the Steps to Use EmbedStories:

Step 1. Connect Your Instagram:

Link your Instagram account to EmbedStories.

Step 2. Automatic Download:

The platform automatically downloads and saves your Instagram stories.

Step 3. API Integration:

Utilizes official Instagram API for seamless operation.

Step 4. Create a Widget:

Generate a widget to display your stories on a website.

Step 5. Increase Story Reach:

Enhance the visibility of your stories beyond the Instagram app.

Step 6. Start with a Trial:

Begin using EmbedStories with a free 7-day trial.

Step 7. Embed on Website:

Embed your Instagram stories widget on your website with a few clicks.


🤔 How can I download Instagram stories?

To download Instagram stories, you can use third-party apps or websites. These services often require you to enter the username of the Instagram account you want to download stories from.

📱 Are there any mobile apps for downloading Insta stories?

Yes, there are mobile apps available for both Android and iOS that allow you to download Instagram stories.

👀 Will the account owner know if I download their Insta story?

Generally, the account owner is not notified when you download their story using third-party tools.

🔄 Can I download expired Instagram stories?

Once an Instagram story has expired (after 24 hours), it cannot be downloaded through regular means. However, if the story is added to Highlights by the user, it can still be accessed and downloaded.

🌐 Are online downloaders for Instagram stories free?

Many online downloaders offer free services for downloading Instagram stories. Some might have premium features for additional functionality, but basic downloading is usually free of charge.

🔍 Can I download stories from private Instagram accounts?

Downloading stories from private accounts is typically not possible with third-party tools unless you are an approved follower of the account.

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Conclusion: How to Download Instagram Stories In 2024?

In my experience, downloading Instagram stories is a great way to preserve life memories or gather content inspiration from various profiles.

I’ve found a range of third-party apps, like mobile apps, Chrome extensions, and web platforms, that effectively help in downloading these stories.

I recommend using Toolzu. It’s free and easy to use, allowing you to download stories without watermarks. It’s also useful for downloading other types of content.

Just a reminder, though – these tools work for public profiles or ones I follow. 

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