ZonGuru Review 2024🚀Best Toolkit for Amazon Seller?

ZonGuru Review

Overall Verdict

ZonGuru is the one-stop solution, offering all the sales and research monitoring; it offers automation and detailed data insight to grow your Amazon business.

Out of 10


  • Niche Finder
  • Keyword on Fire
  • Listing Optimizer ZonGuru
  • Sales Spy
  • Email Automation
  • IP Monitor


  • Little Bit Expensive
  • Limited Pricing Plans


Price: $ 49

Welcome to ZonGuru Review 2024 and the reason why I say it’s a complete toolkit for Amazon Seller.

If you’re selling on Amazon, you know that it’s not always easy to find the best products to sell. You need to be aware of any changes in market trends and demand.

ZonGuru’s suite of tools for Amazon sellers is designed to take the stress out of finding profitable products, so you can spend more time running your business.

Find the winning products with our advanced product research tools. Automate your emails with our email templates. Save time with our eBay listing tool. ZonGuru offers a free trial so you can try it risk-free.

ZonGuru Review

ZonGuru Review 2024: 17-in-1 Amazon FBA Tool

ZonGuru Review

Curious to know more about ZonGuru? Well, check our in-depth ZonGuru Review which included detailed insights into ZonGuru & covers all aspects of this all-in-one Amazon seller suite known as ZonGuru that are Key Features, Benefits, Pricing, and More, I can ensure you once you go through my entire review of ZonGuru, you will have your reason to go for the tool.

With more competition than ever out there, any serious Amazon seller needs to think about signing up for a tool suite. It’s a serious investment, but highly worth it; any edge you can get could mean the difference between big-time sales and piles of unsold inventory.

ZonGuru, a relatively new player in the Amazon selling tool space, offers an all-in-one tool suite that helps FBA entrepreneurs find/validate new products, locate manufacturers, optimize listings, and monitor their business health.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront

ZonGuru is a pack of tools for professional Amazon sellers that covers product research, eBay listing, email automation, and more than that it is an Amazon selling tool. ZonGuru offers the most accurate estimation & data in the industry. If you’re an Amazon seller and you want to turbocharge your business, ZonGuru’s collection of 17 tools is exactly what you need.

A great tool for researching markets and products, and it may truly assist sellers save time as they expand their businesses. Even while sellers can receive more tools and features than they actually require or know how to use, the ones they do receive will undoubtedly show their value.

ZonGuru Review

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What is Zonguru?

Sporting a small, lean team ZonGuru’s selling point is “for sellers, by sellers.” Started by seasoned FBA seller Jon Tilley in 2014, they’ve slowly and surely been making a name for themselves by providing easy-to-use tools that Amazon sellers of any level can wrap their heads around along with a steady stream of educational content to help them get the most out of their experience.

ZonGuru-Data-Centric-Tools - Zonguru Review

They offer a web-based software platform along with a mobile app. Their approach to FBA selling is very data-centric, and it shows in all of their tools. I found that everyone displayed a huge amount of data front and center. For the sake of this review, we’re going to cover the web-based platform.

Let’s break down some of their tools to help you decide if they’re the right fit for your business.

ZonGuru Features & Benefits

ZonGuru offers numerous tools to help new and experienced sellers choose a viable product to list. In this section, we’ll cover 3 of them: Niche Finder, Chrome Extension, and Love/Hate.

1. Niche Finder

Niche Finder is where ZonGuru users should begin their search for a profitable product. It has two modes: Easy Mode, where you simply run a search and apply a preset filter based on your needs, and Advanced Mode, which gives you the power to run your own custom filters for more specific results.

ZonGuru Review - Niche Finder

With Easy Mode, all you need to do is enter a keyword, and select a product category. A list of product niches displaying custom ZonGuru metrics: Niche Score, Competition, Investment (the average initial investment you need to make to stay competitive, Revenue Potential, and the Niche Score (the average of the previous 4 metrics).

This gives users a convenient way to browse the results and easily find one that might interest them. The 3 filtering options (Easy Starter, Business Builder, and Big Hitter) allow you to filter out results based on your business needs to help save time.

ZonGuru Review - Organic Seeds

Clicking on an individual result provides even more useful data, including the top 24 products in that niche along with the average PPC bid, the average price per unit, the estimated launch budget, and more.

For power users who want more control over their results, Niche Finder offers an Advanced Mode that lets you set your own custom filters that help tailor your results even more. Filtering options include Search Volume, Launch Budget, Buyer Demand, and more.

ZonGuru-Review- Niche Finder

Overall, Niche Finder proves to be an intuitive and quick way to find product niches worth your time. However, Niche Finder uses historical data that is intermittently updated. In order to actually validate a product niche, you need to look deeper with their Chrome Extension.

2. Chrome Extension

ZonGuru’s Chrome Extension displays a lot of the same data you see in Niche Finder. The difference, though, is that it is live data. All you need to do is search for a product, and Chrome Extension displays the data in a window at the bottom of your browser.

ZonGuru Review - Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension’s live data, unintrusive UI, and ability to move listings into ZonGuru’s Sales Spy tool make it a valuable tool for any seller looking to validate a niche.

3. Love/Hate

We’re going to jump ahead a little to Love/Hate, a tool that analyzes all the reviews for any ASIN and displays a word cloud containing commonly used words and phrases from 5- and 1-star reviews. It’s designed to help sellers get into the mind of their ideal customers and provide inspiration for product differentiation ideas that grab attention and conversions. Take a look.

ZonGuru Review - Love Hate

The word cloud provides a quick glance at product features customers like and dislike. To get a closer look, you just click on a phrase. This brings up all the reviews containing it so you can find out exactly what’s on the customer’s mind. Love/Hate’s simplicity scores big points and saves users a lot of time that would have been spent manually reading reviews.

These tools are a fraction of ZonGuru’s entire suite. Let’s move on to their tools geared toward sellers.

ZonGuru Sellers Tool

For those of you looking to optimize your listing for maximum traffic, ZonGuru’s two biggest offers are Keywords on Fire and Listing Optimizer. Used in conjunction, they can help you rank up fast.

Keyword on Fire

zonguru review - Keyword on Fire

Keywords on Fire is ZonGuru’s flagship tool and with good reason. In order to get started, all you need to do is add a couple of ASINs to a session. You can do this either by entering the actual ASIN or by searching for product phrases (i.e., “charm bracelets for kids”).

It then spits out an enormous, de-duped list of potential keywords along with the data behind each one. Here’s a look at a typical KWOF session:

ZonGuru-Review - Keyword On Fire

As you can see, it provides useful metrics such as KW$ (how much revenue each keyword pulls in), average PPC bid, search volume, and more. It automatically sorts results in descending order, starting from the highest-performing keywords and downwards. It also lets you exclude phrases with certain words in them, a small feature I found very helpful.

ZonGuru-Review- Costomize

The best part, though, is that these lists are entirely customizable. You get to choose what data points you want to see. Do you only want to see PPC bids? All you have to do is click on that little gear icon in the top right, and a menu showing all the available views appears. Choose which ones you want to see, and press apply.

My personal favorite is the Competitor’s Positions view. 

This view provides an easy-to-follow visualization of where each ASIN in your session ranks for each keyword. I love it because it gives me a clear idea of what keywords are competitive, and which aren’t. And those spots with a “-” in them? That means they aren’t ranked at all, which means I don’t have to spend a ton of money trying to run PPC campaigns for it.

ZonGuru-Review- Competitor Record

Overall, Keywords on Fire is all it’s cracked up to be. It gives me all the data I need and lets me play with it however I want thanks to its customization features.

Listing Optimizer ZonGuru

Keywords on Fire makes it easy to transport everything over to Listing Optimizer, which… You guessed it, helps you optimize your listings. It does this by ranking your listing based on where you place your keywords, and how powerful the keyword is.

The tool provides fields for every section of an Amazon listing (Title, Description, bullet points, etc), including fields for backend search terms! This small little touch helps give your listing an edge, as a lot of sellers don’t even know about search terms. All you need to do is type a keyword phrase from your list, and it automatically updates your score:

ZonGuru-Review- Listing Optimizer

It also provides you with the combined potential revenue and search volume of all the keywords in your listing, giving you a great idea of how well-optimized your listing is. On top of this, it compares your listing optimization score (an exclusive ZonGuru metric) against other ZonGuru members, giving you the incentive to keep on tweaking.

Also, notice that tab on the top of the listing? That’s a competing listing.

With Listing Optimizer, you have the ability to add up to 8 competing ASINs so you can compare your listing against them. Once you’re done, you can upload your finished listing to Amazon with the click of a mouse.

The verdict? ZonGuru’s seller tools are extremely easy to use, provide a ton of data, and help you bring in the most traffic possible.

ZonGuru Pricing |  How Much Does ZonGuru Cost?

ZonGuru provides 2 membership levels: Researcher and Seller. Each one is tailored towards FBA sellers of different levels. The starter plan only provides access to the product research tools, while Business and Plus differ by the number of tool sessions they provide. They also provide an enterprise solution under which they offered tailored pricing for your business.

You have the option to either pay monthly or pay for an entire year upfront at a discounted price. Considering the number of options they provide, I found these options to be very reasonable.



Another thing I liked is the ability to customize your membership with add-on packages. Most of the tools come with a limit on how many sessions you can use per 30 days, with the Starter plan having the least.


However, you can purchase more sessions for each tool. For example, if I wanted to perform my keyword research on my Starter account without having to completely upgrade, I can just purchase 10 more Keywords on Fire sessions per 30 days. I really enjoyed this feature as it gave me more control over my ZonGuru experience.

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ZonGuru-User Review on Trustpilot


Best ZonGuru Alternative

1) Helium 10

Helium-10 - ZonGuru Alternative (zonguru review)

Helium 10 is the perfect tool for any e-commerce entrepreneur looking to grow their business and make more money.

This software provider offers a wide variety of tools that will help you boost your sales on Amazon, find new products quicker than ever before, and reach customers all around the world with just one click.

If you’ve been struggling to sell enough items or wondering how else can I get your product out there without having to spend hours each day doing it yourself – Helium10 has got everything covered! Get Started with Helium 10 at just $37 per month.

2) Jazva

Jazva-ZonGuru Alternative (zonguru review)

Jazva is an e-commerce software that has a cloud for high-volume retailers and wholesalers.

The Jazva platform helps automate, simplify, and synchronize multichannel selling with features like listing management to help sell your products online through various channels such as Amazon fulfillment services or in person at the store itself while also managing inventory levels across all customers on one screen.

For those looking for customer relationship management (CRM), order fulfillment tools including FBA by Amazon can be implemented seamlessly into their system without any extra costs from third parties; they offer interactive analytics so you know where your business stands depending on what kind of product it revolves around! Get Started with Java at just $299 per month.

3) Egrow

Egrow - zonguru alternative (zonguru review)

The Egrow is the best way to stay on top of your game.

You can use it as daily market analysis so you know what products are selling well and which ones should be avoided, or how many units someone bought in total each day of this week compared with the last one-two month for any period desired by either client base expansion purposes.

It saves time because now there’s no need to search through old data when dealing directly from our website instead!

egrow pricing is free for the basic plan. The standard plan is $12, and the plus at $16. egrow offers access to half the items, 5 tracked catchphrases, 5 tracked items, 20 live inquiries about everyday things, and 7 days of item history with the basic plan.

The data Egrow analyzes millions of products on the Amazon marketplace and aggregates sales data into easy-to-understand charts.

Click Here to read our detailed egrow.io review.

Jungle Scout vs Zonguru Review

Jungle Scout Vs Zonguru Review

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout vs Zonguru Review - Jungle Scout

You can find quality, reliable suppliers in just a couple of seconds with their newest feature. This allows for varied filters which include the category and review counts to help remove what you do not need.

They provide all information on consumer trends using the AccuSales algorithm while monitoring your product and verifying it through Product Tracker.

With Active Listings, they actively look for keyword trends that may help create better listings or increase brand exposure if used right so users are able to drive extra sales when needed!


Jungle Scout vs Zonguru Review - ZonGuru

Zonguru Features

Business Dashboard keeps you up with important trends and metrics. Sale Spy takes fresh, real data are taken directly from Amazon’s API to help choose products with high demand and top profit margins.

Email Automator assures better connectedness and engagement by streamlining it while automating email responses for when customers get frustrated or bored waiting on a reply back from your team that may have missed their question in the first place (because of how cluttered inboxes can be).

Chrome Extension makes product research easier which gives an inside look into what people rate as the best-sellers out there; this is where ‘bestseller rank’ comes into play – knowing if yours ranks well against others will mean more sales! Keyword Tracker easily monitors where your products.

Keyword Listing Optimizer helps you analyze your visibility for all key search terms, and Product Monitor provides instant alerts on any product review or listing hijack so that you remain in control of your business.

Your orders help Zonguru make sure that customers are satisfied and they never lose track of the most important aspects to keep a healthy company, IP monitor also makes it easy to detect shady sellers trying to steal intellectual property from businesses like yours.

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FAQ related to Zonguru Review

🤔What are the marketplaces supported by ZonGuru?

Zonguru is functional on the territory of Europe, Australia & North America and Soon, it will be available for India and Japan.

✅Can I connect my Seller Account to ZonGuru?

The process is simple, click on the “Connect” button, and follow all the steps you see on a screen. As a seller, you will get the following option to access Business Dashboard, Email Automator, Alerts, and more.

✅What is ZonGuru billing currency?

ZonGuru billing currency is in dollars as it’s a US-based company.

👉 How can we connect Amazon Seller Central to ZonGuru?

First of all we need to select ‘Assistant Manager’ from the top-right drop-down menu and then add the email address of the user and select the tools to which you would like to provide access, then click send. Now click ‘Assistant Account’ from the same place that is the top-right drop-down menu by logging into their Zonguru account, then click on ‘Manage’ and access the tools.

👉 What do we need to renew Zonguru’s Access to your Seller Central Account?

To renew the Zonguru’s Access you all need to do some basic steps:- The first log in into Seller Central and click ‘Apps and Services’ then click on ‘Manage Your Apps’. Now scroll down until you see the ‘Renew’ button, then click to renew.

👉 Is ZonGuru any good?

Zonguru has been a very tool to all the business owners while building their Amazon business. their data is accurate & the software functioning is easy to use understand and use. Zonguru is for sure is among the best tool in the market.

👉What is ZonGuru?

ZonGuru is a tools suite for Amazon sellers, covering all the key factor to run a successful amazon business which covers email automation, eBay listing, product research and more.

👉 How much does ZonGuru cost?

ZonGuru has 2 different plan to offer that are researcher plan that cost $39 per month and seller plan that cost $49 per month these plan includes features like support, expand, engagement, monitoring, metrics listing optimization and product research.

👉Does ZonGuru work in UK?

Yes, It works in UK, the process goes like if you decide to start selling online you can choose market like Italy, spain, France, UK and Germany in Europe the fulfilling centre be any of them.

👉Is ZonGuru accurate?

ZonGuru is a great tool to stay up-to date with the latest and greatest when it comes to data accuracy. They update their database regularly, which means that even if they aren't 100% accurate right away, you'll soon see all new changes made available for your convenience as well!

👉 What steps do we need to follow to connect my Seller Account MWS to ZonGuru?

Step 1:-If you have a Seller Account already then you can connect your ‘MWS’ to ZonGuru with a simple click on connect in ZonGuru.

Step 2:-Now you will reach the next page then click on ‘Connect to MWS’.

Step 3:-Now you will get a pop up that will redirect you to Amazon then you need to do some simple steps which are ‘follow the prompts that Amazon provides you.

Final Thought: ZonGuru Review 2024

The final verdict? I highly enjoyed my ZonGuru experience. All of their tools were very easy to use and sport clean intuitive interfaces. The data they give you is very accurate, and all of their services are backed by exceptional educational content and customer service.

Their hard work shows as you can see from the customer testimonials provided by Trustpilot

If you’re looking for an affordable, customizable Amazon selling toolset to help launch your FBA business, ZonGuru offers everything you need. Check them out now by signing up for their 7-day free trial.

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9 User Reviews on ZonGuru Review

  1. Zonguru (ZG) dominates online selling software. ZG tools are easy to use and save time on product research and keywords. I’m grateful and would suggest them, especially Darren, who has helped me several times. Maintain your excellence!

  2. I ended their 7-day free trial on day 3 since I think there are better alternatives. When I cancelled, they said they wouldn’t charge. I blocked my credit card since they might try to charge me. I was right, so I called my card merchant to halt payments. According to other reports, they take payment after 7 days and don’t refund.

  3. I’ve been an Amazon seller for four years and Zonguru has evolved with the business to stay ahead. Product research, KPI monitoring, and company value monitoring are easy on the dashboard. Excellent customer service and continuing trainings. Amazon toolset essential.

  4. One of the key factors in my ability to scale my firm so quickly is Zonguru, in especially the Dashboard. I adore the dashboard since it allows me to quickly check the number of daily ppc sales and organic sales in an easy-to-read pie chart, either for each individual sku or for all skus together. Love it. This changes the game.

  5. As I’ve been using Zonguru for a year, I can attest to how user-friendly the UI is, and they constantly introduce new features for both buyers and sellers. Well done.

  6. What a wonderful resource; it’s like having X-ray glasses. removes all the uncertainty associated with selecting a product that will sell well.

  7. I used the listing optimizer tool because my listing wasn’t doing well. start your sales. Everyone who is struggling on Amazon or is just getting started should try it, in my opinion.

  8. I really appreciate the internet support. Other than that, I’ve had no trouble finding products. Online training conflicts with my work schedule, which causes me to fall behind.

  9. I am currently taking advantage of the free trial, and I am really impressed by how simple it is to operate.

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