How To Get Started With YouTube Marketing 2024?

I knew YouTube was the future of video. Google rarely buys dead leads.

YouTube is now the second-largest search engine. Everything uses it. Learning new skills. Entertaining youngsters. Live events. YouTube does it.

Why is YouTube marketing important? Exposure and money, I think. YouTube has almost 2 billion monthly viewers. YouTube pays the average US channel generated over $1,000 per week in 2022.

This guide will walk you through YouTube marketing, from setting goals to branding your channel to providing content.

Keep reading for YouTube marketing examples, planning recommendations, and more.

Set YouTube Marketing Goals

Set YouTube Marketing Goals

Video content requires a YouTube marketing strategy. That’s my most essential YouTube marketing lesson.

I focus on getting folks into our marketing funnel. We target keywords like videos, video strategy, and how to generate videos to promote our product.

Subtlety matters. The video below shows viewers why they need by generating YouTube videos regarding general specialty themes.

1) It shows how to build a great YouTube video.

2) It illustrates the effort required to create great YouTube content.

The content teaches new skills. However, some may remark, “Wow, that looks like a lot of work; there must be an easier way.”

We’re not into large, in-your-face sales content. I love organic YouTube marketing. Seed and wait.

You might base your strategy on other goals. Among the most common:

  • brand recognition
  • Become a thought leader.
  • New customers
  • Keep customers.
  • Increase your traffic

Create Your Channel and Brand It

I experimented with our YouTube channel. I wish I had understood branding better.

Many content providers urge fledgling firms to create content immediately. I recommend branding your YouTube channel first. It establishes a foundation.

Branded YouTube channels help you increase brand awareness, loyalty, consistency, and differentiation. Business exposure is huge. I follow this brand account checklist:

  • Banners Should Have Calls-To-Action
  • Claim Your Custom URL and Use Banner Links to Drive Traffic
  • Improve Channel Description
  • Profile Picture: Logo
  • Channel Trailer Breaks Fourth Wall

Schedule Content and Posting

As shown in the video below, Gary Vaynerchuk is frequently asked about posting content regularly.

His reply? Quality content, I mostly agree. More good video material will increase brand visibility. I understand how hard it is to produce must-watch content.

YouTube marketing requires consistency. Post daily or weekly. Start by making a video every other day, or three times a week.

Branding Content

Brand awareness content aims to spread your brand’s name. Thus, this video marketing emphasizes education rather than selling.

Your goal is to provide niche-related content to viewers. This content introduces your brand and piques your attention. You may sell to YouTube viewers after you have their attention.

Lead-Generating Content

Talk about your merchandise after you’ve caught your audience’s attention.

By now, YouTube viewers are considering buying. Create videos that pitch your brand as the solution to their problem.

I generate YouTube leads using five types of videos:

Product Demos: Brief videos that demonstrate your product. Focus on its solutions.

Case Studies: Actual product usage. The best case studies demonstrate how a product solves a problem.

Video Testimonials: Happy customer reviews create social proof.

Industry Explainers: Product Comparison Videos, Compare your product’s merits and downsides to a competitor’s.

Retaining Customers

YouTube channels help retain clients. Customer retention marketing maximizes customer value.

Customer retention is achieved by providing extra information that educates customers about your product or service. Example: Ikea. Ikea’s YouTube channel is full of assembly and installation videos.

Other YouTube marketing customer retention ideas:

Tutorials: Our promo video above is an excellent example of a product tutorial.

FAQ Videos: These brief videos help customer support employees answer simple product questions quickly.

Training webinars: Software companies should regularly train users to maximize product use.

Expert Advice Feature Videos: Lighthearted, easy-to-digest content that surprises about your product

YouTube Video Promotion: 5 Ways

YouTube is a “chicken-and-egg” platform. YouTube needs content data to succeed.

The YouTube algorithm cannot promote your video if no one has watched it. To avoid this, promote your YouTube channel. Early views help YouTube elevate your content in search results.

Five methods:

YouTube ads

Promote your video commercials with paid advertising. YouTube ads target YouTubers who can readily access your channel. Check YouTube analytics for the best video advertising.

Email Current Customers

Emailing consumers about new YouTube videos is a no-brainer. Every time we release a video. It’s easy and effective for early viewing. AIDA copywriting helps me get clicks. The process:

Attention: Draw readers in with a striking title.
Interest: Show how your film helps them.
Desire: Use storytelling to convince people that this video will improve their life (for your product).
Action: Tell them to “Watch Video!”

Send Channel Subscribers Push Notifications

Building a following starts with encouraging people to subscribe to your channel in every video. You can notify subscribers of new videos. Like email, this is a simple way to promote fresh content.

Embed Videos on Your Website and Blog

I embed videos on as many websites as possible, especially blogs. First, it visually enhances the text. Second, it boosts YouTube views. Third, videos keep visitors on our site longer, improving SEO. YouTube embeds are simple.

Announce on Social Media

Email and push alerts work like social media posting. To maximize views, promote your work on several platforms. Social media followers may not be mailing list subscribers. Linking to your video after the post in the comments helps boost organic visibility on social media.

Join YouTube Influencers

Influencer marketing can cheat YouTube. Partnering with an influencer with a built-in audience will save you time distributing your videos.

Influencer marketing is difficult. First, you need to find an influencer or micro-influencer (someone with under 10,000 followers, often local to your business) that works in your niche. Finding any type of influencer for a fashion brand won’t be a problem. Selling and installing security systems may be harder. I use BuzzSumo to find influencers in all niches.

Next, you must strike up a partnership that works for both parties. Your agreement could be a review in exchange for one of your products, it could be a one-off payment, or it could be a sponsorship-type deal. Either way, it is unlikely to be free.

In my experience, the pros usually outweigh the cons. As I said earlier, using an influencer allows you to tap into a ready-made audience. It also gives your brand credibility and social proof – if a trusted influencer vouches for your brand, their followers will likely do the same.

Here are a few ways I’ve used influencer marketing in the past:

Brand awareness: Sponsor a series of content or an event for brand exposure

Lead generation and sales: Use an affiliate model where the influencer is paid per click

Final Thoughts On YouTube Marketing

That’s it. Everything I’ve learned about YouTube over the last eight years.

I want to stress that these ideas have led to YouTube marketing success for us, and they can work for you too. All you need to do is open an account and start creating content. As Mr. Beast says, there’s never been a better time to start making content.

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