9 Social Media Experts Roundup (Best Social Media Tools For Brand Tracking) 2024

Here in this post, we are going to do- ‘Expert Round-Up Post On Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking In 2024‘ Let’s find out what experts are saying about this trending topic.

Experts Sharing Their Favorited Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking. Let’s See The Experts Opinion:

9 Social Media Expert Roundup- Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking 2024

1. Ron Stefanski:

I’m an internet marketing consultant, college marketing professor, and run a portfolio of successful websites focused on helping people and building communities. I spent 8+ years in the corporate marketing space until I became self-employed in 2014. I teach internet marketing and business courses at five different colleges. I own a media company which consists of a portfolio of websites ranging from 100,000 visitors to a couple thousand visitors monthly including JobsForTeensHQ.com.
Stefanski - Ron S.

Ron Stefanski Opinion: Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking?

In terms of the tools that I use for brand tracking, there are two different ones. The first is Ahrefs, which is mostly used for SEO but also does a great job analyzing competitors on a regular/ongoing basis. I’ve been using it for over three years and any new website I create, I spend a significant amount of time researching my competitors there.
Once I know who they are, I then use this same tool to track their SEO successes and strategies. The other tool I use is to track my competitors and myself is focused mainly on keyword rankings. This tool is called Accuranker and I’ve found that it helps me manage my share of voice in the niche that my website is.
With this tool, I’m able to put target keywords into a tracker that checks on results daily. Each day it lets me know where my keywords rank and over time and I’m able to see graphs that show whether or not my keywords are trending upwards or downwards.

2. Nellie Akalp

Nellie Akalp is the CEO of CorpNet.com, a trusted resource for Business Incorporation, LLC Filings, and Corporate Compliance Services in all 50 states.

NellieAkalp_Headshot - Allison Bethurem

Website/Blog: www.corpnet.com

Nellie Akalp Opinion: Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking?

My ultimate tool for brand tracking on social media is Hootsuite. They have such a user-friendly platform that makes it easy for any business owner to navigate. My team and I all interact on Hootsuite which enables us to track all types of conversations and jump in as CorpNet when it makes sense. It has greatly increased our online presence and has helped establish us as a resource for business incorporation and compliance needs.

3. Neal Schaffer

I help businesses generate greater ROI from digital and social media marketing as a consultant, speaker, author, educator, and through my agency PDCA Social.

Neal Schaffer

Website/Blog: https://nealschaffer.com

Neal Schaffer Opinion: Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking?

There are many social media tools for brand tracking, starting with the functionality included in social media dashboards such as AgoraPulse. While large consumer F500 brands will want to have a dedicated enterprise-grade social listening tool, this might not be necessary for every small business. The functionality in your social media dashboard might be sufficient. Brand mentions in the blogosphere, however, is something that I love to use SEMrush for. If you are a blogger you want backlinks, right? SEMrush’s Brand Monitoring tool, one of the many tools included in their technology, gives you a look at brand mentions throughout the Internet AND whether or not they have linked back to you with their mention. This is low-hanging fruit for link-building!

4. David Reimherr

Magnificent Marketing is a full-service marketing agency specializing in content marketing, video marketing & social media advertising.

David+Reimherr - David Reimherr

Website/Blog: www.magnificent.com

David Reimherr Opinion: Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking?

One of our favorite brand tracking tools is Ahrefs. You are able to find out the keywords other brands or companies are ranking for as well as be notified to when they get new backlinks, and when one drops off. But more than anything, you are able to research the content type that is attracting the best backlinks and shares in your marketplace. The reason this is important is that you get to see what content is resonating the best for other similar companies which will give you a ton of content ideas for your own brand (with the additional benefit of getting similar backlinks).

5.  Minuca Elena

I am a freelance writer specializing in creating expert roundups. My posts provide quality content, draw huge traffic and get backlinks. I also help bloggers connect with influencers.

Minuca Elena, - Minuca Elena

Website/Blog: http://minucaelena.com

Minuca Elena Opinion: Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking?

My favorite social media tool that I use for monitoring my brand is Agorapulse. You can use it to schedule your content and also to keep track of: reach, engagement, response rate, conversation rate, community growth etc. I use it for my main social media accounts Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You get detailed reports with all the data you need. Since I started using this tool, I saved a lot of time. Doing everything manually, nowadays, is ineffective and time-consuming. Free tools have many limitations so it is best to pay for a good tool that fits your needs.

6. Brian Liang

Brian Liang is the founder of Small Business Ideas Blog and Web Developers Etc, which offers website, hosting and design services. Sign up for his newsletter for more articles and ideas on business, marketing and achieving success.

 Brian Liang

Website/Blog: http://www.smallbusinessideasblog.com

Brian Liang Opinion: Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking?

Talkwalker is a great tool for brand tracking. Just enter your brand name and it will send email alerts to you whenever your keywords or brand is mentioned.

7. Seb Brantigan

After starting his marketing journey back in 2009, Seb has coached many businesses, coaches and entrepreneurs on how to grow their brand using social media, content creation and digital marketing.
Seb Brantigan Austin Small - Seb Brantigan

Website/Blog: https://sebbrantigan.net/about

Seb Brantigan Opinion: Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking?

One of the best social media tools I’ve found is BuzzFeed, which lets you see which content is gaining recent popularity. It helps you study other brands which are appearing regularly, see things like hashtags and recognize what kind of other brands people are responding to.

8. Venchito Tampon

CEO and Co-Founder of SharpRocket

corporate picture - Venchito Tampon

Website/Blog: https://sharprocket.com.ph/

Venchito Tampon Opinion: Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking?

Brand Mentions. This tool is not specific to social media purposes, but mainly to track any mentions of your brand assets, whether that be a product/service you’re offering, a content assets you published on your blog or a brand ambassador/staff member of your company. Mentions you tracked can later turn into links if marketers have done a diligent job in contacting them and asking for credits in a form of a link for those mentions.

Quick Links:

9. Larry Kim

CEO of MobileMonkey, and founder of WordStream

Larry Kim

Website/Blog: https://mobilemonkey.com/

Larry Kim Opinion: Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking?

Facebook Killed the News Feed and Facebook Ads have flatlined. Now is the time to use Facebook Messenger chatbots.

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  • Turn website visitors into Messenger leads with a single plugin. This tactic is solid gold because it allows you to rack up leads — name, Messenger info, everything — with a simple plugin. This plugin, WP-Chatbot, attaches to any WordPress site. With it, anyone who chats with your widget becomes a Messenger lead in perpetuity.

Conclusion: 8 Social Media Experts Roundup On- Best Social Media Tool For Brand Tracking 2024

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