Madgicx vs Revealbot 2024: Which One Is The Best? (Must Read)



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Best for

The automation rule functions and audience creation are fantastic.

Good user interface, easy to understand.

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Content Management
  • Live Online
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Content Management
  • No Live chat
  • ery powerful system and top class customer support
  • Faster automation in real time
  • Faster ad creation and testing
  • Multiple ad accounts in higher pricing plans
  • The support staff is very helpful and explains everything in
  • Great tracking system
  • Ad creation is very fast too.
  • Unlimited ad accounts and users
  • Better pricing options needed
  • Includes 3 ad accounts only
  • Better support on Facebook group needed.
  • Pricing is high for unlimited ad accounts
Ease of Use

More control and flexibility in terms of ad creation.

Sometimes ad creation takes little more time.

Value For Money

Madgicx bit expensive

Revealbot Pricing is affordable

Customer Support

Madgicx Customer support is great. Their team is very much active on Facebook groups & also email support is great.

Revealbot Customer support is great on email. Their team is not very much active on Facebook groups.

Hey guys!! Welcome back to my another comparison article between Madgicx vs Revealbot

 and this time will be saying about these two omnichannel marketing platforms. 

These Omnichannel marketing platforms have been great hype all this while. Customers nowadays don’t want the usual platforms for shopping but they want something different, something unusual, and something that will help them fulfill all their needs at once. These platforms have to be a lot different than usual ones. Omnichannel marketing platforms come to play at this time. These platforms have really worked as blessings for a lot as it has helped to solve all their problems. 

Omnichannel platforms are platforms that comprise various different types of the channel which all together help to provide a fulfilled shopping experience to its customers. It provides the consumers with a seamless experience and helps to fulfill their needs from a needle to an airplane. The customer can be anywhere or be using any device be it a mobile, a laptop computer, or whatever, but the customer gets a seamless experience in each case.

It focuses on providing a shopping experience that is custom, personalized, unique, and consistent all at the same time. Thus giving your brand a different image and a voice and helping to stand it out from all other competitors. And any brand using this platform will definitely have a boosted brand image, customer experiences, and reviews and definitely an increased customer reach. 

Now that you know about what omnichannel marketing platforms really are and what is its importance, I will discuss two such platforms that have provided an outstanding performance in their domain and have never failed to impress anyone. These two champions of the marketing platform domain are Madgicx and Revealbot

Madgicx vs Revealbot 2024 Overview

Madgicx vs Revealbot

MADGICX Overview

Madgicx is a beautifully designed marketing platform launched by its CEO Yahav Hartman in 2018 with his main mission of Creating a single platform which comprises of all the things that he wants and fulfills all the basic needs as well. The platform helps manage the money spent on ad and the main reason why this happens is that it gets together all the knowledge, skills, don’t and creativity needed in order to succeed with the ads one sees on google and Facebook as well.


Madgicx is a marketing platform backed by artificial intelligence, exceptional creativity power, and also various ad-buying tactics. It optimizes social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and more. Its brilliantly analyzed computer algorithm do the work of delivering the right content to the right audience. 


Revealbot is easy to use and easy to manage marketing platform that helps to provide a completely personalized and customized experience to all of its users. It provides it, users, with perfectly designed tools that help to make a complex looking model in a really easy way accompanied by keen pricing and forever good results.


It is an easy to use platform with a professional team that helps to give you the best possible tactics and suggestions for your individual problems. It helps automate all the different ad management strategies that one has to put on different platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram, Snapchat, and more in a single interface. Isn’t it amazing? 

Features Madgicx vs Revealbot

Revealbot vs Madgicx


Madgicx offers various customized features that can do a great benefit for the company and are easy to use as well. These features are exceptional ones and provide an out of the world performance to the customers and increase the reach. These features are listed below –


  • –  Automated Publishing 

MadgicX- Custom Automation

  • – Content management 

Smart-Filters - Madgicx

  • – Conversion Tracking 

Madgicx - Dashboard

  • – Customer Targeting

MadgicX- Smart Filter

  • – Multi-account management 
  • – Post scheduling 

These are the main features provided by MADGICX and under these main features, there are many sub-features that help in easy organization and functioning. 

These sub-features are – 

Under campaign management, one gets features like bulk editing, campaign dashboard, campaign optimization, brand safety, creative optimization, and brand reach. 

There are various types of customer targetings available as well as simple targeting, retargeting, geo-targeting, and contextual targeting as well. 

The platform features are sub-features performance and reliability, enterprise scalability, and internationalization. 


Revealbot is better than Madgicx

The platform of revealbot also offers a lot of wonderful features that make it easy to use and customizable. Some of these features are –

  •  Facebook ad optimization

Facebook-Ad Revealbot

  •  Post auto boosting 


  • – Scheduled reports 

Revealbot- Features

  • – Conversion tracking 

Revealbot - Conversion tracking 

  • – Automated publishing 
  • – Analytics 

Revealbot - Analytics

  • – Customer targeting 

All these features are great to use and they help to provide the right content to the right customer. Some of the other features that revealbot provides to improve one’s performance on Facebook are rules constructor,  custom metrics, metrics comparator,  rule check, and bulk ad creator as well. 

 a bulk ad creator is a great tool in itself as it helps to cut down on time which is used to create different variants 


After looking at the above features,  one can make out that both of these platforms offer the best possible features available. But if I go with the reviews and the numbers madgicx offer more features as compared to revealbot. The tools are really easy to use and customizable and the customers are fully satisfied with its performance. So the winner of the battle of features is madgicx. 



Madgicx offers a cloud-based deployment. The payment varies according to how the customer wants to pay, it offers the options of paying monthly as well as yearly. The platform of madgicx offers mobile support and customization but it lacks in providing API to its consumers. 

It supports desktop platforms based on web apps like windows and MAC as well. Talking about the mobile platforms it supports, they are IOS and Android. It offers language support in the English language. 


Talking about revealbot it offers a deployment based on the cloud. And just like madgicx, the payment can be done in two possible ways, yearly or monthly. Unlike madgicx, it supports API as well, along with customization, mobile support, and mobile app. 

It supports web platforms based on Windows and Mac and the mobile platforms that it supports are just Android, it does not support the platforms based on ios. The language majorly used on this platform is English 


Based on the above study, one can easily make out that madgicx is a step ahead than revealbot in fields like website platform, mobile platform, and other basic things as well. Keeping in view the above points madgicx is the clear winner in this domain. 

Pricing Madgicx vs Revealbot


Madgicx provides the customers with the option of free trial for getting to know what the platform is really like. 

And then it offers the subscription offer as well. The subscription can be done yearly as well as on a monthly basis. 


The monthly ones charge 49$/ month 

And the yearly ones charge 39$/month. 

Both of these subscriptions provide the same services to the users which are AI audience, ad launcher, the inclusion of one ad account, providing automation tactics and scaling strategies, creative insight, smart filter, customization of the audience,  a weekly and daily report, and chat support as well. 

However, the price of the plans may vary based on the money spent on the user’s ad. 


Revealbot also offers the option of free trial to its consumers.  The paid subscription is there for a monthly basis and for a yearly basis, but the money spent depends according to the money spent on the concerned ad. 


If the money spent on the ad is less than or equal to 5000$ then the company charges 49$/month monthly or 41$/ month yearly. 

If the maximum money spent on the ad is 50000$ then it takes 299$/month monthly or 251$/month annually. 

If the maximum money spent on the ad is 400k$ then it takes 899$ monthly or 755$/month annually. 

If the maximum money spent on the ad is 1M$ then it takes 1449$/month monthly or 1259$/month annually. 

If the maximum money spent on the ad is 3M$ then it takes 2999$/month monthly or 2519$/month annually. 


After looking at the pricing model of both the platforms, one can easily make out that the pricing models are more or less the same. When one is ahead of others in some areas, it lacks from it in the other areas. Both of them offer the payment option monthly as well as annually. The pricing also is more. or less the same. And the price in both of them varies according to the money spent on the ad as well. 

Thus there is no such winner in the pricing of these platforms and both of them are equal. The battle of the price is a tie. 

Users & Support


Madgicx extends its services to various domains of society. The users of its platform vary from place to place. One can find it’s users in the freelancing sector, in the startups, in SMEs, in agencies, and in various different business enterprises as well. 

It provides support to its customers through the services of email, phone, live support, and training as well. All this is done in order to make sure that the consumer comes through no problem in its work and if so then it is resolved as soon as possible. 


The services of revealbot are found to be used by sectors like startups, SMEs, and business enterprises as well. Wherever it gives it services, it gets positive responses only. But it fails to provide services to freelance sectors and other various agencies.

The consumers of Revealbot can avail support through the service of email only. No other digital support is provided by Revealbot. It fails to provide support through phone, live support, training, and tickets. 


Looking at the above study and the services and support that Madgicx and Revealbot provide, we can see that Revealbot lacks behind in both the domains from Madgicx. 

Where Madgicx provides services to freelancing sectors, Agencies, and tickets, and provides support in the form of phone, live support, training, and tickets reveal bot lacks in all of them 

Thus Madgicx is the clear winner in the above domain. 



When evaluating something, then one should not only see the views of experts on that product but keep in mind the review of users as well as they are the ones who use the product or platform in real. Seeing the user reviews of Madgicx you can make out that the users are completely satisfied by the platform. 

The platform is easy to use for freshers as well as it provides customization options which help to provide a different level of experience to the consumer. The customer support is up to the point as well and the queries are answered as soon as possible. There are no lags and the professionals of the company help provide them tactics and suggestions which towards boosting the brand image and performance and help engage more and more customers. 


The consumers of Revealbot have provided a lot of reviews about its working and functionality. They are satisfied by the working of various tools and features of the platform but they can provide more tools in order to fulfill all the necessary needs and requirements. 

Talking about customer support, it provides it only through the service of the email, and the response is said to be delayed to some extent. Unlike Madgicx, it does not offer support through live support, phone, and training, and thus all the customers are left sending there queries to the email which results in more traffic on it. 

No such lags and disturbance in functioning are reported from the user’s side and the professional experts kept by the company are polite enough. They help provide the consumers with the solutions that best suit their problems. 


The conversation of both the sites has given a good review about them but Revealbot lacks in some places according to consumers like user support, response time, and variety of features offered. Thus Madgicx is the true winner when it comes to the reviews of its consumers. 

Pros and Cons

Madgicx vs Revealbot



  •  saves time
  •  ease of use 
  • reliable interface 
  •  understanding and cooperative employees 
  • video and written support 


  • easy to use 
  •  creative and engaging dashboard 
  •  Great customer support
  • good user Interface 
  • easy to understand 



  • confusing for first-time users 
  • so many features hard to understand 
  •  limited to modify creatives 


  • Intimidating automation
  •  The limited option of customer support platforms 
  •  difficulty in mass application
  •  No tutorial on how to set up things 

FAQs on Madgicx or Revealbot

👉What is sunsetting on the ad set level in the marketing platforms?

Sunsetting is a tool set up in order to help consumers encounter ad sets that don’t perform according to the expectations. There are times when tools like stop loss are just not enough, something more is needed. Taking an example, what happens if an ad set continues to be triggered by the stop-loss and no signs of improvement are shown in it. Sunsetting comes to play in situations like these and acts as an alternative by giving the users an option to turn the things off permanently and not just temporarily, and it also.provides the ad set adequate time to prove itself.

👉How to stop an uninterested audience from seeing a particular ad?

Ad Care is a tool that addresses a normally ignored area for advertisers; the comment section. The main function of Ad Care is to provide an unsubscribe link to posts. When someone completes the unsubscribe form, they are added to an auto-exclusion, which will automatically be applied to all future Madgicx audiences.

Testimonials Madgicx vs Revealbot

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials

Revealbot Customer Reviews


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Conclusion: Madgicx vs Revealbot 2024

I was amazed using both the tools and their awesome features but from my comparison, I can say that Madgicx is really awesome and has a real upper hand. I hope this post suits your purpose well. If you liked the post, kindly share it on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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