Madgicx vs Marketing 360 2024 | Which One Is The Best? (Pros & Cons)

Are you confused to choose between these two platforms Madgicx vs Marketing 360? Is it hard for you to decide on what to choose among these two platforms?

If you are finding an all-in-one platform for the advertisements and promotions then here’s the comparison between these two websites, madgicx and marketing 360, and their other vendors which will help you to make your decision clear and regret-free. 

Madgicx gives you full power to regulate your account in good and less time.

Computing strategy aims to make you ahead of your competitors with the same budget management as you have invested as possible, it provides you the plus points to reach your goals and make profits and also work on your account and their aspects.

The social media platform is the best solution one can take to do promotions of their products and business, chances are high to give you profitable results because in today’s world internet is the powerful tool to make a success of your field and this is what madgicx helps you to do, it helps you to promote your products through social media. 

Marketing 360 works with the retailing platform to provide you functions that make sure about the increase on your rankings and visibility on the search engine, driving product brand awareness with the help of their poster advertisements, recognizing and understanding the profiles in social media of their perspectives, and making up their reputation and images good online.

Marketing 360 also helps the brands to come in contact with the information about the product and also manages tasks associated with their users and audiences. 

Madgicx vs Marketing 360 2024: Which One is Worth The Hype?

About  Madgicx 

Madgicx is a full-fledged, grown-up platform that helps to promote or advertise your product on social media platforms like Facebook that also plugs the exact intelligence, knowledge, skills, and strategies of high rated retailing industries into an al-backed software or computing programs. I

f you are using Facebook ads for online promotion and e-commerce, you can go with the idea of madgicx. It will add more power to your whole team, up-lift your tactics, search for growth opportunities, recommend ad operations, time, and scale savior.

Madgicx is an outstanding platform for those users who want to get a reach to their website and this is the platform you should look forward to. 

About Marketing 360

Marketing 360 is a student-assertive platform built up to offer simple information and insights to everything around that is fresh, new, and on-air trending in this retailing world of business.

There’s a connection between conceptual or abstract marketing business and an actual-world implementation. Marketting360 is a non-profit community, the student who established this website has come up with a specific idea and knowledge about websites or internet sites, which can offer their batch mates with the glance of this huge world of retailing business at an all-in-one platform.

Marketing 360 is your solution for a single platform consisting of all the features to which you can look forward to. 

Madgicx vs Marketing 360: Overview

Madgicx Overview

To grab the top-level success on social media platforms like Facebook, the user has to know good knowledge of both Facebook advertising technologies and the good source of talent, and tactics that will work to the fullest.

Madgicx is constructed linking the most up-to-date and simultaneously updating knowledge of good applications from top marketing specialists, agencies, and Facebook advertising technologies which not only look after the executions but also give support to the ongoing enhancement.

Madgicx Vs Adroll - Madgicx

Madgicx brings out all the advertising technology techniques solutions in the all-in-one platform, instead of different solutions or alters forbid testing, customer creation, budget enhancement and development, automation, and tactics in which you get one single easy, unsegregated platform that is convenient to use and is easy to handle and manage.

In this article, you will know in detail about madgicx and their features, pricing, and other their advantages.

Marketing360 Overview 

One main thing which is different and unique about marketing 360 is that it has both a combination of knowledge and technology.

It is one of the best tools in the market which helps you to grow your online business and also gives you a good and dedicated team that supports you for everything in your business.

It’s a social media platform that provides you a powerful platform for retailing business on social media like, Facebook, Instagram, and other social websites.

Marketing360 overview- Magdicx vs Marketing 360

Also, it helps you to track the performance of your business which will help you to develop a productive social media plan of action to increase your brand rates and reach and gives you support for your business online for social uploading, commenting, and designing beautiful and creative posts online in these social media platforms.

It’s a better platform for beginners and small entrepreneurs and businesses. In this article, you will study in detail about marketing360 and their features and other advantages. 

Let’s look out at the comparison between Madgicx vs Marketing 360 and compare its features.

Features: Madgicx vs Marketing 360


Madgicx specializes in multiple ways 

Madgicx offers wonderful features like automated publishing, customer targeting, allowing multi-user collaboration, and most importantly brand tracking.

Magic is an important social media management software with numerous advantageous features including product functionality for the advertising, campaign management includes campaign dashboard, campaign optimization, and even ensures brand safety along with fraud protection.

Madgicx offers the best target audience

Madgicx offers them the best target audience and even helps them to choose the desired and viable strategies for enhancing their growth in business.

MadgicX- Bid Optimization

Automated reporting

Madgicx offers automated reporting giving them detailed insights, analysis, and overview, and that too informing about it directly via email.

Madgicx Dashboard- Madgicx and Marletin360 comparison

Remarkable with integrations

Madgicx has been quite remarkable with integrations especially with social media sites like Facebook ads, Facebook, Instagram, and even Facebook ads to increase the reach.

Autonomous advertisement driving software

Spectacular algorithms offered by magic automatically optimizes and customizes the user’s account and manages it following business strategies and targets.

Smart-Filters - Madgicx

Build full-funnel tactics. 

Madgicx crates a full-funnel tactic counting accession, renovating and reviving, and preservation with AI that even the best pick up ad-agency will never organize for you. 

Madgicx- Stats

Ingress the power of an agency.

All the requirements, skills, talent, and knowledge are necessary for the successful Facebook Ads on one automated execution Platform.

Automation of Facebook ads. 

You can analyze your business budget and increase its ROAS, it will help you to deny your inappropriate spending of money. You can easily automate these Facebook Ads to unlock the better functions and performance of the madgicx platform. 

MadgicX- Add Care

Marketing 360

Exceptional services by designers and creators.

Marketing 360 is one most effective tool which helps you to have the most reliable and convenient resources which are extremely important for digital marketing platforms. marketing 360 helps you to gain access to specialized and professional services and,

for this, you don’t need to engage the digital marketers, as the services provided by designers and creators are themselves exceptional in every way.

Retargeting advertisements

Marketing 360 helps you to increase your reach with countless sponsored advertisements especially from a place where maximum profit and sales can be acquired just as helps in promotion, especially among the target audience.

Manages local listings

Such amazing software helps you to drive maximum reach and sales only via letting brands reach these local sites and yet, listings can be added to these websites to expand the reach and existence. We can easily organize and update it according to our requirements.

Specializes in social media management.

It manages fully customizable business sites and even specializes in social media management.

Time and money-saving

Marketing 360 is time-saving providing innumerable services, helps in attracting customers via manages local listings, social profiling, email marketing, and even offers Marketing analytics and insights.along with on-demand services, SMS marketing, and CRM.


Therefore, we conclude that magic has been quite a winner in all the regards, it has resulted in acquiring a victory over all the attributes in comparison with marketing 360. Magic is social media software that specializes in features like automated reporting, providing us the best target audience, extremely remarkable with integrations, and much more.

Customers have even appreciated the services it offers which are highly recommended and exquisite.

Madgicx helps you to avail of its benefits, it even is compatible with various other platforms like Windows 10, mac os× 10.10, and even higher.

As an artificial intelligence software it renders maximum reach with its omnichannel existence, it is equally splendid in advertisement management with the inborn advertisement buying specialty, we can even optimize our advertisements. And hence, it helps us in viewing the strategic information regarding one’s own serious business.

Pros and Cons Madgicx vs Marketing 360 



  • Customer creation – striking the whole area of your vending funnels.
  • Automation – automatic intelligence which gives you peaceful sleep without worrying about the decrease in your budget and sales.
  • Innovative clutches – the best way to show your creativity, knowledge, and ad copy. 
  • Mass creation – creating the campaigns as many as you want in less time.
  • It is a tool that helps to understand the audience better, whose ads bring the most RAOS.
  • Reveal the hidden statistics.
  • Runs your ads the whole day 24*7 hours.
  • Saves lots of time and money.
  • Good customer support and help.
  • Easy to use and very reliable to the interface.
  • Implement tactics effortlessly, best data analytics in sites.
  • Good for advanced existing campaigns.


  • Quite tough to use and has complex capabilities.
  • Takes time to understand budget management. 
  • Limited for the modification of creativity.
  • More flexible and easy pricing is required.

Marketing 360 


  • good and creative toolbar.
  • Better support services that customize everything to match our requirements.
  • CRM is convenient to use and automation of emails based on different choices. 
  • Good marketing dashboard and notification bars.
  • Better for small businesses.
  • Easy to learn and use.


  • Designing of email has limited edition.
  • Poor advertisement quality.
  • Poor transparency in the dashboard.
  • Quite a bit more expensive.
  • Takes more time.

Pricing Madgicx vs Marketing 360

Pricing of Madgicx

Madgicx Pricing- Marketing360 vs Madgicx

There are 3 most important yet crucial  pricing plans available for the spectacular software: Madgicx These are:

  1. Monthly PlanThis plan primarily offers for about Rs. 3724 per month.
  2. Quarterly Plan: This plan incorporates the required costs Rs. 3344 each month.
  3. Annual Plan: This plan majorly focuses on and looks over at Rs. 2964 indeed every month.

Keen buyers can very easily contact the team via “requesting a callback” with an option offered on the required website and the professional working team of experts will contact you with further important details.

Pricing: Marketing 360

Marketing 360, gives you innumerable marketing advice and important consultations. The flat rate as mentioned is about $395 per month, many marketers who are our no fewer competitors offer us such software, only at a particular subscription rate which is about a thousand per month.

The other details have not been mentioned by the vendor, for knowing the required information we need to contact him personally.

Customer Reviews


Customers were extremely happy after having access to Madgicx considering it to be one of the best marketing automation tools. Scoring is on a scale of 4.9 out of 5.

Marketing 360

The customers have exclaimed marketing 360 as a good software scoring it on a scale of 4.7 out of 5, especially in all the regards namely – value for money, ease of use, features, customer support.

Pros & Cons: Madgicx vs Marketing 360



  • Madgicx has resulted in spectacular in the arena of e-commerce which has a lot of wonderful attributes to offer.
  • Wonderful performance and such a. Software is highly advised to the ad geeks.
  • It offers the best support as said by one of the customers, the level of support provided by them is uniquely superb.
  • This Amazing tool helps you to simplify and gives a more detailed view.


  •  Sometimes it lacks useful attributes and features, and while loading insights, it creates a little problem, resulting in error but that thing resolves quickly.

Marketing 360


  • Customers have appreciated the hard work and claimed customer support as highly responsive and helpful in all the regards. And even claimed CRM as easy to use.
  • Customers enjoyed marketing 360 as they had a good experience with the intuitive tools it has to offer, helping in customization to fulfill there needs And rendering good support.


  • Customers, on the other hand, claimed it to be a waste of money and time consuming 
  • They felt it to be extremely expensive and consumed maximum money out of them without giving them appropriate benefits.


👉What is the monthly spend on ads in madgicx and can I add an additional account?

In your existing plan, if you want to add a number of accounts you can add them for additional charges of $49/month per account. Yes, you can pay and add as many accounts as you want. The monthly ad spend will be the overall amount of ad budget which is managed during your payment or billing time period.

👉 What is the limitation of free trial in madgicx and marketing 360?

In madgicx, the free trial limitation is 7 days and this free trial is designed for you to see the important functions of ROIs during this 7 days period. only one trial is allowed per Facebook ad account. In marketing 360, the free trial is available for some of their marketing software solutions, you can sign up for 14 days free trial on this platform.

👉 What are the other apps through which marketing 360 combine with, the level of support it offers, in which language does it support?

Here are the apps marketing 360 combines with – Shopify, BigCommerce, booker software, Yahoo small businesses, LinkedIn, Facebook, Yotpo, Solid Commerce, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Enecto, WooCommerce. Marketing 360 offers you online support, and mobile phone supports. It uses the worldwide language English so that no users will face any difficulties while using this platform.

Testimonials Madgicx vs Marketing 360

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx Testimonials- Madgicx vs Marketing360

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Conclusion: Madgicx vs Marketing 360 2024

Madgicx is a platform where it helps you to promote your business online on a social media platform to a great extent. It has good advertising optimization that is not too expensive and also time savior. You can also try a free trial of this platform and you won’t regret your choices.

It has good automation tactics which are the main function of this website, also creative intelligence inside, easy integration and gives you 24/7 hours live support. 

Marketing 360 is also a good platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs, it provides you good guidance for the marketing strategies and where to put more effort but it takes lots of your time to understand their features and strategies.

It has limited editions of email designing and quite a bit more expensive compared to Madgicx.

Despite this, both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages.

The choice is yours, madgicx wins here as it is a better platform than marketing 360 as it has good quality, cheap price provides you 7 days free trial, and saves your time and marketing 360 is good for the beginners and those who are starting their business recently. 

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