Madgicx vs Kenshoo 2024: Which One Is The Best? (Top Picks)

The new era for digital marketing is beginning.

It’s an unused time for computerized showcasing, with modern challenges and openings. From the relevant significance of your information to making sound, quick choices over all of the foremost vital go-to-market channels to astounding execution and fair-minded measurement—we have you secured nowadays and tomorrow.

So, here comes Madgicx vs Kenshoo to leverage your decisions smartly and empower strong outcomes to achieve success with proper business strategies.

Kenshoo is one of the leading industries for marketing and helps in connecting and establishing a link between marketers and customers. With expressed interaction and engaging manners, it helps businesses to identify the best customers.  

Whereas, Madgicx gives an all-in-one publicizing stage, which permits marketers to naturally oversee and optimize their advertisement campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The stage offers optimization techniques sponsored by AI innovation.

So, let’s get started!!                                                                              

Madgicx Vs Kenshoo Overview:

Madgicx Overview

It is an AI-backed omnichannel promoting stage with imaginative insights and independent advertisement buying capabilities that optimizes advertisements over Facebook, Instagram & Google. It is the software that allows automation of marketing based on Artificial Intelligence. With the building capabilities and that is inbuilt of buying autonomous ads facilitate the managing of omnichannel advertisement.

Madgicx Vs Kenshoo - Madgicx Overview

With the creative intelligence ofMadgicx, you can optimize ads on any social media platform. With the apt strategy of building advertisements with the right business KPIs, you can align your strategies easily with the metrics. Also, it gathers you the information regarding the targeted audience which will par your product at ease. Increasing leads with integrating the various online platforms is the best served by Madgicx. It shows the hidden metrics to the users which leads them to make a profitable and good decision. Based on your business goals and KPIs, the software automatically optimizes the account.

Hence, Madgicx creativity is powered by Artificial Intelligence which amounts to choose the best content for the Targeted audience.

Kenshoo Overview

Kenshoo is because it was arranged with significance, breadth, and first-to-market get to for promoters on every single one of the closed organic frameworks fundamental to client engagement, giving you straightforwardness and arrangement between them. Around the world, it happens to be the greatest and well-established company. Hundreds of accomplices, thousands of clients, millions of dynamic campaigns, and billions of information focuses grant our arrangements their edge and you’re publicizing the broadest worldwide reach.

Madgicx Vs Kenshoo - Kenshoo

Kenshoo too offers to test, inspecting and incrementally estimation arrangements that bring speed, judgment,, and straightforwardness to attribution and media blend for consistent workflows from knowledge to activity to trade esteem. It jumps on to construct compelling administration information through insights to drive effectiveness and execution.

Hence, provides you a million solutions to manage locations and it is by far the best leading brand that empowers the greatest tools for digital marketing. 

Features:Madgicx Vs Kenshoo

Now the real comparison begins here, let me tell you the features of each website so that it will be easy for you to find which one is better.

  • Social media marketing:

Madgicx is one such platform that enables the marketer to get top advertising opportunities in social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and allows them to optimize their content of the advertisement. Madgicx provides Nemours facilities to a brand for its social media marketing such as:


  1. Automated publishing
  2. Customer targeting
  3. Multi-account management
  4. Analytics
  5. Conversion tracking
  6. Post scheduling
  7. Content management

Kenshoo is another such platform that provides sellers to advertise their brands in all different platforms like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and many more.

It helps the sellers to raise it to campaign globally.

Verdict: in the generation of digital marketing, Madgicx and Kenshoo provide alike features of advertising brands on social media. yet Madgicx even adds on some important and effective segments a marketer needs to know about his product and his promotion activity. 

  1. Advertising agency:

Madgicx holds the finest advertisement agency which produces the creative and attractive stuff a brand requires to go global. Along with  that it even describes 

  1. campaign management,
  2. project management,
  3. task management
  4. Collaborations, 

Which are essential for a seller or a marketer to expand their services. 

Kenshoo advertising agency helps the sellers to simplify day to day promotional activities and set the users for future success. Kenshoo also provides a kensho certification for its advertising partners.

Verdict: promoting the best version of a brand is the ultimate aim of a marketer, and Madgicx has a better advertising agency with very unique features of guiding the seller about different types of management. If you are very new to the business and in search of finding a supporting advertising agency, Madgicx would be a great choice.

  1. PPC:

Madgicx have bought a set of pay-per-click advertising models for the marketers which are as below

  1. .A/B testing
  2. ROI tracking
  3. Budgeting management
  4. Conversion tracking
  5. Landing pages
  6. Account alerts
  7. URL builder
  8. Campaign management
  9. Bid management

These models help the marketer or the user to attract visitors, gain traffic over websites. Kenshoo holds 6 PPC models which include

  1. Analytics
  2. Budget management
  3. Keyword tracking
  4. Campaign management
  5. Keyword research tools
  6. Conversion tracking

Kenshoo models enable the users to know the insight of their advertisements and keep them pushing forward for further success.

Verdict: PPC plays a vital role in the Advertisement industry, so the better facilities and models provided the best output it results, Madgicx can hold on customers on the product whereas kensho has the feature of keywords. 

  1. Marketing automation:

Madgicx provides marketing automation for the users which enables them to access the technology that manages multifunctional campaigns over various channels implicitly. Using marketing automation, companies and businesses can focus on customers with automatically generated messages via email, websites, internet, mobile, social media,, and SMS.

Marketing automation enables services like as follows:

  1. A/B Testing
  2. Customizable CTA’s
  3. Segmentation
  4. Analytics/region of interest(ROI) Tracking
  5. Social marketing
  6. Dynamic content 

Kenshoo provides on-demand tools to the clients that could be helpful to them in overcoming the problems during the recursive programs or tasks. Kanshoo has also introduced this as a feature of the automatic process where the users or clients can easily maintain/manage the measures of application in executing activities which also help in creating rapid changes and also to keep a record on efficiency and performance periodically.

Verdict: As we have seen the main automation in marketing provided my Madgicx and Kenshoo we can clearly say that Madgicx has made the automation task very clean and crisp to the users by providing multiple services in contrast with Kenshoo.

  1. Audience Targeting: 

Madgicx provides another interesting and helpful feature like Audience Targeting named as Retargeting.

Audience Targeting enables you to become more accurate with the choices you make in who is seeing your ads. An audience is a group of users/clients most likely to be customers of a company or a business. Uses in an audience target communicate or share similarities like age, address, or economic status. Audience targeting is much helpful in making an effective marketing message.

Kenshoo- Features

Madgicx’s Retargeting also provides multiple features alongside audience targeting.

They are as follow:

  1. Geo-Targeting
  2. Mobile retargeting
  3. Audience Targeting
  4. Social media retargeting
  5. Personalization
  6. Behavior targeting

Kenshoo has mainly helped in focusing on its audiences on basis of their geographic marks as well as impressions left by them on market areas where there are much higher chances of attaining a profitable trade on goods or commodities which are in demand and offered by them.

Verdict: Kenshoo is proving personalized targeting phenomenon but Madgicx has made a surplus amount of techniques for audience targeting unlike Kenshoo, Madgicx is providing services along with geographic tracking provided by Kenshoo. 

  1. Social media Management:

Madgicx provides another feature as Social media management. Social media management in an organization believed in maintaining, controlling, contributing to, extracting, recording,, and guiding the social media appearance of a product, corporation , or brand.

Social media management focuses on various concepts like:

  1. Automated publishing
  2. Brand tracking
  3. Customer engagements
  4. Reporting or analytics
  5. Social media monitoring
  6. Content management

Kenshoo provides a burden-free user interface for maintaining social media content and ads which ensure the easy to use user experience. In contrast with google majorly in services like auto bidding is made the most preferable solution with Kenshoo.

Verdict: In contrast with Madgicx, Kenshoo does not provide many service options for the users or clients regarding social media management.

Key Features:

Apart from the services or features stated above these two platforms provide some unique features.

Madgicx’s unique features:

  • Strategic dashboard

The strategic dashboard of Madgicx provides users with unambiguous detailed information. It shows the hidden measures and navigates the users towards the revenue-driving skill in decision making.

Madgicx - Dashboard

The dashboard helps you to analyze your advertising account to attain leveraged insights and arrange your ad strategy with your company’s KPI’s to revolutionize the results.

  • Automation tactics

Madgicx’s automation tactics help users in automating the ads which have never been simple. Madgicx provides built-in tactics with which users can optimize your ads without hustle. These tactics efficiently optimize user’s campaigns with intelligence.

MadgicX- Custom Automation

  • Ad care

Madgicx is an Omnichannel marketing source backed with AI. It uses creative intelligence and has never seen ad purchasing features that enhance the ads across all social media and the internet.

MadgicX- Add Care

  • Smart filters

Madgicx smart filters help in finding the most appropriate creative for all the channels where companies communicate with clients and specify different placements and sources or devices.

Smart-Filters - Madgicx

Kenshoo’s unique features:

  • Cross-channel advantage:

Kenshoo is the platform with large scale and first-to-market reach for advertisers regarding everyone in the ecosystem critical in customer engagement, by providing see-through and clear connectivity between them.

  • Independent and unbiased:

Media ownership is the only thing that matters to us. So that the investments made by you are maximized and navigated towards the most beneficial way to your business.

  • Scale and reach:

Kenshoo advertisers are the most successful businesses worldwide. Kenshoo has a large scale of partner integrations and a large count of clients and billions of data sources that help in the global broadcast and worldwide reach.

Pricing Plans Madgicx Vs Kenshoo


It’s a good thing to offer by Madgicx that they do not ounce their packages in tabular form. They haven’t fixed prices for their clients, but that doesn’t apply the features rendered by Madgicx are free of cost.


It offers mainly three plans:-

  • 1) Monthly Plan                           
  • 2) Quarterly Plan
  • 3) Annual Plan
  • The prices of these plans are:-

Monthly Plan starts at $49.

Quarterly Plan starts at $44.

Annual Plan starts at $39.

It offers free trial and no credit cards are required here. Their pricing totally depends upon how much the user is spending on the advertisement.

Avail services for this plan are as follows:-

1) Audiences of Artificial Intelligence

2) Launcher for Advertisements

3) Tactics are Automatized

4) Strategies are scaled perfectly

5) Reporting with White-label

6) Dashboard providing strategies

7) Insights with smart filter

8) Bidding Optimization


Here, with Kenshoo you are not offered free trials.

However, it comes with three pricing plans:-

1) Minimal Plan

2) Standard Plan

3) Fully- Customized Plan

The prices of these plans are:-

The minimal Plan starts from approximately $2500.

Standard Plan stars from $10,000.

And Fully- Customized Plan starts at approximately $25,000.

It also offers Training sessions which charge for group training, or department training and so on.

Pricing of Training Session:-

  •         1-2 : $500
  •         3-5 : $1,500
  •         5-7 : $2,500
  •         8-10 : $5,000

Hence, it is noted that the plans will be allotted according to your requirements. 

Madgicx Pros and Cons 

Madgicx is a full-stack Facebook advertising platform that includes all the advertising technology tools that you need in one platform and all of the tools that you need to succeed with your Facebook Ads. The first area of the product is the audience creation. To have a successful ad account and strategy, you need to have to test a lot of audiences and a great variety but don’t test random audiences. You need to test proven audiences to achieve success. 


  • Acquisition Prospecting covers acquisition prospecting from people who have never known you before. Let this algorithm find your next best customers with the highest value for business for all of those audiences which are present. 
  • Pros
      • Based on customer data.
      • Frequent and occasional.
  • Based on website visitors daily 
      • Low conversion probability.
      • High conversion probability.
      • Product category affinity. 
  • Acquisition Engagement: So for all of those audiences are people with the second touch. Video viewers, ad engagers that’s kind of the next stage of the funnel. They already saw you one time and now you want to show them additional content you want to drive them into your website. 
  • Pros
      • Based on social media fans.
      • Based on video viewers, leads to special audiences and niche acquisition.
  • Retargeting: Once you drove the audiences into the website you want to have different content and you want to create for all these audiences to have like multiple visits high, intent visitors 0 to 180 days people are considering browsing, high intent niche retargeting browsing, high intent niche retargeting from your top URLs all selected for you to just click on it. You have a lot of quick setups and you can do this from different angles and all of these are the best retargeting. 
  • Pros
      • Based on the Website visitor’s data. 
      • Niche Retargeting.
      • Product Category Affinity
  • Revive takes care of situations where we have delayed attribution.
  • Retention
    • Based on customer data 
    • Niche retention.
    • Leads.
    • Product Category Affinity.


  • You have to get used to it – the dashboard, Ad launcher, insights, automation techniques – how Madgicx works. After 2-3 days the tool becomes more transparent, so you will feel more confident about using it. 
  • Better for advanced Facebook advertisers. Novices won’t be able to get the most out of it. 
  • Self troubleshoot any issues or misunderstandings one may have about the platform such as core audiences and LLA’s are created. 
  • It is a little sophisticated to use which is a result of its complex capabilities. This is probably less to do with the software and more to do with understanding how to manage a budget. 
  • Some minor things still need to be optimized to make the experience even better, but nothing that is stopping you from enjoying the product to the fullest.

Kenshoo Pros and Cons 

Most digital ad spread goes to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google, Microsoft, Search Ads,, etc. Nearly $7 Billion flows through Kenshoo, driving real ROIs, driving real engagement where your audience spends their time.Kenshoo provides deep advertising experience and continuous innovation. 


  • It has paralleled campaign performance.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Broad and unbiased cross-channel insights. 
  • Real business growth. 


  • Good support but could be improved in terms of providing market insights. 
  • Software is a bit slow at the time especially when compared to directly working in the platform
  • Layout not as clear as traditional engines. 
  • Double click offers easier integration with search engines. 
  • Efficiency and ease of use is not 100%
  • The certificate program is not helpful. 
  • Clunky interface. Reporting and column defaults are not intuitive. 


Madgicx creates new updates. It is truly quick and they dispatch awesome things to move forward your entire commerce. The program is the foremost instinctive and simple to utilize. In my encounter, I didn’t know anything around advertisements, but Madgicx does everything for me and my group. Having Manufactured (Al) Artificial Intelligence is incredible and it works. 

With Madgicx you have got a speedy diagram of what’s going on in your trade, you get personalized reports to your e-mail at the time you need, the support chat is way to utilize and the team is the leading team on the planet. Here you’ll be able to tally on instruments that I haven’t seen anyplace else, just like the choice to see which duplicate or imaginative works best and make unused fruitful combinations, the possibility of making your advertisement.

Kenshoo is a platform that helps brands scale which empowers clients that can trust insights they can use and impacts they can measure. It is called total marketing measure. There are many different places that consumers spend their time on the Internet today and advertisers want to be in front of all these places to bring the right data, right actions, and right intelligence for the clients to market themselves digitally. Kenshoo tries to focus on people who can reinforce its core values, not just smart but also doers. People who are not afraid of the world of sleeves. 

They see tons of opportunities and invasion especially in certain businesses e-commerce, retailers as much as innovation started to slow down Kenshoo shows up. Kenshoo collaborates on business objectives and technical issues. 


👉How do you manage so many audiences at Madgicx?

Automation tactics enable you to go very wide in your audience strategy, turning a lot of audiences. Then operating those tactics here will take care of the optimization. So, when you click on “Stop Loss” will stop the poor performing ones for the day,, and then we start the next day to give it another chance.

👉How does Kenshoo work?

Kenshoo is a technology platform that enables brands to plan, activate, and measure effective marketing across the most engaging digital channels and publishers. They work with some of the world’s largest global brands, providing data-driven insights and optimization technology to help make informed decisions and scale performance.

👉What languages does Kenshoo Social Support?

Kenshoo social supports the following languages: Chinese, English, French, Hebrew, Japanese,, and Portuguese.

Testimonials Madgicx Vs Kenshoo

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials

Kenshoo Customer Reviews

Kenshoo - Testimonials

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Final Verdict: Madgicx Vs Kenshoo 2024

Madgicx is an all-in-one advertising platform where all the marketers who want to grow their business successfully can promote their e-commerce store or business through Facebook Ads and Campaigns. This will bring traffic to your site which in turn brings sales and profits to your business as you promote your products. It also offers optimization which is backed by Artificial Intelligence technology. It is the easiest way to launch hundreds of campaigns. It has brilliant support and automation. It also brings results quickly and the level of support they provide is excellent. 

The software is user-friendly and we can control and set a maximum budget for a single publicity campaign. It is very easy to manage and optimize funnels with Madgicx. All it takes is a few clicks and it’s ready. 

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