MadgicX vs Hootsuite 2024: Which One Is The Best? (Pros & Cons)

If you looked at the topic I wrote:- MadgicX vs Hootsuite and you clicked it means, you are planning to go to the best ad management software in the business for your company. You are planning to stand out among your competitors in your business. Don’t worry!! I won’t disappoint you.

You came into the article looking for an answer and you will get one at the end of this article, I promise!! Unlike other articles, I won’t sugar coat any one of these products, I will lay all the details in front of you and I will recommend a product for your application. But you are the one that is going to decide whether to use it or not. Alright, I will not make you wait any longer for the details, Let’s jump right into it.

Overview of the company

How can we talk about something without introducing them? So, Let’s see a quick introduction to both of these companies.

MadgicX vs Hootsuite Overview:

About MadgicX

MadgicX is an ad creator and promoter company in all the available social media platforms like Facebook, Google, Youtube, etc,.They claim themselves as an autonomous ad-buying machine which means they purchase the spaces on the internet and the timeslots in the videos to promote your ads.

 MadgicX vs Hootsuite - Madgicx

MadgicX was founded in 2018. Their primary focus is on improving your audience size and conversion rate for your company. 

They offer you two types of platforms 

  • Execution
  • Insight

with sufficient unique features of its own to increase the performance of your ads as high as possible.

That’s it for the introduction of MadgicX. Let’s see what MadgicX brings to the business differently.

Unique features of MadgicX:

All companies will have some basic features to tell them as ad promoter and creators in the business but

What makes MadgicX different?

MadgicX has a lot of stuff under their sleeve to offer to you. Let’s see some of them.

In the Execution platform

This is the platform MadgicX offers its users to create their ads and to promote them to the intended market. Let’s see what’s in it??

Custom Automation:

This feature gives you the database of all the stats you needed for your ad success. This database will be generated based solely on your inputs. There are over 400 metrics that play an important role in ad promotion and you get to choose each and everyone that fits your business model.

MadgicX- Custom Automation

Like this, you can select each and individual actions you need to attain the profit margin you need.

Ad care:

This feature helps you to get more positive comments on your ads. Those who have unsubscribed your ads will be taken to a separate area and they will not be shown your ads again. This way you can reduce the negative feedback on your ads and you can display your ads with the comments who are happy with your products.

MadgicX- Add Care

No one can satisfy everyone, This feature helps you to separate your ads from the critics.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of features, We will see some more while comparing this two software.

In the Insight platform

This platform gives you all the performance-related insights and all your performance-related data in one place. Let’s see what they have to offer that makes it unique.

MadgicX mobile:

You don’t need to worry about carrying your laptop at all times to monitor the data. MadgicX offers its dashboards compatible with all electronic devices which makes it easier to monitor and it will come in handy as well.

Creative insights:

This feature will give you a rundown on all the improvements you can do to your ads before releasing it to the market. This will massively help to cut your budgets on the ads which haven’t performed as intended.

For each of your ads, you will get a SWOT analysis which clearly shows the strength and weakness of your ads. 

Like the Execution platform, the Insight platform also has more features which we will see in comparison.

Tough to compete with these, But Let’s see a bit about its competitor now!!

About Hootsuite

Hootsuite is also a media management platform that helps you to create and promote your ads at the right time and right area. It is one of the forerunners in this business from 2008.

Madgicx Vs Hootsuite - Hootsuite


Hootsuite is one of the popular companies which are used by some big corporations for its ad promoting campaign. Let’s see what these tech giants have to offer!!!

Like MadgicX, Hootsuite also provides different platforms with unique features to achieve different tasks. 

They have categorized their service into five platforms

  • Monitor
  • Analyze
  • Advertise
  • Publish
  • Engage

So, Let’s see some of the amazing features offered by them in some of the platforms to give you an idea!!

Unique features of Hootsuite:

In Publish platform

Let’s see a quick overview of some of the features in the Publish platform.

Built-in planner and library:

This planner manages all your posts or ads promoted all over social media in one place so you can easily make changes or update your posts quickly.

Also, this feature gives you access to all of their tested posts, worked out ads, Liked promos, and much more. This will guide you to make your ad much more effective.

Hootsuite-Built Planner

Similar to this image, you will get date wise or Popularity wise or any category which you find prominent, your posts in a single page for easy modification.

Auto scheduler:

        This feature helps to plan your actions in advance and you can save all your alternate plans here in Auto scheduler. This feature will notify you about the plans you have planned before at the right time. This will vastly reduce your stress of continuous monitoring and daily update works.

In Analyze platform

These are some of the plans Hootsuite has in its pocket to you.

Hootsuite Impact:

This feature will calculate your Return on Investment(ROI) to an accurate level to find out exactly how much you will profit from a particular ad. This will help you to revise your decision on investments and you can just focus on high performing ads for a higher return.


Like this image, you will get your own statistics for all the ads that are currently in the market and you can get exact data of how much money is going to return on investment.

MadgicX vs Hootsuite

(Comparison of basic features)

Even though both of these companies impress us with their unique features, their features will need to elevate the performance and quality of your ads in order to be recognized as a successful company in the ad optimization business. 

So, Let’s see how much performance they are extracting from their features

Finding the right audience for your company:

As an ad promoter company, they should be in their top of the game in finding the right audience for your products before giving any insights about your ad’s performance. 

They should find the right audience in order to purchase suitable time slots and spaces for your ads. If they calculated it wrong, then it is your money that is going to be gone. So, Let’s see how accurate are these two companies in finding the right audience for you.


As a competitor for the top spot in the business, MadgicX has some features to offer it to their users.

Audience studio:

This feature analyzes the criteria you have mentioned for your products like profit margin, Budget cap, ROI(Return on investment) and it will find you the right audience with laser accuracy.

Hootsuite- Audiance

Like this, MadgicX gives you the audience data with clearly mentioned categories like country, Age-limit, Gender for each, and every one of your products.

Ad care:

This feature helps you to filter out the audiences who are genuinely interested in your products. This tool separates the audiences based on the feedback they give about your products and ads.

This tool will automatically separate the negative audience from your ad campaign. This gives you the perfect audience to impress with your ads and products.


Tough one to follow, But Hootsuite also has some fight in it 

Hootsuite ads:

This feature helps you to track the right audience by location tracking of ad viewership, user interests, and much more variable. This tool also provides you the option to choose your intended audience instead of using AI to do the same.

Hootsuite Ads

Like this, You can decide your own audience and the performance insights and the timeslots purchase will all be based on your criteria.


As you can see, Regarding the accuracy and innovation in finding the right audience MadgicX has a better approach. Even though Hootsuite provides some valuable data for the right audiences, For finding the right audience, MadgicX will be a wise choice.

Conversion of audiences:

Finding the right audience is only half part of the story, if they are unable to convert those audiences to your customers all those efforts are in vain and you still lose your money on the ads you spent. So, Let’s see how good they are in converting the audiences.

This is going to be a tough one!!


MadgicX has these features with them for the conversion of audiences.

AI audiences:

This feature will give you a considerable amount of audiences ready to look like your customers in just a few clicks. You can use it as your advantage by deploying them at the right time which makes the audiences think that you have a recent high conversion rate which will definitely create an impression.

`Smart filters:

This feature helps you to create personalized ads for various stages of audiences like

  • Interested audience
  • Not Interested audience
  •  Audiences who have not seen your ads.

These filters separate the audiences based on these stages and promote ads based on that.

MadgicX- Smart Filter

Like these, they filter the audiences to increase the accuracy of your target performance.

In addition to these, they have several other features to improve your conversion rate 

 Ad copy insights:

This feature suggests you all the winning keywords which have a higher conversion rate and you can use it in your ads to get some of its advantages.


Hootsuite also is a frontrunner in providing features for audience conversion and they use a different approach for achieving this objective. So, Let’s take a look at some of those.

Hootsuite Engage:

This feature simplifies your customer support interface as userfriendly as possible. This will help you in giving a quick reply to all your customers which will create a huge impact on the conversion rate of the audiences.

Hootsuite Monitor:

This feature gives you daily updates of all the trending keywords, stories, or articles related to your products. This will help you to change your strategy according to the trend which makes your product more attractive than your competitor’s.


Similar to this page, you will get all the trending data related to your product to update your ads and approach.


Both companies have dominant features for the audience conversion and both use different methods to achieve it. So, In order to find the best between these two, we have to see the previous customer reviews to see whose method is working well compared to others.

So, We will see the Verdict of the audience conversion on the customer review topic.

So, stay tuned!!!

Return on Investment(ROI)

Return on Investment is the purpose of each and every one of the owners are publishing their product ads. Just a High conversion rate only does not ensure a high Return on Investment. Optimization of your ad sets plays an important role in determining your Return on Investment. So, Let’s see how much they can return your investment


To get you a high return on investment, MadgicX not only depends on audience conversion but it has some amazing optimizing features which will also increase your percentage of Return on Investment

Bid optimization:

This feature continuously monitors all of your ad sets and constantly varies the budget on the ads depending on the performance of these ads. In this way, it will prevent you from investing in the ads more and more that is not performing as intended.

MadgicX- Bid Optimization

Like this, you will get every bit of performance detail about your ad set like viewership size, Performance trend in subsequent short terms, etc…


Like MadgicX, Hootsuite also plays a card for your high return on investment

Hootsuite Impact:

This feature will calculate the return on investment, weeks before the ad cycle was finished. This tool will give forecast an estimated return on investment for all of your ads based on the criteria you have chosen. 

 This will help you to modify your strategy or pause the campaign for some ads in order to achieve the expected return on investment.


To achieve a high return on investment, both companies have some solutions. But MadgicX ROI plans can save your budget so much, it can be compensated in audience conversion. On the other hand, Hootsuite’s ROI increase plans will give you just the stats for the future market.

Customer Review:

I don’t have to tell you how much important customer review is for these types of promoting companies. There is no more trustworthy source than a genuine customer’s review. So, Let’s take a look at the review of these companies by the customers.


Based on several customer reviews, MadgicX is much appreciated for its innovative features and high-performance methods to grab the attention of the audience. But they still need some development in areas such as Interface management, etc..


For Hootsuite, the customers are happy with the userfriendly interface and the unique features for each step of advertising. But Hootsuite needs development in some areas like audience targeting and conversion techniques.

So, as I promised here is the verdict for the audience conversion


Even though both companies bring their top features to the table in terms of audience conversion, customers are particularly happy with the results of the features given by MadgicX. So MadgicX is the winner!!

Pricing MadgicX vs Hootsuite

Both of these companies have premium-level features in their software, Let’s see how much they are charging for the plans.


MadgicX offers a 7-day free trial of its features. MadgicX offers its plan based on the validity of its features and these are the plans MadgicX has to offer.


As you have seen in the image, they provide three types of plan for their users

  • Monthly plan-$49
  • Quarterly plan-$44
  • Annual plan-$39

There will be no change in features for any of these plans. It just changes in its validity.


Hootsuite offers its software free for an individual account with 3 social profiles. Hootsuite offers 4 kinds of a plan for its users from end to end. These are their plans.

Hootsuite - Pricing Plan

For a professional plan

They offer 

  • Social profiles up to 10.
  • Unlimited scheduling
  • 1user

For the rest of the plans 

  • Social profile number increases from 10 to 35.
  • The number of users varies from 1 to 5.

For the Enterprise plan

  • The plan will cost depending on the social profiles and the number of user accounts needed.

Pros & Cons MadgicX vs Hootsuite



  • Top of the line features for audience targeting and conversion.
  • New Innovative Methods to promote ads that will impress the audience.
  • The free trial version gives you an overview of their interface before investing in it.



  • An easily manageable user interface will reduce your stress.
  • A free version for individuals will give you more confidence in their interface.
  • Automated solutions for all part of the ad promoting campaign from creating to publishing it.



  • The user interface is less userfriendly compared to some competitors.
  • No free version of their software for anyone, only free trial.
  • They do not have a variety of features for high-end premium users.



  • Their premium plans are not affordable for small business owners.
  • Hootsuite still needs some new features for finding the audience.
  • Their features are mostly suggestive not hand to hand help to the customers.

FAQs MadgicX vs Hootsuite

👉Can I try this software for free?

Yes, of course, you can Both of these software offers a free trial to give you a preview of what you can expect from their software.

👉Are these data reliable?

Yes, these data are driven from numerous customer’s feedback and performance trends of the market. So you can absolutely trust these data.

👉Can these ad promoters give me an advantage from my competitors?

This software will find you the right audience for your products with AI optimized technology which will give you the perfect insights for a performance increase of your ads.

Testimonials MadgicX vs Hootsuite:

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials

Hootsuite Customer Reviews


Quick Links:

Conclusion: MadgicX vs Hootsuite 2024 

Finally, after all, these debrief, Let’s see who is the winner of this ultimate duel.

Based on features performance

Based on observation, I can tell whose features performs better. Of course, MadgicX features are far more innovative and more successful compared to Hootsuite’s features for ad promotion. So, MadgicX is the winner of this round!!

Based on Return on Investment

From considering multiple customer reviews, MadgicX methods give their users more Return on Investment than Hootsuite’s methods. So, MadgicX wins again!!

Based on User Interface

Considering the user-friendliness and automation of the interfaces Hootsuite’s interface is more user-friendly and automated compared to MadgicX’s interface. So, Hootsuite wins this round.

But I believe that the overall winner of MadgicX vs Hootsuite is the one and only MadgicX for its outstanding features performance and innovative approach in ad promotion.

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