Madgicx vs Adroll 2024: Which One To Choose? (Our Pick)

If you need a single platform to grow your business through amazing ads and get a reach, in enormous quantities of people but you are confused with which platform will be the best for you. This article about Madgicx vs Adroll will help you clear your doubts and confusion and will help you choose the platform which will suit your needs and get you the great results that your business needs.

Both these platforms offer outstanding features and will make sure that your business is shining and growing as fast as possible. Everybody requires social media advertisements to get the perfect reach and the best audience for the growth of their respective companies as without a good reach and a basic number of audience it is difficult to sell the products or services and even to get recognized as a company and to start a positive word of mouth.

Platforms like Madgicx and Adroll try to promote ads on every possible social media application or website, especially Madgicx it makes sure that all famous social media applications and websites are promoting your lovely products and the excellent upcoming brand you own, as it is said more the merrier so the more social media applications and websites your ads are thriving in is better for your business. These platforms will help you get identified by people and get opportunities to flourish in sales and marketing.

Madgicx Vs Adroll 2024 Overview

Madgicx Overview

Madgicx is a platform that is trusted by more than 30 thousand people and it offers features and services which are way more than just ad optimization. It has amazing creative intelligence and it makes your ads reach famous platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Madgicx has an excellent lead generation feature, it will help you get the list of perfect leads and make your business prosper even more. They also have an app available on mobile phone devices, which makes it easier for users to access their ads and have insights and use Madgicx and its features very easily on your phone without having to carry big laptops around with them.

Madgicx Vs Adroll - Madgicx

They ensure that you will be able to see the results in 1 to 2 days and they also give you a free trial so that you can understand the functioning of their amazing services and great tools that they offer.

Madgicx also won two awards in 2019, the first one is the rising star award which was given to them by finances online, and the second award is the premium usability award this award was also given by finances online. Finances online are one of the biggest reviewing platforms that provide exceptionally detailed information about many platforms and it is known to be extraordinary to help in comparison of platforms. 

Adroll Overview

Adroll is a good ad optimization platform too, more than ads it also provides email marketing. While it will help you in growing your business it will also help you in growing your confidence, your brand, your sales, customer loyalty, and whatnot. This platform isn’t vast, it offers minimal features and specifications but yet it helps you in growing your business. 

Madgicx Vs Adroll - AdRoll

It is well known for its email marketing feature, even though it is a great feature but people these don’t prefer checking ads on mails and usually put them into the spam folder which is sadly an important feature going to waste. The interface of Adroll is great and it offers easy to use functions. 

Star Rating

Star rating of Adroll

Adroll has been reviewed by about four hundred and twenty-three people and yet out of 5 it has only 3.8 stars.

Star rating of Madgicx

Madgicx has been reviewed by about twenty-four people which is almost four hundred fewer reviews than Adroll, despite so few reviews, Madgicx has managed to get a star rating of 4.9 out of 5 which is way more than what we usually expect from any platform. People settle for star ratings which are just 4 stars but Madgicx has an amazing star rating of an unbelievable number 4.9. 

Verdict: Madgicx is far more ahead than Adroll according to the star rating and the reviews given by people. It has a much positive and better rating than Adroll.

Features Madgicx Vs Adroll


Autonomous ad-buying tool

Madgicx is an amazing omnichannel artificial intelligence software with remarkable benefits and features just like it is an automatic ad-buying tool, even helps us enhance our reach for our business and even supports us in optimizations and customizations of advertisements across various other social media platforms.

Madgicx - Dashboard


Adroll is an important marketing tool that offers a remarkable growth platform, keen on driving the customers and visitors engaging them in the best possible way, it is equally concentrated on advertising and other marketing activities. timesIt does inspire action towards emails, advertisements, etc.

AdRoll - Analytics


Therefore, we conclude that after a competitive battle within these awesome tools regarding a common feature,madgicx has occupied a special position in this regard.yet,madgicx has won in this context

Madgicx specializes in countless features

Madgicx has been quite a master in managing countless features like multi-account management, automated publishing, customer targeting, content management, and post scheduling.


Offers remarkable services in e-commerce

Madgicx has provided us with an amazing platform especially in the areas of e-commerce which has offered us spectacular services inside out with its exquisite attributes and features. Madgicx has been equipped with awesome marketing strategies that will help any individual in growing their business in a quite organic way.

MadgicX- Custom Automation


Adroll has been quite splendid in offering e-commerce services, as it maintains high performance and highly qualified marketing attributes yet, equally competitive and is indeed highly driven and specializes in departments of e-commerce.

AdRoll - Ecommerce

it is in reality quite updated software which has to offer valuable updated information to its customers.


madgicx and adroll have been equally competitive and outstanding in its functioning, thereby we conclude that since madgicx has greater importance and value over adroll as exclaimed by the customers so, madgicx has been quite a victor in offering e-commerce services remarkably.


Through the comparison, we found out that Madgicx and Adroll have equally gained points 


Awesome customer support

Madgicxhas got the best customer support team, where the individuals are quite hospitable and receptive to the needs and problems of the customers or clients, the level of support they render is uniquely superb.they are available 24 x 7. 


Adroll and its customer services are equally convenient, the customer support team is available 24/5, and they’re available only 5 days a week from Monday to Friday on a live chat. The specialists have been really helpful and answerable to the customers.


Madgicx and adroll have an extremely amazing customer support team, and yet, after a great comparison we found out, that madgicx has been quite a winner in this regard and overpowers adroll in this particular field excellently.


Highly recommended to ad geeks

Madgicxas an amazing tool is highly recommended to all the advertisement geeks, aiming at promoting and optimizing the ads to increase their leads and the reach, especially on the social media platforms.madgicx has always offered wonderful performance specifically on this desired platform seven .helping us in giving the detailed and a clearer picture of the insights and analysis.


Adroll as a tool simplifies and personalizes your work and even shows you with required snippets and helps you in the processes of advertising via a single channel.


 Through the comparison, we found out that Madgicx and Adroll have equally gained points 

on their side, but after the most crucial faceoff, we conclude that Madgicx is still a winner, and yet it has proved how exquisite software it has been consistent.

Unique Features Madgicx Vs Adroll


Smart Filters

Smart filters let you determine the needs of your audience by targeting specific requirements and thus helping you make decisions. There is a funnel for the stages of analysis such as Acquisition Prospecting, Acquisition Re-engagement, Retargeting, and Retention.

Smart-Filters - Madgicx

And for each of these a specific filter would be very helpful to get through. Smart filters also help you understand which creatives work where, in which country, and lets you choose accordingly.

The Mobile App

You simply can’t carry your laptop everywhere but you sure need to work no matter where you are. The mobile app for Madgicx lets you keep a check on your ad performance from anywhere. Makes it an on-the-go job.

Madgicx Mobile-App

The Control Panel on the app is specially designed to make it easy for you to display everything that you need to know. All the reports are in real-time and give you insights as to how your live traffic is affecting your campaigns as well. The best part is that even if your free trial for Madgicx is over, the app will remain free so that’s a bonus. 

ROI Tracking

Madgicx offers its users the facility of performance data. This feature is available to allow the users to observe and keep a track of the real growth as well as the effect of the activities undertaken by them to enhance their business.

MadgicX- Smart Filter

This helps users to get a clear idea of whether their strategies are working or not and if not then how soon they can change them and in what way. So in such a manner decisions can be taken accordingly. 

Campaigning analysis

With Madgicx, you can design and customize your campaigns as suited to the requirements. You can make your content SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization friendly using Madgicx. Also, you can look out for ads that cost more unnecessarily as well as unscaling potentials and performance differences. You can monitor your performance and change strategies accordingly under the insightful analytics offered by Madgicx.


Madgicx has the option of offering automatic reports. So you will get an in-depth, detailed, and rich in the quality review about how your business is performing. And all this without you having to do anything. It is fully automated and works even while you aren’t.



Dayparting is a very unique feature not offered by most software that is similar to AdRoll. It lets you specify the days and the time when your ads will serve and the days and times when your ads will not serve. However, this feature applies to entire campaigns and cannot be separately applied to AdGroups as such. So that maybe one slight disadvantage. This feature is useful because some ads are more effective during certain times of the days or during specific days of the week such as weekends. Therefore, it harbors more interest from users. 


AdRoll uses cookies for retargeting in such a way that a chunk of your data will be saved on the browser so that it will remember people who have visited the page.

Retargeting AdRoll

Then the marketing team will target those visitors and serve ads to them so that they make sense for the people who will find them relevant as they have already visited your page. This will result in more conversions on your page as well as brand awareness too. 

Audience targeting

Specific and personalized ads that are relevant to specific customers will lead to more conversions. Customers respond well and more often to ads that they feel are relevant and meant for them.

AdRoll - Audience Targeting

This is exactly what AdRoll has captured and it lets you target the people that you are looking for. If customers have purchased from you before or joined a group before. The audience targeting feature of AdRoll will attempt to get them back on the page by luring them using targeted ads.

Consent Management

Customers need to feel safe that their private data will not be misused in any way before they start with your page. In this respect, AdRoll’s consent management can be a huge help because it makes this task seamless.


It lets you go through privacy regulations globally so you can focus on expanding your business while giving your customers the surety that their information and data is safe. The safer they feel, the more likely they are to visit back. 

Recommending relevant products

Make sure you recommend relevant products to your customers so they don’t feel that visit has been useless. It is always a good idea to not let your customers go empty-handed from your page because then they are less likely to visit back. Analyst-minutes recommendations will also make them pause and think if they would like to go through with it, which is again beneficial to you in the long run as well. 

The Pricing Battle Between Madgicx Vs Adroll



  • The New business plan – $300 per month. 
  • The Emerging business plan – $1,000 a month. 
  • The Evolving business plan – $5,000 every month. 
  • The Expanding business plan – $ 10,000 each month. 

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  • There is only one plan available here but the cost of this plan is $49 per month but it is mostly based on how much the user spends for his advertisements. 


You can see how Adroll is slightly a little more expensive than Madgicx. And that is why the winner is Madgicx! 

Pros and Cons Madgicx Vs Adroll  



  • Setting up dynamic retargeting is easy. 
  • Support for customers is really helpful. 
  • You can customize ads to be clear about what you want. 
  • The analysis process to check what works and what doesn’t is amazing. 
  • The variety from which you can choose the templates for your ads is impressive. 
  • The remarketing technique is nice. 


  • An excellent support team that is ready to help you out at any given time. 
  • They update pretty quickly. 
  • Intuitive and easy to use. 
  • Receiving personalized reviews. 
  • Creates combinations that could take you to a whole new level.  
  • There is a better understanding when it comes to the audience on this platform.
  • You get a free trial! 



  • There isn’t clarity about the fees. 
  • You cannot exert control over the bidding process. 
  • Many believe that the time taken for ads approval is way too long. 
  • You may have to contact the customer support for adding small changes to your Facebook ads. 
  • The platform has some parts that could be a little difficult to use. 


  • You might take a little while before you get used to the working of the whole brand. 
  •  It isn’t the best option for novices but ideal for advanced Facebook advertisers. 

FAQs Madgicx Vs Adroll

Testimonials Madgicx Vs Adroll

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials

Adroll Customer Reviews

AdRoll - Testimonials

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Conclusion: Madgicx vs Adroll 2024

The above comparison makes it clear that Madgicx is an absolute winner. It is the better choice between the two in terms of pricing because it is cost-effective and easy on your pocket. Also, the variety of features offered far exceeds that of AdRoll and most importantly it is user-friendly and a hand-on tool for beginners.

The customer support for Madgicx also makes it a must-have for users as they feel helped and encouraged to use it further. So, we guess, it is safe to say that Madgicx is the tool you’ve been looking for and your search ends here. Madgicx is the winner in this comparison hands-down. 


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