Madgicx vs AdEspresso 2024: Which One To Choose? (Our Pick)

Why do people today consider marketing a vital process for their business? Though marketing is an eight-letter word, it has gained a lot of attention from every business and organization. It is a very fascinating concept with so many advancements, segments, and versatility. In the 21st century, people are habitual of the notion of marketing but still lagging behind. The major issue here is that marketing seems too easy but does include a wide variety of ways. Acquiring unique and modern ways of marketing assist in satisfying both the consumer needs and business rather than simple ways.

Due to the versatile change in the environment and behavior of civilians, it becomes necessary to set up advanced marketing strategies to capture a large share in the market. Innovation and creativity alone cannot help in achieving the goals until they are paired with marketing. Eventually, marketing benefits people to keep them updated regularly about every new product, features, and technology on Earth. In the fast-growing world, keeping pace with marketing automation tools becomes necessary. With the underlying idea, we want you to introduce two tools that will make your marketing interesting within a few clicks.

Madgicx VS AdEspresso Overview:

Madgicx Overview

Madgicx is a business intensification tool, which is beautifully designed with AI technology. It can create and optimize the ads across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Madgicx includes many unique weapons that will alleviate advertisers to scale any business.

 Madgicx VS AdEspresso - Madgicx

It ensures people create a mass campaign within a few minutes rather than hours such as 4 campaigns in just 4 minutes. Madgicx allows people to sleep without being worried about the business. Eventually, with AI technology, it processes and collects statistical reports daily automatically via one of the remarkable tool autopilot. This will foster your business and allow your business to work fluently. Revealbot is another competitor to Magdicx which makes ads automation ease. Check our detailed Revealbot review here

AdEspresso Overview

AdEspresso is a market automation tool that helps small and medium businesses and companies to regulate their ads. In the beginning, people find it manageable to deal with everything but with time, things become complex and need adequate attention.

 Madgicx VS AdEspresso - Adespresso


The utmost reason to introduce AdEspresso is to regulate your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads timely within a couple of minutes. Doing so would help to drive more sales of your business achieving the desired results. Being a powerful tool not only helps in tracking the records of campaigns and ads but also automates the entire procedure. This will introduce you to advance technology at affordable prices.

Features Madgicx VS AdEspresso

Automation Tactics


Madgicx is a powerful tool to automate your account in real-time. It brings you ahead of your competitors from miles away in multiple ways. This tool helps in portraying the company’s ads in different and unique ways as compared to competitors. With small expenses, you can achieve great advertising optimization. Improved and modernized techniques reduce technical issues and make your work freely.

MadgicX- Custom Automation

It ensures automation and optimization of your ads without creating any hustle. Madgicx efficiently visualizes your data points and analyze each element separately. With all their efforts, they come up with the perfect content for the right audience. They focus on what you’re good at and reach your business to the new heights. The AI algorithms will autonomously drive and generate more profit by optimizing your ad account.


AdEspresso is a magnified software that allows businesses to uncover different platform ads in one place. Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads are systematically manageable in a categorical manner. Businesses and companies who desire to expand their business in the market world must utilize this platform. It includes varieties of features like automatic promotion, split testing of all the pages, so on. One only needs to specify the plan and pages need to be used, rest leave on to the algorithm. This tool offers you to test the whole lot from title pages to images and a game-changing feature via which you can foster complex business and enterprise performance is compelling.    

   Adespresso - Create

Verdict: Both of these tools ensure you generate leads through various innovative and creative ads. Madgicx offers you an AI algorithm and different automation and unique features from the beginning. Moreover, both the tools do the same work; again, it comes to long-term retention. So choose wisely, according to your business needs.

Campaign Management


Madgicx is a marketing automation tool that is concerned with achieving useful insights so that you can run your ads effectively. It creates a sense of value to the viewers. The primary goal is to increase the branding, profitability, and feasibility to achieve your goals.

Madgicx- Audiance

With personalized tactics, it is easy to build your campaigns in just a few clicks. Madgicx collects and maintains all the ads and data automatically. People find it difficult to create Facebook ads but it provides you the easiest and safest process through which ads can be generated. 


Advertisement is wholly a wide concept that can shiver any business budget. Creating and simply putting the ads doesn’t mean advertisement done. There are vital aspects that need to be looked upon. Keeping a regular track of ads and optimizing them creates many problems and to overcome this AdEspresso includes automatic optimization features. These features can keep track of ads, optimize them, and manage the addressees automatically. Changing and editing the content in bulk is easy to deal with with the help of this tool. It also includes tutorial videos so that you can access them without difficulty.   

Adespresso - Management

Verdict: Both the software tries to make your business grow in the market soon. Both provide the automatic and timely update of ads that will help your business to save the budget. Well, it up to you 

Video lectures


The AI algorithm Madgicx is a user-friendly platform that allows people to utilize their features resourcefully. To make it more compatible Madgicx has put some tutorial videos that tell you a lot about the software.

However, because of location inaccessibility, people are in view to organize online webinars and live video sessions making it interesting and innovative. Besides, they try to make webinars and videos more informative and connecting. People can also ask their queries immediately only.    


At times, it becomes tedious to read books, blogs, and articles to gain information and knowledge about a particular topic or subject. Eventually, to reduce the restraint of people, making videos is preferable. Seeing videos with images, graphs, charts, and sound make it even more interesting and constructive. Usually, people are able to connect with videos more willingly. Keeping this in view, AdEspresso comes up with online training webinar sessions that assist people to get connected with the platform and have the information about the latest features and news. They also record their master class making it accessible to people who won’t be able to join the session. Besides, some videos can help you to target the audience correctly.

Verdict: Both the tools are equally good as they understand the consumer’s mind and try to keep pace with the technology. Both try their level best to provide you the latest news. Both help in making them stress-free. 



Madgicx is a large platform to engage and connect a huge audience with a few simple steps. Many large advertisers, small advertisers, agencies, enterprises, small owners, and freelancers use this platform to furnish their internal performance.

MadgicX- Smart Filter

These market automation tactics help the business to set up their account and enable them to run ads. Though it is automatic, it assists companies to save their time and cost. Even it helps them to focus on other activities that need a lot of time. Madgicx analyzes the data, insights, and information at all levels. It is the most successful tool to level up your business.


AdEspresso is a very good platform for startups, small businesses, medium-sized businesses, large enterprises, and freelancers. There are many pricing plans according to the requirements. As for the small business having a limited budget can go for a basic plan or premium plan, and large businesses can go for elite or diamonds, etc. it depends upon the need, requirements, nature, and size of the business. It helps businesses to grow and build their presence on different platforms at the same time. 

Adespresso - Analyze

Verdict: Users of both the tools are almost the same as all the large agencies and businesses want to grow their market value and save their time. Both are doing the same thing i.e. scaling up the business. So, it depends upon you which will best be suited for your deals. 

Consumer support


Madgicx team is available 24*7 for consumer support via emails, chats, telephone, and support centers, etc. The team is always available to guide you in creating ads, for logins and refunds, etc. You will also get a chance to chat with Madgicx experts.

Madgicx- Stats

It also keeps a live record of everything users want to know. You can also ask any queries on the support center page and it promises you to reply as soon as possible. 


It provides every means through which one can access them as and when the problem arises. When people buy anything, they want full consumer support until the end. People can communicate with them via email, online chat, telephone, support center, etc. it uses every possible means through which their audience can be satisfied. They are always there to provide you consumer services. Besides, people can also ask questions on consumer support where more FAQ’s are also there.

Verdict: Madgicx provides the best consumer support as AdEspresso doesn’t have much staff to deal with its customers. Even if it provides good features there is less scope to attract consumers if there is no proper guidance given by them.



If we talk about the security in Madgicx, it is highly commendable. All the information a person provides is safe and secure. Millions of businesses and users are connecting with Madgicx daily to create ads and campaigns. Wherever it might not be sure about keeping your information safe they may provide you with the warning. Apart from this, people find it a very reliable and safe source. 


When it comes to security terms AdEspresso is quite straightforward. The data it collects and maintains is secure but whenever a third party asks, they may reveal the information but keep the anonymity of the name and some details. Well, the other information is very safe. If you’re still not sure about it you can unsubscribe it anytime you wish to. 

Verdict: Both the tools will protect your information safely without getting it exposed. Besides, it will not use any data for any other purpose instead of providing it to businesses. Madgicx is a good tool for safety and can be trusted. 

Price Madgicx VS AdEspresso



1) Basic $49/monthly

  • Only 1 ad account
  • Up to $1K can be spent monthly

2) $99/monthly

  • Only 1 user account
  • Spend up to $5K monthly

3) $379/monthly

  • 3 accounts can be maintained
  • Spend up to $25K monthly 

They also provide quarterly and annual pricing plans and provide a trial.


Adespresso - Pricing

1) Base plan $58/month

  • Unlimited ads can be created by spending up to $3000/month 
  • Only 1 user can access
  • It is not suitable for large companies

2) Premium plan $166/month

  • Unlimited number of ads can be created by spending up to $10,000
  • Only 2 user can access
  • Most likely to attract a wider range of consumers

3) Elite plan $333/month

  • 10 users can access
  • Can create unlimited ads with an amount of $50,000
  • Able to download PDF reports

4) Diamond plan $499/month

  • Up to 30 accounts can be maintained easily
  • $150,000 monthly can be spent by consumers on their campaigns. 
  • Mostly used by large companies to speed up their business.

All the packages have a 14-days trial and provide PDF reports.

Verdict: Madgicx offers its starting price less expensive than AdEspresso. It also has its monthly and annual plans. Well, it depends on you and your business requirements. However, there will be a point when you find Madgicx a little expensive but its results are best and satisfactory.

Pros & Cons Madgicx VS AdEspresso



  1. The AI-based algorithm and automation tactics are powerful in scaling up any business.
  2. It is a very reliable source and helps people to create advertisements within a couple of minutes. 
  3. It is the best tool for engaging and helps them in growing. 
  4. It provides valuable insights to the users and helps in tracking the records.
  5. People are very satisfied with the services provided by Madgicx.
  6. Facebook ads are not easy to make but Madgicx makes it easy for every person who wants to grow its business using different platforms. 


  1. It is easy to test the ads on the three sides easily to know how will they appear on a particular platform
  2. AdEspresso provides daily reports in the PDF form and is available in all the plans. 
  3. Optimization of campaigns and ads helps them to improve their weakest aspect.
  4. It can be used by anyone as working on it doesn’t require any specialization instead it only requires a Google ad account. 



  1. Though it is a very great platform people find it a bit difficult to access.


  1. People are not fully satisfied with the consumer services provided by AdEspresso.
  2. There are some issues in refunding and retrieving Google ads accounts passwords.
  3. The users find it uncomfortable to use this because of some language skills and perfect guiding steps. 


👉If a person does not have a Google ad account can he use Madgicx?

Yes, you can easily use Madgicx even without a Google ads account but Madgicx also supports you to create your Google ad account.

👉what are Facebook automated Ads?

Facebook automation ads are a way through which large businesses can make their unique presence in the world of marketing. It helps the users to find better ways to create ads and that helps their business for the long-term. These ads run on an ongoing basis.

👉 the advertisements done on Facebook can be free?

No, the advertisements done on Facebook require some amount of the money that users need to keep aside from its budget. It depends on several factors like how many people should the ad reach, etc.


Testimonials Madgicx VS AdEspresso

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials

AdEspresso Customer Reviews

Adespresso - Testimonials

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Conclusion: Madgicx VS AdEspresso 2024

Madgicx and AdEspresso both are equally efficient in providing the best results to their users. From optimizing campaigns to automating the whole process it saves the time and cost of people. The advertising platforms not only increase people’s knowledge but also assist them with marketing automation tactics. Both help them in running ads on different social media platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram. 

Even the people who don’t possess the knowledge of ads and all the other stuff can easily use these two platforms and drive the traffic in. Both the software are user-friendly and helps in bringing all the marketing strategies in one place. In essence, both provide good consumer support services and security. However, when it comes to AdEspresso because of limited staff or shortage of staff they aren’t able to assist effectively.

Overall, both are significantly valuable and user-friendly. Moreover, Madgicx is a very effective tool as it provides AI automation and the best consumer support services. It might be a little bit expensive but a reliable one.  


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