How to Get Free Tubebuddy Pro (Complete Guide 2024)

In search of a free method to obtain Tubebuddy Pro? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

I can thank Tubebuddy for helping me expand my YouTube channel more than any other tool. I WISH I had begun utilizing this YouTube keyword research tool sooner because it has been a huge help to my channel.

I first used the free version for a few months before realizing that I really needed to upgrade.

By gaining access to a unique “Sponsored Page” that appears on the Tubebuddy Dashboard, you can actually get Tubebuddy for up to 2 months, COMPLETELY free.

Although there are multiple distinct free versions of Tubebuddy upgrades available, there is only one way to access this page.

I will thus walk you through the entire procedure and demonstrate how to gain access in this article.

What is Tubebuddy?

You may add Tubebuddy to your browser as an extension to manage your channels.

It offers wonderful information on how your channel is performing and how you can improve it in addition to aiding you in working on your SEO.

It was most renowned for its YouTube SEO capabilities in the past, but it has since developed into a complete powerhouse for handling your YouTube channel.

The Tubebuddy Extention is available in what ways?

The Tubebuddy Extention is available in what ways

TubeBuddy may be downloaded rather easily. You can access their website directly to get the extension.
Tubebuddy is currently only supported by Chrome and Firefox.

You must link the extension to your Youtube account after downloading and activating it for it to begin analyzing your data.

You will see that it will appear while you are on YouTube as soon as the extension is operational. You may check out how other people’s videos are performing in YouTube searches, as I previously mentioned.

How can you get a free Tubebuddy upgrade?

How can you get a free Tubebuddy upgrade

There is just one method to achieve this, so you must pay carefully.

Some of my subscribers had a minor snag after I originally shared this with them. This is the reason I made the decision to walk you through the entire procedure in this essay.

Download and activate the Tubebuddy Extension in this first step.

You could not have an “eligible” channel if you aren’t forwarded to the sponsor page. Sadly, Tubebuddy isn’t very clear about what qualifies a channel for sponsored upgrades.

I’ve discovered from experience that you cannot access the Sponsored Page if you already own a paid version of Tubebuddy.

One POSSIBLE solution I’ve found if you believe your channel should be qualified but still can’t access the Sponsored page is as follows:

Close and reopen your browser. Log out of Tubebuddy. Delete the extension. Clear your cache. Log out of Tubebuddy. Download the extension once more.

  • Click the link once again
  • Access your account
    There is no assurance that this will work, so proceed with caution.
  • Once you’ve seen the Sponsored section, you’ll see a number of free Tubebuddy trials that you may access by completing various tasks.
  • The 30-day and 2-month free trials are the ones that will be most interesting to you.
  • The only need for the 30-day free trial is a straightforward sign-up. However, in order to use the 2-month trial, you must create a specific Tubebuddy video and upload it to your YouTube channel.

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Wrapping Up

All YouTubers would benefit greatly from having a tool like Tubebuddy because SEO can be challenging if you are not used to it.

whatever the size or scope of your channel.

Getting views via YouTube search is actually one of the most effective ways to send your movie out to the algorithm.

This sends a message to the algorithm indicating that your videos are receiving natural views and should be promoted since viewers are choosing to watch them.

As soon as this starts to take place and you gain momentum, you will quickly find that your videos are receiving views without any kind of promotion.

You may totally rely on the algorithm to do the task for you.

I found techniques to get views practically overnight with Tubebuddy.

Don’t take SEO for granted, and start channel optimization right away.

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