Envato Elements Review 2024: Is Stock Footage Worth it?

Envato Elements Review

Overall Verdict

Envato Elements is an excellent resource for anyone who wants access to high-quality digital assets without having to break the bank or worry about copyright issues. Whether you’re a budding designer looking for inspiration or an experienced professional working on tight deadlines—Envato Elements has something for everyone!

Out of 10


  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Free Courses
  • Affordable Plans
  • Easy Search & Filter
  • Verified Assets
  • Great Collection


  • Absence of Premium Assets
  • Re-registration Required
  • No Support for WordPress Themes and Plugins


Price: $ 33

Are you a digital creative looking to stock up on content? If so, you’ve probably heard of Envato Elements. It’s a subscription-based service that provides its users with a wide array of digital assets, such as templates, graphics, audio clips, and more. But is it worth it?

Envato Elements Review

Read on to learn why I think Envato Elements is the best subscription service for digital creatives. Here is our detailed Envato Elements Review.

What Is Envato?

A membership service for designers called Envato Elements provides visual resources, learning materials, and company management tools.

envato elements review

It permits limitless downloads of WordPress plugins and themes, fonts, templates, video, audio, and graphics that are all covered by royalty-free licenses and may be used for either private or business projects without incurring extra costs.

Customers of Envato Elements are typically entrepreneurs, small-to-medium business owners, web developers, graphic designers, and students. The latter group is eligible for a discount on their subscriptions, making it an affordable option for anyone looking to access a sizable collection of digital assets.

How Do Envato Elements Work?

A site called Envato Elements provides a vast selection of digital assets, such as stock images, vectors, graphics, templates, and more. These resources may be used for a variety of projects, including producing presentations, websites, and marketing collateral.

You may browse the whole collection and download as many assets as you need for your projects if you have an active Envato Elements membership. Since you don’t have to pay for each asset separately, this saves you both time and money.

Once you’ve subscribed to Envato Elements, you may explore the collection and download the necessary materials. Additionally, the search function may be used to locate certain assets, and the curated collections can be used to uncover brand-new items.

Who Is Envato For?

There is something for everyone with Envato Elements! It is suitable for:

freelancers, business owners, and executives seeking pre-made templates to produce distinctive designs!

Searching for royalty-free music and sound effects to enhance their excellent material as audio creators, music producers, and podcasters!

YouTubers and video editors are seeking music, video templates, and royalty-free stock video to utilize in their videos.

A range of fonts, logos, illustrator files, graphic components, templates, styles, and LUTs are used by graphic designers and illustrators who require stock images, typefaces, and graphic layouts for their blog posts—bloggers and content creators.

For creating their websites and applications, web developers and designers require codes, icons, logos, plugins, WordPress themes, templates, and HTML among other things.

Envato – User Experience

Overall, using Envato Elements is a breeze. Before you decide to subscribe, you may even go over their collection without spending a dime. It takes only a few minutes to join up and begin downloading content if you discover anything you like.

After signing up with Envato for free, you’ll be able to choose between a monthly or annual membership (which is a better value).

Any asset you’re considering downloading will have its own website where you can read detailed information about it. The files may be accessed by clicking the “download” button when you’re ready to do so.

First, you must register the item for usage in a certain project, and then you may either download the asset for free or for a limited time.

envato user experience

The second is best for individuals who wish to take their time determining whether or not to utilize a product. When you cancel your membership, you won’t lose access to the content you’ve already downloaded.

Zip archives will be generated for the items you want to download. Your computer has everything it needs to extract the files you need, and you can then use any app that is suitable to read them.

While Illustrator and Photoshop are the preferred programs for working with downloaded images, PNG and JPEG versions of the file may also be used. If you have a PNG or JPEG version of a picture, you can utilize it right away without needing to launch a separate program.

Your Envato Elements account dashboard displays every content that you have downloaded. This facilitates the discovery of specific objects in case you need to re-download them, register them for several projects, or apply a license to a trial item so that it may be used in a live project.

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Envato Pricing

There is no one-on-one help for products on Envato Elements. Products featured on Envato Elements are all the work of individual artists.

Since they have an unlimited membership, they are unable to provide personalized assistance in the form of technical support or guidance on how to best utilize the products. Your Envato Elements membership is completely flexible.

Your continued use of Envato Elements will continue until the day that your next monthly payment is scheduled to be processed after cancellation.

If you cancel your monthly membership, say, 23 days before your next payment is due, you will still have access for another 23 days after that.

Envato Pricing

You may continue using the service for another three months after canceling your yearly membership as long as you do so before the payment is due. When a subscription is terminated, no reimbursement is given.

After your membership expires, you may still use anything that was licensed for Project Use but only for the project for which it was originally licensed. Discover More Here!

To prevent being charged twice, if you decide to switch from a monthly to an annual plan, the number of days left on your current plan will be subtracted from the total number of days in the new plan. Your invoice will include the whole cost to you.

Envato Pros and Cons:

Envato Pros

  • Add a business license to any item you download with ease, and use it indefinitely after your membership expires!
  • Envato Tuts+, a resource that offers free courses, tutorials, ebooks, and educational guides, is included with the Envato Elements Subscription.
  • Finding the precise item we’re searching for is made much easier by the search and filtering features. Each category’s filter feature has been specifically created for it.
  • You will never run out of original ideas because of their enormous library of millions of 3D objects, graphic components, audio tracks, films, stock photos, and a lot more. 
  • With limitless downloads and a ton of training courses, Envato Elements’ price is quite reasonable when compared to other comparable services at only $198/year!
  • The Envato team meticulously examines every asset to make sure that it complies with all applicable licensing requirements.
  • Download from Envato Elements at no cost as long as your membership is current.

Envato Cons

  • Before utilizing your assets on any future projects, you must register them once again. Without re-registration, the asset cannot be used again.

Are Envato Elements Worth It?

Envato Elements offers several benefits for users who are looking for creative assets for their projects. First and foremost is its affordability – with a flat-rate fee per month or year, users can access an abundance of assets without breaking the bank.

In addition to affordability, Envato Elements also offers a huge selection of items that are sure to fit any user’s needs – no matter how specific they may be.

Furthermore, the platform is incredibly user-friendly – with easy search and filter functions that make finding what you need a breeze. 

In my opinion, yes! As someone who has used Envato Elements extensively over the past year or so, I can confidently say that it has been worth every penny spent on it.

The sheer number of options available makes it easy to find something that fits my exact needs every time I need something new for my projects.

Additionally, the platform’s user-friendliness and affordability make it accessible to everyone – even those on tight budgets or those who don’t have much experience with creative asset sites like this one. 

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Conclusion: Envato Elements Review 2024

Overall, Envato Elements is an excellent resource for anyone who wants access to high-quality digital assets without having to break the bank or worry about copyright issues.

Whether you’re a budding designer looking for inspiration or an experienced professional working on tight deadlines—Envato Elements has something for everyone!

With its wide array of options and affordable pricing plans, this subscription-based service provides an invaluable resource for creatives everywhere. So go ahead and give it a try today!

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