Bridge Theme Review 2024 Lit Multi Purpose WordPress Theme ?

Bridge Theme


  • Included Quality checked by Envato
  • Included Future updates
  • Extensive documentation
  • Built-in header builder
  • Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  • Very easy to use for beginners


  • More pricing options needed
  • You dont actually own premiun plugins in package


Price: $ 59

The Bridge Theme is one of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress theme you can find on the Themeforest Marketplace. The bridge was developed by Qode Themes and is still the most popular product today. Qode Theme is a part of Qode Interactive, the home of over 300 premium WordPress themes.

During this period, Qode Themes achieved more than 57,000 sales and scored Badge Elite Power Author Themeforest. The most popular Qode theme product, Bridge Theme, has been purchased more than 100,000 times and has always been featured in Themeforest’s best-selling themes.

Bridge Theme Review

Detailed Bridge Theme Review

The Bridge Theme is a multi-purpose WordPress theme available in the Theme Forest Market. It is created by Qode Themes, a digital design agency. The Qode themes were created in 2013 and have since published 15 WordPress themes.
In a short time, Qode Themes has received more than 57,000 Elite Power Elite Bridge Theme in Themeforest.

Bridge Theme Review- Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

They sold more than $ 2 million worth of items. The company currently employs 38 people and is growing rapidly.
The Bridge WordPress theme is your favourite product. It has been bought more than 32,000 times with positive comments from its customers.

How to Install Bridge Theme On WordPress?

Installing the Bridge Theme on your WordPress site is easy. Before you begin the exact installation process, I’d like to assume that you already have a domain, hosting plan, and WordPress installed.

The Bridge Theme can be installed in two ways, through the WordPress administration window or via FTP, although I’m just going to explain the simplest method, the WordPress administration window.

After purchasing Themeforest’s Bridge themes, go to the download tab and download the theme. The theme is downloaded to your computer as a zip file.
Create a new folder and name it Bridge. Extract the contents of the ZIP file just downloaded to this folder.

Bridge Theme Review - Powerful plugins

Log in to your WordPress admin panel. Go to “Appearance” and

  • Click on “Topics”.
  • Press “Add new” and then choose the option “Download a theme”.
  • Click “Choose File” and select the bridge folder created in step 2. Find a file called zip and select it to download.
  • Press “Install Now” to start the installation wizard. The theme will be automatically installed in your WordPress.

Once the installation is complete, you will be notified that the design has been installed correctly.

If you want to use the bridge design immediately on your website, you need to enable it. To do this, you must click “Activate” after the installation is complete. You can also install it later by clicking Appearance and then Themes. Select Bridge and click “Activate”.

How To Use WordPress Bridge Theme?

Using the Bridge Theme topic is also pretty straightforward. The bridge design has a management window that you can access from the Design Options page to take full advantage of the design’s many features. The many options are divided into 17 categories so that everything stays simple for you.

Most of the available options can be activated or deactivated with a single click. The Administration window gives you access to the colour picker which lets you customise the colours of different parts of your website, such as Header, footer, sidebar, wallet, etc.

Bridge Theme Review - powerful features

The Administration panel also provides pictures of text that you can use to enter personalised SEO and CSS information. Bridge also ships with a reset button if you need to restore all default options, as well as an option in maintenance mode.

This feature is useful if you need to tell your visitors that your website is under construction before you launch the application.

Settings for the Bridge Theme

In a practical way, the different parameters for each element type are divided into different tabs in the menu. Here are the most important ones:

General: Here you can edit the settings of the site. For example, backgrounds, fonts, social media, and main colours in different parts of your site.
Header: Here you can change the style of the header and its options. You’re proud to have unlimited headline styles thanks to the customisation options.
Logo: You can download different versions of your logo and adjust the dimensions.
Elements: Here you can adjust the basic settings for various elements such as styles, borders and text colours.
Page Setup: There are also some page tabs that cover general page settings, such as: For example, a 404 error page, a wallet page, and a blog page.

These settings allow you to change the general configuration of your theme to control the appearance, navigation, and organisation of the content of your page. If you played a bit and noticed the changes, you will find that it will be very fast.

Most of these settings can also be made on the page level. The Qode settings are displayed when editing pages in the editor. In this way, you can control more precisely by creating pages that are an exception to the rule and have their own unique design.

Characteristics of the Bridge Theme.

Like many premium WordPress themes, Bridge has many features. It enables users to create virtually any type of website without programming skills. Let’s look at some of the features.

24 unique designs

The Bridge Theme includes 24 out-of-the-box designs that users can implement with a single click. The presentations are divided into classic categories, portfolio, blog, grid, the menu on the left, one page, full screen, landing page, and store.

Each design gives you a flexible set of designs for your website. You can use any of these terms to meet your own needs. All designs are fully customizable and you can change everything with the built-in tools.

Bridge Theme Review - subscribe

More than 100 unique demonstrations

The bridge is a versatile topic. Their goal is to meet the needs of virtually all types of WordPress sites. To achieve this goal, it offers more than 100 unique demonstrations with their own design and content.

One of the most common complaints users find on other premium topics is that their website does not look like the demo they’re watching.

With the bridge design, you can create a website that exactly matches the demo with a single click. All content of the design and demonstration will be installed on your website. All you have to do is replace their content with yours, and you have a website ready to start.

Full-screen backgrounds and parallax effect.

The Bridge Theme gives you complete control over how you use wallpapers on your website. You can use a background image in full-screen mode and a large image by adjusting the header. Place the action request buttons in the header. This flexibility is reflected in many integrated designs and demonstrations.

With Bridge, you can also add parallax layers to your pages. This gives the page a visual depth and makes it more interactive and attractive. Not to mention impressing the users who visit your website.

Free add-ons included

The bridge design includes two premium WordPress add-ons included in your design. These add-ons are Visual Composer and Layers Slider.

Visual Composer is one of the most popular developers of WordPress drag-and-drop pages. You can easily create any kind of design with an editor that can be easily dragged and dropped. Visual Composer is extremely powerful and yet very easy to use for beginners.

Layers Slider is a premium add-on for WordPress that lets you create a beautiful picture and video slides with CSS animations and amazing 3D effects.

Bridge Theme Review - functionality

Integration with other WordPress plugins

One of the main concerns of users when buying a premium WordPress theme is whether it works with any of the add-ons they want to use. Bridge offers full support for many free and paid WordPress add-ons.

It is fully compatible with WooCommerce, one of the most popular e-commerce platforms for WordPress sites worldwide. Bridge comes with ready-to-use business models that take control of your WooCommerce business and easily display it.

The bridge design also supports WPML, a WordPress plugin for creating multilingual websites. It also includes styles for severity forms, Contacts Form 7 and Google Maps.

Mega Menu

The bridge design provides intuitive ways to create a navigation structure for your website. It also has built-in support for creating mega-menus. Users can customise standard menus and mobile menus. You can also create large or normal sub menus at the same time.

It is even possible to choose a wide menu design with or without icons. You can also add widgets to one of the columns in the wide menu and create the design you want.

SEO and performance

The compatibility of the SEO standards were checked by the developers. The search in a modern topic is a little useless, as the compatibility with the SEO standard will be given in any case.

Personally, I worked on a bridge-themed blog and managed to quickly classify it, even after the keywords of the contest. Of course, many other factors are behind the SERP classification. But it is good to know that everything is solved on the side of the problem.

To meet the modern performance data sheet, Bridge includes a number of changes under the sleeves. Moreover, it is not as tough as the other competition topics and manages to stay light.

This is sufficient to achieve a good result in all performance tests, which also contributes to the overall ranking.
To further improve the SEO rating and generate more traffic, the integration of social networks is supported. There is no need to install a third-party add-on because the social media buttons are already installed to quickly share a publication.

Bridge Theme Review -bussiness

If the social part of a blog is a sound piece of evidence, the message can not be classified in Google. In fact, the search engine giant regards social proof as a classification factor.

Design and style:

The Bridge Theme is designed as a versatile WordPress theme that can be used to create different types of websites. With more than 374 ready-to-use web templates you can not make mistakes in the design. And you have to find the one that interests you.

Theme Options Panel

The radio button behind it is one of the important parts of the bridge theme. All available functions are combined under one roof and aligned so that they function harmoniously.

There is no reason for you to look for a manual just to learn how to use this radio button because it is quite simple. Unless you are an absolute beginner!

Everything is well mentioned and properly labelled. The general appearance of the radio button is clear and there are no performance issues.

You can even put the site in maintenance mode with a single click. There is an option to restart everything and start over. The design is compatible with the standard WordPress Live Customizer, but there are also many customisation options in the options box.

Bridge Theme Review- themes

In summary, the bridge theme covers everything and the experience offered is of the highest quality. What are you waiting for?

Other features of the WordPress Bridge theme

Bridge is a powerful WordPress theme that includes a variety of tools and features. Let’s take a look at some of the other features of Bridge …

  • One-Sided Site: Easily create a one-page site by adding one-page navigation to your homepage.
  • Qode Slider: Displays image and video sliders on each page in full-screen mode.
  • Qode Carousel: Add a carousel slider to your website. Perfect for posting testimonials, customers or other details that attract attention.
  • Search field Qode: Enables the display of a search function on your website.
    Section Video Background: Add full-width video wallpaper to specific sections of the page.
  • Mega Menu: Watch a fully customizable mega menu on your website with sub menus, icons and more. Other menu options include a left menu bar or a full-screen menu.
  • Customizable Headings: Choose between a fixed heading or a solid heading at the top or bottom of the page.
  • Parallax Pages: Create parallax pages that are ideal for a home page, a one-page web site, or other situations to attract your audience.
  • Landing page: Use the Bridge landing page template to help your site achieve its goals.
    SEO-Bridge is responsive, intelligently coded in HTML5, CCS3, and jQuery and fully optimised for search engines. This allows pages and publications to be indexed quickly and easily.
  • Automatic update: Use the Envato toolbox to update the bridge automatically.

Of course, Bridge has all the features and tools needed for a modern WordPress design, as well as many specific features for each category. Therefore, it is the perfect choice if you are looking for an all-in-one design with a style that works.
To complete this review of the WordPress Bridge theme, let’s find out how much this theme will cost …

The bridge is by far one of the most popular multi-purpose WordPress themes and includes all the features users normally expect from a premium WordPress theme or more.

Bridge Theme Review - Portfolio layouts

Let’s take a look at the main features of Bridge Theme.

Predefined templates: From the collection of more than 374 pre-defined demonstrations with unique designs and content, Bridge is the most versatile theme that lets you create just about any type of website you can imagine, such as blogs, trade, E-commerce, future pages, photography, Wallet, restaurant and everything in between.

Performance: The Bridge is probably the best-optimised WordPress theme available on ThemeForest. It is more than sensitive and will look amazing on all screen sizes. The design is ready to use and provides tools and guidance to further optimise it.

SEO Friendly: The Bridge theme helps you achieve better placements. After reviewing the bridge code, he confirmed that it was a friendly SEO for his WordPress site. Bridge uses a valid HTML CSS and semantic code that allows the engine to easily index the content of your website.

Page Generator: The Bridge design includes Visual Composer, the most popular and best-selling add-on for WordPress authoring which can easily be used as a page or presentation creator.

Elements: The bridge gives you even more flexibility. It’s easy to change all sections from the top to the bottom of the page, with tons of powerful features. The highly flexible elements and practical options make creating your dream website easy and entertaining.

E-commerce Support: With more than 374 pre-built demonstrations and 24 unique presentations, Bridge offers a range of e-commerce demonstrations that allow all users to create an online store as quickly as possible.

Bridge Theme Review - Launch store

Bridge Theme Miscellaneous Features Review:

The Bridge Theme design offers more features than the standard features available with this powerful design to create an original WordPress website from scratch or to customise one of the demonstrations that meet your needs.

  • 24 design concepts
  • Custom message type
  • Area for background videos
  • Animations AJAX ON / OFF
  • Retina list
  • Several sidebars
  • Gentle shift
  • Fully customizable to Google Maps
  • Ready for WPML
  • Ready for RTL
  • Demo import with one click
  • Modular contact page

Documentation and Support:

The Bridge Theme has complete, easy-to-understand online documentation detailing each feature of the topic. When you buy the bridge, you get six months of premium support through ThemeForest. To extend the support term to twelve months, you’ll need to pay $ 23 more.

Bridge Theme Reviewa - beautiful element

Bridge Theme Price Review

Qode sells its themes, including Bridge Theme, to Themeforest, one of the largest existing thematic markets and part of the Envato market. Purchase the product as such for a one-time fee or as part of an Envato subscription that includes additional services.

If you buy the item for the extraordinary $ 39:

Bridge Theme Future Updated

6 months of support by Qode.
You can also extend your Qode support to 12 months for another 10 USD.
If you would like to buy the item through a subscription to Envato, it costs you $ 19 per month or $ 190 per year. The Envato-hosted subscription includes:

  • The theme, in this case, is Bridge by Qode.
  • WordPress installation and theme.
  • Backups and WordPress updates.
  • Technical support
  • 10% off freelance services at Envato.
  • The annual subscription offers added value through:
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • 2 months free if you calculate the total cost of 19 USD per month for one year (228 USD).
  • Custom services for site configuration.
  • 20% discount on independent services in Envato.

Bridge Theme Review | (Pros and Cons)


  • More than 100 exclusive performances.
  • 24 design options included
  • Cheaper and affordable price
  • Availability of the virtual composer.
  • Add the layer slider plugin
  • Easy and stress-free installation.
  • Flexibility offers a variety of options
  • Integrated SEO optimisation


  • Availability of too many options. In addition, basic settings are missing.

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Conclusion: Bridge Theme Review | Should You Go For It??

Due to a large number of predefined templates, Bridge Theme is at the top of the list of the most wanted WordPress themes. Options panel may seem a bit difficult, but if you take a little time, the power management parameters will be fascinating.

The topic’s documentation is extensive and includes a search button, video tutorials, and numerous screenshots that guide each user through the template in an easy way. The Bridge is a versatile and flexible topic that allows you to customise almost anything without the programming skills you need.

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