Buzzoid vs Kicksta 2024: The Ultimate Comparison (Pros & Cons) Who Wins?

Hi Folks! Are you looking for a difference between Buzzoid vs Kicksta? Great! You are in the right place. In this article, I will do an in-depth comparison of Buzzoid vs Kicksta.

Finding it tough to select between Buzzoid vs Kicksta? Instagram is continuously expanding and has practically evolved into a new planet where we all find ourselves spending most of our time. Our virtual reputations have come to matter to us more than our real ones. Out of all social media platforms, Instagram has become the point of contact not only for meeting people but for businesses, selling products, marketing, hiring, and a lot more.

It is no surprise that in such a time where our Instagram selves are the selling point for all our endeavors and ventures, that companies like Buzzoid and Kicksta have come into play. They help you cultivate your follower base and reach more people for the maximized success of your brand online.

As relevant as social media is in today’s world, it can be equally strenuous to navigate. You might be looking to sell a new designer brand of clothes you founded or a new writing page to promote your work but only creating a page and posting content periodically might not work out that well for you. After failed attempts at follower-extension is where you might realize you need third-party involvement to increment your sales.

Bozzoid vs Kicsta Overview 2024:

Kicksta Overview

Unlike Buzzoid, Kicksta doesn’t ensure a set number of followers. Kicksta believes in a purposeful and long-term commitment to your Instagram content. It affirms that the engagement on your posts and your page will be driven more by interest, meaning, credibility, and organicity than just emptily purchasing several followers that may or not be spam.

Kicksta Overview-Buzziod vs. Kicksta

The followers gained by Kicksta’s services are more authentic and choose to follow you by their discretion which confirms more permanent, longstanding followers. Check our detailed Kicksta review here —

Buzzoid Overview

Launched as early as Instagram itself, Buzzoid is the oldest (and therefore more experienced) service in the market that provides likes, comments, and followers according to your requirements. It specializes only on Instagram and thus promises a more seasoned approach.

Buzziod Overview-Buzziod vs. Kicksta

They guarantee delivery times within an hour of your purchase and offer refunds on unfulfilled or unsatisfactory orders. They assure immediate and quick action to cater to demands and to replenish followers if there is an identified drop in their count.

Mechanism: How do they work?


Kicksta’s working style is a little different. It asks you for your email and offers two plans: standard and premium. It does not fixate on the number of followers. Instead, it asks you for an inventory of your targeted competition, ideal pages of interest to you, other accounts of a similar niche to yours.

Kicksta Process-Buzziod vs. Kicksta

What it does then is it approaches the followers of these accounts and increases engagement on their posts on your behalf. This inculcates curiosity and leads them to your account which they will then start following if your content interests them. Since followers through Kicksta are organic and follow you of their own accord, it is much less likely that your follower numbers might drop.

Verdict: If you need a stable following of people interested in your content, then Kicksta is the way to go. If you’re looking for an immediate hike in the number of followers with no guaranteed stability, then Buzzoid is for you.


Buzzoid’s functioning is simple. They offer numerous assorted packages from which you can choose based on whether you’re looking for likes, comments, or followers. You will be required to provide your Instagram username and Email ID.

Buzziod Process-Buzziod vs. Kicksta

From there, corresponding to your chosen options, likes or followers will be delivered almost instantly to your account. We do not know for sure the detailed internal process of how Buzzoid delivers the orders.


Features: What they offer?


Although Kicksta works on basically the same idea as that of Buzzoid, it provides the customers with a targeted approach better than that of Buzzoid. Let us see how.

  • Targeted Audience

Here on Kicksta, you can create a list of your competitors. They can be influencers or brands. Also, you can list out the ones in your niche. Now, there is a high possibility that the audience of those will like your content too, so Kicksta will target their audience specifically to increase your growth.

  • Auto-Engagement

On behalf of you, some posts of those people will be liked by Kicksta who follow profiles which are similar to that of yours. Adding relevant profiles is the only thing you’ll have to do. Kicksta will take care of increasing your exposure.

  • Follow backs

As the engagement is with a similar audience, some of those accounts will follow you back, increasing your brand value.

  • Filters

Kicksta allows you this additional customization. You can filter out your followers, and remove the ones which you think are not ideal on your account. For example, you can filter out those accounts who post offensive content. Also, with these options, you can target men or women according to your niche. You can also decide about the inclusion or exclusion of business profiles. Due to this additional customization and filters, you can ensure the genuinity of your followers.


Buzzoid claims to be the first and only service that offers authentic likes. Let’s look at the features that they claim to offer.

  • No Bots

Buzzoid claims to offer you authentic likes from real users. All they need is your Instagram username.

  •  Automatic and fast detection

Once you hire Buzzoid’s services, you don’t have to inform them every time you post. Your new posts are detected automatically. This takes only around 30 seconds. The service is automatic and fast.

  • Views and likes ratio

If you upload a video, Buzzoid will provide you exactly the equal number of views and likes on your video, that too completely free of cost.

  • Dynamic Approach

Buzzoid ensures that your feed looks natural by varying the number of likes on each post. It will send 5-10% more likes on some of your posts.

  • Customization

Think that the likes are coming too fast or too slow? Buzzoid allows you to customize the speed at which the likes come.

  • Efficient customer support

Buzzoid has got an excellent customer support service to whom you can contact at any time.

  • No commitments

You can terminate the services whenever you want to.

  • Refund system

Not satisfied with the service? You can contact the company within a month and get a full refund without getting any questions asked.


In this case, we cannot choose one over the other.

Buzzoid is very easy to use and can increase your numbers rapidly without taking much time. But while doing so, it compromises quality followers and focuses just on numbers, adding random followers to your list.

Kicksta on the other hand, offers more customization and a targeted approach, keeping your followers list genuine. But a flaw that we see in Kicksta is it does certain things on behalf of you, like liking the posts of accounts that follow profiles similar to you. While this might increase your engagement, you certainly will have to give the service access to your profile, which some might think as a breach of their privacy.

Analytics: An in-depth look


With Kicksta’s you’ll track your supporters over time. You’ll see in general development, as well as everyday changes. The dashboard too takes it one step further and analyzes targets. This data is supportive in evacuating underperforming targets, distinguishing patterns, and for the most part moving forward your account.

‘Recent Posts’ section is provided by Kicksta The engagement and performance of your recent posts can be evaluated here. Along with showing you likes and comments.Has a calculator to find out the engagement rate. You can find out what kind of content is more popular among your followers and post similar content to further increase the engagement.


Buzzoid doesn’t have an analytics dashboard. Although it enables you to keep track of your profile growth, it doesn’t specifically show you how your account was benefited by their services.

Pricing Comparison:

Both the companies here offer different packages that’ll let you see which one’s for you.


It offers 500 views for just $1.99 and 50,000 for $74.99. For likes, you will have to pay a little more, $ 1.49 for 50 likes, and 69.99 for 10,000 likes. Right now, Buzzoid provides these at a 25% discount, so typically you can even expect higher rates afterward.

Buzzoid even lets you have followers starting at $2.97 for 100. This rate goes up to 500 followers at the rate of 6.99 and 5000 followers for $39.99. Premiums are 500 and 5000, you pay $11.99 and $84.99 respectively.


Standard Plan- You can enjoy the benefits of the Standard plan for $49/month. You can expect to have moderate growth and the facility of video onboarding. Also allows you to target up to 10 users.

Premium Plan- For   $99/month, you grab the benefits of video onboarding, and around 40 target accounts. You can deploy the best of your AI’s potential. As the cherry on the cake, you also get prioritized support. Customize more, you can blacklist accounts or have advanced targeting.

Verdict- Kicksta‘s pricing is better as it is just a bit cheaper.

Overview and User Reviews

Buzzoid- Need followers that are potentially fake? You can opt for Buzzoid allowing the facility to buy followers according to your needs.

But wanna know an interesting fact? Buzzoid was around ever since Instagram took it’s first to look at the world. This shows how impressive Buzzoid has been over the years and it has done nothing but improve!

Though, even if your posts aren’t high-quality work, they provide you with a steady amount of likes and followers which could also mean that the provided users are fake.

Kicksta- Many are impressed with how Kicksta lets you optimize your followers’ list and how it contributes to the organic growth without donating too much time there.

Also, with this, the dashboard here is pretty easy to use.

Other than the obvious, features offered in Kicksta are quite useful and regularly updated. Which eventually leads to more use of the features and effectively putting them to work.

Although the rate of progress is slow here, it’s still progress!

This also means that even though your account is growing slowly, it is being displayed and the people who are genuinely interested in your posts will hit the follow button!

Pros and Cons



  • Guess who is provided with a personal review here? You! Kicksta pays attention to everyone equally and as I said earlier, you get your review from them.
  • Ooh! I know what everyone loves! Free things! Well, here, you will be charged with nothing from the company’s side but only your internal expenses until you achieve what you set out to accomplish.
  • Another good thing about Kicksta is how it wonderfully permits you to keep your proprietorship. You can be selfish and not share any of your ideas, products, or services either.
  • Sometimes, you can successfully produce a good amount of attention without a price.


  • The prices here for the packages are pretty affordable. Also, there are easy options for payment like PayPal or credit card or both.
  • Amazing choices for accommodations according to your demands.
  • The setup here is simple which also means the password of your Instagram account wouldn’t be required.



  • The funding might take longer than you expect. That is, working on this platform ain’t easy.
  • Because of the time taken for the crowdfunding campaign, there’s a pretty good chance that the followers at the start might forget about their authorized pledge.
  • There’s a fee structure for all the successful campaigns but it’s been constant for a while, that is, 5% of your cash goes to the company.


  • This only works for Instagram. For other social media apps, you will have to opt for different services to handle those accounts.
  • The rate of retention isn’t within reach. Though, it would be appreciated if there was any. And for those who are wondering what that is, it is the rate at which their service at making those followers you buy stay.

Quick Links:


How do you remove followers once you buy them?

It’s not possible for Buzzoid to eliminate the followers after purchasing them. Though, something you can do is go ahead and remove them from your follower’s list on Instagram.

How many followers can you expect?

Well, for one, there’s never a guaranteed number when using Kicksta. As troublesome as that sounds, it’s better. Why? Because of the sole reason that these are actual people and genuine accounts. Although you experience a little delay in your account growth, you would know that these accounts aren’t fake. So, there’s no expectation here that can be reached.

Does Kicksta post content for you?

As much as we all would like that, it isn’t possible at the moment. This is because they believe that you are the one who knows your brand and is the only one who will successfully post high-quality work for yourself. As you do this, Kicksta will focus on getting the followers that would appreciate your hard work


Mr. Insta: The great part with Mr. Insta is that it offers both free and paid services. It does not ask for your account password and thus doesn’t breach security. They have a wide and varied services list to choose from so you can avoid unnecessary purchase of packages you don’t need and can concentrate on a specific growth factor. It also ensures that the followers will be real and not spam accounts or bots.

1) YoViral:

With YoViral you can choose the speed of delivery. After you sign up, choose your plan, and pay the fee, it detects your posts in 30 seconds of uploading and instantly delivers real likes. There is no limit to how many posts you can do in a day. They also have a monthly plan.

Gram Growth Overview

2) ViralRace:

ViralRace is a social media growth tool to gain more followers, likes, and views. They claim to help you grow with real accounts rather than bots or fake ones. They assure you to expand your engagement and boost your credibility. You can easily buy followers, as on Instagram real followers make a huge difference in the success of the influencer or the small business accounts. It even offers to promote sales via its ‘real’ followers.

ViralRace Overview


Famups is a social media service provider improves your social media reach. They help you grow in the most organic way possible. The master you in increasing your traffic and help out ideas related to influencer marketing. They extend their service on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Youtube. It offers you different plans and packages according to your needs. Their company is all about social media marketing, they come up with digital round maps and introduce new methodologies as part of their service.

Conclusion: Buzzoid vs Kicksta Comparison 2024

As long as analytics is concerned, Kicksta has got an upper hand on Buzzoid as it offers an in-depth analytics report while Buzzoid offers only some basic information.

One thing that is for sure is how you get instant results in Buzzoid but the risk of that progress being fake is still evident. Whereas, when you use Kicksta, the development of your account might be unhurried but you see growth with actual people who genuinely like your work.

While Buzzoid gives you better prices and guaranteed numbers, Kicksta gives you access to grow rapidly.

But the actual problem lies in how they work. Buzzoid sells followers, which means they could be fake and can lead to harm to your profile. While Kicksta works slowly and helps grow your profile gradually.

So, in conclusion, I would recommend Kicksta for the expansion of your followers on Instagram.

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