Best Brand24 Alternatives & Competitors 2024 (Our #1 Pick )

Looking for Best Brand24 Alternatives & Competitors 2024, dont worry, I got you covered.

There are other options available besides Brand24 for social media monitoring software. Take into account all of the additional choices and options.

When it comes to social measurement, sentiment analysis, and influencer identification in Social Media Monitoring, a lot of individuals are looking for new software solutions that are straightforward and simple to use.

Alternatives to Brand24 that could be used include social media and monitoring systems, which should also be given some thought. You’ll find comparisons of Brand24’s competitors on this page, as well as a list of the top-rated alternatives and alternatives to Brand24 that have been determined by independent reviewers.

Best Brand24 Alternatives 2024

1) Hootsuite

Hootsuite - Brand24 Alternative

When it comes to managing their social media accounts, more than 18 million people use Hootsuite. You have access to a wide range of features within Hootsuite, any one of which has the potential to assist you in the management and expansion of your social media presence.

Among these are the scheduling of posts and the participation in conversations, as well as the monitoring of the success of your social media efforts.

Hootsuite Features

The fundamental objective of this endeavour is to strengthen your presence on social media. Hootsuite provides its users with a wide variety of functionalities, some of which are listed here for convenience:

You may manage all of your relationships on social networks from a single location. Internet presence and keyword tracking, all in one convenient package

Developing, organising, and disseminating content of a high calibre on social media platforms.

Your next campaign will benefit from a well-thought-out approach analysing data to see how well a particular word worked, for example. This can help you determine whether or not to use that term.

One of the numerous functions that can be provided by using this programme is the optimization of advertising.

Hootsuite Pricing

HootSuite provides its users with four different annual payment packages, each of which grants access to the platform’s full set of features.

  • (at a price of $39 per month), professional.
  • One-on-one sessions cost $69 per month.
  • There is a recurring cost of $669 for using this service each month.

Forming an Organization as a Corporation (Custom solutions are provided after contact)

2) Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics - Brand24 alternatives

When it comes to monitoring online conversations and mentions across social media platforms, Mentionlytics is a tool that is both strong and simple to operate.

It locates consumer references across a number of internet and social media platforms by using user-defined keywords such as a company name, a product, a competitor, or even a subject. These keywords might be anything from a product to a competitor to a subject.

Mentionlytics was developed with the goal of serving individuals, agencies, and companies of a small or medium scale all over the world. Specifically, the company targets the European market.

It enables businesses to uncover fresh marketing leads and commercial prospects inside their specific industry, which enables the firms to maintain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Mentionlytics is a tool that can be utilised in the event of a crisis to rapidly respond to a negative subject or to interact and connect with brand followers.

Users are able to obtain a comprehensive perspective of their internet presence by utilising a tool such as Mentionlytics, which features an intuitive user interface and a wide variety of functionalities.

They provide four distinct pricing tiers, each one adaptable to the specific requirements of the customer.

This is an absolute necessity for companies of a size ranging from small to medium ($99 a month, or $83 per month if paid for the year in advance).

The best choice for small to medium-sized enterprises is the Advanced plan, which costs $ 199 per month (or $ 166 per month if paid annually).

The Pro plan, which costs $299 per month or $249 per month if paid annually, is an ideal choice for medium to big enterprises.

At a cost of more than $ 350 per month, or more than $ 375 per month if paid annually, this is the greatest option for major businesses and agencies.

There is also the option of a free trial that lasts for 14 days.

Click Here to read details Mentionlytics Review.

3) Mention

Mention - brand24 alternative

Mention It is imperative for businesses’ marketers to pay close attention to what their clients have to say about the quality of the goods or services they provide, and then use that feedback to their benefit.

Companies have the opportunity to gain further insight into what their customers are saying about them online by making use of Mention, a well-known social listening service. Mention is an excellent option for keeping track on the internet presence of your firm as well as the trends in the market.

A comprehensive analysis of your findings is also offered, if you so desire. You will be able to determine how successful both your brand and your method of marketing are using this method.

When you utilise the Mention dashboard to keep track of the conversations taking place on social media, it is simple to demonstrate to your audience that you value their thoughts and ideas.

Mention Features

Among the most important characteristics of Mention are the following:

  • You have a variety of options to pick from, so you should be able to discover one that perfectly suits your requirements.
  • Real-time monitoring of websites and social media platforms
  • Paying close attention to the metrics that are most important to determining your level of accomplishment.
  • Publication of content on social media that has been carefully planned and optimised Complete Monitoring of the wholesale and retail markets respectively
  • The onboarding and training for digital marketing are both included at no additional cost to you.
  • When you utilise Mention, you will be able to monitor not only your direct competitors but also the whole industry that your business operates within.

Mention Pricing

One of the most useful free alternatives to Brand24 is Mention, which offers a “Free Plan for Individuals who Want to Get Started” feature. Mention is also one of the top free alternatives to Brand24. Second, you can choose from one of four unique subscription packages, which are as follows:

  • Solely (for the price of $29 per month)
  • The price of the Pro edition is $99 per month, while the price of ProPlus is $199 per month.
  • Organizing a company as a corporation (custom payment solutions after contact)

If you use the first three options, you have the opportunity to save yourself two months of service by switching to the yearly billing option.

4) Meltwater

Meltwater Brand24 alternative

Meltwater equips users with the knowledge necessary to conduct deliberations regarding public relations and social media that are well informed.

The media monitoring and analysis industry is one in which Meltwater excels. The information that is made available to the public is gathered and analysed in a variety of different ways by the programme.

As a consequence of this, it provides customers with helpful information and insightful ideas that can guide them toward making wise decisions and increasing their share of the market.

The Meltwater Application Programming Interface (API), which interfaces to Microsoft Business Intelligence (BI), Domo, and other systems, ensures that data can be collected from any source.

Meltwater Features

When a customer signs up for Meltwater, they are given access to the following features:

  • The ability to export various custom reports
  • Maintaining a presence on social media through publishing
  • Paying attention to social media and conducting research based on consumer information
  • Real-time notifications and control of brands
  • Based on the findings of market research, identification of key opinion leaders
  • Press and newsletters disseminated to many locations
  • You may also determine how well your competitors are doing in contrast to you by utilising the bespoke reports that Meltwater provides.

Meltwater Pricing

Metlwater publically does not offer access to the price plans that are available for the Meltwater platform.

In any case, if you are interested, you could try making an appointment for a demonstration. After your meeting with the executives, it will be possible for you to subscribe to a model that is suitable for your needs.

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Final Thought

In closing, the following is a list of recommendations from our team. If you are reading this, it is likely that you are looking for an alternative to the website Brand24. I really hope that you found some of this material to be helpful.

There is no question in our minds that we provided you with a hint on what is suitable for your brand. In spite of this, you ought to perform some investigation into any of these topics that piques your interest.

There are further options available to you than Brand24’s services in the event that you are unhappy with the ones we provide. As a consequence of this, the moment has come for you to engage in independent investigation and arrive at a well-informed choice for either yourself or your company. There are other alternatives to Brand24, such as Mentionlytics, which are not hard to find.

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