5 Ways Bloggers Can Build Influence On Instagram 2024

Promoting your blogs across multiple channels is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your blog. One of the top channels for promoting your creative content is Instagram. Marketers are turning to Instagram more and more with 75 percent of marketers leveraging Instagram to reach their target audiences.

Instagram can be a game-changer for bloggers in just about every niche. Instagram stats worth considering include:

  • 500 million daily active users
  • 68 percent of users want to interact with creatives
  • 60 percent of users turn to Instagram for new products
  • Users spend 28 minutes a day on the app

What does this mean for bloggers? Instagram gives you access to a new audience. An audience that can be accessed 24/7 via smartphones.

If you want to build influence on Instagram, the first step is to boost followers.

“Growing your Instagram audience and building your personal brand is an Instagram influencer must-do,” Tony Newton, CEO of Scalefluence.com said. “The more followers you have, the more engagement.”

Ready to build your influence on Instagram and drive more traffic to your blog? The following tips may prove valuable.

1. Have A Strong Instagram Bio

Your Instagram profile bio as a blogger is very important. When it comes to your profile bio, you want to share who you are and what you’re interested in. It is also the space where you need to promote your blog.

Here’s an example from DIY blogger and Instagram influencer @aww.sam:

You can see that this DIY blogging influencer has her blog link front and center on her Instagram profile. She also includes her name, interests, and locations.

Instagram bloggers

A strong Instagram profile is the first step in building influence on Instagram as a blogger.

2. Be Transparent On Instagram

Transparency is critical when it comes to building influence on social media as a blogger. The reason brands and marketing agencies turn to influencers to promote products and services is the transparency an influencer brings to the table.

People trust the recommendations of influencers far more than they do when brands promote their own products and services. When you begin building your influence on Instagram, be very transparent.

Transparency means being open and willing to connect. If you get comments on a post, reply. Here’s an example from blogger and Instagram influencer @taza:

bloggers on instagram

Be open, be transparent, and you will be surprised by the speed in which your influence on Instagram grows.

3. Post Consistently For More Instagram Followers

Instagram is kind of like blogging when it comes to consistency. Your blog will grow because you continue to post articles in a consistent manner. This holds true for Instagram too.

Create a schedule for Instagram posts. But don’t simply post every time you post a new blog. You want Instagram posts to promote new blog content, but you want to add fresh, non-blogging posts to the Instagram mix up as well.

For example, post something about you and your lifestyle between every blog promotion Instagram post. This gives you a schedule, but also adds variety for your followers.

4. Maximize Instagram Engagement With Videos

Videos are the hottest form of content on the planet. People want to see more videos from influencers, especially on Instagram. To build influence on Instagram, you better be thinking about video content.

This can be a great pairing for a blogger too. For instance, you can use the video content you create for Instagram posts in your blogs. You can also use video content you create for blogs for your Instagram posts.

This video from blogger and Instagram influence @abeautifulmess had insane engagement with 74,000 views:

Instagram bloggers online

This video surely drove a ton of traffic to the A Beautiful Mess blog. You can do the same. Create video content and leverage videos to build influence on Instagram and drive up blog readership.

5. Partner With Brands On Sponsored Posts

With more influence on Instagram, you may be able to get paid for posting brand sponsored content. This could earn you more monthly revenue and grow your blog’s value.

You don’t even need that many Instagram followers to work with brands. In fact, many brands want to partner with influencers that have smaller following. This is because those followers are more loyal, and thus more willing to buy based on the influencer’s recommendations.

Brands will also love the fact that you are cross-promoting the material on social media and your blog. It is a win-win for everyone.

It’s Your Time To Influence On Instagram

Bloggers have a great opportunity when it comes to building influence on Instagram. You already have a faithful following via your blog, making it easier to establish yourself on social media. And with more followers comes more blog traffic. Are you using your blogger influence for Instagram success?

Jitendra Vaswani
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