ZonGuru vs SellerApp 2024: In Depth Comparison (Who Wins)

We compare each piece of software side by side in this review of ZonGuru vs SellerApp.

Are you having difficulty deciding on the ideal FBA toolbox for your needs? Perhaps you’re new to Amazon FBA and want to do it correctly the first time?

More individuals are becoming aware of the Amazon marketplace’s ever-growing potential.

Apart from posting another record-breaking quarter, Amazon recently revealed that Jeff Bezos, who has surpassed Bill Gates as the world’s wealthiest man due to his ownership in Amazon, will stand down in favor of Andy Jassy, the current CEO of Amazon Web Services.

When Jeff Bezos announced his retirement, he said, “When you look at our financial outcomes, what you’re seeing are the long-run cumulative consequences of creation.” “Right now, I see Amazon at its most imaginative,” he added.

One thing Amazon FBA merchants can count on as a result of Bezos’s leadership? The reality is that the firm has been strategically positioned for tremendous long-term success.

Therefore, which is the most excellent all-in-one program that will assist you in boarding this train and supercharging it to the next terrain?

We vow to employ only factually accurate, data-driven talking points with specific aims.

Does it make sense? Let us begin!

The 7-day trial period allows you to evaluate the platform.



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All of this is backed up with the most current, reliable data available to assist you in making the most excellent choices. With ZonGuru

SellerApp offers the full suite of services that an Amazon seller needs today backed by powerful machine learning algorithms.

  • Friendly User
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Product Research Tool
  • Review Monitoring
  • Profitability Monitor
  • Analyzer PPC
  • Keyword Research
  • Alerts for New Products
  • Listing Optimizer ZonGuru
  • IP Monitor
  • Powerful Data Insight
  • Email Automation
  • Product Ideas
  • Revenue Alert
  • Page Rank Alert
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Limited Pricing Plans
  • Lacks Decision Making in Sourcing Products
Ease of Use

Zonguru is really user-friendly according to their users. The tools provided by this platform can help you grow your business easily.

SellerApp has received the Great User Experience and Rising Star award from FinancesOnline

Value For Money

Zonguru ability to customize your membership with add-on packages. Most of the tools come with a limit on how many sessions you can use per 30 days.

SellerApp is definitely worth the money, as it will allow you to automate a wide variety of tasks in your Amazon shop.

10 Major Features and Benefits of SellerApp

Here are the features of Sellerapp:

1. Profitability Monitor:

Are you aware of the health of your Amazon business? Keeping track of your financials may get very hard and chaotic, particularly as your product line expands.

ZonGuru vs SellerApp - monitor

That is why we developed the Profit Dashboard – Inventory and Profit Reporting Feature. With less than 15 minutes to set up, the Profit Dashboard allows you to check your metrics – Are returns affecting your profits, how long would your inventory survive, and what are the precise profits once operating expenses are eliminated.

All the answers to your inquiries without the need to go through time-consuming reports!

2. Analyzer PPC:

If you’re a serious seller, you’re probably advertising your wares using PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.

Frequently, you will notice that some keywords generate sales while others do not.

Keywords and Amazon PPC optimization are intricate processes, and the SellerApp PPC analyzer may assist you in developing more sales and conversions from your PPC keywords.


The PPC analyzer enables you to see how your campaigns are functioning, how you may minimize your ACoS by bidding on the proper keywords and modifying your bids, and so forth.

Everything you need to maximize the effectiveness of your PPC ads.

3. Conduct Keyword Research:

Your items will appear in Amazon’s search results for a particular search query only if the listing includes all search terms.

As a result, it is critical that your product listing has relevant keywords.

SellerApp- keyword

SellerApp can give you appropriate keywords for each product, search volume statistics, and any other information necessary to enhance your keyword strategy.

4. Source of the Product:

If you are a private label merchant with a particular product in mind, SellerApp may assist you in determining the most cost-effective method to get it.

SellerApp addresses this elegantly by providing a complete list of suppliers from sources such as Alibaba and profile information such as pricing, trade assurance, minimum order quantity, and response rate.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential suppliers, you may contact them directly via SellerApp with a few clicks. That is incredible.

5. Alerts for New Products:

You are not required to check your portfolio and competitors constantly.

Configure the notifications you want, and we will tell you when action is needed.

ZonGuru vs SellerApp-alert new product

You may configure various reports, including buy box prices, listing quality indices, and negative reviews.

6. Seller Surveillance:

Amazon is a highly competitive business, and keeping track of your rivals is critical for staying ahead of the competition.

Seller Watch is an excellent function that lets you keep tabs on other sellers, a.k.a. rivals.

By watching a seller’s storefront, you may learn about their portfolio, including expected daily unit sales and income, the opportunity score for their product, and other critical data points such as BSR, reviews, and ratings.

Additionally, you may monitor their items to get a list of search phrases employed in their listing and examine their listing quality index.

7. Product Description Keywords:

Even if you have the best items, your rivals will take your sales if they do not have sufficient search exposure.

One of the primary reasons for this is that your competitors’ goods are more appropriately indexed than yours.

Product Description Keywords sellerapp

SellerApp’s product keyword tool can assist you in determining which keywords your rivals are using and incorporating them into your listing to increase conversions.

With access to this level of competition knowledge, selling has never been more straightforward!

8. Listing Accuracy:

Your product’s discoverability and purchase box placement are greatly dependent on the quality of your listing.

Having the appropriate keywords, pictures, and headers is critical for an optimized listing to increase conversions.

The Amazon SellerApp examines product listings for compliance with best practices and makes actionable suggestions to improve listing quality.

Results are guaranteed within weeks.

9. Product Concepts:

Rather than randomly perusing hundreds of Amazon items in an attempt to estimate what sells, SellerApp enables you to find products that are in great demand on Amazon.

These products have had a significant increase in sales volume.

ZonGuru vs SellerApp- product ideas

Sellers may explore popular items, most gifted products, newly launched best-selling products, BSR movers, and products that have just become category leaders.

Once you’ve identified a viable product, you can easily add it to the monitoring system with a single click and then go deep into the product’s features to make your selection. That is all.

10. Product Development:

Are you prepared to discover the following superhero product and then profit from its sale on Amazon? SellerApp’s Product Research tool scours over 35 million goods and thousands of data points to uncover the ideal product for you.

By removing the element of guessing from your company, you can make data-driven choices. With SellerApp’s product research feature, you can make informed product selections.

11 Significant Features and Benefits of ZonGuru

Here are the features of Zonguru:

1. IP Surveillance:

Your Intellectual Property will never be lost in the shuffle.

Your product imagery is one of the most impactful and critical components, correct? The amount of effort and creative energy invested in each one-of-a-kind photograph is evident.

ZonGuru- ip

Consider someone downloading those photographs and republishing them under their name.

Fortunately, IP Monitor makes it simple to identify and report suspect dealers attempting to steal your intellectual property.

2. Your Goods:

Never again will you run out of inventory.

Never again will you run out of stock! Enter your cost of goods sold, manufacturer delivery time, and shipping time to control your earnings and reorder deadlines and never lose sight of your business’s most critical features.

3. Your Purchases:

Instantly locate the order you’re searching for. It’s never been simpler to identify and reply to a client who has written a positive or negative review.

You may now search or browse through your orders to quickly contact and ensure that your consumers are pleased with your items.

4. Negative Reactions:

Ascertain that your consumers are smiling. Nobody likes to hear bad feedback from a vendor.

ZonGuru vs SellerApp- negative reaction

However, with the new Bad Feedback function, you can immediately pounce on pesky negative reviews and see if you can turn that customer’s frown around!

5. Monitored Products:

At all times, maintain control of your company. With the new Product Monitor function, you’ll always be informed.

Receive quick notifications for any negative product reviews or listing hijacks and maintain control of your company.

6. Optimizer For Keyword Listings:

Increase sales by increasing the exposure of your listing.

Your listings must include the appropriate keywords.

They assist you in analyzing your visibility for all essential search phrases in real-time, ensuring that you are noticed!

7. Tracking Keywords:

Keep a close eye on the performance of your keywords.

Utilize their Keyword Tracker to track your items’ position for critical keywords.

ZonGuru- tracking keyword

Amazon’s search engine is a veritable goldmine of prospective consumers; all they have to do is discover you! This program automates keyword research, enabling you to improve your listings and increase sales.

8. Automate Your Emails:

Automatically establish and cultivate connections with your consumers.

More connectivity equates to increased engagement, which they facilitate.

ZonGuru vs SellerApp- automator email

Strategically automated email answers may significantly aid in the growth of reviews and comments, developing a dedicated following, and preventing concerns.

9. Spy on The Sale:

Keep track of the monthly sales figures for any Amazon product.

Your success is contingent upon selecting items in great demand and having strong profit margins.

And they make no guesses! We share sales information based on fresh, real-time data gathered straight from Amazon’s API.

10. Dashboard For Business:

At Your Fingertips: All Critical Business Metrics It is critical to be able to examine your Amazon business’s most important trends and KPIs.

Without this information, you may be unaware of your business’s performance or value! That is where they enter the picture.

dashboard zonguru

Now, with ZonGuru’s Business Dashboard, you can be informed at all times.

11. Chrome Extension For ZonGuru:

Rapidly and easily conduct product category research.

Discover how simple it is to be successful in any category when you have detailed information on product pricing, bestseller rankings, reviews, ratings, and predicted sales for each Amazon listing.

Their Chrome Extension makes product research more intuitive and equips you with the resources necessary to make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in a new product.

Price Comparison: ZonGuru vs SellerApp

Nowadays, we all want to get the most bang for our dollars. As a result, it becomes a critical component of your decision-making.

Which toolkit is more valuable?

What added value does ZonGuru provide? ZonGuru works to ensure that its programs continue to suit the demands of its clients by changing them as your Amazon company develops.

The business offers entry-level discounts beginning at $ 39 per month for product researchers and $ 49 per month for sellers.

ZonGuru vs SellerApp- pricing

Customers that subscribe to research have access to keyword, listing optimization, and source tools.

To begin, you can sign up for a seven-day free trial. If you want to go further into Amazon selling, ZonGuru also provides significant savings on annual plans.

Bear in mind that we are not only discussing cost. We are evaluating worth! ZonGuru is the undisputed winner, offering more needle-moving tools at a lower price! This is particularly true for researchers who pay a premium for SellerApp features they do not need.

ZonGuru members get access to a comprehensive set of tools for each step of the Amazon experience, as well as customizable plan customization possibilities.

Pro-Lite, Professional, and Enterprise are the three Amazon Seller account tiers SellerApp.

Pro-Lite is priced at $ 99 a month and includes tracking for up to 50 goods.

ZonGuru vs SellerApp- pricing

The Professional plan, which costs $ 199 a month and has 100 monitored interests, is the next choice.

Both choices provide full access to all tools and substantial discounts for yearly subscriptions.

Additionally, all programs include a seven-day free trial and other special deals throughout the year.

Dashboard Comparison: ZonGuru vs SellerApp

SellerApp includes a product dashboard and an advertising module. The advertising module is an excellent alternative to Amazon’s Campaign Manager.

The Product dashboard summarizes important indicators for predefined periods and specific date ranges.

Revenue, orders, advertising costs, and average sales per order item are all included in the data.

The primary analysis page depicts sales trends and a quick inventory overview.

The monthly target widget is a fantastic feature since it refreshes throughout the month to show users how close they are to reaching and surpassing their sales objectives.

Additionally, the Seller App enables users to see the entire cost of goods and retail value at any point in time.

The Gaps In SellerApp’s Business Metrics

The primary disadvantage of this product is that it lacks profit and loss reporting! The dashboard indicators only focus on revenue and do not include Amazon fees, cost of goods sold, or net profit.

By focusing only on income, SellerApp users may be running in the red for an extended time without realizing it! Additionally, the dashboard only supports Australia and the United States of America markets.

Now, let us examine ZonGuru. Its business dashboard includes profit and loss statements, key performance indicators, and a sales trend graph.


Users may filter their results according to product, date, and market.

Additionally, consumers may access results in any currency, including those found on European markets.

Users may request and download a financial report from prospective purchasers, investors, or accountants.

As with SellerApp, users may include COGs into their stock management.

Additionally, there is a convenient minor breakdown of sales by paid vs organic and ACOS stats, as well as reminders to buy the additional inventory to ensure you never run out.

You’ll be pleased to learn that you may adjust the daily sales graph to your taste. Visualize the impact of a sudden price increase on your bottom line.

ZonGuru is a market leader in this sector, ensuring that consumers are constantly aware of the true profitability of their Amazon company.


Not to mention critical features like downloadable financial statements for businesses, European connections, and event alert reporting.

SellerApp falls short in this area due to its oblique approach to revenue reporting.

Profits, not income, are what support a viable long-term firm!

Support And Training

At times, selling on Amazon might seem like a minefield. It may be challenging to navigate.

A proactive and friendly support system may significantly improve your FBA experience.

Let’s look at how ZonGuru and SellerApp fare in this area.

ZonGuru offers weekly live training sessions with an expert and a Q&A session after that.

Additionally, a well-organized collection of information will lead you through each stage of your FBA experience.

Further, clients may answer any query using the live chat tool.

SellerApp hosts a weekly 40-minute webinar to introduce new users to the platform.

Additionally, there are ad-hoc webinars held throughout the year and a dedicated PPC lesson, case studies, and blog.

On-platform assistance is lacking. Users must travel to YouTube to see video lessons, and chat assistance has a response time of more than eight hours.

Customer Engagement

Ratings play a critical role in determining sales—the more favorable ratings, the more deals.

Regrettably, obtaining ratings may be a lengthy and laborious procedure.

With the correct tools, the whole process may be automated while adhering to Amazon’s terms of service.

ZonGuru offers two methods of consumer involvement. The Review Automator and the Email Automator are two examples.

The latter enables users to control messages and schedule when emails are delivered to purchasers.

ZonGuru vs SellerApp- customer

Sending emails at the appropriate moment contributes to improving metrics, engagement, and reviews.

On the other side, the company’s Review Automator solution enables mass messaging when soliciting customer evaluations.

SellerApp is a free Chrome Extension that enables users to seek reviews directly from the Amazon Seller Central platform.

Users may send mass messages to customers of items delivered within the last four to thirty days to solicit reviews following Amazon’s terms of service.

This part is self-evident. ZonGuru is your go-to resource for better customer interaction and rating growth.

ZonGuru’s well-designed tools consider each seller’s preferences, such as open email rates, shipping choices, and refunded order exclusions.

Is it time to boost your rating count to new heights? Consider how Email Automator may help you increase your rating count immediately.

Monitoring and Alerts

The Amazon is a gloomy and unpredictable terrain constantly changing its mind.

It’s almost hard to guarantee that you’ll be online when an update is released.

Utilize the monitoring and notifications tools to remain informed about developments.

These tools operate silently in the background and guarantee that you are immediately notified of any products.

ZonGuru’s two primary alert tools are Product Pulse IP Monitor and Product Pulse Email Monitor.

Product Pulse notifies consumers anytime a monitored listing, including competing items, is updated.

Include some notifications for weight, measurements, ratings, and reviews, as well as selling categories.

Users may choose which messages to retain and can access new vs. old numbers to keep track of all changes.

SellerApp has an alert feature that enables users to monitor their own and rivals’ listings.

Five different alerts are available: price, listing quality, rating, purchase box, and negative review.

Users may choose an alert range and select which notifications are relevant to their company for each parameter.

Unfortunately, five alert alternatives are insufficient. Amazon evolves quickly, and minor unreported adjustments may harm the bottom line.

Seller App Customer Reviews:

sellerapp review

sellerapp customer review

 customer review sellerapp

Zonguru Customer Reviews:

zonguru customer

zonguru customer review

customer review zonguru

FAQs About ZonGuru vs SellerApp

What exactly is Zonguru?

Zonguru is an all-in-one toolkit for Amazon sellers that includes 14 products to increase sales. This is a one-stop shop for any Amazon third-party logistics provider from product research to analytics and inventory management. Zonguru has assisted Amazon merchants in generating over $580 million in sales!

Is ZonGuru available in Australia?

As certified Amazon partners, ZonGuru was one of the first firms to give unique access to the Amazon markets in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Is it against the law to be compensated for Amazon reviews?

Under federal law, it is prohibited to exchange free items or cash for positive evaluations without disclosing the exchange (a practice known as incentivized reviews). Amazon finally denied paid reviews on its site in 2016 as part of a well-intentioned attempt to preserve confidence.

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Conclusion: ZonGuru vs SellerApp

When everything is said and done, in this head-to-head comparison, we stand by our position: ZonGuru will assist FBA sellers in achieving their objectives more quickly and easily.

SellerApp falls short of essential success criteria in each critical success area, most notably listing optimization, business reporting, and alert capabilities.

The platform’s offering is not phase-specific. Product researchers suffer significant plan expenditures for extra tools and insufficient on-platform training and support.

Additionally, SellerApp users would be unaware of their true profitability if reporting measures were just focused on revenue.

When the actual financial crunching is done, I’m sure it often results in a terrible shock.

ZonGuru is constantly expanding and developing new tools to assist vendors in reaching their full potential.

The tools used by the organization for keyword research, product research, and listing optimization are exceptional.

When paired with the platform’s subscription plans, it becomes a crucial component of any Amazon FBA journey.

ZonGuru is currently giving a 7-day FREE trial to demonstrate its capabilities.

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