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All of this is backed up with the most current, reliable data available to assist you in making the most excellent choices. With ZonGuru

Helium 10 is for those who wants to become an Amazon seller but want to keep things under budget.

  • Friendly User
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Product Research Tool
  • Cerebro- Reverse ASIN Search
  • Black Box
  • Magnet- Keyword Research Tool
  • Listing Optimizer ZonGuru
  • IP Monitor
  • Powerful Data Insight
  • Offers free plan to their users
  • Optimization of the list
  • Follow-Up keywords
  • Limited Pricing Plans
  • The limits are mentioned in the plans itself
Ease of Use

Zonguru is really user-friendly according to their users. The tools provided by this platform can help you grow your business easily.

The user interface of Helium 10 is really good and all the tools can be used easily.

Value For Money

Zonguru ability to customize your membership with add-on packages. Most of the tools come with a limit on how many sessions you can use per 30 days.

Helium 10 is a viable option if you are on a budget. You can try it out first by taking the free plan after that you can upgrade your plan anytime you want.

Customer Support

A quick live chat option and, when necessary, one-on-one help conversations guarantee that users feel supported at all times.

Helium 10 has teamed with Freedom Ticket to make their trademark eight-week training course available to users.

Looking for an Unbiased ZonGuru vs Helium 10 comparison, Don’t Worry, I got you covered.

Which platform earns the distinction of being the BEST all-in-one Amazon seller software? Which FBA seller toolkit is the most beneficial? To definitively address these issues, we decided to conduct an industry-first head-to-head comparison of ZonGuru and Helium 10.

Be careful to educate yourself on which software offers the goods before you part with your hard-earned money! 

First, it is necessary to acknowledge the elephant in the room: this is a ZonGuru article. “Of course, they’re going to choose ZonGuru!” you’re presumably thinking.

However, I guarantee you that this is not a self-promotional piece.

This is a basic, critical comparison with clearly defined goals and data-driven suggestions. Secure your seats; things are about to get interesting!

What Is ZonGuru?

ZonGuru is said to have been established by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers, providing the necessary business analytics for a brand’s owner.

The program assists you in optimizing your company for sales, earnings, and customers, and each tool is designed with the conceivable demands of a business owner in mind.


They are very devoted to their present tools and are continually upgrading them and adding new features and tools.

Their objective is to assist you in growing your company via the use of their best-in-class technology and services.

What Is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a web-based program that provides a robust collection of tools to assist Amazon sellers in locating high-ranking keywords, identifying trends, spying on rivals, and thoroughly optimizing product listings to improve sales.

Its one-of-a-kind and expansive feature set has elevated the environment for Amazon sellers to a whole new level, and its custom-designed interface is straightforward to navigate and easy to use.

They offer tools to meet all of your demands, whether management, analysis, or optimization.

Major Benefits: ZonGuru vs Helium 10

Here are the benefits of ZonGuru vs Helium 10:

Major Benefits of ZonGuru:

  • Ascertain that your intellectual property is never overlooked.
  • Avoid running out of inventory.
  • Instantly locate any order you’re searching for.
  • Maintain complete control of your company.
  • Increase visibility and, as a result, sales.
  • Keep an eye on the performance of the term.
  • Establish positive relationships with consumers.
  • Monitor product sales data every month.
  • With a single click, you may get all critical company KPIs.
  • Quickly and efficiently do product category research.

Major Benefits of Helium 10:

  • Assists in obtaining reimbursements for damaged or lost items.
  • Assists in the creation and optimization of product listings in real-time.
  • Demonstrates your competitors’ tactics.
  • With their exclusive CRPF formula, they can launch items and rank keywords.
  • Increases traffic to your listing via the use of traffic-generating keywords.
  • Conducts rigorous research to identify product concepts with the most significant sales potential and work toward attaining them.

Support & Training Resources: Assistance When You’re In Need!

At times, while selling on Amazon, we all feel a little bewildered. Navigating the whirling waves may be challenging without the ‘lighthouse’ of other seasoned sellers.

Having a committed support staff on your side that can provide a helping hand when you’re in need may be invaluable.

Combine it with focused training/events, and you have a winning formula for Amazon’s success.

Helium 10 has teamed with Freedom Ticket to make their trademark eight-week training course available to users.

ZonGuru vs Helium 10- support

The Freedom Ticket course is meant to take consumers through the Amazon sales process from start to finish.

It is, however, accessible only when membership is current. Helium 10’s help desk is extensive, and the live chat service is responsive and knowledgeable about the tool suite.

ZonGuru offers weekly LIVE training sessions with professional Q&A sessions, in addition to a vast resource collection that guides consumers through each stage of the Amazon process.

support of ZonGuru vs Helium 10

A quick live chat option and, when necessary, one-on-one help conversations guarantee that users feel supported at all times.

Both toolkits are conscious of the importance of knowledge and provide considerable training and assistance.

The primary distinction is that when you subscribe to Helium 10, you subsidize access to Freedom Ticket’ via a greater monthly rate. With ZonGuru, you have a team of severe sellers on your side, eager to assist you whatever your budget!

Customer Engagement Is Critical For Amazon Sales Growth

We are all aware that ratings play a significant role in sales conversions.

High ratings demonstrate that you’re offering a fantastic product that people like, which may catapult sales! Obtaining ratings on the board may be a lengthy and time-consuming procedure.

However, the correct tools may automate this process while adhering to Amazon’s terms of service. Helium 10’s customer engagement tool, ‘Follow-Up,’ checks all of the boxes to create an exceptional customer experience.

ZonGuru vs Helium 10- Customer Engagement

Several filter settings are available, giving you complete control over which emails are delivered and when.

For instance, you may avoid sending review requests for refunded items and even modify wording depending on ASIN or marketplace location.

There are pre-built templates and placeholders for automated text insertion and direct connections to save time.

Additionally, an automatic review request feature is available, using the Seller Central review request form. This may be adjusted to run at certain time intervals, automating the whole process.

Similarly, ZonGuru offers two robust customer contact tools: the Email Automator and the Review Automator. Email Automator allows consumers complete control over communications and is comparable to Helium 10.

The additional advantage is pre-setting the time/day when emails are sent to buyers. This increases open rates and ensures that you get the most interaction and reviews possible!

When a user initiates a review request using Seller Central, Review Automator employs the Seller Central review request form and sends bulk messages to purchasers.

Helium 10 is a straightforward tool that will filter out purchasers who post less-than-five-star reviews. Helium 10 and ZonGuru both provide powerful consumer involvement options that are certain to boost your rating count significantly.

There is no difference between the two giants since both have mastered the consumer communication portion.

Monitoring & Alerts: Keep An Eye On The Situation

The Amazon may be a wild place that changes at the drop of a hat. Monitoring and alert systems will assist you unless you’re ready to be hooked to a laptop 24/7 checking for changes.

These programs work tirelessly in the background and immediately notify you of your listings and rival activity changes.

This enables you to react quickly and rectify issues before they become serious ones. Phew!

Helium 10’s array of alert capabilities is extensive and covers features such as dimension changes, the loss of the purchase box, and other critical listing events.

Monitoring & Alerts helium 10

Email or SMS alerts are available. Additionally, the SMS feature has a do not disturb option that allows you to choose your alert hours, which is a beautiful addition!

However, a SIGNIFICANT shortcoming is that you cannot get notifications for competing postings! Helium 10 notifications are only available for listings that you own. ZonGuru has two primary alerting mechanisms: Product Pulse and IP Monitor.

Product Pulse notifies you anytime one of your listings, including rivals, changes! Similarly to Helium 10, you have total control over which notifications you get.

zonguru Monitoring & Alerts

Changes to the selling category, size, weight, ratings, and reviews are all available as alert events. Additionally, Product Pulse enables you to monitor the economic effect of alert occurrences.

When a nominated event happens, it is recorded on the Business Dashboard, allowing you to evaluate the impact on your bottom line immediately.

While both toolsets can monitor and alert, Helium 10 falls short because of its narrow competitor emphasis.

It’s usually beneficial to be alerted when a competitor’s listing changes, especially when the price or title changes unexpectedly.

Business Metrics & Numbers Interpretation

When attempting to comprehend your company KPIs, do you feel like you’re going through the Bermuda Triangle? Most company owners would easily say that understanding how your organization’s financials are tracking is critical.

Many, though, find it a time-consuming endeavor. With the correct software and tools, this becomes a simple process, allowing sellers to concentrate on what they do best: selling!

Helium 10 has a robust financial dashboard with widgets that display critical company indicators.

Business Metrics of helium 10

They are presented straightforwardly with simple-to-use date toggles and trend graphs. Financial data may be seen by-product or marketplace, and COGS can be included for proper cost reporting.

Additionally, the platform consists of replenishment recommendations, expenditure reporting, and a rudimentary third-party logistics inventory management tool.

It’s worth mentioning that, although a drop-down box allows users to select between markets, it is not feasible to see financial data from ALL marketplaces simultaneously.

Additionally, there is no method to export financial data into a report for presentation to an accountant or prospective company buyer.

Additionally, Helium 10 includes a robust suite of financial tools intended to improve your cash flow, acquire finance, and expedite your payments.

Additionally, there is an advertising module that assists in creating campaigns and reporting on their performance.

This is an excellent option for anybody dissatisfied with the advertising platform offered by Seller Central. It’s worth mentioning that the trend graphs in the Helium 10 financial dashboard have limited functionality.

It would be beneficial to access a more extended period and other information, such as advertising expenditure as a percentage of sales revenue and organic vs sponsored sales.

Moving on to ZonGuru, the Business Dashboard offers critical indicators, profit and loss statements, and graphs of sales trends.

Business Metrics of zonguru

Customize the results by date, market, or product. Notably, the results may be shown in any currency and can span ALL markets simultaneously.

Additionally, users may obtain a concise financial report at any point for distribution to potential investors, purchasers, or accountants.

Similar to Helium 10, users may add COGs and 3PL stock levels to ensure correct reporting.

A convenient sales breakdown is part of the dashboard data, including paid vs organic sales, ACOS indicators, and inventory purchasing prompts.

Daily sales graphs may be completely customized, including alerts for significant listing event modifications. Visualize the impact of an unexpected price rise on your bottom line!

This is an objective side-by-side comparison. We do not deny that Helium 10 offers a plethora of shiny additions in this area. However, sellers should consider what information is necessary for good company management.

What features are non-negotiable? And what widgets are aesthetically pleasing but accomplish nothing to move the needle?

Tools For Keyword Research and Listing Optimization That Work

After sourcing your goods, you’ll want to ensure that it’s optimized for maximum views and conversions. Enter keyword phrases! They are the means via which your consumers discover your items.

Your listing may be buried in the jungle or prominent on page one, depending on the quality and placement of your keywords.

Magnet, a keyword research tool from Helium 10, generates a list of keywords based on a user-inputted search term.

Each term is assigned a functional ‘Magnet IQ Score’ based on competitiveness vs search volume.

Helium 10 vs ZonGuru- keyword

The Magnet may be difficult due to the lack of control over or visibility into the ASINs used to generate the list of keywords. Without knowing the relevance of the underlying listings, it’s impossible to determine how much trust to put in the results.

Helium 10 also offers a reverse ASIN search tool named Cerebro in addition to Magnet. This is a far more powerful tool than Magnet for data mining ASINs chosen by the user.

You may refine your search results and even see the frequency with which specific terms occur.

Surprisingly, for a data-driven platform, there is a shortage of data! Magnet and Cerebro gave minimal data for each term, making it impossible to validate the keyword’s importance.

Helium 10 includes two primary tools for listing optimization: Frankenstein and Scribbles. Frankenstein is simply a keyword deduplication tool that eliminates redundant and superfluous terms.

Scribbles are the place where the actual labor takes place. It enables you to get your ASIN from Amazon and create listing content based on your pre-selected keywords.

Several fascinating features include the option to modify the character limit, use emojis (user warning: emojis are not permitted! ), and adjust the capitalization settings.

Scribbles color-codes keyword phrases according to their search volume but does not disclose the underlying search volume.

Additionally, no metric indicates how effectively an item is or how well it performs compared to competing listings.

Scribbles make no recommendations on keyword placement or the relative effectiveness of exact versus wide match keyword inputs. Finally, there is no way to send updates to the listing copy to Amazon.

Users must revert to the time-honored procedure of copying and pasting. ZonGuru offers three optimization tools for listings: Keywords on Fire, Keywords Spotlight, and Listing Optimizer.

ZonGuru’s most potent tool, undoubtedly, is Keywords on Fire. It is meant to generate the most relevant and appropriate keywords for your listing.

Helium 10 vs ZonGuru- keyword

To ensure that you have all the necessary information to make educated choices, ZonGuru gives stats for each keyword, including real search traffic, total income, daily launch sales, top 25 competition rankings, and predicted PPC bids.

Additionally, you have complete control over which ASINs appear in your keyword results.

Users may refine results and save curated keyword lists for easy interaction with the Listing Optimizer tool through Keywords on Fire. Additionally, you may export data to Excel or click on a term to display its Amazon search results.

Listing Optimizer provides consumers with a clear picture of a keyword’s potential by putting search volume and relevancy information front and center.

ZonGuru automatically updates data when new keywords are input, streamlining the keyword and listing process.

This functionality eliminates the need for consumers to transition between product tools. You’re constantly aware of the most valuable keywords for your listing!

Additionally, a reference column changes quickly with stars and ticks to indicate when a term is used and whether it is a comprehensive or precise match.

Additionally, you may bulk submit leftover keywords to your backend search terms, ensuring that you never miss another keyword chance.

We’ve left the most attractive feature for last: a direct comparison of your listing to rivals. You may compare up to eight other Amazon listings directly. Each listing is assigned a score based on its optimization.

This score serves as a barometer of the overall quality of your listing since it is determined by the power of your keywords and their placement.

At a glance, see how your listing compares to the competition and watch as it evolves in real-time as you modify your text.

Once you’re satisfied with your copy, a single button click sends your data to Amazon Seller Central. There is no need to open additional windows or copy and paste large volumes of data across platforms.

In summary, Helium 10 lacks the data that sellers need to make intelligent keyword placement selections and, once again, has a blinkered approach, preventing you from assessing the competition.

If ZonGuru’s Listing Optimizer tool integrated the character count adjustment, the combination of keyword and listing toolsets would be near-flawless. Click here to learn more about ZonGuru’s new supercharged Listing Optimizer tool.

Which Product Research & Validation Software Is The Best?

This is the first step in the process: identifying and evaluating your product niche ideas! If this step is incorrect. The whole process may then devolve swiftly, leaving would-be vendors dissatisfied and out of cash. It is ESSENTIAL.

To make educated data-driven choices, you need the correct tools and accuracy. Helium 10’s product research tools include the Black Box, the Xray, and the Trendster.

Helium 10’s Chrome Extension, X-Ray, integrates with the Amazon platform. This is a convenient tool that offers statistics on Amazon search results.

It contains all the information you’d expect, plus a profitability calculation, review insights, and listing compliance cautions.

Trendster is a seasonality checker that uses historical data to determine how a product sells at various year periods. This tool is unique because it also compares a product’s bestselling rank history to Google trends.

While this is irrelevant for most researchers/sellers, it may be helpful for those looking to grow their business outside Amazon. Helium 10’s primary product research tool is Black Box.

It is intended to create product ideas and has a search tool that allows users to browse by product, keyword, rival, niche, or product targeting.

However, in certain instances, less is more. Five distinct search options seem overly complex.

I understand how this may result in analysis paralysis, as people soon get overwhelmed with search approaches. Black Box has various filter options that enable customers to tailor their findings.

A proper filter is the shipment size tier, which allows consumers to eliminate too big or too little for delivery.

Although Black Box has many filter choices, some of the most critical ones seem to have been omitted. Costs associated with PPC bids and expected launch budgets were omitted.

However, Black Box’s primary drawback is not delivering personalized product recommendations.

Why is this a lousy statement? When considering a new product concept, it’s necessary to consider the product’s niche.

What is the level of competition? Is distinction possible? Utilizing Black Box is like researching while wearing blinkers; you get laser-focused on the product and miss the niche entirely!

This is where ZonGuru’s product research tool, Niche Finder, lives true to its moniker. It identifies Amazon product niches rather than individual goods. Indeed, it retrieves 100’s at a time with a single button press.

It includes default filters for various company models as well as sophisticated filter options, allowing you to fine-tune your findings to your heart’s delight.

The results have graphics, launch budget, search volume, PPC bid cost, and sales data, among other things.

Additionally, ZonGuru offers a Chrome Extension that easily interacts with Amazon and delivers quick, up-to-date analytics on a niche or individual product.

Additionally, users have access to the Niche Rater rainbow, a visual representation of a niche’s desirability. It examines critical factors such as buyer demand, income potential, competitiveness, and capital needs.

ZonGuru also offers three more product research and validation tools: Sales Spy, Love-Hate, and Easy Source. Trendsters’ competitor, Sales Spy’s competitor, gives information on a product’s seasonality based on past sales data.

Love-Hate data mining sifts through thousands of reviews within a niche to rapidly reveal what people love and dislike about a product.

Finally, Easy Source matches consumers with a curated list of Alibaba suppliers based on their specific criteria. In general, both systems provide very accurate results and have comparable characteristics.

If the primary requirement is to assist users in FINDING and VALIDATING potential product niches, ZonGuru has the advantage due to its comprehensive, 360-degree view of any niche.

Additionally, Helium 10 does not support the complete step of product selection. ZonGuru’s toolkit follows a natural evolution from product concept ideation through seasonality testing, user feedback, and sourcing.

Learn more about how the ZonGuru tools may assist you in locating your ideal supplier.

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Conclusion: ZonGuru vs Helium 10 2024

Wow! If you’ve made it this far, congratulations on your accomplishment! No issue if you’ve gone ahead to the conclusion. Let us go straight to the point. Which Amazon FBA toolkit is the finest all-in-one?

First, let us state that Helium 10 and ZonGuru are both incredible toolsets that have assisted thousands of individuals in achieving Amazon’s success. However, in a head-to-head comparison, ZonGuru wins.

Helium 10 has a slew of shiny additions that are visually appealing but do not provide value.

There is a distinct lack of attention paid to competitor mobility and niche analysis. Rather than that, the emphasis is on individual items and sellers.

Helium 10 is the more well-known company in the industry, which may have contributed to their complacency and may explain why they haven’t updated critical tools, such as keyword research and listing optimization.

ZonGuru is constantly evolving and releasing new tools where they are needed. ZonGuru’s product research, keyword research, and listing optimization tools provide merchants with more relevant data to help them grow their businesses.

Combined with the value-added subscription options, it creates a fantastic platform for researchers and sellers of all skill levels. You now have all of the information necessary to make an educated choice on the best platform for you.

However, it would help if you did not take our word for it. Why not give our tools a test drive by signing up for a FREE seven-day trial today?

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