ZonBase vs SellerApp 2024– Choose The Best Amazon Product Research Software?

There are a lot of different eCommerce platforms on the market, but two of the most popular are ZonBase and SellerApp. So, which one is better?

Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. ZonBase is a bit more user-friendly and has more features. However, SellerApp is a little less versatile than ZonBase.

Let us check them out in a little more detail so that you can get a little more clarity.



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ZonBase is a software for Amazon vendors. With it, you can do product research and keyword optimization as well as list your products on the proper sh

SellerApp is a behavioral eCommerce analytics tool that offers robust features and reports to help Amazon sellers derive actionable insights from thei

  • Data Visualization
  • Product Data Management
  • ZonResearch
  • Hot Products
  • Keyword Tool
  • Amazon MWS Connect
  • BSR Alert
  • Business Reports
  • Chrome Plugin
  • Keyword Index Alert
  • Great Product Validator team
  • Free Amazon Training
  • Uncover a winning niche in seconds
  • 7 days free trial is available
  • PPC AutoPilot
  • Get More from Your Data
  • Understand Your Customers
  • Determine Sales Potential
  • Track Your Competitors
  • Utilize Profitable Keywords
  • More pricing options needed
  • Bit difficult to handle

ZonBase vs SellerApp – Overview

What is SellerApp and How Does SellerApp Work?

ZonBase vs. SellerApp

SellerApp is a behavioral eCommerce analytics platform that gives Amazon sellers insights obtained from their data through comprehensive tools and reports to assist them in optimizing their sales and generating more revenue.

This E-Commerce solution enables sellers to completely capitalize on and maximize the value of their digital data by collecting it and gaining actionable insights that can be used to enhance their operations, service, and goods, among other things.

SellerApp provides Amazon eCommerce merchants with a powerful Data Platform that maximizes the value of their data assets by extensively analyzing and evaluating data at each level of the funnel and extracting significant insights to deliver highly relevant, real-time digital advertising on a global scale.

This results in a tremendous increase in new customers, product discovery, highly actionable market data, simplified conversions, and a more favorable and lasting effect on revenue.

SellerApp provides you, Amazon e-commerce merchants, with a solution that enables you to extract more value from your data to increase your sales and income.

The software is designed to assist you in understanding your customers, what motivates them to take the actions you desire, and providing you with the insights necessary to motivate them to take the desired actions, whether it’s purchasing your products or spreading the word to their friends and family.

SellerApp provides a comprehensive view of your consumers, their behavior and preferences, as well as patterns and trends. You can forecast sales and income potential and capitalize on possibilities that present themselves.

Additionally, you have a comprehensive insight into your competitors. SellerApp provides monitoring tools that enable you to monitor what your rivals are doing, the keywords they are using, the performance of their campaigns, and so on.

Additionally, you get a list of the backend keywords they are focusing on, which gives you a significant edge over them.

Keywords are worthless unless they generate revenue. SellerApp assists you in identifying keywords that are effective at attracting visitors and increasing conversions and purchases. You can optimize your PPC campaigns and product listings and watch your earnings skyrocket.

SellerApp was created to streamline product discovery, enabling sellers to quickly identify the most lucrative niches and best-selling products.

It provides a comprehensive analysis of each product. SellerApp Product Ideas is a handpicked selection of items that are currently selling like pancakes on Amazon for sellers looking to extend their present possibilities.

SellerApp Keyword Research also assists with product research by compiling a list of the top items that rank for a certain keyword. SellerApp’s Chrome Extension allows for product analysis while shopping on Amazon, providing insight into the product’s profitability and potential.

SellerApp assists you in enhancing and optimizing the quality of your product listing and Amazon search rank. It provides you with a flood of fresh lucrative phrases that buyers are searching for as well as those recommended by Amazon.

SellerApp Listing Quality does a comprehensive review of the product listing’s quality and highlights sections and locations in need of improvement.

Keyword monitoring assists in identifying keywords that are not prominent enough and also those that contribute to sales growth. The SellerApp Index Checker assists users in improving backend search keywords.

SellerApp provides a comprehensive view of each Tracked Product and its strategy. Additionally, SellerApp assists in monitoring viral sellers to keep track of their existing items and upcoming product releases. Following competition sellers and their items may even serve as inspiration for the launch of your future product.

On the purchase box price, alerts may be configured to follow discounts, price increases, and other pricing schemes. Listing quality notifications assist in identifying rival listing updates and keyword modifications.

What is ZonBase and How Does ZonBase Work?

Zonbase Review

ZonBase is an extremely popular piece of software, particularly among top-tier Amazon merchants. Its extensive toolset and target-accurate database have aided in its success with vendors.

It contributes to the expansion and exposure of your product page by filtering keywords that are most relevant to your items. This section provides an in-depth examination of ZonBase’s many offerings.

ZonBase thrives on the philosophy of selling more, work less.’ Thus, it alleviates the time-consuming procedure of hours of keyword research and filtering to increase sales of your items. It provides comprehensive research with the use of four components: ZonResearch, Hot Products, Sales Estimator, and Chrome Extension.

ZonResearch utilizes several criteria to assist merchants in locating relevant Amazon items. You may filter items depending on their place of origin, their pricing, their ratings, their monthly income, and their sales.

The search results may then be downloaded and stored for later use. The Chrome Extension is designed to help you locate goods for your business by using keyword filters.

The appropriate keywords create an abundance of data for each product, assisting sellers in choosing the best selection. On an hourly basis, Hot Items refreshes the most popular products. You may filter the goods using a variety of criteria, including category and brand.

Product Validator enables you to determine whether or not a product is worth investing in. Sales Estimator calculates a product’s monthly revenue to determine its market worth.

This program makes use of four aspects to optimize sales on Amazon. ZonTracker, Reverse ASIN, PageOne, and PPC AutoPilot are all included. ZonTracker enables you to examine the top-selling products in your competitors’ shops. It will assist you in promoting related items and increasing your store’s exposure.

Reverse ASIN is a unique tool that displays a list of keywords that your rivals are using to find comparable items. You may use these keywords in the titles and bullets of your product page to broaden its coverage. PageOne enhances your product listings with the usage of tools such as Solution Enterprise, Customized PPC, and Keyword Launch.

PPC AutoPilot enables ZonBase to manage all of your advertising campaigns and utilize them to boost your page’s exposure.

Three elements underpin Listing Optimization: Photo Enhancer, Listify, and Listing Optimizer. Photo Enhancer transforms your product photographs into eye-catching explanation visuals that increase your product’s exposure. Listify enables retailers to generate product listings while also providing access to rival keywords.

As a result, you may choose keywords with a lower competitive value and a greater conversion rate for your items. As the name implies, Listing Optimizer maximizes the exposure of your items and increases your brand reputation via product visibility optimization.

ZonBase is committed to assisting vendors in any manner possible. As a result, they provide free training calls, mentoring, ZonBase training, and blogging as part of their client support.

Additionally, their price plans are divided into regular, legendary, and enterprise tiers, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your demands and budget!

ZonBase Vs SellerApp

Major Features and Benefits of SellerApp

1. PPC Analyzer:

Major Features and Benefits of SellerApp PPC

At the very least, and with comparable performance to other research tools, the program has an Amazon PPC Analyzer function, which allows you to take charge of your Ad campaigns and monitor their effectiveness and identify areas for optimization.

The pictures that you will get demonstrate how you should manage ad campaigns in a single tab, without having to go through a plethora of various data.

Simply as explicit and detailed as you like. They give you simple-to-understand drawings and tables, as well as the most accurate information accessible right from the SellerApp Dashboard.

2. Keyword Research:

Major Features and Benefits of SellerApp Keyword Research

And suddenly it’s back, the Reverse ASIN information that you’ve all been waiting for. What are the keywords that will propel my company forward? This is the Amazon equivalent of the Keyword Research Plan.

You must establish a link between your shopper listing goods and the Amazon search engine results. The free SellerApp Keyword Research tool does provide information on the terms with the highest search traffic and the purchasing intent of Amazon users.

By stepping up your game, you’ll get the highest organic rankings possible while also securing the greatest places for your Ads via the use of the proper keywords.

3. Product Alerts:

 You do need to stay one step ahead of Amazon. You must always be on the lookout for the Amazon marketplace’s next great product to sell. This is where the SellerApp’s functionality Product Alerts comes into play.

They monitor rivals’ techniques and give you ongoing feedback on how to enhance your Amazon strategy, such as increasing customer satisfaction ratings or improving performance via tips and tricks on search engine optimization.

4. Product Source:

When it comes to determining which items on Amazon create the most profits, you must seek data from manufacturers and sellers to determine which products make the highest earnings on the site.

5. Listing Quality:

If you need to analyze many listing goods simultaneously, the SellerApp free Amazon tool enables you to assess each Amazon listing based on two key sale-generating factors: discoverability and attractiveness.

SellerApp is the only option to get that Reverse ASIN information and to have a better understanding of how Amazon consumers behave on the website.

The listing that you will obtain from this research instrument will inform you of the attractiveness of your product photographs, the effectiveness of your persuasive and relevant bullet points, as well as the number of reviews and their influence on a buyer’s choice.

6. Profit Dashboard:

When evaluating research tools, one of the primary factors that influence your selection is how the Dashboard displays the information and outcomes you want at a glance. This is how the SellerApp works in this case.

With a single glance at the most advanced Amazon Profit Dashboard, you’ll get detailed information about your daily Amazon sales, performance, and income.

7. Product Keyword:

You’re going to work with product results using Reverse ASIN’s program. Then you must convert those goods to keywords. Product Keywords will inform you of the most appropriate keywords to utilize for your listing.

By including such keywords into your listings, you will improve your earnings and search traffic; moreover, it will reflect the units sold every day for the relevant term, as well as the search rank sales.

8. Seller Watch:

If you want to be successful on your Amazon competition trip, you must maintain track of your rivals’ vendors. With over 20 million merchants on the marketplace, you’d be wise to have your reached spot monitored ahead of the competition.

9. Product Ideas:

SellerApp not only provides the data necessary to ensure that the items you are presently selling survive and meet your business objectives for the time being, but also helps you in identifying new products to sell based on their current profit and their massive sales and profits.

This function is quite beneficial when it comes to extending your product inventory and supply.

We need to provide this to Reverse ASIN since it is a rare function in research tools, and it is always beneficial to get assistance with an extensive investigation of the Amazon marketplace.

10. Product Research:

SellerApp Product Research

Obviously, as an Amazon seller, you want your items to function optimally, and one of the primary ways to accomplish so is by raising your product’s visibility in Amazon’s search results. The closer your product is to the top search results, the more likely it will sell.

If you want your items to grow and achieve their full potential, you’d better pick the best-selling categories and the most competitive keywords.

What SellerApp, the reverse ASIN Amazon tool, does is sift through hundreds of products on the eCommerce platform, providing you with a dashboard with analysis organized by category and compared by metrics.

Major Features and Benefits of ZonBase

1. ZonResearch:


ZonResearch is a widely used component of the ZonBase software package. It enables you to search Amazon’s whole database with a few mouse clicks. This application allows you to browse through their library of over 400 million goods to identify lucrative products that satisfy your specific requirements.

2. Chrome Extension:


Nowadays, one of the most common methods for reviewing Amazon sales data is via the use of browser extensions. To begin, they are very lightweight and simple to use. Because it does not need the installation of huge software that takes up space, it is compatible with practically any machine. Second, it’s quite simple to use. To utilize them, just turn them on and off by clicking their symbol in the URL bar.

3. Hot Products:


This tool can help you identify lucrative things to sell that are included in Amazon’s Top 100 Most Gifted Products of the Day. Additionally, it will look for rising sales trends and goods with less than 30 reviews.

4. Sales Estimator:

Sellers may use the Sales Estimator to determine how many sales a certain product generates in a given month. All you have to do is type the ASIN of a product into the search window.

Additionally, you may choose the marketplace from which you want the data to originate (US, UK, CA, etc). This tool enables you to determine in advance if a prospective product will be in great demand. By examining the current sales of comparable items in the niche, you can determine if going for it is worthwhile.

5. Keyword Tool:

You may use the Keywords tool to build high-performing target keywords for your product listings and PPC campaigns. This results in improved conversion rates and sales. Additionally, it provides a “smart score” for the term you’ve selected.

A high smart score indicates that the product or term you submitted is popular yet has little competition. If you use this data correctly, you can discover the keywords that work.

6. Reverse ASIN:

With this tool, you can outperform your competition. Therefore, how do you do it? Simple. You may use the Reverse ASIN tool to determine the keywords for which they rank.

Competitors often preserve and safeguard these keywords with secrecy because they get revenue from them. With this program, you can discover these concealed keywords with a few mouse clicks.

After that, you can begin incorporating them into your product listings to increase search engine traffic. Additionally, you may use it to optimize the bids on your PPC campaigns.

7. Listify:

Have you ever struggled to select the perfect keywords for your product descriptions and listings? Do not be concerned. You may generate product listings using the Listify tool by obtaining high-performing keywords. Simply extract these keywords from a comparable bestselling item. Similar to the Reverse ASIN tool, you may discover your rivals’ most valuable keywords.

However, what’s amazing about the Listify tool is that it allows you to create product listings on the go. It will assist you in optimizing your product listings by providing spaces for you to write your content. Following that, you may send them to your listings.

8. Photo Enhancer:

Let us be candid here. What is the first thing you look for while browsing a product listing? That is not the title of the piece. That is not the description, and most obviously not the headline. Usually, it’s just the visuals.

When you see comprehensive, beautiful, and high-quality photographs of a product, you are more inclined to explore and click on it. Poor photos result in fewer conversions, and this is not even debatable.

Visitors are readily converted to consumers when they see clear, high-quality photographs. With Photo Enhancer, you can transform your low-quality product photographs into high-quality ones.

Features Verdict – ZonBase Wins

As you can see, ZonBase has more and better features as compared to SellerApp, hence we can clearly say that ZonBase is better than SellerApp when it comes to features. Also, the user reviews of ZonBase are better as compared to that of SellerApp.

ZonBase Vs. SellerApp: Pricing Comparison

Zonbase Pricing

The pricing plans of ZonBase start from as low as $ 37 per month and go as high as $ 97 per month. On the other hand, the pricing plans of SellerApp start from $ 99 per month and go to as high as $ 199 per month. ZonBase is a lot cheaper as compared to SellerApp. Hence, we can clearly say that ZonBase wins the pricing section too.

SellerApp Pricing

FAQs related to Zonbase vs SellerApp

💁‍♂️ What is ZonBase?

ZonBase is a cloud-based software that allows businesses to manage their operations more effectively. It provides a centralized system where businesses can store and access all their data, as well as create reports and track progress.

🙋‍♂️ How does ZonBase work?

ZonBase works by allowing businesses to input their data into the system. This data can then be accessed and used by the business to create reports, track progress and make decisions.

🙆‍♂️ What are the benefits of using ZonBase?

The benefits of using ZonBase include a centralized system for storing and accessing data, the ability to create reports and track progress, and the ability to make decisions based on data.

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Final Verdict – ZonBase Wins

When it comes to choosing between ZonBase and SellerApp, the choice is clear. ZonBase is the better option for online sellers, thanks to its powerful features and ease of use. With ZonBase, sellers can easily manage their inventory, orders, and shipping.

Additionally, ZonBase offers a wide range of features that are not available in SellerApp, including repricing tools, customer management, and more. For these reasons, ZonBase is the clear choice for online sellers.

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