ZonBase Review 2024: How Good Is ZonBase?


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Zonbase provides a comprehensive suite of tools for Amazon Sellers, including: Product management tools (including editable product descriptions, options and stock). Customer engagement tools (including autoresponders.) Sales tracking and management tools (includes live reporting of sales). Inventory management tools (including Amazon FBA integration with Amazon fulfillment centers).

Out of 10


  • PPC AutoPilot
  • Great Product Validator team
  • Photo Enhancer is available
  • 7 days free trial is available
  • Uncover a winning niche in seconds
  • ZonBase sales Estimator Tool is a great way to check how much any ASIN is selling


  • More pricing options needed


Price: $ 37

Looking for Zonbase Review, you are at the right place.

The rise of e-commerce has created a new marketplace for both buyers and sellers. Amazon, with its huge reach across the globe, is an important player in this industry as it boasts over 1 million active vendors on its platform (Source: Statista).

For those looking to sell products online through the Amazon marketplace, there’s no better way than checking out reviews about certain software programs like Zonbase which many people use every day!

Amazon seller stats

Source: Statista

There is no better tool to use than ZonBase when learning about courses to learn the tricks and tactics to put in you’re A-game when selling on Amazon! ZonBase is a complete Amazon selling platform that allows for marketing and visibility- creating the perfect environment for success.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Zonbase customer services

Zonbase is an all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers looking to find their winning product online and to do so Zonbase provides you with tools such as – Keyword Finder, Hidden Niches, Revenue Estimator, Brand Rank Tracking, Keyword Analysis, Reverse ASIN, Listing Optimization and many more.

I’m going to do ZonBase review in detail, which is a software designed to help Amazon sellers sell online by providing them with the right tools to get started and knowledge about keywords, and more.

ZonBase Review

ZonBase Review: What Is ZonBase? 

Amazon is where 55% of customers begin their online purchasing searches. 90% of shoppers price-check Amazon’s product offers, which means that even if they find a product on another retailer’s website, they compare its price and quality to Amazon’s product listings.

ZonBase is software for Amazon vendors. With it, you can do product research and keyword optimization as well as list your products on the proper shelves of amazon! This review will show what services this program offers so that people interested in purchasing Zobase know exactly how they might benefit from using such an app or website “ZonBase provides sellers with everything needed to be successful including tools like radar monitoring which helps track competitors’ sales trends.”

Zonbase is a web-based cloud software that has 13 tools to help Amazon sellers with three key processes. These are product research, sales optimization, and listing optimization for your products on the site – all in one place!

You don’t need any other programs or downloads because it’s online only where you’ll find everything at once from researching new items right down to setting pricing points according to what competitors do best so as not to leave yourself open too much when selling physical goods over digital networks such as eCommerce platforms which often rely heavily upon artificial intelligence algorithms rather than true human intuition


– ZonBase makes it easy to launch your products, discover what’s selling and gain sales insights.

– You’ll be better off having a complete set of tools to get you started on the right track quickly.

– ZonBase provides tools that will help you get more sales, make more money, and scale your business without ever touching your codebase.

– The built-in Search API allows you to find Amazon’s new products in seconds with minimal effort.

– All-in-one platform means you no longer have to deal with dozens of different platforms and thousands of items.

ZonBase tools you can play with!

ZonBase offers some really nice and useful tools which are capable of helping you get higher ranked in Amazon search results and powering your selling game on Amazon to fetch you more sales and revenue.

ZonBase Key Features & Benefits

1. ZonResearch & ZonBase Chrome Extension

This will help you find your next product and make it easy for you to search on Amazon’s website from across over 15 million products. This chrome extension should make it easy for you to speed up your research on speed.

zonbase Extension

2. Sales Estimator & ZonTracker

It will aid in informing you about the sales of the goods from a particular seller as well as will allow you to promote the goods while also spying on the competition. Easily track the rank of your company for your addressed keyword.


3. Keywords & Reverse ASIN

The Reverse ASIN Tool allows you to find the keywords your competitors are ranking for, and then use them in PPC campaigns or product listings on Amazon.

The tool also helps make sure that all of this information is protected from hackers who would want access to it so they can get an advantage over other businesses by using their own products before anyone else does!


zonbase keywords

ASIN Zonbase

4. Listing Optimization & PageOne

The Listify tool is a great way to find keywords for your product listings and descriptions. It can help you generate high-performing, optimized content that will make it easier than ever before to rank on Amazon!

zonbase pageone

5. PPC AutoPilot & Product Validator

Their Amazon gurus use Machine Learning to refine the PPC and simplify it. Sales are up and ACOS is going DOWN. Have a team of experts review the company BEFORE investing!

ppc pilot

6. Photo Enhancer

The images are what make or break a product listing. If you have low-quality pictures, then people won’t be able to see the value in your product and will most likely leave without buying anything- so it’s important for sellers of all kinds (especially those who sell items on eCommerce sites) to take appropriate photos with high resolutions!

This software ZonBase can help improve any photo within seconds by adding depth perception into sharpening lines & corners while also correcting color discrepancies like white balance problems between light sources.

photo enhancer zonbase

What Can You Do Using ZonBase?

Now that you have access to such amazing and powerful tools, you must be interested to know what you can do with them and how you can utilize them to enhance the performance of your selling business on Amazon! So, here is what you will be able to do using the ZonBase tools.

  • Keyword Search lets you find the right keywords for your listings.
  • Reverse Keywords let you see your rivals’ keywords.
  • Display the rating of your product on Amazon, or use it for any product over time to see rankings.
  • Find attractive products for sale on Amazon from the Amazon collection with over 20 million products.
  • A Chrome Extension ZonBase Analysis speeds up the process of discovering successful goods.
  • The sales estimator lets you see an average of the number of products sold for each product per month.
  • Free, one-on-one instruction with a professional is included with your subscription on how to use those devices.

One-time purchase services

ZonBase has also developed some additional tools that can add some extra functionalities to your Amazon business. These tools are one-time purchase services and can be purchased separately. The tools include:

Page One

This tool is designed to help you with various elements like listing, keywords, advertising, and PPC so that it becomes easier for you to have your product and brand ranked on the first page of Amazon based on your keywords.

PPC Autopilot

This tool allows you to easily manage your PPC advertising. The tool has been designed around an algorithm that enables you to ensure you are spending money only on profitable keywords.

Listing Optimizer

This tool helps you spruce up your pages with all the right keywords to bring your items to customers.

Photo Enhancer

The tool takes photos of your product and places them in natural settings that appeal to consumers.

Product Validator

Experienced launch managers analyze products for you and you can only launch products that have a significant chance of success.

Loads Of Tools To Play With

ZonBase is one such platform that lets you do about everything I just mentioned above and even more, depending on the nature of your business, your niche, and the competition that prevails in your niche.

From handling search ranking elements to PPC to product and keyword research, the platform offers everything that a growing business needs to succeed in the Amazon market.


Even when it comes to pricing, ZonBase packages are priced decently and won’t really put a big load on your wallet.

You also get unlimited access to all their tools for free for 7 days to see what works for you, after which you can upgrade to a paid plan. The good thing is that you can cancel your subscription anytime you like.

Excellent Customer Support

Their support team is also super responsive and is available to help you with any kind of issue you face anytime around the clock.

So, even if you run into an issue, be it minor or major, you are free to contact them 24*7. Visit the ZonBase official website to learn more about all their tools and services!

Why Do You Need ZonBase?

Making decisions based on accurate data is the only way you can get ahead of your competition when selling on Amazon.

Many sellers fail because they rely solely upon instincts or other people’s opinions, but don’t bother with gathering any kind of information to analyze what has actually worked in past and will likely work for them going forward; this includes both collecting various pieces of proof-positive evidence as well as doing some honest research into an individual company history before applying.

Zonbase is a gold mine of information for Amazon sellers. With access to past sales data, you can make informed decisions about what products and keywords will be most profitable in the future – all without having to spend hours scouring research sites online!

In addition, there’re many hot items updated hourly that might influence your choice too so give them all due consideration before making any final decisions.

The minute you sign up for Zonbase, your business will be more efficient.

You won’t have to spend hours poring through hundreds of product detail pages and wasting time trying to figure out which ones are best suited for what it is that makes them different than others – all this information can easily be accessed with just one click on a button!

ZonBase Pricing Plans

If you’re someone who’s serious about the Amazon FBA business then I’d suggest that you get the paid plan after the trial is done, because it won’t be of any value if you don’t focus on doing the Amazon FBA company.

This starts at $47 a month ($37 a month for an annual subscription) and goes all the way up to $97 a month ($67 for an annual subscription per month). Going for your annual membership will save you as much as $360!

zonbase pricing plan

Standard Plan

Price: $47 per month ($37 per month – Annual)

  • ZonResearch (Product Research): 10 Searches per day

Easily search through all products in the Amazon database using advanced filters!

  • Keywords (Keyword Research): 10 Searches per day

Easily find high-demand hidden keywords with more searches and less competition!

  • Reverse ASIN (Advance PPC): 10 Searches Per Day

Identify your competitors’ MOST Profitable Keywords in seconds!

  • Hot Products: 10 Searches Per Day

Amazon’s Most Gifted Products WITH Trending Upwards Sales

  • ZonTracker (Tracking Database): 40 Tracked Keywords

Track the exact ranking of every keyword your product ranks for

  • Sales Estimator (Product Sales): 40 Searches Per Day

Estimate the number of sales of any product on Amazon!

  • Page One (Product Launch): Standard Pricing

Create profitable PPC campaigns automatically using A.I.

  • PPC Autopilot (Automate PPC): Standard Pricing

Launch your product and rank to page one FAST guaranteed!

  • Product Validator (Green Light): Standard Pricing

Get your product reviewed by a team of experts BEFORE investing!

  • Listing Optimizer (Rank Higher): Standard Pricing

Have our team of experts create a fully optimized listing for you!

  • Photo Enhancer (Product Photos): Standard Pricing

Get the perfect product photos for less than half the cost!

Legendary Plan

Price: $97 per month ($67 per month – Annual)

  • ZonResearch Chrome Plugin: 250 Searches Per Day

The most accurate real-time data on ALL Amazon products!

  • ZonResearch (Product Research): 250 Searches Per Day

Easily search through all products in the Amazon database using advanced filters!

  • Keywords (Keyword Research): 250 Searches Per Day

Easily find high-demand hidden keywords with more searches and less competition!

  • Reverse ASIN (Advance PPC): 250 Searches Per Day

Identify your competitors’ MOST Profitable Keywords in seconds!

  • Hot Products: 250 Searches Per Day

Amazon’s Most Gifted Products WITH Trending Upwards Sales

  • ZonTracker (Tracking Database): 1,000 Tracked Keywords

Track the exact ranking of every keyword your product ranks for

  • Sales Estimator (Product Sales): 1,000 Searches Per Day

Estimate the number of sales of any product on Amazon!

  • PPC Autopilot (Automate PPC): Best Available Pricing!

Create profitable PPC campaigns automatically using A.I.

  • Page One (Product Launch): Best Available Pricing!

Launch your product and rank to page one FAST guaranteed!

  • Product Validator (Green Light): Best Available Pricing!

Get your product reviewed by a team of experts BEFORE investing!

  • Listing Optimizer (Rank Higher): Best Available Pricing!

Have our team of experts create a fully optimized listing for you!

  • Photo Enhancer (Product Photos): Best Available Pricing!

Get the perfect product photos for less than half the cost!

Enterprise Plan

Price: Contact the support team

  • ZonResearch Chrome Plugin
  • ZonResearch (Product Research)
  • Keywords (Keyword Research)
  • Reverse ASIN (Advanced PPC)
  • ZonTracker (Tracking Database)
  • Sales Estimator (Product Sales)
  • Hot Products
  • PPC AutoPilot (Automate PPC)
  • Page One (Product Launch)
  • Product Validator (Green Light)
  • Listing Optimizer (Rank Higher)
  • Photo Enhancer (Product Photos)

You can even try out their features for 100% Free for 7 days. Once the trial period expires, you can upgrade to one of their paid packages. There are no contracts involved whatsoever and you can cancel your subscription anytime.

Zonbase pricing plans features

For more information regarding the Zonbase pricing structure, the features involved, and other information, simply visit the pricing section on their website!

Is ZonBase A Useful Tool For An Amazon Seller?

Yes, ZonBase is the best way to research and sell on Amazon. With FBA tools for sellers like price checking or competitor monitoring it’s easy – even if you don’t have any experience! You’ll be able to take advantage of hot products that are selling well right now so your competition won’t stand a chance against you.

If you are a new or existing Amazon seller, ZonBase has the tools that will help your products reach more potential buyers.

They specialize in finding out which items can be profitable based on what niche they’re marketing towards and creating PPC campaigns to drive traffic back onto these listings so it’s easy for them when deciding how much inventory is needed at any given time – all while guiding users through this process step-by-step with their interactive tutorials!

The ZonBase dashboard is a lifesaver! It provides sales data updates every 10 minutes, almost live. And it tells me which Amazon listings are eating into my profits by their cost structures so that I can make smarter decisions about what products to sell on different marketplaces and how much advertising budget should go where – all in one place with easy-to-use tools like PPC optimization for optimizing ad spend across multiple sites at once or email automation campaigns asking people who’ve already bought something from you if they’d be willing.

Why Do Most Amazon FBA Sellers Fail?

Credits: wikimedia.org

Many people try to start an Amazon FBA business but give up before they ever succeed. The reason for this failure is that many new entrepreneurs lack the necessary knowledge, which can be intimidating and difficult in itself when trying something different like starting a retail store on such a scale with so much competition out there already doing it well- established companies who’ve been around longer than most of these individuals have existed.

It takes time and patience; you need both if you’re going to want any kind of hope at success!

The Amazon FBA business opportunity is a real and potentially lucrative one, but only for those with the knowledge to succeed. You will need more than just good ideas in order successfully navigate this field as an independent seller – you’ll also have set-up costs that can be quite high at first glance!

The process does not seem like it would require much effort if one had experience running businesses such as auto garages or veterinary clinics; however, knowing how things work under warranty may surprise some people new entering into our industry without any prior expertise whatsoever.

Amazon has changed the way we live our lives as consumers and entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, you will need to be familiar with all aspects of selling on Amazon if your goal is a success- from setting up a sellers account (the first step), understanding marketplaces where products can sell such as North America’s 3 choices: USA Canada or Mexico, knowing fulfillment methods like FBA which means fulfilling orders through Amazon Web Services; Or choosing merchant fulfilled goods instead!

As you know selling is one of the most important aspects of this digital era, but it can be difficult if you don’t know what to do. The two largest types are wholesale and private label with many differences between them that need consideration when deciding which would work best for your business needs – like demand vs profitability rates for example (Private Label often means making products specifically designed by someone other than yourself).

There’s also ranking on search engines; how fast does something sell once it’s released versus waiting until they become rare?

It’s important to know the basics of making money on Amazon before you dive in headfirst.

The more familiarized yourself with these principles, rules, and policies; not only will it help increase your chances for success but also provide peace of mind knowing that if anything goes wrong there are resources available at hand that can assist!

ZonBase Customer Testimonials

Zonbase customers Zonbase products Zonbase features and Zonbase review Zonbase case studies

Zonbase reviews online

Best ZonBase Alternatives 2024

1) Helium 10

Unlike other Amazon FBA solutions, Helium 10 is an all-in-one suite that includes everything from SEO to product research to refunds to fraud protection.

Helium 10 is the ideal FBA tool for selecting a product, scaling your operation, and managing your shop from the ground up if we had to explain it.

Entrepreneurs and businesses may use Helium 10’s e-commerce suite of tools to manage and sell products, find keywords, identify trends, improve listings, streamline ad campaigns, and more on Amazon with ease. Using algorithms and filters based on product category, monthly sales revenue, review ratings; the number of sellers; price, weight, and requirements; as well as saving and organizing findings for future references, Black Box enables teams to search for opportunities.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

Product seasonal demand can be analyzed using Helium 10’s graphs and charts, as well as keyword ranking in relation to competitors. It can also be used to measure search traffic for certain Amazon SIDs (ASINs). Additionally, it gives sellers the ability to copy ASINs in bulk and use them to create targeted ads for their products. Users can also see how many units are left in stock for specific listings and use this information to figure out how much they can make after factoring in their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees. Email sequences may be created using established or custom templates for order delivery or event triggers and orders can be seen in one place on a dashboard.

On the Helium 10 platform, businesses can monitor listings, receive alerts about suspicious activities and potential hijackers, and stop the sale of fraudulent products. Customized landing pages with company logos and domains can also help entrepreneurs establish brand identity with customers. So, what’s the deal with it being used by every vendor?

For serious FBA’ers, Helium 10 does nearly all of the legwork and eliminates all of the guesswork when it comes to selecting and growing an Amazon business.

Helium 10 Review- Xray

Everything you need to grow your business to six figures and beyond can be found on the dashboard.

There is a new “get your feet wet” price plan from Helium 10 that offers you access to all of their main tools for a 60 percent or greater discount. This removes one of the main obstacles for new business owners. Now you don’t have to invest $100 on an Amazon tool that works well. In the pricing area, you’ll find all the information you need. If you were undecided previously, I believe this will help you make up your mind.

Key benefits of using Helium 10

– Faster, More Powerful Product Research.
– Find Thousands of Keywords in Seconds.
– Write Listings Like a Pro.
– Manage Your Business Effortlessly.
– Analytics that Power Decision-Making.
– Market Your Business with Confidence.

2) Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout

Here are some great starting points if you’re new to Amazon selling and aren’t sure where to begin. “How do I utilize Jungle Scout?” is probably the most pressing issue on your mind right now.

When you first start using Jungle Scout, it might be easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options available to you. In any case, Jungle Scout is here to help you along the way, no matter where you are on your Amazon selling adventure. They’ve got tools for everything from product research to inventory management, and their team will show you how to use them.


In terms of selling on Amazon, Jungle Scout is the best all-in-one platform out there. Jungle Scout’s strong, data-driven platform helps entrepreneurs and brands succeed on Amazon through product research, market insight, brand and listing management, and more. As of this writing, they’ve served more than 500,000 consumers since 2015.

The dashboard on the Jungle Scout platform now gives merchants a fast look at the status of their business for the previous week. Customers may see high-level information like total sales, profit margins, and sales volume from the moment they log in with the help of new sales widgets. Aside from that, they’re able to keep tabs on PPC advertising as well.

Overall It is an Amazon research tool that helps you uncover winning goods, estimate sales, research keywords, and spy on competitors all from a single, convenient dashboard. You can see right away which goods are the most profitable and easy to build your company with.

With Jungle Scout, you can:

  • *Execute market & keyword research
  • *Create and optimize product listings
  • *See trending product categories and brands
  • *Evaluate emerging search trends
  • *Forecast sales and inventory needs
  • *Identify your competition on Amazon

3) AMZScout

AMZScout Review- Amazon Product Trends Research Tool

Are you still losing money despite being an Amazon seller? Maybe you picked the wrong product. Here comes AMZScout. This product research tool can help you locate the greatest products to sell, which in turn will help you increase your sales and profits. Not only can you use it to find out about products, but you can also use it to estimate sales, revenue estimates, and FBA fees, among other things. Take advantage of a discount coupon from AMZScout and save up to 50%.

You can use AMZScout as a web application or as an add-on to your Amazon seller program. Simple and easy to use, both instruments are also straightforward to acquire.

It helps in the discovery of the most useful and beneficial products on Amazon. Everything on the page is analyzed, and limited-time items glance at the best pace possible.

Faq’s On ZonBase Review

☞How is the Standard plan different from the Legendary plan?

☞Many of the features offered by them are provided by both Ordinary and Legendary. The Standard Program provides for regular use of LESSER, however. You see, nearly 90 percent of Amazon sellers are choosing our Platinum Program, for good reason. And the interest is not even equal when compared to the ‘Other Men.’ You get more options with ZonBase, and more precision for less!

☞What all features are included in the Legendary Plan?

☞Yes, the Legendary Project contains all of the materials. They even provide services from our professional team like PPC Autopilot, Page One Release, Brand Validator (to get the product’s green light before you invest), Listing Optimizer (to get a completely optimized listing), and Picture Enhancer (To have quality pictures of the product taken at less than half the price)!

☞Is there any training offered for their tools and software?

☞Definitely! Within their Facebook Community (the largest in the world), we have weekly live trainings where we answer questions, do live demonstrations and teach their students and users the most cutting-edge Amazon strategies available!

☞How does their ranking service work?

☞Zonbase just use the technology compatible with Amazon Terms of Service and the most innovative tactics to rank the company out of obscurity. They will send you to Page One for the most important keywords in your HIGHEST Number. And they use a combination of launch-specific PPC and ‘SFB’ technologies to quickly rate your offer, or get your money back!

☞How does their PPC Autopilot service work?

☞PPC autopilot takes the guesswork out of running Amazon’s outrageously lucrative promotions. The tool uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to continuously automate the campaigns 24/7!

☞How do your other ‘Done-For-You Services’ work?

☞That of their ‘Done-For-You’ Program is done by leading Amazon experts to ensure you get the highest quality performance at the best price for any program you invest in. They deliver PPC Optimization, Page One Release, Brand Validator, Image Enhancer and Listing Optimizer.

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Conclusion On ZonBase Review 2024

Selling products and services on a competitive eCommerce platform like Amazon and thriving amidst the cut-throat rivalry is a hard thing to do. Your business can go BOOM or DOOM depending on how you handle crucial aspects of your selling game.

In Short : 

Features: The ZonBase Platform gives you a set of tools to find your winning product on Amazon.

Advantages: All of the services offered by ZonBase are fully compatible with Amazon products.

Benefits: The ZonBase platform allows you to easily navigate between all major features of the Amazon store through one central web interface. This makes it easy for sellers to search for their ideal products using only one service.

So if you like my ZonBase review, let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Have you tried ZonBase in the past, did it work for you? You can surely go with ZonBase try their services and they have solid case studies to back up.

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  1. ZonBase is the all-in-one one stop shop for serious Amazon sellers who need the most powerful, most accurate tools to Dominate Amazon!
    It provides you with the most powerful chrome extension powering your product research – having the largest database, most accurate data, because you can’t settle for less.
    Go for it and try ZonBase!

  2. Zonbase is an all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers looking to find their winning product online and to do so Zonbase provides you with tools such as – Keyword Finder, Hidden Niches, Revenue Estimator, Brand Rank Tracking, Keyword Analysis, Reverse ASIN, Listing Optimization and many more.
    Zonbase offers some really nice and useful tools which are capable of helping you get higher ranked in Amazon search results and powering your selling game on Amazon to fetch you more sales and revenue.
    All in one, a great tool!

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