11+ ZIK Analytics Alternatives 2024💥: My No.1 Recommendation!

Are you looking for an analytics solution that can give you accurate insights into customer behavior and help you improve your marketing strategies?

Well, I believe ZIK Analytics alternatives just may be the answer.

However, in my experience, if it doesn’t meet all of your needs or fit within your budget, there are other ZIK Analytics alternatives out there that could provide the same kind of analytical data as this popular tool.

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best ZIK Analytics Alternatives to help you find the right solution for your business. So, read on for more information about each option!

ZIK Analytics Alternatives

💁‍♀️11+Best ZIK Analytics Alternatives & Competitors

Zik Analytics Alternative - Zik analytics

Managed by dropshippers, this tool quickly became the most important tool for any eBay sender, even better than Spark Chart, which was the best tool to find products sold on eBa.

eBay initially bought some features like looking for competitors have changed and are no longer useful for eBay Dropshipper.

Zik Analytics alternatives is a market research tool that helps you find out what you sell on eBay and how you can sell it.

The people behind Zik Analytics alternatives are hardware chargers that make it a particularly useful tool and one of the best for this type of online business.

✨Why is Zik Analytics the best eBay search tool on the market?

The following main reasons suggest that Zik Analytics alternatives is the best software to find successful products on eBay:

  • Direct mail: to help them find out what and how they can sell on eBay
  • FREE Course: Free eBay 2018 dropshipping course that will help you get started with this online shopping experience and avoid the endless time spent watching videos on YouTube
  • Browse by category: Browse a category and find the top-selling products on eBay for this category.
  • Market Research: With this study, you can determine if an article is working without you having to guess.
  • Find Competitors: See other drop shippers and see which products have been sold on eBay over the past 7, 14, 21 or 30 days.
  • Branch Analysis: An excellent tool that helps you understand the important statistics of your eBay store, such as: For example, the sales rate, the number of products listed, sales, and more
  • Live Webinars / Successful Dropshipper Weekly Questions and Answers: As mentioned earlier, the owner of the tool is a direct sender who provides updated information and organises Q & A sessions in the Facebook group to help and respond to the community Questions that people can have,
  • Private Facebook Group: Excellent community, you can ask your questions and make sure they get an answer. This is a very active community on eBay.
  • Private Support in Sky Rocket Your eBay Dropshipping Company: Gurus sometimes charge a lot of money for private lessons. In Zik Analytics alternatives, you’ll find a group of reputable shippers to help take your eBay business to the next level. A small fee in exchange for your time is much better than the random gurus on Facebook or YouTube, of which you know nothing.

 😎Best ZIK Analytics Alternatives & Competitors

#1. Algopix:

Zik Analytics Alternative - algopix

Algopix is ​​a robust product market research platform that enables online sellers, manufacturers and brands to access and analyse product data, market requirements, costs and products.

It also generates actionable and valuable information. Whether users are looking for the right products to sell, identify the right markets, analyse the global demand for products, or run competitor analytics.

Researching and analysing products with Algopix is ​​quick and easy.

With its advanced algorithms, the platform automatically updates the buy and sell data of products in markets such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

You can also see if competition between suppliers offering the same products is strong or weak.

In addition, Google AdWords information will be provided. Suggest a search term for each product and specify the cost per click and cost per acquisition associated with the search term.

#2. Spark Chart:

Zik Analytics Alternative - info

Spark Chart is a useful tool for consultants who want to examine customer comments, ideas and answers to discover hidden knowledge about their customers’ businesses. 

Users can create and implement business surveys, such as employee surveys that collect ideas and opinions to improve performance. 

As a result, they give 360-degree comments on how employees perceive business leaders. Therefore, users can examine comments, opinions, and ideas and share ideas to generate more ideas. 

Customer surveys allow them to understand their customers’ needs and hear what they want to recommend.

In addition, Spark Chart provides the ability to enter the Net Promoter Score to measure customer loyalty to the brand, business, product or service.

At the same time, they can conduct relevant market research to understand their potential customers in a better way.

#3. CheckMarket:

Zik Analytics Alternative -check market

CheckMarket is a business survey platform that allows you and your team to create and deploy effective and engaging surveys and to provide relevant and highly useful information.

The software offers you a large selection of professionally designed survey templates from which you can choose those that meet your needs. 

Once you’ve created your surveys, you can use CheckMarket to distribute them across the channels of your choice, whether by text message, email, social media, paper, etc.

Unlike traditional survey methods and practices, you no longer need to track your audience. With CheckMarket, all you have to do is create and distribute your surveys, wait for results and get information.

#4. Bloomfire:

Zik Analytics Alternative - bloomfire

Bloomfire is a knowledge sharing software solution that centralizes business knowledge by collecting all the items on a secure search platform.

The platform aims to ban information silos by giving all employees of the organization the opportunity to share and access information. Bloomfire was designed specifically for your business.

 Therefore, it is easy to use in one service and expand to another if necessary.

Bloomfire offers in-depth research based on artificial intelligence as well as questions and answers Zik Analytics Alternatives where users can ask and answer questions.

Users of the platform can interact with the content by clicking, liking, sharing, commenting or following posts.

Bloomfire is highly customizable: you can delete the community, create custom groups, and create your own categories for content classification. 

There’s also a drag-and-drop editor that lets you create attractive newsletters that can be sent to a select group of people.


Zik Analytics Alternative - mediaradar

MediaRadar is a data-driven sales activation platform that lets you discover information and attract more customers. In this way, you can see how many brands spend each year on advertising and whether they target your audience.

By finding the answers to these questions, you can determine how much you need to reserve for advertising and appropriate strategies to attract new customers and retain your existing customers.

In addition, MediaRadar supports you in accessing verified contacts. With these, you can connect with your prospects and build closer relationships with your contacts.

This will help you better understand what you are aiming for by building a powerful pitching deck.

#6. ProfitGuru:

Zik Analytics Alternative -profitguru

ProfitGuru is a search tool for Amazon sellers that lets you analyse the best-selling products, identify popular brands and connect with wholesale suppliers.”

With ProfitGuru, you can quickly find products for sale on Amazon.

Get sales data and an overview of competing products and ASIN codes and determine the sales potential of your own products.

Look for brands with several popular products that are not sold by Amazon or its owners and that are not too competitive. Then contact the brand or look for suppliers who sell that brand.

#7. AMZInsight:

Zik Analytics Alternative - amzinsight

AMZInsight is an Australian software company founded in 2014 and offering software called AMZInsight. AMZInsight offers live online training.

AMZInsight offers a free version and a free trial. AMZInsight is a market research software and includes features such as e-mail / online.

In terms of system requirements, AMZInsight is available as SaaS software. The cost starts at $ 0.01 / one time/user.

AMZInsight offers online support and live support round the clock Zik Analytics Alternatives. Some alternative products to AMZInsight include Insightrix Communities, SurveyGizmo, and the CMNTY platform.

#8. SurveySparrow:

Zik Analytics Alternative -survey sparrow

SurveySparrow is a survey and commenting management platform that enables companies to create and manage surveys to help them keep track of their employees and customers. 

The software enables users to create and disseminate surveys in the most natural way possible and generate responses, comments and authentic opinions from respondents.

Employee surveys help companies create a work environment that fosters employee growth, collaboration, productivity and more.

On the other hand, Customer Pulse Surveys helps companies and organisations identify what drives their customers to buy or sell their products and services, what interests them, and what drives them to return.

SurveySparrow is designed to help you in both areas. It provides users with a clear picture of the emotions of their target audience and uses the power of commentary to steer their businesses in a better and more profitable direction.

#9. CoolTool:

Zik Analytics Alternative - cool tools

CoolTool is an online survey platform that enables market research agencies to explore consumer behavior through eye-tracking, emotion-measuring, EEG and tracking capabilities.

Mouse The solution also offers researchers, professionals and online panel vendors the ability to collaborate or outsource their services in market research projects.

Users can also insert images, videos, logos, and other multimedia files to make the questionnaire more interactive

With CoolTool, companies can collect primary data by supporting fieldwork, calculating the sample size and creating a sampling plan based on the survey’s objectives.

Search agencies clean up the survey data and export it to Excel or SPSS for analysis.

CoolTool provides real-time reports with graphs, charts, graphs, and other visualisations to analyse the results of the survey.

CoolTool also offers additional features, including questionnaire translation, built-in templates, customizable branding, and sharing survey results with other prospects.

#10. Revuze:

Zik Analytics Alternative -revuze

Revuze provides a cloud-based enterprise (EMS) experience management solution that is essential for marketing, product management/development and customer service.

We provide an automatically generated and laser-focused perspective of your customers’ specific opinions on your products or services, enabling a quantifiable analysis of product-related competency and brand health metrics.

An independent AI-based text interpretation search engine continuously analyses your online record Zik Analytics Alternatives and offline data sources to identify and analyse all relevant references in your market, brand, products, and competition.

It then produces very detailed reports that allow you to examine and review all product details in the context of the entire market.

Revuze is supported by leading strategic partners such as Nielsen and several others.

#11. Dalia Research:

Zik Analytics Alternative - dalia

Dalia Research is a 2013 German-based software company that publishes a software package called Dalia Research. Dalia Research includes training through documentation live online. The product Dalia Research is a SaaS software.

Dalia Research provides technical support during business hours.

Dalia Research is a market research software that includes such features as benchmarking, compensation management, data management, electronic/online messaging, panel management, sample management, and more.

Statistical analysis and survey management.

#12. SurveyGizmo:

Zik Analytics Alternative - survey gizmo

SurveyGizmo is an online survey solution that allows companies of all types to create and conduct surveys, polls, and questionnaires.

With SurveyGizmo, potential and existing customers can be brought together, relationships with organisations and employees maintained, and academic research conducted.

The customizable interface offered by SurveyGizmo enables users to provide an interactive experience for their audience.

Businesses can create graphics, pipeline data, and loop pages with advanced options and features for a dynamic and rewarding survey experience.

With SurveyGizmo, companies not only collect data but also analyze reports about the assessment tools Zik Analytics Alternatives offered through the interface. Real-time data processing facilitates and accelerates the process of data collection and analysis.

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🎁Conclusion: Best ZIK Analytics Alternatives & Competitors

In conclusion, I believe ZIK Analytics alternatives is a great analytics tool, but there are many viable ZIK Analytics alternatives out there.

It’s important for you to do your research when it comes to selecting the right analytics solution for your needs. Some solid ZIK Analytics alternatives to consider, in my opinion, are Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Amplitude.

If you require more robust data insights and reporting capabilities, I personally recommend considering SAS and Tableau as well.

The wide variety of available analytics tools can be daunting at first, but by taking the time to evaluate different providers and their offerings, you can find the perfect fit for your business needs.

So, if you’re in the market for a new analytics solution, remember that ZIK Analytics alternatives robust feature set is just one option among many capable of meeting your requirements.

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