Top 25+ Best WordPress Admin Themes & Plugins for 2024

Ironically, WordPress has really changed the way writers publish. WordPress has helped many small business and startups to establish solid content marketing foundations by simply using the publishing features. No doubt WordPress has helped millions of bloggers all over the world to simply create, publish content along with sustaining the solid foundation of creative flow that really modifies the way people consumes the content online. Basically, WordPress is the best CMS (Content Management System) and blogging platforms that really manage, optimize, and externalize the content very easily.

WordPress is known blogging platform and it provides customization options right in the form of plugins and themes. You can simply change overlook of your blog, customize separate parts of your blog like the administrator dashboard.

You can simply customize the admin dashboard just with the themes and plugin extensions. The admin dashboard can be simply transformed to look better, more flexible and will get more features. Here in this post, you will have reliable and best WordPress Admin Themes to magically transform your WordPress admin dashboard.

List of Best WordPress Admin Themes

Here we have divided the post into two parts in the first one,  right in the upper half you will have the list of best WordPress Admin Themes and in the lower half, you will have the list of WordPress Admin Plugins. So let’s get started here with WordPress Admin Themes.

1. Slate

Slate Responsive- WordPress Admin Themes

Slate, WordPress Admin Themes will make the admin dashboard a much more compact experience. Here you will get the experience that really focuses on all the aspects of writing content rather than doing the external things just like managing the themes and the plugins. With this amazing theme, the focus switches from a “cluttered” dashboard to the one which really emphasizes writing and editing within the editor. Really this WordPress Admin Themes is being used by thousands of bloggers already.

2. SHIFT Short

SHIFT Short WP Admin Theme — WordPress Admin Themes

Basically, shorts ads are the best and minimalistic technical feel for your blog. If you are a technical blogger you will really enjoy this amazing WordPress Admin Themes.  This one is an open dashboard theme will keep your dashboard clean and will focus on many important things. It will provide you focus on the internet along with the ease of management.

3. Tamed

Tamed -WordPress Admin Themes

Here this one will offer WordPress bloggers a modern looking admin theme that may not do too much in the first view but it basically incorporates some of the sleek looking color patterns right into the sidebars of the dashboard and also within the native elements that WordPress installation provides. It will really make the overall experience feel less techy along with making it modern.

4. Blue Admin

Blue Admin — WordPress Admin Themes

Here Blue Admin is simple and minimalistic WordPress Admin Themes. As the name suggests here it basically uses Blue as the primary colors right for the WordPress admin bar. This theme will definitely change the admin bar on the right to white instead of matching of the top bar colors.


5. Fancy Admin UI

Fancy Admin UI — WordPress Admin Themes

This one is another best WordPress admin dashboard theme that has fancy admin UI. This theme has a blue top admin bar and has a soft gray menu bar. A user can simply change themes primary and secondary colors right from the Settings > General page and change it as they wanted.


6. Reimagined Admin

Reimagined Admin Theme — WordPress AdminThemes

Here this Reimagined Admin is a bold and dark admin theme that really has a good minimalistic design. It will provide you the admin area in funnier look which will be definitely appealing to many of the users. These WordPress Admin Themes is refreshing and strong right at the same time.


7. Admin Color Scheme

Admin Color Schemes — WordPress Admin Themes

Basically, Admin Color Schemer is not exactly the WordPress Admin Themes. Here it will allow you to change the WordPress admin color scheme right from an easy to use interface. This really indicates that you can simply create an unlimited number of color combination in order to use it as your WordPress admin scheme.



8. White Label CMS

White Label CMS — WordPress Admin Themes

This one is not exactly a theme, but here White Label CMS will allow you to customize and simply rebrand the WordPress Admin area. Here you can also simply remove the WordPress logos along with changing the admin area in order to meet your needs. Basically, this one is perfect for the users are busy in developing sites for clients and really wanted to create something extraordinary.


9. Elite

Elite Admin - WordPress Admin Themes

Elite WordPress Admin Themes is basically known for its responsive layout. This tells that your site will look great on all types of mobile and desktop devices. Basically, this theme has 25+ custom made jQuery plugins along with a custom grid, 100+ icons, and many other features. It has really a flexible and responsive design along with 4 stunning theme colors and much more.


10. AdminBox

Admin box - WordPress Admin Themes

AdminBox is simple AngularJs admin template which basically includes with SAAS and Gruntjs tasks right for the development test and pronunciation and minification tasks. It features in with built-in custom angular directives along with controllers and easy to change that has a clean and simple layout. This one is fully responsive and has 4 charting libraries along with Bootstrap layout and UI.

List of Top WordPress Admin Themes

11. Evolution

Evolution - WordPress Admin Themes

Evolution is one of the finest and best WordPress Admin Themes that comes with many advanced features. It basically features in liquid and fixed layouts, 5 theme colors, expandable tables along with searchable data table and more. It has the power to expose any element with one class and it comes with visualizing charts.


12. Crown

Crown Premium Responsive - WordPress Admin Themes

Crown is another great WordPress Admin Themes as it has some great features like responsive liquid layout, 23 valid HTML pages along with 30+ jQuery plugins, 10 preloaded backgrounds, 10 button colors and 15+ content widgets. So here you will everything you will need to create powerful WordPress site with the admin area. It also has Wizards, validations and WYSIWYG uploaders.




13. Paper Admin

PaperAdmin- WordPress Admin Themes

Really it will be super easy to build a site with such a wonderful WordPress Admin Themes like Paper. Basically, this theme has a responsive design. This theme has really many great features which basically includes liquid templates files, extensive color options along with seamless animations, Bootstrap 3.2, grunt animations and long-term support.

14. Xenon

Xenon Bootstrap -WordPress Admin Themes

Xenon is one of the most popular WordPress Admin Themes right in 2018. This theme has a clean and responsive design and it basically features responsive design, UI components layouts variants along with theme skins. Here you will also like its clean coding along with the good organization of files that will really amaze you.

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15. Neon

Neon Bootstrap - WordPress Admin Themes

Basically Neon is multi-purpose WordPress Admin Themes. And it comes with 9 skin colors, profile page timeline, chat API, data tables and some of the other great features. It also contains more than 112 HTML files which will offer you many varieties of layouts options along with resources as it will also extend the future updates right with the newer plugins and pages. This one cleanly coded, and it is stable, reliable and the best part is that it is very flexible.


16. AG Custom Admin

Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin — WordPress Admin Themes

Here this theme will provide you more customization options features that will truly be appealing to the bloggers that really want to brand their admin dashboards. Its traditional admin style will let you change the colors of your admin dashboards with the Ag Custom Admin and believe me you can do much more than that. You can also customize the admin bar to hide, change items along with eliminating any of the WordPress brandings in order to sue your own colors and icons.

WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

No doubt styling your dashboard is straightforward as we have already covered many WordPress Admin Themes that will help you a lot in change the overall appearance. But what about extending your dashboard, with the use of some admin dashboard plugins you can do that simply.

1. Slash Admin

Slash Admin — WordPress Admin Plugins

No doubt this one is the reliable than any other plugins in the list as it will be useful to add all the little tricks right to your website that may otherwise require a third party plugins. Here it will let you specify your Google Analytics code for enabling the tracking, enabling limits right on the number of revisions that are basically saved each time you manage the content. Another best features that you can also manage the maintenance code that will require an external plugin.

2. Absolutely Glamorous Custom Plugins

Absolutely Glamorous Custom Admin — WordPress Admin Dashbaord Plugins

Here this amazing plugin will offer a great way to optimize your WordPress Admin panel. If you are willing to install the Absolutely Glamorous Custom plugin on WordPress you will be able to make changes right to your admin bar, admin menu, log-in pages along with the admin footer text and the dashboard header text. Basically, this plugin comes with dozens of admin panel options. It also features in colorizer as this tool is integrated with this custom admin menu items.

3. Admin Guide Dashboard Widget

Admin Guide Dashboard Widget — WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

Really, this Admin Guide Dashboard Widgets will enhance the administration needs right for the site. This one is a really simple plugin to add posts right in the admin dashboard from the category defined by you. And it is really very easy to set up. With the help of this plugin, you can simply create widgets boxes for all your blogs categories right to list their available post in the widgets. And after that, the widget will allow you to modify the content, leave notes along generally leaving important information’s.

4. Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

Erident Custom Login and Dashboard — WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

Nothing is much more pleasing than opening your Dashboard and you are greeted with your own style creation and that what Erident Custom Login and Dashboard plugin are here to do. This plugin will help administrators just to change the color schemes, background images, forms style along with many other settings that will really make a difference in how branding is conveyed with your WordPress dashboard. Just take time to explore the Erident Plugin and see how it works for you.

5. Admin Trim Interface

Admin Trim Interface — WordPress Admin Dashbaord Plugins

If you are willing to concise the admin management experience then you should go with this amazing Admin Trim Interface. Many of the bloggers would love to add extra stuffs right to their dashboards and the Admin Trim Interface plugin helps you in removing all the garbage and unnecessary fat in order to make the management experience simpler, fluid along with making it clean and responsive.

6. R3DF Dashboard Language Switcher

 R3DF Dashboard Language Switcher — WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

No doubt language is important, not for just for the sites who are operating right with the multiple authors, editors, and admins, but for those who are not English speaker then this will really create a problem here. Here this amazing plugin will let you add little widgets to your admin bar. And that will help you to switch between the available WordPress languages.

7. The Mojo Admin Toolbox

The Mojo Admin Toolbox — WordPress Admin Dashbaord Plugins

Basically, this one is the personal project of Will Wilson that really turned public due to the growth of its features. Here this tool is being utilized by hundreds of WordPress bloggers for themselves and their clients. This tool will optimize you and configure the WordPress dashboard along with the blog itself. It will also help the blog to be less cluttered, and more tailored to brand experience.  You can also use this tool to hide the commenting system, change the login page along with creating various default avatars along with removing dashboard widgets.

8. MainWP Dashboard

MainWP Dashboard — WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

Here MainWP Dashboard has basically more than seven thousands active users for a good reason. This one is the most famous WordPress management plugins ever know to a man! Really MainWP Dashboard will really manage and customize all of your websites right within your own or even on the outside network. And if you are having multiple WordPress sites then you should definitely go for this MainWP Dashboard and trust me it will really make your life easier.

9. Client Dash

Client Dash — WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

Are you willing to customize the WordPress dashboard a little more then you should start with this amazing Client dash plugin? If you are capable enough to use the WordPress widgets manager then the Client Dash is the solution for you. Now you can simply add, remove, rearrange and customize the WP dashboard widgets and many more things than before. And trust me you client will be going to love your blog just for giving them relaxed admin experience.

10. Codepress Admin Columns WordPress Plugin

Admin Columns — WordPress Admin Dashboard Plugins

If you are willing to transform your WordPress admin screens them this plugin will help you a lot. Here admin colors come with over 90 custom colors along with the ability to enhance your client’s admin panel easy. It will provide options for sortable and editing columns that will really make your work easier and it has also the ability to import and export the functionality. It also has integration with other plugins and it comes with custom field plugins for all of your custom needs.

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EndNote: WordPress Admin Themes

Now you have got 25+ WordPress Admin Themes and Plugins that will help you with your WordPress sites. Simply use the power of WordPress platform in order to create a great-looking WordPress website right with a fully customizable administration dashboard.

I hope this post suits your purpose well. Are you aware of any other WordPress Admin Themes and Plugins you would like to see included here, tell me in the comment section? Do share this post on trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


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