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WooCommerce is a virtual platform that is used for constructing your virtual venture from scratch. If you want to make one of yours then it is the pla

WP Courseware is an WordPress plugin that allows you to create courses online and is a very useful tool. It is good for e-learning platforms for moder

  • Built-in Blogging
  • Large Collection Of Themes
  • Unrestricted Customization
  • Easily Build & Sell Courses
  • Premium Community Forum
  • Powerful Access Rule
  • Multiple designing options
  • You can put on various extensions
  • This platform is perfect for varied product stores
  • Allows as many numbers of membership levels as needed
  • Highly personalized add-on & coupons features
  • Excellent personalized membership levels
  • To set up everything on this platform is costly
  • Issue with personalizing the forms of registration and login
Ease of Use

The set up process can be a little hectic. You need to add extensions and themes manually. But overall the user interface is really interactive.

MemberPress is a very easy-to-use & Friendly Setup, Allows users to create as many numbers of membership levels as required.

Value For Money

The platform is free but setting everything up on this platform is quite expensive so if you have budget then go for it.

Though the cost is on the higher side but provides great value for money for a large scale setup.

Customer Support

Contact the customer support to get solution to any problem anytime.

Best Customer Support, Very Responsive Team

Welcome to my comparison between WooCommerce vs MemberPress. I will be discussing everything that goes into starting, operating, and scaling your own dropshipping business. 

Online shopping has become a growing trend in today’s world. If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business but perhaps you are still unsure whether an e-commerce business is a right option for you or not. 

Then don’t worry, I will help you to make a good decision by the end of this blog. 

You will have all the information you need to make a promising judgment for you and your future business. 

WordPress is one of the most popular web publishing platforms out there today and its popularity is growing every day. 

If you want to use WordPress as an e-commerce platform, you need to do so by adding a plug-in. 

Let’s compare the two most popular e-commerce plugins which are WooCommerce and MemberPress.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront

MemberPress is a WordPress membership site plugin that can make it easy for you to charge your users for access to content and digital products such as software and e-books. MemberPress gives you the ability to confidently create, manage, and analyze membership subscriptions and digital products. WooCommere is a similar tool and it has many usages more than MemberPress but in features, MemberPress has the edge so I recommend you try MemberPress and see the results yourself.

WooCommerce vs MemberPress: Overview 

WooCommerce Overview

WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in that you can install on your WordPress website to help you sell physical and digital products from the commerce homepage. You can download this software, can get support, and can explore various features and experience stories.

WooCommerce vs MemberPress - WooCommerce Overview

MemberPress Overview

MemberPress is an all-in-one membership add-on for WordPress. This site will help you in creating WordPress Membership sites, make secure online payments, sell useful products, and control the insights of the website. It also integrates with third-party sites to support your business in every possible way.

 Memberpress Overview -  WooCommerce vs MemberPress

This article will help you to decide which e-commerce platform for your business. Both platforms offer amazing features to its customers to invest their trust and money in setting up the enterprise site.

MemberPress has some great offers that you can claim and get decent discounts on your purchase. This article shares the latest discounts and deals for MemberPress that will help you save big on your purchase.

These Platforms include every facility you need to create your online store and manage its buying and purchasing modes. You can add the product images with their details, description, and price for the buyers. 

Common Features Of WooCommerce vs MemberPress 

  • Ease of Use, Themes, and Plugins


WooCommerce is one of the most productive and exquisite WordPress plugins offering customers countless themes and plugins. It is uniquely designed and is even compatible with other programs. The themes are highly amazing and spectacular, as I have opted for and applied them for my website.

It facilitates susceptible and straightforward management, we can very easily commence the addition of different products, and services and it even offers massive discounts on sales. The WordPress dashboard gives WooCommerce a kickstart in its functionality 


MemberPress is a very easy-to-use and accessible site. There are guides and support for beginners to solve every problem. You don’t have to be a skilled person or a professional to set up the site. All the steps are easy and understandable by anyone.

MemberPress - Ease To Use

  • Legitimate reviews and Support


WooCommerce has facilitated and involves legitimate reviews and feedback, especially from verified customers and operators. The reviews are portrayed on a product page with the inclusion of verified labels of the owner.

WooCommerce- Support Team


The setup process of the membership site and its applications is very easy, but when you can sometimes face technical issues, MemberPress has fabulous customer support through user manuals or contacts.

MemberPress is designed using the strongest coding for resilience and security. MemberPress is assembled with powerful WordPress integration. 

Unique features


Managing the control panel 

WooCommerce helps us in managing and organizing all the data under one folder, eventually supervising and governing the settings and email with maximum efficiency.

WooCommerce_ Simple Product

Custom Access manager

As an operator, since I am working with numerous people, I would want to keep my personal and private details intact and hidden from the people I am working with. To keep my personal information confidential, I would manage it under the custom Access manager.

WooCommerce- Payment Mode

Special Cloudflare integration 

WooCommerce has an amazing and special Cloudflare integration, which safeguards and promotes special security to protect the data and to ensure viable speed and protection.

WooCommerce - Order Manage

Countless images for the website

WooCommerce Is highly driven at providing the best pictures and images for any of our websites, as a user, I am highly satisfied and pleased with whatever it has to offer, moreover, I found the best images suit my needs and demands. 

WooCommerce- Market Your Store

It has helped me in showcasing my products more comprehensively with their intricate details.


Good payment strategy- MemberPress will constantly ping the customers to purchase the subscription to have access to your e-commerce platform. You simply have to select your payment gateway information while setting up the site so that the customer can buy the plan easily.

MemberPress - Integration

Tracks insights– MemberPress develops, organizes, and tracks membership subscriptions and sells digital download commodities. Also gives you the authority to control what content of your site should be accessible to the users.

-MemberPress- Features Benefits

Coupon generation- MemberPress enables you to generate various coupons and control their validity and numbers.  As coupons attract the customers during the promotion and giveaways, it is a very important element in online business.

Transparency- MemberPress gives you valid and clear data and reports about the business of your product.

Subscription management- This feature allows the customers to make payments accordingly from your website only. You don’t have to worry about the payments as you will be informed periodically.

-MemberPress- Features

Customizable options- A variety of integrations offer many assistance, activities, and filters to create an amazing extensible site.

WooCommerce vs MemberPress Pricing 


The pricing plan as I used and incorporated under WooCommerce is as follows-

Woo premium plan

  • Price( after discount)- Rs 599 per month.
    • Original Price– Rs 1599/-
  • Offers- countless websites.
  • Storage- 100GB SSD.
  • Bandwidth- unlimited.
    • Domain and SSL are free.
  • Assured- Daily automated backups.
  • Granted personal jetpack.

Woo starter plan

  • Price(after discount)- Rs.219 per month.
  • Original price- Rs.489/-
  • Offers- countless websites.
  • Storage-20GB SSD.
  • Bandwidth – Unlimited
  • Domain and SSL are free.
  • Assured- weekly Automated backups.
  • Granted jetpack for free.

Woo business plan

  • Price( after discount)- Rs.1099 per month.
  • Original Price- Rs.3299/-
  • Offers- countless websites.
  • Storage- 140GB SSD.
  • Bandwidth- unlimited.
  • Domain and SSL are free.
  • Granted with a premium jetpack.
  • Assured- daily Automated backup.


The pricing plans as included and incorporated under MemberPress are as follows –

MemberPress - Pricing

Membership plans 

  • Price- Rs.1899 
    • Period of membership-  6 months.
  • Offers- facilitating users to install or commit 15 downloads a day, to access the unlimited domain as provided, giving download links, letting them access themes and plugins, Assurance of full-fledged customer support, and much more.
  • Price- Rs.699 
  • Period to access the plan- 1 month.
  • Offers- letting users in facilitating the diverse themes and plugins and to undertake 10 downloads a day, providing access to the unlimited domain, showering download links, notifying the user regarding the regular updates, Assurance of full-fledged customer support, and much more.
  •   Price- Rs.3499 
  • Period of membership- 1 year.
  • Offers- unlimited access to domain and other important themes and diverse plugins, letting the users undertake 30 downloads a day, any operator can get notified regarding the updates, providing access to the different functions along with the assurance of quality customer support.

WooCommerce vs MemberPress Pros and cons



  • MemberPress offers three different pricing options basic, intermediate, and then the pro version depending on what you are looking for.
  • MemberPress integrates with a ton of third-party plug-ins and add-ons to give you the functionality that you need. So, even if MemberPress itself doesn’t offer the tool that you need, there is a pretty good chance that you could find that in third-party plug-ins. 
  • MemberPress site offers remarkable support to its customers, especially beginners. They are fast to get back to the users with any support or help that you might need.
  • MemberPress is very consistent about keeping its bugs fixed. Whenever there is a bug in any function, they have it fixed promptly.
  • When you purchase MemberPress, it comes with Affiliate Royale for whatever business you set up. It is a great opportunity for your business to have another stream of revenue.


  • Member press offers annual sign-ups only so you can’t sign up every month. This sometimes can be a negative deal because you want to use it for a month but you have to pay the amount for the whole year.
  • MemberPress in providing updates and functions they haven’t come up with anything new in the last few years.
  •  Another con that I felt about MemberPress is that they constantly ask their customer to upgrade or degrade from one plan to another. So, this can be irritating to anyone.



  • WooCommerce is highly flexible, as users and operators can add numerous and countless lists of products. As an operator and a user, I was able to customize my website with a vast variety of innumerable themes, as provided by WooCommerce.
  • It provides us with the best quality of a shopping cart, as it is highly secured and safe. It is even directed towards fixing the problems and issues if it occurs in any case. 
  • WooCommerce highly believes in representing professionalism in every task they commit. To be it, managing the functionalities, organizing the delivery status, or interacting with the customers. It is best in all regards.


  • Under WooCommerce, it is projected that to avail some of the prominent features, users can only access or operate them at a cost of the additional fee charged. as they are paid.
  • One more disadvantage of WooCommerce is, the wishlist option is hard to operate and use. As it obstructs effective functionality sometimes.

WooCommerce vs MemberPress: Testimonials

MemberPress Customer Review

-MemberPress- Testimonials

WooCommerce Customer Review

WooCommerce_ Testimonials

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FAQs On WooCommerce vs MemberPress

👉What are the event features of WooCommerce?

It offers and renders a free SSL which has boosted and benefitted search engine optimization (SEO). Helps in customizing the control panel, letting us have efficient management of resources.

👉 Is MemberPress legitimate?

Yes, MemberPress is legitimate as it helps us in creating as well as selling the resources digitally, it is one of the most respected and trustworthy WordPress website plugins.

👉 Does MemberPress offer an Affiliate program?

Yes, it does have an affiliate program, about which we can read about, on the official website under an option of affiliate program.

Conclusion: WooCommerce vs MemberPress 2024

Therefore, we’ve already brimmed ourselves with truckloads of information about these renowned and prominent WordPress plugins namely WooCommerce and MemberPress, both are productive and useful in their ways and means.

To sum up, and recapitulate, both of them help the users and operators in creating and selling the resources digitally, it doesn’t involve hard-hitting and technical coding to commence its operation. It not only sells products digitally but even sells membership alongside.

It even facilitates maximum flexibility and guesses what, the functioning offered is highly smooth. WooCommerce and MemberPress are highly customizable and are even one of the best e-commerce platforms, it facilitates us in setting up online stores within a few minutes, the process is equally easy and efficient has even installed and included secured payment gateways with special features and benefits. 

As mentioned above. I highly believe in and trust these valuable platforms. It has not only strengthened but boosted my website in every single way. Both of them are highly friendly and promote integration with numerous service platforms. 

What is even more surprising is, it assures us of a 30-day money-back guarantee. One can trust and help themselves in building the online business and trust me, it will eventually enhance their growth. 

This is one of the best communities to work with. It helps them. MemberPress helps users and operators to create, manage, and organize membership plans and subscriptions. In total, both of them are extraordinary and splendid. 

This is exclaimed by me from my personal experience and operation. Both of them are highly recommended and efficient. Use them wisely and constructively.

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