Wondershare PDFelement Review 2024: Should You Try It?

Wondershare PDFelement Review


  • You can easily convert HTML Pages, office documents, Epub Ebooks, into pdf files.
  • You can edit and fill out a PDF form without any hassle.
  • Combine and Create web pages, text files, images, etc., and convert them to pdf files.
  • Built-in OCR makes the text in image-based PDF files searchable and editable.
  • Merge and Split PDF files.


  • Doesn't support the embedding of videos in the pdf files


Price: $ 6.99

Looking for Wondershare PDFelement Review, you are at the right place.

Being a Mac user, I am accustomed to using the PDF expert tool. I had recently switched to Windows and found no alternative to the tool except for Adobe Acrobat whose pricing plans are ridiculously expensive. In search of the perfect PDF editing software, I came across Wondershare’s PDFelement. It is a powerful tool that enables editing PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat costs over 4 times more.

With so many similar functions and uses at a much lower price, it’s easy to see why PDFelement is the best Adobe Acrobat alternative. No bloatware here, PDFelement is lightweight without wasting
valuable computing resources.

Wondershare PDFelement Review

Bottom Line Upfront :

PDFs are often seen as an unnecessary burden. PDF files, however, are ubiquitous in today’s professional environments. Wondershare released a new version of PDFelement with improved load times and other sophisticated capabilities, such as document management on the Cloud, to assist workers and company owners in keeping up with the digital transformation. The flexibility to make changes, convert files, add signatures, and more is available on desktop, mobile, and online platforms.

Wondershare’s PDFelement 9 is an affordable PDF editor with a wide range of useful capabilities, including annotation tools, batch processing, optical character recognition, and more. Start using PDFelement immediately to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your remote work.

Wondershare PDFelement Review: In A Nutshell

This software lets you edit, create, convert and sign all your PDF files. It is compatible with both Mac and Windows platforms. It offers flexible pricing plans and thus you can obtain maximum benefits from this tool even if you are on a budget.

Pdfelement review latest 1

Having purchased this, I haven’t encountered any issues till now. The company updates the software regularly to rectify the faults and fix the bugs, if any.

PDF editors are rich in features, but are complex to use. PDFelement breaks all those notions. It features an easy to use user-interface and with this software, you can perform all the desired modifications in the PDF files without changing their style and format. The pro version of the PDFelement goes an extra mile by offering 256-bit AES password encryption.

Features of Wondershare PDFelement

PDFelement 9’s newest features make managing PDFs a breeze:

Cloud-based document management software allows users to boost productivity by collaborating on papers in real time from any location. In order to allow others to read and comment on the paper online, users can distribute it via temporary links that expire after 30 days.

Producing documents in a fraction of the time: Increased speed during boot up and document loading means more time spent working.

Reduce wasteful repetition using the “drag and drop” feature to control multiple PDFs’ backgrounds, headers, footers, prints, and compression settings simultaneously for maximum efficiency.

Automatically detect a fillable form in PDF and copy and paste to other files like Word or Excel (only available on Windows): this is a godsend for those working in finance and accounting. There will be no more manual data entry!

Convenient one-click document translation across supported languages (only available on Windows).

If users are not adept at signing their names digitally, they have the option of uploading a photo of their handwritten signature and having it added to the PDF form in an instant.

Documents may be automatically exported with annotation, drawing, and markups for Windows users, allowing for more efficient study time.

Users on Windows can switch to “Focus mode,” which hides the toolbars and enables for full-screen reading and annotation without sacrificing any functionality. Simply hand over documents or ideas to customers with little fuss.

Pdfelement review latest features

Wondershare PDFelement is an advanced PDF editor which offers the users full control over their PDF system. Its intelligent technology makes the files customisable to a great extent. This award-winning software is rich in features.

The home screen of this software shows its basic features, that is, edit, combine, create and convert options on large tiles. You need not hunt for them throughout the page.

Once you open your document and select any option, an organized toolbar will appear. It will feature options for commenting, changing the security levels and managing the page. Upon clicking any of these options, a second toolbar will open. It contains options related to the function you chose to perform.

This tool offers a similar experience on both Windows and Mac platforms. Hence you can seamlessly make the switch. With it, you will not have to go through the hassle of looking for another tool just because you are switching platforms, unlike what happened with me.

The PDFelement software is meant for teams that are tensed about the security of their data. The software offers them access to a library containing several ready-to-use templates. The host of features offered by the software make it a popular option even among the FORTUNE 500 companies. Some of the features offered by Wondershare PDFelement are as follows:

Creates and combines PDF files

With it, you can create and customize more than three hundred PDF files. Also, it lets you merge entire files, and reorganize the pages, irrespective of the original settings. It has a simple and convenient indexing feature that will organize the files on your behalf.

Robust editing and optical character recognition

PDFelement gives you full control over the PDF file. You can adjust the fonts, style and almost everything else without changing the original format of the document. With this software, PDF files in more than twenty languages can be created and edited.

The typing errors and the spelling mistakes may be fixed with the help of an inbuilt Spellchecker. Once you change a line or a paragraph, the entire text automatically gets adjusted. The optical character recognition feature allows the office staff to capture and scan the paper receipts and documents into PDF files. PDFelement has a user-friendly and smooth text editor. It prepares the contents the way you need it. PDFelement lets you add headers, footers, annotations and watermarks.

Creates PDF forms that may be filled easily

The powerful form recognition technology of PDFelement increases the productivity of businesses. With this tool, you can create professional-looking forms that eliminate paperwork and save time. PDFelement also offers you a variety of templates to build a new form. Any non-fillable form that has been created in MS Word or Excel may be converted into a PDF form.

This software also allows you to add all the desired fields and boxes to an existing form. You may combine hundreds of file types, into a PDF form and choose a background from the templates offered.

Extract and convert PDF documents

Buy Wondershare PDFelement Bundles Convertpdf

It is quite a challenge to compile data from the PDF forms to carry out spreadsheet analysis. Also, copying or rekeying the data may introduce errors. Wondershare’s PDFelement offers a data extraction feature which helps you extract and compile the data from different PDF forms automatically and save the file in a format of your choice.

PDFelement offers unlimited opportunities for conversion. It helps to convert all your files in Microsoft docs, HTML or images. With this tool, you can split the files into multiple smaller documents. All the documents may have different formats. Then, you may extract them to a convenient location. Batch conversion is also allowed and this tool allows you to add numbers and watermark to the files.

Export data from scanned PDFS

You may use the advanced OCR technology of PDFelement to eliminate manual work. With this tool, you may extract the custom field data from the scanned invoices or PDF forms IN .CSV or Excel format. You may batch process the files and lay down similar rules for extraction for all PDF files that have a similar layout. It is a revolutionary advancement in the field of automation technology.

Review and comment in the PDF files

This software is more appropriately designed for teams than for individuals. So, it offers a host of collaboration features. With this tool, it is easy to comment, highlight and mark in the PDF files. You may add a set of arrows and shapes to identify any important part of the document. Also, with this tool you may add stamps and annotations to your PDF files.

Impressive security

Buy Wondershare PDFelement Bundles ProtectPDF

PDFelement provides awesome security. It is a unique document management system that lets you store and share content without worrying about hacking. It allows you to create and manage your signature. You may allow certain users to access the files after granting permission. Also, you may black out the hidden text to maintain privacy. It provides 256-bit AES encryption for the passwords. Also, it has an intuitive user management console.

Ready-to-use templates

It provides a list of ready-made high-quality templates so that you may create professional-looking forms. Thus, provisioning, managing and monitoring licenses across different groups and teams becomes easier.

Simple User-Interface

Wondershare’s PDFelement has an interface that is easy to navigate and is more straightforward that the complicated Office-style approach of the other PDF editors present in the market now. It offers a smooth workflow that caters to even the advanced business requirements. At less than half the price of its competitors, PDFelement stands out in the crowd.

PDFelement has a minimalistic user interface. As a result, even amateurs find it easy to use. It has user-friendly tools for writing and editing. You may create your required documents easily. The tools for marking up and commenting improves team collaboration. You may streamline conversion from PDF to office file by retaining the format and layout. It fixes the offline document to protect the layout and format of your file.

Simple Navigation

The user interface is easy to navigate. The users do not need coding knowledge to use this software. Particularly, the PDF to Excel feature is easy to use. Also, the rotation feature of this tool provides an efficient and fast action.

Prompt customer service

The customer service is co-operative, patient and helpful. A few users have narrated their experience on how some customer care executives sent videos to them, to make their navigation process easier.

PDFelement Review Pricing Plans

PDFelement offers varied pricing plans based on the operating system present in your desktop and the number of PCs you wish to implement the software on. I recommend using its free version first. It will help you gauge its features better and will help you make an informed choice.

The free version of this software doesn’t expire; however, there are limits to using the functionalities of this software. Also, it features a free trial and after it is over, you need to opt for a paid plan.

Pdfelement review latest Pricing
Pdfelement review latest Pricing

The paid plans of PDFelement feature a money-back guarantee of 30-days and offer several other perks; a few of which include continuous product development, free customer support, etc.

I use it for Windows presently, but you can use it for Mac as well. Below mentioned pricing plans are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Buy Wondershare PDFelement Bundles

Buy Wondershare PDFelement Bundles

Pros and Cons of PDFelement Review

Wondershare PDFelement Reviews

Let us know have a look at the pros and cons of this software


  • You can easily convert HTML Pages, office documents, Epub Ebooks, into pdf files.
  • You can edit and fill out a PDF form without any hassle.
  • Combine and Create web pages, text files, images, etc., and convert them to pdf files.
  • Built-in OCR makes the text in image-based PDF files searchable and editable.
  • Merge and Split PDF files.


  • Doesn’t support the embedding of videos in the pdf files
  • The software crashes multiple times
  • Upgrades are costly
  • It is a heavy software and thus loading of pdf files take a lot of time
  • No demonstration videos available

Frequently Asked Question

✅Is PDFelement free of cost?

PDFelement is not totally free. It is free during the trial period. Also, it has a free version that doesn’t offer many features. After the trial period, people need to opt in to a plan. Also, they may download it for free

✅For whom is PDFelement best?

PDFelement is best for accounting software, IT service providers and other tech companies.

✅In how many languages is PDFelement available?

PDFelement is available in nine different languages

Final Verdict: Wondershare PDFelement Review

PDFelement is one of the best all-rounder PDF editing software. The ability of the PDFelement to edit and create PDF documents is quite impressive. You can conveniently edit the text and alter the content of the PDF file in a few clicks.

The best part? You can also edit the fonts, change the font colour, size, etc. of your PDF files. It is also capable of editing images using options such as crop, insert, resize, and delete.

You can also extract a few pages from the documents, add some pages, re-organize and delete as well. In short, you can do anything and everything with the PDF files that you own or have received from your clients.

With Wondershare PDFelement, you can convert your document into varied formats. You can also choose to read the final image using Adobe reader, or Acrobat. With its advanced OCR technology, you can easily convert the scanned documents into easily editable PDFs.

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