SpreadSimple Review 2024: Create A Website Using Google Sheets!

SpreadSimple Review 

Overall Verdict

Producthunt has placed this website builder top, and we have no doubts about it either. You may decide with certainty that this solution will satisfy all of your specific demands by taking into account variables like ease of use, customization options, cost, and customer support. SpreadSimple can assist you in establishing a professional-looking website without the need for technical knowledge, whether you're building a website for personal or professional usage.

Out of 10


  • Offers a 7 days trial plan
  • Offers a step-by-step guide to implementing all the features and integrations
  • Supports HTTPS/SSL
  • Let's you add custom scripts
  • Offers a simple way to format your texts
  • Offers flexible plans


  • There are a lot of features available on SpreadSimple hence it might take you some time to make a complete use of this solution


Price: $ 13

Are you looking for a SpreadSimple Review 2024, then this article is for you.

If you are a business owner and do not know how to build your brand’s website or have been looking for suggestions on website building, you’ve landed on the right page.

Here we’ll be sharing our insights on one of the most versatile and easy-to-use website-building platforms, SpreadSimple

More than 10 million websites worldwide are powered by website builders, and 321,000+ of those are in the United Kingdom.

SpreadSimple Review

The Importance Of Having A Website For Your Business!

It is well known that all the information in the world is now just one click away from us. The Internet is an amazing place to transform your approaches to sharing information, connecting with people, and gaining knowledge.

Considering the amount of action now being taken on the internet, having an online presence plays a very vital role for businesses. After all, what good is a business if nobody knows it exists?

In any business field, having a website brings a lot of change and growth. With a website, businesses can reach more potential customers, provide information about their products and services, and generate more sales.

A website also allows businesses to establish their credibility and build trust with customers. Sometimes businesses fail to understand that, in the era we live in, customers are more likely to be online than offline.

Having a legit online presence, specifically a website, can bring your business great revenue and engagement. 

One of the important aspects of why one needs to have a website is that it increase your brand’s credibility.

Having a website can help your business stand out from your competition by keeping your vision, products, and services loud and clear with great visual representations for your customers. 

Let’s review SpreadSimple to know how to create a website. You can also use various tools to create a website and make it user-friendly. Don’t forget to analyze the website metrics to improve your online presence.

SpreadSimple Review

Introducing SpreadSimple: A Versatile Website Building Platform

SpreadSimple lets you create a contemporary, loaded-with-features website in a few simple steps.

  • All it takes is 20 minutes, without any coding or proficient technical skills. SpreadSimple lets you create your website just by using Google Sheets. 
  • Use your knowledge in Google Sheets to manage your products, commodity prices, and inventory. This website builder supports formulas, chats, collaborative edits, and much more.
  • You need no coding skills to create a modern website. Features like search, filtering, SEO, and more are available with one click. 

Wondering What Kind Of Websites Can Be Built With SpreadSimple?

SpreadSimple lets you create a website under various domains. 

1. E-commerce

SpreadSimple lets you handle your product’s visibility, content, and inventories with the help of Google Sheets. All the modifications you make to your inventory sheet are instantly updated on the website.

This feature is extremely helpful if you make frequent changes. 

2. Affiliate Marketing 

All you need is a website to do affiliate marketing. SpreadSimple provides a convenient way for affiliate marketing. One just needs to add products from other platforms like Amazon, Myntra, or such to Google Sheets to run their website.

Not to miss, using the Google Sheet formula the website template offers, lets you add your referral code to the product link which in return helps you grow your income. 

Types of websites

3. Real Estate

SpreadSimple lets you import MLS listings and RSS feeds to build your workflow. This way, you can utilize your time by scrutinizing captivating offers and spending less time on content management. 

4. Cafes and Restaurants

SpreadSimple lets you manage your menu items with Google Sheets. You can also use the features of search, filters, the ability to take orders online, and much more. 

Top 13 Features Offered By SpreadSimple 2024

So here is the list of the top 13 featured offered by SpreadSimple:

1. Setting up Promo codes

SpreadSimple lets you offer discounts to your customers on a certain category, group, or specific item. This feature can also be used to offer free shipping on orders.

What makes promo codes more usable? The information about these offers can be sent through email notifications.

With this, your customers are not only just aware of the offers running but also might make quick purchases. 

2. Navigation Alias 

Here on SpreadSimple, you can create filters based on categories with meta tags and customized links. This includes options like search and sorting states, and it also lets you share certain links to specific categories of items and filters.

This feature not only helps you make your website simpler but also user-friendly. 

3. Embed SpreadSimple as a widget on various platforms

With a few simple steps, you can embed SpreadSimple as a widget on other sites or platforms. You can add these widgets to Google Sites, Wix, Weebly, WordPress, and similar platforms online. 

4. Language Localisation 

With SpreadSimple, you can localize your website in more than 30 different languages. 

SpreadSimle Features

5. Easy Checkouts

As we know, Paypal and Stripe have been the most convenient ways to make payments. 

With SpreadSimple, your customers can easily checkout by making their payments through these two popular platforms, as well as Razorpay, Billplz, and Playplug. Or they can also opt for payment on delivery. 

6. Webhooks and automation

With webhook automation, you can offer real-time communication between apps. In simple terms, this feature immediately notifies other apps of the data of the event that occurred on your website.

This feature not only helps you with data transfer but also lets you keep a note about your customers in real time. 

7. SEO settings 

The websites you create with SpreadSimple are indexed by search engines and are absolutely SEO-friendly. Here, you can optimize images or add images with alt tags, create new titles, and much more.

The SEO feature also lets you drive immense traffic to your page and generate more revenue. 

8. Email Receipts and Email Notifications 

With SpreadSimple, you will receive email notifications with all the details of the order placed by your customers. Meanwhile, your customers will receive an acknowledgment receipt for the order they place after checking out.

9. Custom 404 

Make your custom 404 page and guide visitors to the appropriate pages.


10. Free dedicated subdomain 

A subdomain name is automatically produced at the spread.name domain when a new website is created. You can choose to alter the domain name of the website that’s shown to visitors or connect to a custom domain by going to Manage Settings. 

11. Password Protection 

With the help of the option for site-wide password protection, you can choose to hide your website content and make sure that only those who have the password can access your website content. 

12. Easy Integration 

SpreadSimple lets you integrate your website with solutions like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, MailChimp, and many more.

One of the highlights of this add-on is their OpenStreetMap/Google Maps feature, where you can simply display your listings on the map with the classical catalog. 

13. Content Pages

SpreadSimple lets you add static pages to your website, like Contact Us” and About Us pages. This feature simply lets you add links to your pages, and once you’re done adding pages and links, you can also configure the website navigation.

These are just some of the features highlighted by us. Find the list of all on the official website.

NOTE: You can enjoy all these features hassle-free with a Pro plan by following the step-by-step guide available on their official website. You can check this by going to the Feature section of SpreadSimple and clicking on the desired feature.

Add-ons Available At SpreadSimple

SpreadSimple offers an add-on tab that contains various integrations. Here is a list of some add-ons you can integrate your website with. However, SpreadSimple delivers more than 20 integration options. 

1. Disqus Add-on

This add-on lets your visitors or customers leave their feedback, reviews, testimonials, or reactions on your website. 

2. Google Adsense Add-on (beta version)

This add-on lets you add advertisements through Google Adsense to your website for better monetization. 

Do keep in mind that since this add-on is a beta version, one may encounter issues. To resolve them, please reach out to the support team at SpreadSimple.

SpreadSimple Addons

3. Mailerlite Add-on

Mailerlite is a renowned email marketing service provider. This solution as an add-on will help you create email subscriptions in the simplest way possible. 

4. Aidaform Add-on

With Aidaform, you can embed your form built with the website created on SpreadSimple. 

5. Hubspot Add-on

We all know Hubspot is one of the best CRM tools and extensions for websites. With this add-on, you can easily develop an email subscription form. 

6. Pabbly Connect Add-on

This integration will let you connect your websites with thousands of apps to automate your workflow.  Apart from these, SpreadSimple also offers integrations with Google Analytics, Youtube, Google Tag Manager, and Vimeo. 

Every integration tool comes with a card that says “Built-in” or “Not connected.” Built-in states that the following integration does not need any configurations.

Not connected states that the following integration has not been enabled on your website.

Why use SpreadSimple

Templates On SpreadSimple 

Every template comes along with a Google Spreadsheet, where you can add all your website details. Selecting a template is certainly not a stressful job, as you can choose a template at the beginning and change it later if you wish. 

SpreadSimple offers a wide range of templates that are not only suitable for real estate businesses but also cafes, eco stores, dental stores, food delivery services with WhatsApp, and much more.

SpreadSimple Templates

Plans And Features Offered By SpreadSimple

SpreadSimple has two plans for its clients, which are:

Free Plan

This plan costs $0 per website, and the available features are 

  • Search 
  • Sorting
  • Filters
  • Responsive design 
  • Theme- Dark/Light
  • Content blocks
  • Pagination
  • Customizable Cards 
  • Headers and Navigation 
  • Limited content pages 
  • Customizable Subdomain 
  • Markdown Support 

Pro Plan 

This plan costs $16 per website for a month (monthly subscription) and $13 per website for a month (yearly subscription). 

Features available under this plan are:

  • Remove branding 
  • Visible for search engines 
  • Connect custom domain
  • Add analytics and chat 
  • Add custom scripts and CSS 
  • Shopping cart
  • Preview images, Meta tags, Favicon
  • Stripe checkout 
  • Item details page 
  • Content pages 
  • PayPal checkout 
  • Cookie popup 
  • Pro add-ons (integration)
  • Webhooks and Zapier 
  • Embed widgets on other websites 
  • All the features available under the free plan 

These packages do not limit you from creating multiple websites or adding advanced features to your web pages. SpreadSimple works diligently to put its clients at ease with constant development and enhancements to the services they offer.

You can expect new features to your plans on a regular basis. 

SpreadSingle also offers a 7 days hassle-free trial to their clients without any requirements for adding bank details. Another perk, you can also enjoy the newly updated Pro features with your current free Pro Trial plan. 

Start a free Pro Plan trial by following these simple steps:

1. Click on the “Start free trial” tab available under the Pricing field. 

SpreadSimple Pricing

2. You need to have a Google account to sign up on SpreadSimple. Sign in with your Google account.

Sign In

3. Fill in the required details as requested. 

SpreadSimple Details

4. Create a new website by choosing or viewing a suitable template. 

SpreadSimple Template

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Final Verdict: SpreadSimple Review 2024

With the abundance of options available in today’s market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. If you’ve managed to read our article from top to bottom, we’re sure SpreadSimple has certainly impressed you. 

This website builder has been ranked first by Producthunt, and we also have no second thoughts about it.

By considering factors such as ease of use, customization options, pricing, and customer support, you can make an informed decision that this solution will surely meet all your unique needs.

Whether you’re building a website for personal or business use, SpreadSimple can help you create a professional-looking website without requiring technical expertise.

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