Why is Adsterra the Best Pop-under Network for Affiliates in 2024? 🤔

Looking for the best pop-under network for affiliate marketing in 2024? Well, Adsterra is a strong contender.

It’s known for delivering good results and being trustworthy. In this article, I’ll explain why Adsterra is considered the top choice for affiliate marketers in 2024.

Let’s explore its features and strategies that help affiliates make more money and grow their online businesses.

Find out what makes Adsterra the best-in-class pop-under network and how you can launch affiliate campaigns with it?

Why Adsterra is the Best Pop-under Network for Affiliates

What is Pop Under?

It is the most sought-after advertising format in the industry, with which most of the users are acquainted.

I say that with confidence because pop-under ads are those that open a fresh window of ads under the currently active window. Did that strike a chord?

adsterra Mainstream-Advertisers-Media-Kit

At times when even YouTube turns up with a ‘Skip Ad’ button, pop-unders can deliver in a more assuring way. Since the activity takes place without disturbing the user’s online interaction, the source remains anonymous.

Pop-under ad encloses your product in the form of a small button that can be placed in those areas of the main page which are most likely to receive a click. This unintentional activity triggers a pop-up window carrying your brand-new product/service.

It is this technology that Adsterra uses to provide flexible advertising solutions for publishers and advertisers alike.

Why is Adsterra the Best Pop-under Network for Affiliates 2024?

Why choose the leading online ad network

1. Unique Partner Care:

Adsterra provides excellent support to its partners by going the extra mile. With their Partner Care Standards, they not only answer questions but also offer expert guidance on optimizing campaigns and monetizing traffic.

Adsterra’s expert managers are readily available to help improve ad strategies, ensuring that partners get the maximum benefit from their advertising efforts.

2. Ad Safety and Traffic Quality:

Adsterra has a strong in-house security system with three levels of protection. This security system actively prevents issues like ad fraud, malware, and bot traffic.

It ensures that partners receive high-quality views and clicks, providing a secure and trustworthy advertising environment.

Moreover, Adsterra uses intelligent algorithms that utilize over 20 parameters to serve offers to the most relevant audiences, which enhances campaign effectiveness.

3. Performance-Boosting Tools:

Advertisers can benefit from automated bidding strategies and fine-tuned bid adjustments through tools like Traffic Estimator, Smart CPM, and Custom Bid.

These tools can help optimize traffic by conversions (CPA Goal) and ensure higher payouts for the best-performing ad placements.

4. Self-Serve Platforms:

Adsterra’s Self-Serve platforms have a user-friendly interface, making it easy to start advertising or monetizing. Routine tasks are automated to ensure a great user experience.

5. Proprietary Ad Formats:

Adsterra creates unique ad formats, like Next-Gen Social Bar Ads, that resonate with digital-native audiences who visit social networks.

These exclusive formats allow marketers and website owners to effectively reach high-intent audiences with engaging creative content.

6. Competitive CPMs:

Adsterra is a well-known ad network that offers high CPM rates, making it one of the top-paying ad networks in the industry. Their primary focus is on conversions rather than just views.

This ensures that their partners can benefit from various traffic types with no entry limits on the volume of impressions they send.

These advantages make Adsterra a valuable choice for advertisers, publishers, and affiliates within the digital advertising ecosystem.

Adsterra: Implementing Ads

If you want to get familiar with Adsterra tools, you can sign up using any functional email id. However, if you are serious about your business, you need to get your domain approved by the Adsterra team.

Fortunately, they accept almost any kind of online traffic and may approve your business idea as well. This broad acceptance of diverse online audiences’ tastes helps create over 100K+ successful campaigns each month.

Whether your business is content-based and includes files, images, or games, a genuine business is most likely to be accepted here.

Once you register, your website can even be optimized to display push-up ads on various mobile platforms, allowing you to be around people even when they don’t have laptops around them.

Adsterra brings fresh ideas relating to online advertising and caters to a variety of niches, such as video and sports streaming, online games, and social content. Such strategies work best with a targeted audience depending on the niche of your website and the quality it serves.

Adsterra: API

Although the existing features of Adsterra are already breathtaking, that does not discourage the company from making further advancements. Recently, Adsterra added the API option to replace any hassles relating to statistical analysis.

It now provides a far cleaner user experience along with the next level of security for your sensitive data. Since the access can be granted only after generating and verifying the API token.

The manually requested tokens can be generated under the same API tab in the user panel. Also, due to the security advantage that it holds, one can only request one API token at a time until it gets invalid.

Customer Support Offered by Adsterra:

Adsterra is a well-known advertising network that takes a Partner Care approach. This means that they offer personal support, quick responses, excellent problem-solving skills, and access to design concepts developed in-house.

Every user account comes with the contact details of a personal account manager, including their business email address. I found this to be a thoughtful gesture that shows their willingness to collaborate and provide assistance.

If you have any issues related to your account, payments, or other inquiries, you can raise a ticket. There are drop-down options to categorize the nature of the problem and indicate whether the case is open or closed.

You can also find detailed information about the case on the Support page, such as the date the ticket was raised, relevant updates, status, and the type and subject of the issue.

In addition, Adsterra’s staff members are multilingual, so you can ask for help in almost any language.

Why is it Best for Publishers?

Adsterra is best adnetwork

Publishers can create an account following this link: (http://publishers.adsterra.com/signup/)

Being a full-time publisher means expanding on the website and generating HQ content on a regular basis. To keep things spinning, it takes more than just an AdSense program, and this is exactly where Adsterra helped me out.

Here’s why Best for Publishers:

1. Monetization Options: Publishers can monetize their websites, blogs, or social media traffic with Adsterra. The platform offers competitive CPM rates and a variety of ad formats to maximize revenue potential.

2. AI Optimization: Adsterra uses AI algorithms to fine-tune ad feeds and CPM rates, ensuring that publishers receive the most relevant and lucrative ads for their audience.

3. User-Friendly Self-Serve Platforms: Adsterra’s Self-Serve platforms feature intuitive interfaces that make it easy for publishers to get started with advertising or monetization. Automation of routine tasks simplifies the process and enhances the user experience.

4. No Website Required: Adsterra provides solutions for earning without a website, making it accessible to content creators and individuals without traditional websites.

5. Competitive Payouts: Publishers benefit from Adsterra’s competitive payouts, allowing them to earn from various traffic types with no entry limits on the volume of impressions they send.

Why is it Best for Advertisers?

1. Targeted Advertising: Adsterra provides access to over 20 targeting options, allowing advertisers to precisely reach their desired audience. This targeted approach improves the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

2. High-Quality Traffic: Adsterra employs a 3-level security system that prevents issues like malware, ad fraud, and bot traffic. This ensures that advertisers receive high-quality views and clicks, leading to better conversion rates.

3. Expert Guidance: Advertisers receive expert assistance in optimizing their campaigns and ad strategies. Adsterra’s support team goes beyond answering questions, offering valuable guidance to improve ad performance.

4. Performance-Boosting Tools: Advertisers can use tools like Traffic Estimator, Smart CPM, and Custom Bid to automate bidding strategies, optimize traffic by conversions, and fine-tune bid adjustments. These tools enhance campaign performance and profitability.

5. Wide Range of Ad Formats: Adsterra offers a variety of ad formats, including proprietary ones like Next-Gen Social Bar Ads. This diversity allows advertisers to choose the format that best suits their campaign goals and target audience.

Pros and Cons Of Adsterra


  • Adsterra provides a wide range of more than 20 targeting options that enable advertisers to reach their intended audience with precision.
  • A strong in-house security system prevents issues such as malware, ad fraud, and bot traffic, ensuring high-quality views and clicks.
  • Advertisers can benefit from expert support to optimize their campaigns through advanced targeting and bidding strategies.
  • Adsterra offers tools like Traffic Estimator, Smart CPM, and Custom Bid to optimize campaigns and enhance performance.
  • Advertisers have a range of ad formats, including Next-Gen Social Bar Ads.
  • Adsterra is renowned for its competitive CPM rates. However, what sets it apart is its focus on conversions, which ultimately leads to better Return on Investment (ROI).


  • The highly competitive online advertising space may require advertisers to optimize their strategies to succeed.

Adsterra: User Reviews

Adsterra User Reviews

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Conclusion: Adsterra the Best Pop-under Network for Affiliates 2024

Throughout my experience with Adsterra, I found every feature to be aligned in a mutually profitable way. Smart technology adds a bonus in targeting the audience and introducing the right kind of optimization campaign.

Also, there is a great support team to hear you out in almost any language, plus a personal manager for seeking great advice.

For anyone looking into diversifying their ad strategy, it’s definitely worth considering. So, sign up with Adsterra and find out if it could be the next fantastic thing for your online property.

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