What Is WordPress? (Step-By-Step Tutorials)

In the post of What Is WordPress, you will know Step by Step What is WordPress? And what are its benefits? After all, why do you use WordPress only as a successful blogger?

Friends, if you want to take your career further in the blogging field, then first of all you need to create a blog, you can also create a blog for free and you can also create a blog by paying some money. Friends, by creating a Paid Blog, we can take our career to the professional level.

Now you must be thinking here that what is a blog? Yes, you are thinking right, Blog is a medium to reach our knowledge to more and more people, in which we can tell more and more people through the internet by writing our knowledge, with images, with videos.

Friends, here we can share our things to people as well as earn some money,  there are many platforms for blogging,  in which people do blogging in most of two ways.

(1)  Blogger
(2)  WordPress

Today I will tell you in this post what is WordPress?  who made this ? Why use it? Why is this right for you?

What is WordPress? What are the advantages of WordPress?

It is an open source software, which is known as CMS (Content Management System). With which you  can give a better shape to your website. Which we   can create with the help of PHP  and  MYSQL.

Note:- A  web server  is required to operate this software . which we can buy from different companies
  • Hostgator ,
  • Hostinger,
  • Bluehost ,
  • Go Daddy
Let us tell you that like WordPress , there are many other types of platforms available.   Based on CMS (Content Management System) , some of which are named below. ,
  • Joomla,
  • Drupal,
  • Tumblr

etc., but WordPress is  considered to be the most popular  software . Because it makes your content fully search engine optimization, it also tells the mistakes made in your post. By improving which you can make your article more powerful. And you can rank your post in Google search engine. Very easily.

With this software you  can create a  Best  Dynamic Website . In which you  do not even need difficult techniques like any kind of coding. It makes your work simple and easy so that you  can make your website  SEO friendly .

Looking at your convenience in this software, there are also many options through which you can add any kind of feature to your website through plugins, which you can install in your WordPress and make your blog better. .

In WordPress  , you can also design your blog according to your product or customer, in   just a few minutes by changing the theme.

In today’s time, many WordPress themes   are available for free on the Internet. Which you can use to make your blog more attractive. You can download the  theme from the WordPress theme site.

Types Of WordPress

Types Of WordPress

In What Is WordPress, now you will know the question arising in the mind of the new blogger, after all, what are the types of WordPress. And how to recognize them? So let’s know the answers to these questions one by one,

There are two types of WordPress  which are platforms providing different types of functions. So now we know that we understand about its type in more detail. Which will prove to be very useful for us.

  • WordPress.Com
  • WordPress.Org

What is the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org?

WordPress.Com: –

In this software you can create your website or blog for free, in this you do not need to buy any domain or hosting, it provides you all the things for free, let’s know in more detail this About Functions of Software:-

  • In this you do not need to buy domain, it provides you domain for free.
  • In this you do not need to buy a server, it provides you own free server.
  • In this, you get WordPress.Com Automatic in front of your domain name.
  • Limited Functions are provided to you in this software.
  • In this, if you want to install Plugins or Themes, then you have to install it from this software, in this you cannot install any Plugins or Themes from outside.


This is the specialty of this software that you can design your blog as per your wish, in this you get full authority so that you can make changes in it and grow the traffic of your blog, let’s see the functions of this software. Let’s see too.

In this, if you want to install a Theme or Plugin, then you can download it from outside and upload it to this software.
To install this software you need to pay its Charges.
In this we need a Paid Domain.
In this software, we need a server which we can buy from many web hosting companies.
In this software, we need a server which we can buy from many web hosting companies.
In this, WordPress.Com is not placed in front of your domain name, in this you only have a unique domain like Example.Com.
You do not have any limit on Functions in this software.
In this, if you want to install a Theme or Plugin, then you can download it from outside and upload it to this software.

Is WordPress Good For Beginners?

Is WordPress Good For Beginners?

You must be wondering whether  WordPress  is good for beginners ? Yes, WordPress Platform provides a lot of help for beginners, this software also allows you to use it for free, so that you can create your own blog in it too.

In this software, it helps the beginners to set up many things so that the beginners can start their career well and can achieve success by moving ahead in its field.

This helps a lot in optimizing your website, if you write your post then you also get Yoast Plugin in this software.

By installing which you can make your post SEO Friendly, and with this you can also learn to make your post SEO Friendly. And you can easily Grow your post in Goggle Ranking.

History For WordPress?

The history of WordPress in the world of  blogging  ,  or what you call it, is the answer to who started it and when , it was developed by a French programmer Michel Valdrighi in 2001  , whose name was  B2 / Cafelog  . And it   was written in PHP language .

Which   was distributed keeping in mind the GPL License . Its  source code  was available to all bloggers, but it reached the verge of extinction within two years.

Then after that the first version 0.7 of WordPress, on May 27, 2003,  Matt Mullenweg  and  Mike Little  started this software, whose interface of the software was made in a very simple way. So that it is easy for the user to use.

In the year 2004, the option of Plugin was first added to this software so that it could be more easy to use.

Why use WordPress?

Some people here must be thinking that why should we use WordPress? Yes, your thinking is right because or there is a Paid Platform, whereas you can do blogging by going to Blogger and creating a blog for free.

So let us tell about some features on WordPress, so that you will know why you should use WordPress.

  1. If you want to take your blog to High Level or Professional, then definitely use it.
  2. If you want to make your Cereer in the blogging area, then use it.
  3. In this software, you are given many themes, in which you can easily change the design of your blog or website very easily.
  4. You can setup this manually, in this you do not need any coding.
  5. This software is fully secured, in which you have its full authority, so you can make changes according to your own.
  6. This makes your post SEO friendly so that it is easy for you to rank your post in Google Search Engine.
  7. In this you get many plugins, in which you can install plugin to add any function to your website.
  8. It is not very difficult to use it, it is very easy, if you know how to use Facebook, then you can setup it.
  9. In Blogger, if you want to change something in your blog, then you have to do coding, but you can make changes by doing this software without any coding.
  10. There is no plugin to add anything in Blogger, but in this you are provided with plugins to add something.
  11. To Costomize Blogger, you have to face many difficulties, but you can easily costomize your website in this software.
  12. You do not have the authority of the blog in Blogger, but in this software you have the full authority of your blog.

If you are wondering why you should use this software, then I tell you why you should use it so that you will be able to give a better look to your blog by using this software.

Which is better for blogging.. WordPress or Blogger?

If you want to progress in the blogging field, then I think you should use WordPress, WordPress guides you for SEO, let’s see why we should use WordPress :-



Friends, if we want to take our blog to a good and professional level, then you should use WordPress, in this we get SEO Tools, Best Themes and many more plugins. In this we do not need coding, we can setup it manually.

To install this software, you need a domain and a web server in which you can save your file in Online Hard Disk (Web Server). You can change it according to your wish.

In this, with the help of Plugin, you can SEO Optimize your post. If you make any mistake in doing SEO in WordPress, then its tools help you in doing SEO in the post so that you can write SEO Friendly Post.

Blogger: –

Blogger provides you the facility to create a blog for free, in this you can write a post by creating your blog, new bloggers mostly use this platform, you do not get any plugin facility in Blogger, in this you have your own SEO. In this we need coding to make changes.

You can customize less in Blogger than WordPress. In this, we have to manage all the things by coding itself.

Note: – I think you should use WordPress in Blogger and WordPress, in this you get better features and many plugins to rank your post, so I would suggest you to use WordPress.

Know which website can be created with WordPress?

In this, you can create many different types of websites, it gives you the facility to create all kinds of websites so that you can create a blog or website according to you, some of them you will see below. like,

  1. Social Networking Website
  2. E Commerce Website
  3. Study Website
  4. Blogs
  5. Review Website
  6. Resume Website

Is WordPress Right For You?

Friends, according to me, if you want to start a blog, then you should start with WordPress because it provides us all the features so that you can make your website unique, responsive and show in this way. And you can optimize the article written by you well as well as make it User Friendly.

In this software, you get Plugins, Themes and many more features so that we can make our post SEO Friendly, so that the chances of you getting the post in Google’s search engine increase even more and above your post. Can bring more traffic.

What Is WordPress Plugin?

In this software, you are also provided with a lot of plugins, so that you do not need coding, the plugin is a kind of sub-software so that you can download it and use it in your WordPress.

If you want to add Contact Form to your website, then you need to download the plugin for it. And if you want to add the option of Subscribe or Follow to your website, then you also need a plugin for this.

What Is WordPress Theme?

Which content should be on the homepage of WordPress, where do you want to show that content. To control all these things, we are provided with a Theme Option so that we can decide how we can get our content to be visited in front of our user.

In this software, the theme of your website is shown in different ways in front of your user in a systematic way, so that it can be easy for your user to read your content. This theme helps to make your website Attractive and User Friendly.

How To Work WordPress?

So now you know  how WordPress works. Friends, it was not easy to create a website in the earlier times, to create a website, we needed a web developer or a web designer. To make this, a lot of programming language was required. And in today’s era, the easiest CMS (Content Management Syatem) to do blogging is called WordPress.

What are the advantages of WordPress? / What are the advantages of WordPress?

If we want to create a blog of our own, then you can create a blog that is better and people like in WordPress, it is very easy to operate it, it makes it very easy to set things up in your blog, let’s see it. Benefits.

This software  makes all the things very easy after you  create a blog .
There you without Coding  Changes  can.
In this, you  are provided with plugins for every feature  .
It Dero to your Blog  Themes  are made present.

What Are The Disadvantages Of WordPress?

This is an Open Source Platform, friends, here along with its advantages, there are some disadvantages as well, let us tell you what are its disadvantages :-

In this, you first need a domain to install this software.
Hosting is required to install it.
There are a lot of plugins available to setup things in this, in which new users may have to face some difficulty in setting it up.
In this, if you install more plugins, then there is a load on your server in the future, so that it can be a little difficult to open the site.

Final Word:-

Friends, I hope our first post What Is WordPress  / Which website to make with WordPress? You must have got to learn from it and you must have know what is WordPress? And what are its benefits, why is WordPress only necessary to become a successful blogger.

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