What is GoHighLevel? Should You Still Use It in 2024?

Agencies and marketers looking to grow should consider GoHighLevel. The software automates CRM, pipelines, marketing, and more. GoHighLevel has a high learning curve but is straightforward to use once you know how.

GoHighLevel Overview – All You Need to Know 

What is GoHighLevel?

In today’s digital marketing environment, all SEOs demand the greatest tools to do their jobs effectively. When onboarding a customer, whether you’re an agency or a freelancer, the client must see discussions on the leads you’re sending them; otherwise, they’re likely to cease using your leads service.

You will need to guarantee that your website is constantly up to the latest standards required by search engines. If you have even a passing familiarity with digital marketing, you will appreciate how much continual maintenance is necessary to maintain your site running at a high level.

This is the point at which Go High Level intervenes and takes control. Similar to Clickfunnels and Convertri, the application is meant to assist businesses in establishing the optimal amount of interaction with their consumers, ensuring that all of the leads generated via various forms of marketing finally pay off.

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After signing up, you’ll get an app login that will take you to the agency dashboard. You will be able to create customer accounts and your agency from the main dashboard.

By selecting the ‘add account’ link in the upper right corner, you’ll access a range of pre-built snapshots (preset templates) for a variety of different businesses (niches). Check out detailed GoHighLevel ReviewGoHighLevel Free Trial

As you can see, the platform has 19 distinct industrial sectors that you can use in your customer management sales funnels; the snapshots include pre-built forms, landing pages, and email sequences, among other components.

You may also begin with a blank snapshot if you’re setting up a certain flow/sequence in your account.

You may import snapshots (funnel Layouts) from other Go High Level accounts, which is advantageous if you handle numerous customers in the same industry.

By clicking the ‘Know More’ link, you’ll be taken to a full description of the snapshot, as well as a setup guide, which will save you time and ensure that your new account is up and running quickly.

Once you’ve identified the snapshot/template you wish to utilize, all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly start generating leads.

Who Is Go High Level For?

According to the company, HighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform designed exclusively for marketers and agencies. In actuality, though, the platform’s features are designed for both marketers and small company owners.

Simply stated, HighLevel is for everyone who owns and operates an internet company. Whether that company owner is an agency owner or a professional marketer who chooses to Whitelabel HighLevel for their clients (more on that later), or an independent business owner such as a photographer, dog trainer, blogger, course maker, consultant, or another form of the online entrepreneur.

If you meet the following criteria, Go High Level is for you –

  • You are an online entrepreneur who has previously subscribed to Go High Level’s services (a CRM, a funnel page builder, an email marketing software, an online course host, etc). Switching to Go High Level is often a no-brainer – you’ll be able to centralize all of your technology, saving you time, money, and worry.
  • You’re looking for new, innovative, and simpler methods to get digital marketing/agency clients. A robust CRM system that automates their company is a simple and unique approach to getting access to new customers. Once you’ve established a foothold, you can always focus on increasing the value of your services.
  • You’re a digital marketer or the owner of a marketing agency. Whether you develop websites, manage Facebook advertisements, or provide another form of marketing service, Go High Level allows you to give even more value to your customers with this very effective CRM system that you can brand. Additionally, this enables you to introduce an extra revenue stream to your organization via a product with a far lower turnover rate than conventional marketing services.

Is GoHighLevel Worth The Price?

Yes, Go High Level is definitely worth the price. It has some incredible features that make it one of the best platforms in the market. Here are a few of them –

1. Reputation Management:

Which company does not want an abundance of 5-star reviews? Having a superb online reputation is critical if you want to capitalize on every sales opportunity and expand your company.

Go High Level Reputation Management helps you to maintain a positive online reputation for your company on Google and Facebook. With a single click, you can instantly produce reviews with customized review requests and then manage, react to, and monitor all of your reviews in one location.

Additionally, there is a review widget that enables you to show genuine customer reviews on your website.

2. Scheduling/Calendar:

Do you need the ability to plan time on your calendar for customers or leads? The days of integrating a Calendly widget on your website or directing visitors to an out-of-date Acuity link to make an appointment with you are over.

The Go High Level calendar function provides you with another critical tool for operating your organization inside a single environment.

The advantage of having the calendar function linked into a single ecosystem is that you can quickly use planned events to trigger an automation, process, and/or campaign based on their status as pending, confirmed, a now show, or have passed.

3. Sales Funnels:

If you’ve read this far into my Go High Level review, I’m presuming you’re already aware that a sales funnel is the process a customer takes from an interested prospect to a converted customer.

With aspects like as the sales page, the order page, the upsell page, the “Thank You” page, and any other pages that have a direct impact on the actual conversion event (which might be generating leads or closing purchases), the ability to create high-converting sales pages is critical.

Unlimited Sales Funnel gohighlevel

While pages may be created using a sequence of standard WordPress pages, the ideal approach to create high-converting landing pages, sales pages, and funnel pages is to employ funnel-building software with conversion-optimized features.

By using the Go High Level funnel builder, you can simply include sophisticated conversion-oriented components such as two-step order forms, countdown clocks, and progress bars. 

4. Memberships:

Go High Level’s memberships are an essential must-have for anybody selling online courses or digital items. The memberships function provides a safe platform for hosting and distributing courses and publications.

The greatest feature of Go High Level memberships is their simplicity, which enables digital media hosting with fewer technical problems. Go High Level manages the whole process, from content hosting to payment processing through Stripe connection. This frees up your time to concentrate on what matters—creating an excellent internet company.

5. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is another element that High Level excels at in every manner possible, including deliverability. This is because the Go High Level email marketing functionality is integrated with the industry’s leading email delivery providers, including Mailgun.

The email function is included in the Go High Level dashboard under the marketing tab. From here, you may compose an email using one of the pre-made templates or start with a blank template.

Marketing Automation gohighlevel

Go High Level’s drag-and-drop email builder makes it very simple to generate attractive styled email designs comparable to those created in MailChimp or Active Campaign.

One of the features I most like about Go High Level’s email marketing function is the option to create both stylish and unstyled email templates. In other words, you may design and send emails that resemble professional marketing newsletters, complete with vibrant colors, emails, and buttons.

Additionally, you may produce and send standard-looking emails that seem to have been sent straight from your inox account (without any unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email).

6. Forms:

For many company owners, the initial step is to collect information from leads. With the Go High Level form builder, you can simply create forms that can be embedded into any website using an iframe.

The nicest part about HighLevel forms is that they can be used to trigger a series of custom workflow automation since they are a customer entrance point into the customer journey.

As an example, when a lead fills out the form for a boudoir photographer, a particular stage is immediately created. This tag automatically adds the lead to the correct pipeline, process, and campaign.

The forms capabilities of Go High Level are excellent. I do wish the forms were a little more customized, though. This issue is remedied, however, when styled forms built on any platform are integrated using Zapier.

The form shown above is a Go High Level form contained inside another form (so no Zapier integration necessary).

7. Workflow & Triggers:

Workflows and triggers are where Go High Level differentiates itself and differentiates itself from the competition. Go High Level workflows and triggers enable you to link all of your business’s channels.

Utilize data from email marketing, social media, advertising, and your website to segment your contacts, tailor your messages, activate campaigns, and improve customer experiences.

This marketing automation tool does not need you to be a computer expert to utilize it. That’s because the drag-and-drop automation builder enables you to quickly create automated processes. Take a bird’s eye perspective of your marketing automation and make adjustments without fear of anything going wrong.

8. Opportunities:

With the Go High Level’s Opportunities tool, you can create sales funnels. From awareness through purchase, ensure that your pipeline has steps that correspond to each stage of the client experience.

Easily keep track of the number of open transactions and which ones need attention. A clear sales pipeline enables you to forecast revenue, monitor prospects, simplify sales, and better match your marketing strategy with the phases of your sales. Utilize chances to keep current on open agreements, ensuring that nothing falls through the gaps.

Conclusion : What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a game-changer for expanding businesses, as an agency owner and marketing expert. This all-in-one platform has extensive automation for marketing, CRM, pipelines, and more. After a high learning curve, GoHighLevel is straightforward to use and a valuable marketing tool.

GoHighLevel’s automation is notable. It saves me time by automating complex marketing efforts. The software automates email sequences and follow-ups.

CRM is also excellent. I can track leads and sales pipelines effortlessly. I use analytics and statistics to optimize my marketing strategy.

The platform’s sleek, straightforward UI makes navigating easy. You’ll work faster after you become used to the layout and tools.

GoHighLevel’s many integrations are another benefit. It seamlessly integrates with third-party apps and tools, streamlining my workflow and syncing data between platforms.

GoHighLevel saves me time and energy. I can focus on strategic planning and growth instead of manual duties.

GoHighLevel helps agencies and marketers to grow their businesses. Scaling organizations favor its powerful automation, user-friendly UI, and easy interfaces. It may take some time to learn, but the marketing rewards are worth it. GoHighLevel boosts marketing!


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