SureCart Review 2024: Is This E-Commerce Solution Right for You?


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SureCart is an e-commerce solution designed to streamline online selling processes and enhance the overall shopping experience. SureCart provides a range of features, including customizable storefronts, secure payment processing, inventory management, and order tracking.

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  • User-Friendly
  • Customizable Storefronts
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Scalability


  • Improve Customer Support


Price: $ 99

The importance of having a good checkout page can be understood when I say that 70% of the checkouts on an online platform fail due to checkout crashes, poor visuals, latency issues, and whatnot.

If you’re an online business owner with customers from this 70% ratio, it’s high time that you work towards improving your conversions and minimizing cart abandonment rates. 

In this review, Let’s delve into SureCart’s capabilities with some insightful comparisons with established platforms like WooCommerce.

Read this article below to navigate yourself through the perks of this platform. Understanding whether SureCart is the right solution for elevating your digital product and service business.

About SureCart 

Established in 2022, SureCart is a fresh face in the market but has gained immense popularity for its service. SureCart is a smartly developed solution that works as the best Woocommerce alternative to help people simplify their online selling business with WordPress. 

Having explored multiple e-commerce solutions, I’ve never been as sure as I am about SureCart. It is a headless e-commerce solution that seamlessly integrates two elements: a great platform and versatile plugins.

SureCart Review

When I compare this platform with WooCommerce, a stalwart in the industry, SureCart definitely stands out for me. 

WooCommerce, undeniably, has impressive advanced features; however, it lies in website loading speed and overall smoothness. This is where SureCart takes the spotlight for anybody looking to prioritize high performance with visually captivating interfaces.

For start-up owners and solopreneurs, dealing with the complexities of launching a fresh website can be daunting. SureCart here is an ideal choice due to its simplicity and user-friendliness.

While alternatives like Easy Digital Downloads and WooCommerce excel in specific categories, they are on the advanced side in comparison when it comes to the ease of migrating websites or initiating new ones.

One of SureCart’s strengths lies in its versatility, catering to businesses of all sizes. While WooCommerce has been widely used by big firms due to its advanced technicalities, this can be overwhelming in terms of complexity and pricing.

SureCart’s intelligently designed features make website management smooth and present an economically sound strategy for attracting customers.

Who Can Use SureCart?

Ideally, from what I’ve observed and experienced, considering all the aspects like features, pricing, and that of its other competitors, SureCart is a great solution for 

  • Solopreneurs looking to build an online selling business 
  • Start-ups dealing with services that require payments online 
  • Small or mid-sized event marketing firms dealing with online passes 
  • Digital store owners 
  • NGOs looking to collect donations from donors 

What Comes Along With SureCart? 

While there are many reasons for one to choose SureCart, here’s why I think this platform is the best for any e-commerce business. 

  • Easy set-up 

With SureCart, you do not have to be a professional page designer. With its straightforward user controls, you can swiftly add new products and maintain your store online. 

For someone new to eCommerce, adding products and setting up a store online can be challenging with advanced plugins like WooCommerce. There’s a little prep work one has to do. Therefore, SureCart can play a significant role in kickstarting a site. 

  • High-performance 

One of the unique standouts of this platform is that it helps users run their online stores without any latency issues.

All you have to do is create a page, add all your product details, and add a call-to-action button. Once visitors click the purchase icon, they’ll be redirected to the checkout form. 

Apart from this, you also get all the flexibility to customize the layout, presentation, designs, sections, and user interactions for these pages. These are the little features most of today’s famous similar platforms fail to offer. 

  • Seamless Integrations 

SureCart lets you integrate any plugins with their solutions. All it takes is a few seconds, and you can integrate any third-party plugins with SureCart via SureTriger.

You can also integrate SureCart with Zapier, which will let you sync and channel your workflow with the thousands of plugins available on their platform for your convenience.

Some popular integrations here have been SureMembers, Pabbly, and Flowmattic.

  • Enhancements and updates 

As I’ve already mentioned, SureCart is new to the market, which means this platform has a lot to offer its clients, right from feature enhancements to updates and new features.

You can expect a lot of versatility coming your way. This platform dedicates itself to bringing new developments to help its users gain more business and build a more customer-friendly platform for their customers. 

  • Flexible payment methods 

SureCart lets you set the pricing for your services and products with options that include installments, one-time payments, or subscriptions. Moreover, you can set up a frequency for installment-based payments. 

Your customers can select their desired method to make purchases. From a client’s perspective, this feature offers your customers flexibility, ensuring user retention.  

  •  Global tax calculations 

SureCart offers legitimate compliance for clients who wish to run their online business in the EU. They ensure that all the regulations are matched by automatically applying VAT when needed and sending invoices and bills to your customers. They also calculate the tax for your customers based on their geographical locations. 

  • Reliable resources and assistance 

SureCart ensures that its users are comfortable with their solutions by providing detailed documentation, guides on plugin usage, tutorials, videos, and a community on social media.

Additionally, they also offer 24/7 customer assistance under all their price plans. Their team is extremely prompt with their responses and resolutions. 

Where Can You Use SureCart At Its Best?

SureCart caters to the needs and necessities of multiple niches and can work best under the following scenarios: 

1. Memberships 

If you run an online website offering membership-based products and services, then SureCart should be an ideal choice for you, as with its drag-and-drop editor, you can create a vibrant checkout page.

You can also ensure that your clients have a seamless membership subscription payment experience by setting up automatic recurring billing and custom retry rules to optimize the dunning process. Flexible work on your membership procedures as you get access to the dashboard  

2. Invoice payments 

If you run a service-providing business and are looking for a solution that offers a seamless payment experience to your clients, then SureCart is at the rescue.

This platform, with its management system, offers flexible payment options for your customers to choose from. With SureCart, you can let your clients pay for your services online. Your clients can simply enter the invoice number on the checkout page or the dollar amount to make a payment. 

3. Charitable cause 

SureCart does wonders for NGOs by letting them customize their donation page with logos, branding, images, and special texts at the checkout.

One can also add a donation field where donors can make additional donations. SureCart is currently working on new features that will let users easily set up regular, repeating donations shortly.

4. Courses 

As an educational course seller online, ensure that your members get premium content access along with multiple riddles, courses, and more. SureCart ensures you have all the freedom and accessibility to manage your content and decide who can access it.

This platform also offers a dashboard for your customers to manage their payment details and subscriptions, update information, and check order history, making it convenient for them to keep track of their purchases. 

5. Digital Downloadable Products

With SureCart, you can easily manage your sales and gather all the essential details for your potential clients. In case you’re worried about the latency issues on your website, this platform, with its file storage solution, helps boost your website’s performance.

If you’re into selling licensed files online, SureCart also offers a no-code infrastructure to ease your process, where you can handle all the license keys through the customer portals.

Standout Features of SureCart :

  • Order Bumps 

The order bump feature is part of the pro plans on SureCart. The work done by this feature is the same as the goods at the checkout counter in a hypermart.

You can boost your sales by adding exclusive offers for your customers with order bumps. SureCart offers scratch price options as well. This feature also lets you customize your CTA priorities and list specific products automatically when needed.

The flexibility to customize the placement of order bumps on checkout forms further increases visibility and encourages customers to take advantage of these additional offers, ultimately contributing to increased sales for the merchants.

  • Product Collections 

The product collection lets you organize your products into varied categories or groups, which you can further showcase on dedicated pages according to your needs.

SureCart Review- Chair

You can enhance your product pages by adding collection badges, allowing buyers to filter products by collections easily. SureCart also enables you to add menu links to these collection pages.

Moreover, you can add shipping addresses and tax details on the customer page, enhanced error messaging on checkout forms, and accessibility enhancements to tax ID input and line item removal.

  • Customizing flexibility on manual orders 

With the newly launched update of Manual Orders, admins can now add orders on behalf of their customers if needed. A password option for customers has been added to make the security measures concrete.

Additional improvements have been made that include displaying intervals, fees, and trials for selected prices on product pages, the flexibility to customize secure notice text beneath submit buttons on forms, and much more. 

  • Call to action for product pages 

With the new buy now an option that can be added to the product page, customers can now directly make instant purchases in a jiffy. This feature certainly streamlines the buying process.

Some more additions related to this feature are that there’s now an automatic Google Analytics “Add to Cart” button that helps the admin track customer interactions more efficiently.

  • Easy language translations 

You can translate your SureCart into different languages with the help of the Loco Translate plugin.

The translations can be done on two fronts: one for your customers to see on the checkout pages or customer dashboard and another one that can only be seen by the store owner on their subscription pages, product pages, and settings. 

Additional benefits

  • Helps with all the calculations related to EU VAT and taxes
  • Minimizes the load from your WordPress web hosting servers 
  • Easy website data migration from staging to production
  • Offers paid marketing techniques like order bumps, auto payment recovery, an affiliate platform, and more. 
  • It is an ideal platform for selling digital products and services. 

How Does SureCart Work?

Step 1: Add a Product

Step 1- Add a Product

Create the product you wish to showcase and sell on your online store. Whether it’s a physical item or a digital offering like courses, software, ebooks, or SaaS, SureCart accommodates a wide range of products.

The process is straightforward and allows you to diversify your product offerings.

Step 2: Customize Your Payment Form

Step 2- Customize Your Payment Form

Select a visually appealing template or tailor the payment form to match your preferences. SureCart provides ready-made templates or the option to personalize the payment form, ensuring that your checkouts align with your brand.

This customization can be achieved effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Step 3: Automate Post-Purchase Actions

Step 3- Automate Post-Purchase Actions

Seamlessly integrate SureCart with your preferred plugins or third-party applications. Define the actions you want to be triggered after a successful payment.

Whether it’s sending confirmation emails, updating inventory, or any other post-purchase activity, SureCart’s automation capabilities streamline your workflow. This ensures a smooth and efficient process from purchase to fulfillment.

A Quick Guide on How to Migrate Your Site to SureCart 

If you’ve finally decided on moving your business to SureCart but are concerned about how you can migrate your data, here’s a quick guide for you. 

Step 1: Basic store set-up with SureCart 

Basic store set-up with SureCart 

Once you’re done setting up your store on SureCart, you first need to configure settings for how you’ll present your store to visitors. 

The setting here includes your store name, brand logo, the currency accepted for purchases, etc. 

step 1 Basic store set-up with SureCart 

Now, once you’re done filling in these basic details, as shown in the image above, let’s move on to managing your notifications. 

Step 2: Brand and notification configuration 

Step 2 Brand and notification configuration

Your customer’s experience can be simply enhanced by offering them custom branding and updating them with notifications. Hence, setting up your brand color, logo, and name is the next important thing to work on. Once you’re done with this, you must set up your email notifications to keep your customers in the loop. 

Moving ahead, you must now add the payment gateway to your store. 

Step 3: Payment processors

To make the payment process easier and smoother, SureCart offers test mode and live mode. The test mode lets you experiment with the payment process before implementing it live. 

SureCart Review- Payment processors

You can connect your desired payment method in test mode and then choose to set up the same in live mode. 

Payment processors

Step 4: Customer’s data import 

Step 4 Customer’s data import

Now that all the configurations are done, you can finally import all your customer data on SureCart by bulk-importing as a CSV. 

Step 5: Importing products 

Step 5 Importing products

After importing your customer data, you can now import your product catalog by bulk importing them in a CSV file, just like you did for the customer data. Doing this will prep your store to showcase all your products on the SureCart store.

Step 6: Subscription Import 

Step 6 Subscription Import

This step is critical for a seamless transition on SureCart and ensuring your subscriptions are not disrupted. SureCart assists its users in creating a CSV file with all of the relevant subscription information, making it simple to manage your subscriptions here.

Once you’ve completed this step, you can manage your active subscriptions in SureCart and ensure your subscribers have a pleasant and easy experience.

That is all it takes to migrate your data on SureCart; however, don’t miss to follow the last step if you’re looking forward to integrating your store with any third-party plugin. 

Step 7: WordPress and SureCart synchronization 

Step 7 WordPress and SureCart synchronization

Now that your store is ready to go live, it’s time that you connect your WordPress users here on SureCart, making sure your customers face no disruption. Follow these basic steps to do the same. 

  1. In the Customers Sync Popup, select the toggle that applies to your scenario, whether you want to sync WordPress users and run a purchase action.
  2. Click the “Start Sync” button, and a notice will inform you that the sync process will start in the background.
  3. Once complete, you will have successfully synced all your SureCart customers with WordPress. You can verify this by checking that you have a WordPress user linked as SureCart customer.

How to Create Quick Checkout Forms?

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress website and go to SureCart.

Step 2: Click “Forms” and “Add New”.

Step 2 Click Forms and Add New

Step 3: Add a title for your form and choose a design from pre-made form templates.

Add a title for your form

Step 4: You must now add the products you put in the store to the form. Don’t forget, you can add multiple or single products here.

If you wish to remove any items from the form, you can do that by clicking on the three dots. Apart from this, you can also change the quantity of the products. 

Step 4 You must now add the products

Step 4 You must now add the products

add the products

Step 5: You can click on Create Form. Once you’re done with all this, you are now ready to publish your checkout form by clicking on the Publish icon available in the top right corner. Step 5 You can click on Create Form

How to Add a Checkout Form?

Now that you’ve managed to create a checkout form, you need to add it to your store, and for that, you need to follow these quick, simple steps. 

Step 1: Go to “Pages” and add a new page.

Step 1 Go to Pages and add a new page.

Step 2: You now need to look for the checkout form block and add the same to the page

Step 3: After this, select a form from the dropdown list you wish to add to your page and click on the Choose icon. 

Step 4: That’s it. You’ll now be redirected to the final page, where you can click on the Publish button and add the form to your purchase store. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a New Coupon

Follow these steps to create a new coupon.

Step 1: Navigate to SureCart Menu:

Locate and click on the SureCart menu icon (1) to access the dashboard.

Access Coupons Section:

Within the SureCart dashboard, find and select the “Coupons” option (2). This will lead you to the dedicated coupons section.

Initiate Coupon Creation:

Once in the coupons section, identify and click on the “Add New” button (3). This action initiates the process of creating a new coupon for your products or services.

Following these simple steps, you can seamlessly navigate through SureCart’s interface to create and manage coupons. This functionality empowers you to implement promotional strategies, attract new customers, and engage existing ones.

SureCart Review- Step 1 Navigate to SureCart Menu

Utilize SureCart’s intuitive coupon creation process to enhance your marketing efforts and drive sales effectively.

Step 2: Creating Coupons on SureCart: Details Matter

Coupon Name (1):

In the “Coupon Name” field, give your coupon a descriptive name (1). This name is for internal tracking, so choose something that helps you quickly identify the promotion.

Step 2 Creating Coupons on SureCart Details Matter

Promotion Code (2):

Optionally, if you have a specific promotion code, input it into the “Promotion Code” field (2). Alternatively, leave it blank, and SureCart can generate one for you. This code can be shared with customers for exclusive discounts.

Ensure clarity in your coupon name and, if applicable, choose a memorable promotion code to enhance the effectiveness of your promotional campaigns.

This user-friendly process within SureCart makes coupon management a breeze for your marketing strategies.

Limit use

To provide an exclusive offer to a specific customer, activate the “Limit To A Specific Customer” option (3). This toggle allows you to choose the intended customer from your list.

By enabling this feature, you ensure that the coupon is utilized only by the selected customer, adding a personalized touch to your promotional strategy.

This restriction can prevent misuse and ensures that your discounts reach the intended audience effectively. Optimize your marketing efforts with this targeted approach on SureCart.

Step 3: Add Product Restriction

In the quest for targeted coupon usage, SureCart has introduced product restrictions. This feature ensures coupons are only valid for a specific selection of products.

If a product isn’t on this list, the coupon won’t apply. However, if even one product from the restricted list is added to the cart, the coupon becomes applicable, provided other criteria are met.


Click on “Product Restrictions” (1):Product Restrictions

  • Within the coupon creation interface, find the “Product Restrictions” section. 

Add Product Restriction (1):

  • Click the “+ Add Product Restriction” button to initiate the process.

Select the Product (2):

  • Activate the “Find a product…” toggle (1) to open the search bar.
  • Choose the product (2) you want the coupon to be associated with.
  • Utilize the search bar (3) for swift product identification if needed. 

Finalize Product Restriction: Finalize Product Restriction

  • After selecting the desired product, your screen will reflect the chosen product, setting the stage for configuring the discount type and amount in the subsequent steps.

Coupon Amount

Coupon Amount

Step 1: Define Discount Type and Value

For impactful promotions on SureCart, configuring the amount and duration of your coupon is pivotal. Begin this journey by:

Choosing Discount Type (1):

  • Opt for either a percentage or a fixed discount.
  • For a percentage discount, specify the desired percentage in the “Percent Off” field (2).
  • If a fixed discount is preferred, input the amount in the “Amount Off” field (2).

Step 2: Set Coupon Duration

Set Coupon Duration

Navigate the intricacies of coupon longevity with these steps:

Explore Duration Options (1):

  • Delve into the “Discount Duration” section (1).

Choose Duration Type:

  • Select from three options: Forever, Once, or Repeating.
  • “Forever” implies a perpetual discount. “Once” indicates a one-time application.
  • “Repeating” offers a recurring discount.

Specify Recurrence (2):

  • For the “Repeating” option, define the duration by filling in the “Number of Months” field (2).
  • This feature is particularly beneficial for subscription or installment pricing, enabling the establishment of a recurring discount for customers.
  • By adeptly navigating these steps, you can tailor your coupons to resonate with your audience, fostering customer attraction and retention.

Redemption Limits

Understanding and implementing redemption limits is crucial in the realm of coupon management on SureCart. Uncover the nuances of three key limits: Usage Limit per Coupon, Usage Limit per Customer, and End Date.

Limit per Coupon

Limit per Coupon

Step 1: Tailor the frequency of coupon use:

  • Enter your preferred limit in the “Usage Limit per Coupon” field (1).
  • This limit encompasses multiple uses by the same customer.
  • Limit per Customer

Step 2: Safeguard against misuse:

  • Specify the cap for a single customer in the “Usage Limit per Customer” field (2).
  • This limit prevents individual customers from exploiting the coupon and provides control over discount distribution.
  • Limit by Date

Step 3: Infuse urgency with an end date: Infuse urgency with an end date

  • Activate the toggle button (1) if you wish to set an expiration date.
  • Choose the desired end date (2) until which the coupon remains valid.
  • This feature fosters urgency, encouraging swift customer action.
  • Click the “Create Coupon” button (3) to generate the coupon code.

Coupon Summary

SureCart Review-Coupon Summary

Step 4: Evaluate your coupon’s essence:

Examine the summary in the top-right corner, encompassing discount type, amount, duration, uses, and any restrictions.

Ensure accuracy before publishing the coupon to guarantee a seamless customer experience.

By navigating these intricacies, you empower your promotional strategy with precision and efficacy.

SureCart Price Points: What You Get with Each Plan?

SureCart offers flexible pricing plans to meet all needs. 

SureCart Review- Price Points

Free Plan 

Startup Plan 

Business Plan 

Pro Plan 

It costs $0 for a lifetime but offers limited features It costs $99 annually It costs $199 annually It costs $399 annually
You can add up to 100 products It offers all the perks of the free plan Order bumps 10 GB file storage
Standard checkout forms You can add unlimited products Subscription savers and insights Cart abandonment recovery
Standard subscription Advanced checkout forms Priority email support Front-of-the-line email support
500 MB file storage 2 GB file storage 5 GB file storage 10 team members
Basic email support Paid and free trials 5 team members Includes all the features available for the other plans

Check out the detailed features and comparison of all these plans here: 

Pros & Cons 


  1. The price plans at SureCart are certainly cost-effective 
  2. The payment options offered here are extremely flexible. Subscriptions or installment payments both work. 
  3. Managing VAT and taxes is the easiest with SureCart 
  4. It offers one-click checkout options for your online CTA needs 
  5. It offers a 14-day refund policy with hassle-free procedures 


  1. There are not many options to experience with their free plan 
  2. The payment gateway options here are comparatively few when compared to its competitors 


đŸ€” What features does SureCart offer for online businesses?

SureCart provides a range of features, including customizable storefronts, secure payment processing, inventory management, and order tracking.

đŸ€„ Is SureCart suitable for small businesses?

Yes, SureCart is designed to cater to businesses of various sizes, making it suitable for small and growing enterprises.

🧐 What level of customer support does SureCart provide?

SureCart offers customer support through various channels, ensuring assistance is available for users encountering issues or seeking guidance.

đŸ€·â€â™€ïž Is SureCart a secure platform for online transactions?

SureCart prioritizes security, employing measures to protect online transactions and sensitive customer information.

✅ Can SureCart accommodate scalability for growing businesses?

Yes, SureCart is designed to scale with businesses, accommodating growth and evolving needs in the e-commerce landscape.

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The Verdict: SureCart Review

SureCart’s dedication to offering a simple and easy set-up makes it easy for a novice or professional to design and maintain their online store efficiently. 

The platform ensures that its clients experience business growth by addressing all the common pitfalls experienced by many online businesses.

Its global reach and compliance features demonstrate a commitment to serving a diverse range of users, including those in the EU.

Overall, SureCart provides a compelling solution backed by a responsive team and a commitment to continual improvement. 

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