Weglot vs WPML 2024: The Ultimate Comparison Between Translation Plugins (Pros & Cons)



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Top Websites and Enterprises with huge multi-lingual translation.

Your website built using WordPress and have a limited budget.

  • Translated metadata
  • Dedicated URLs
  • Hreflang tags
  • Language switcher button
  • Menu sync
  • Browser language detection
  • Supports 150+ languages
  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Translates Texts in Images and Videos.
  • Immediate Bug fixes
  • Easy To Use
  • More than 45 langugages
  • Does few grammatical errors
  • Support needs improvement.
Ease of Use

Weglot interface is really friendly and easy to use. You can find all your content in a few clicks and then translate it quickly and efficiently.

WPML is a simple to use plugin for Wordpress that runs smoothly and offers quick translation.

Value For Money

With free trial and yearly plans, Weglot's value of money is incredible.

For the low budget individuals and small businesses, WPML is the plugin and offers incredible value.

Customer Support

Weglot is well known for its customer support desk. They are very fast and responsive at resolving customer issues.

There are a few issues when it comes to the customer support desk of WPML because it is seen that they take a little time to respond, which does not go down well with the customers.

In this post, I will walk you through the various details of these two translation tools Weglot vs WPML, and give a complete comparison between these tools.

There are various translation tools available in the market. Out of which, WPML and Weglot are the two best translation tools. Both of these tools are widely used and have various features.

I know you would be very confused about picking the one between them. It completely depends on what we need and what they can offer.

In this post, I will walk you through the various details of these two translation tools and give a complete comparison between these tools.

After reading this post, you will have complete knowledge of which tools to be used for your use case.

Overview: Weglot vs WPML


Weglot Overview- Weglot vs WPML

Your website is the window to your business, and Weglot allows you to be discovered by thousands of customers worldwide. But first, they must understand the website. Weglot is a simple way to speak to all your customers across the globe. 

Weglot is a WordPress translation service and a stand-alone plug-in. It enables you to add multiple languages to your website, allowing the users to switch between them in a single click.

Although it uses machine translation, you can review every single string of text the service translates. 

The plug-ins are beneficial, and also they help you to exclude any pages or blogs from translations. It also includes settings for redirection and translating word press, emails, and accelerating more pages. 

In a nutshell, Weglot is the most straightforward translation solution to your website, making your website accessible to all the people in the languages they prefer.



WPML - Weglot vs WPML

WPML, also known as WordPress multilingual plugin, is one of the most famous and highly used for creating a website with several enabled languages.

 WPML allows the users to translate the entire WordPress content into multiple languages and hence ensure that the website is legible by all the users who visit the website from all over the world, further ensuring the smooth running of the website. 

It integrates without any problems with all the WordPress themes and other plugins. It is SEO friendly as well hence helping it to be discovered in the market with its subdirectories.


Common Features

  • Professional translators

In this feature, the content is accessed by a team of professionals who are into translation service, and they further translate the content and reflect it in the database.


The Weglot platform itself has a team of professional translators to whom the users can give their content and get it translated just a few times.

Weglot features- Weglot vs WPML



WPML gives the translation to other services dealing with it, they get access to the dashboard of the users and translate all the content present there and reflect it.


Weglot is better in terms of this feature as the translation team is their own, and the content hence remains private; it is faster compared to the WPML translation service and is more reliable.

  • Automatic translation

The website contents get automatically translated on their own to the system language of the users.


Weglot doesn’t require any manual addition of translated content; it has 150+ languages in its database and translates it according to that.


WPML has almost 50 languages and translates all the contents of any WordPress website or any other e-commerce website into any other language preferred by the user.


Weglot does the translation faster and more accurately than any other translating tool.

  • Multiple users 

Projects can be transferred to multiple users having access to the account. 


A single project created can be transferred to all the team members who have access to your account.


WPML allows many common users to act as translators and edit the website content as they desire.


Both the tools don’t hamper the multiple usages by any means.

Unique Features

Here are the features


1. Machine translation

Weglot uses the machine translation tool, which automatically converts the entire text written on the website into other languages. Furthermore, you can make any changes if required manually as well.

There is an expert team of translators available as well, but the machine translation tool tends to be faster and errorless.

2. Compatibility of Weglot

This is one of the best features as it is compatible with WordPress and other platforms like woo commerce and their themes and plugins.

3. Redirection of the website

Weglot automatically redirects the entire website in a language preferred by the user. This process happens very quickly and does not consume a lot of website loading time. In just a few seconds, the website is readily available in a new language.  

4. Availability of Multiple platforms

Weglot can integrate with several big platforms like WordPress, bigcommerce, jimdo, Shopify, And woo commerce. This integration helps a lot of websites to translate their content without any hindrance, as the platforms mentioned above are necessary for most websites.

5. Professional Translators 

Once you subscribe to the Weglot premium plan, it also enables you to get translations from a professional translator team to be sure the translated content on your website is understandable and even correct grammatically. It takes a little more time than the machine automated translation, but the results are worth it. 

6. Unlimited team members

Weglot premium subscription allows unlimited team members to be added to any of the projects. This is one of the unique features as the other platforms support only a limited number of users to access the account and transfer the projects and content. 


WPML Features - Weglot vs WPML

1. The add ons

WPML has several add ons like WPML translation management, WPML string translation, WPML media translation, WooCommerce multilingual using which you can translate all the content available on the WooCommerce website in just a single click, BuddyPress multilingual wherein similarly like WooCommerce, and you can translate the website content 

2. Economical Professional translation 

If the users ever get stuck up with the translations, WPML connects them with an exceptional team that is into translation services. The translation team reads the contents from the WPML dashboard and translates it with proper grammar, and corrects all the errors.

3. Works with most of the WordPress themes 

The users need not put in extra effort to create multilingual ready themes; it happens automatically with WordPress. This feature is available for both blogs as well as CMS plans. Since any of the themes works in this manner, WPML works smoothly without any hindrance. 

4. Powerful translation management 

This feature is available only in the CMS plan. WPML comes with the state of art translation management. Under this feature, ordinary users can also translate the contents present on your WordPress website.

Customer support


Weglot has an expert team at customer service. The support is available 24 x 7 and replies promptly, giving relevant explanations and details to all the queries by the users. The users are always happy and content with the support team due to their humble and polite way of replying to them.

Any bugs reported are immediately fixed by the customer support team hence ensuring the smooth and consistent running of the translation tool.

They are indeed accommodating and responsive; hence, the new users of Weglot do not find any difficulty using the software.


There are a few issues when it comes to the customer support desk of WPML because it is seen that they take a little time to respond, which does not go down well with the customers.

The customer support is through emails, and hence the users need to keep waiting for the team to revert back.

Though the response that the users get to their queries is excellent and helpful, the delay is not considered to be favorable when the contemporary tools have been at their peak when it comes to customer service. 



The data collected by Weglot includes information related to your web browser, data related to the navigation, and all the data that is mentioned in your CV. only the technical support team and the customer help service has access to this data.

It is ensured that this data remains highly confidential and safe without any breach of security or access by any third-party integration. The amount paid for the subscription of the various plans is refundable within 15 days of payment.

Weglot doesn’t share any of your debit cards, credit cards, or UPI details with any malicious user or source.


 Since WPML is a WordPress plugin, it is highly trusted by its consumers in terms of security and privacy. All the payments made are secured and safe; the credentials of your UPI or the CVV number are never leaked to any third-party source.

The reliability and trust are very high as it has been in the market for many years, and none of the users have ever experienced any manhandling with their internal database and website content.

It only translates the content present in the dashboard and does not share it with anyone else without asking consent.

Pricing Battel: Weglot vs WPML


Weglot pricing review-Weglot vs WPML


Weglot has a free plan which helps you translate about 2000 words but only in one language. To get access to all the languages, it provides you with the following five pricing plans from which you can choose,

1. The starter plan

This plan costs you about $120 per year and allows 10000 words to be translated at a time. It can only be translated into a single language. 

2. The business plan

This plan costs you about $230 per year and allows 50000 words to be translated at a time. It can be translated into three different languages.

 3. The pro plan

This plan costs you about $593 per year and allows 200000 words to be translated at a time. It can be translated into five different languages.

 4. The advanced plan

This plan costs you about $2408 per year and allows one million words to be translated at a time. It can be translated into ten different languages.

5. The enterprise plan

This plan costs you about $6037 and can translate an unlimited number of words into any language you prefer. The platform’s premium plan has additional features and plugins that make the website easy to use for all customers across the globe.

It is an expensive plan and is mainly preferred for the websites of large-scale businesses and big shops. 


WPML Pricing -Weglot vs WPML

WPML provides the following three pricing plans,

1. The blog plan

This plan costs you about $29 and is considered the most economical plan of the rest. Under this plan, you can register with only a single website. The renewal cost per year is about $21.

2. The CMS plan

This plan costs you about $79 and is considered to have all the essential features for building a perfect website. Under this plan, you can register with a total of three websites. The renewal cost per year is about $59.

3. The agency plan

This plan costs you about $159 and is the complete solution for agency plans and building many multilingual websites. This plan allows unlimited registration of websites. The renewal cost per year is about $119. 

Pros & Cons: Weglot vs WPML

Weglot Pros & Cons


  • Weglot is the best solution to start a website if you plan to make it multilingual as it supports 150+ languages.
  • Both the options of automatic translation and manual translation are provided hence making it super easy to be used and operated.
  • There is a customizable language button provided that facilitates language translation in minutes.
  • Weglot supports media translation that includes both images as well as videos. Hence, helping the visitors understand the text present on the website and the images and videos in the language they prefer.
  • It does not slow down your website. This is one of the essential qualities even-day as the other translation tool is time-consuming and reduces the loading time of your website during translation.
  • It is entirely reliable, as the translations provided by Weglot are primarily accurate and error-free.


  • The prices of all the paid plans tend to be very high and are not affordable by ordinary users in the long run.
  • All the translations on your website tend to disappear once the subscription is over, disturbing the users.
  • Though Weglot supports automatic translations, a few words or lines are incorrect and need manual corrections.



  • It is considered to be very economical for small businesses and setups, as it provides the translating tools at a cheaper rate.
  • The bugs are fixed immediately after every update, which keeps happening frequently.
  • It integrates without any difficulties with several premium themes. 
  • In just a single WordPress installation, WPML makes it very easy to run a multilingual website.
  • The translation management is super easy and can be handled easily by beginners, clients, or visitors to the website. 
  • WPML comes with more than 45 languages and even enables you to add your own customizable languages such as Canadian french and many such like these.  


  • It is slower for those servers which use an outdated version of the software.
  • Installing WPML is not an easy task and requires ample knowledge.
  • The support team is not as fast as expected.
  • The cost of translation keeps rising over a period of time
  • It is not very user-friendly as even several glitches keep popping up now and then.   

FAQs On Weglot vs WPML:

💥Can we edit themes using both the tools?

No, only WPML can translate the content and edit the website’s themes as it is a WordPress, plugin and all the themes are integrated with it.

👓 Does the translation team have any extra charges?

No, the translation team service for both is free of cost. You can just submit your content to those writers and the translated content is reflected back in the main website.

🔥 Are the languages customizable for both platforms?

Language customization is only possible for WPML, where you can add your languages too and hence making your website available to people from all parts of the world.

Use Weglot if:

  • You need E-Commerce websites like Shopify
  • You need many integrations
  • You need instant customer support
  • You need manual translation by humans

Use WPML if

  • Your website was built using WordPress
  • You have a limited budget
  • You require customization in your WordPress site

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Conclusion: Which Is Better Plugin? Weglot vs WPML

After comparing the above two translating tools, it is seen that Weglot is the best of the two. Its overall performance, pricing, and features are way superior to that of WPML.

It is affordable for small-scale as well as large-scale businesses and hence is preferred over all the other translating tools. Its excellent and responsive customer support and ease of use make it the best of all. 


So I personally recommend using Weglot for your website as neither does it hamper your website’s running nor does it have too many glitches.

I would also recommend using the free trial first before going ahead with the paid ones as you get a clear picture of all features you will get.

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