Weglot vs Lokalise 2024: Which is the Better Translation Plugin?

Weglot vs Lokalise

Overall Verdict

If I had to select one, then I'll go for Weglot as it offers all the crucial features for a website translation and is easy to use and understand.

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In this post, I am here to help you and assist in choosing anyone from Weglot vs Lokalise...



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$9.90/month $110/month
Best for

Top Websites and Enterprises with huge multi-lingual translation.

You have a tight budget and need an affordable translation app and need Shopify translation app.

  • translated metadata
  • Dedicated URLS
  • Hreflang tags
  • Simplified Translation Workflow
  • Javascript SDK
  • Staging Environment
  • Supports 150+ languages
  • Simple & Intuitive
  • Translates Texts in Images and Videos.
  • International SEO Optimization.
  • Powerful marketing strategies
  • Free Trial
  • Does few grammatical errors
  • Pricing structure is quite confusing and complex.
Ease of Use

Weglot interface is really friendly and easy to use. You can find all your content in a few clicks and then translate it quickly and efficiently.

Lokalise is the easiest to learn and use with quick translation management.

Value For Money

With free trial and yearly plans, Weglot's value of money is incredible.

Lokalise is expensive and offers less features than Weglot.

Customer Support

Weglot is well known for its customer support desk. They are very fast and responsive at resolving customer issues.

At the help centre section of their website, you can go through their developer doc, visit their community forums where you can ask your questions, write answers, share tips or tricks etc.

Are you looking for a translation plugin using which you can transform your website into a multilingual website? 

Do you want a perfect solution for your website translation? Are you confused between Weglot vs Lokalise for your website translation and can’t conclude? 

Well, don’t worry. You’re at the right place, I am here to help you and assist in choosing anyone from Weglot v/s Lokalise

Without any further delay, let’s learn which tool is the best and suits your business.

Overview: Weglot vs Lokalise


Weglot Overview- Weglot vs Langify


Weglot is a complete solution for your website’s content translation. It can translate your whole website within just a few minutes. It gets incorporated within your website so effortlessly, gets adapted to it, and then delivers a multilingual website within no time.

It provides you with more than 100 languages for the automatic translation of your website’s content. It has a very powerful and SEO-friendly translation management system, and you can always collaborate with your team or with professional translators for the dynamic translation of your website.

Weglot is great for any kind of website, be it a small or simple marketing website or a complex e-commerce website. It’s perfect and effective for them all.


A Localization Overview- Weglot vs Lokalise


Lokalise provides you with a cloud-based content and translation management system which is entirely featured. It is featured with advanced translation workflows employing which translators or content managers can suggest, review, and translate content very conveniently.

Lokalise offers advanced translations through a system of professional translators if an organisation does not have in-house translators. It is equipped with more than 30 integrations, including WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, Unbounce, Squarespace, etc.

Lokalise is the best option for Business Leaders, Marketers, Developers, Translators, Localization Managers, etc. Who wants to facilitate their localization process to reach new markets and to a larger audience.

Common Features:-

Translation Method-


Weglot offers both Automatic and manual translation. You don’t have to start from scratch, and you can simply edit the machine-translated content if you are not satisfied. 

Automatic translation is done by the best automatic translation providers in the market like Microsoft, Google, Yandex, DeepL, and in more than 100 different languages. 

Weglot also offers access to professional translators in case you need it. Apart from that, you can also collaborate with your team and work together on weglot to translate your website’s content. 


If you have your translator, you can always invite them to your Lokalise project. Lokalise offers an entirely featured translation management system that permits your translator to translate your content directly on the Lokalise dashboard. 

If you don’t have your translator, then no worries. Lokalise has integration with top language service providers in the industry, such as Gengo and TextMaster, that allows you to transmit your translations through the dashboard. 

However, you can always opt for Machine learning or automatic learning. Lokalise has integration with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc. to facilitate the automatic translation of your content. 

Translation Management System-


Weglot provides you with a Translation Management System that easily manages all the translated content in one place.  You can conveniently review or edit all your content via a very simple interface. 

You can translate your content manually,  through machine translation, or by a professional translator all in one place. 


You can easily manage your content for translation with an abundance of filtering and search options, including both system and custom-generated labels.

You can also filter out your search options by creation date, translator, etc.

Their Advanced Translation management system, when paired with an automated content detection and the delivery system helps you in reaching new markets and obtaining new customers. 

Team Collaboration-


Weglot allows you to invite your team members or your own translator to cooperate and work together on your content translation inside weglot.


Lokalise allows team members to cooperate whenever they require with custom purposes and approvals.

Marketing or Increased Visibility


Weglot provides your translated pages with SEO optimization. Your translated content gets indexed automatically proceeding with Google best practices considering multilingual SEO.

Weglot also offers the facility of auto direction to your visitors. It automatically detects your visitors browser language and then proposes your website in the same language to increase your conversion rate and traffic.

It provides your customer with a complete localized experience all their journey. You can have all your conversion steps be it the landing page or email confirmation in your visitor’s native language. 


Lokalise provides you with international SEO and analytics that can take your marketing strategies to the next level. 

Lokalise offers metadata translation. The convenient detection and sorting of metadata allows you to localize the marketing content for each language very effortlessly. 

Lokalise offers indexing of your website in multiple languages with the use of search engine crawlers for example Google bot. 

Lokalise offered localized URLs. A distinct URL is assigned to each translated page so that each translated page of your website gets indexed and ranked for search engine results. 

Unique Features:-


Weglot features- Weglot vs Lokalise

  • In-context editor

As it’s always nicer to translate content when you know the context. So, weglot provides you with an in-context editor that allows you to translate content right inside the structure of the website. Following which you can always see how your page will look after translation.

  • Content detection

To spare you from the technicality of a process, weglot automatically detects all your content and then translates it without any delay.

  • Translation Quality Control

Weglot allows you to directly set the type of translation quality you want for your website. You can always set whether you want automatic, manual or professional translations for your website.

  • Compatible with all Content Management Systems

While selecting Weglot as your translation plugin, you need not worry about your website’s Content Management system or technologies, as it is compatible with every type of content management systems.

  • Visitors Auto-direction

Weglot automatically detects visitors’ browser language and then presents the website in their native language. So, with a better understanding of your website, visitors to your website can turn into customers of your business.


Localize features- Weglot vs Lokalise

  • Simplified Translation Workflow

Lokalise offers a great bunch of automatic tools and features that allow you an easy launch, translation, and management of your website.

  • Javascript SDK

Incorporation of Lokalise in your website will allow it to detect all your content and will permit you to add translation through their effective dashboard.

  • Rest API

REST API is included in most of the Lokalise functionality as it makes it convenient for users to make their workflow automatic and incorporate Lokalise into their already existing tools.

  • CLI

It makes it easier to translate content or pages from mobile devices and backend services. By employing a simple push and pull paradigm.

  • Webhooks

You as a developer can create we hooks so that you can obtain information in the form of an HTTPS post request about events that happen in your Lokalise Projects

  • Staging Environment 

You can bet conveniently use Lokalise in a multiple site deployment environment.

Customer Support:-


If you have any query or doubt regarding any feature, service or anything, you can always contact the customer support team of Weglot at [email protected]. feel free to contact them whenever you have any concern regarding their service.


If you have any query concerning features of Lokalise, you can contact their help centre. 

At the help centre section of their website, you can go through their developer doc, visit their community forums where you can ask your questions, write answers, share tips or tricks etc.

If that doesn’t help you can always contact their customer support team or schedule a call with them.



Weglot as such a big platform for website content translation is very much concerned about their users data privacy and security.

You would find their privacy policy on their website, which will define their exercises and commitments related to the processing of your private data that is particularly in consonance with GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation)

They understand the importance of security and privacy so they have incorporated various tables and images while explaining their policies so that you can have a better understanding of that.


Lokalise follows very advanced security measures to protect and safeguard your data.

Lokalise offers intricate information about their data security through an assessment that is publicly available to download known as CSA- CAIQ Assessment.

Lokalise has been guarded with the privacy shield certification since 2018. All of its services and platforms are in adherence with the GDPR ( General Data Protection Regulation).

Lokalise also provides its users with a DPA for situations where privacy shields may seem inadequate.

Lokalise services and applications take an annual penetration test, which is also a part of their security program.

Apart from that, Lokaalise also upholds a Bug Bounty Program which is managed by HackerOne.

Lokalise is SOC-2  and ISO 27001 certified.

Lokalise offers customers enough tools and features to control the privacy of their data. They provide the user with the ability to control and set what data is visible and what actions can be performed by teammates within your account.

It also provides comprehensive organisation audit, SAML SSO login, etc.



Weglot pricing review- Weglot vs Lokalise


Weglot offers very convenient pricing. Its pricing depends on two factors: the number of words to be translated and the number of languages you want your translated content in.

It offers a free version that includes 2k words up to which you can translate your content and in one other language.

Apart from that, it offers five paid plans with distinct prices and features.

  • Starter – This plan is the most basic one and includes 10,000 words and one translated language at the expense of €99/year.
  • Business- This plan offers 50,000 words up to which you can translate your content and in 3 different languages. You can get this plan if you are willing to spend €190/ year.
  • Pro- This plan offers a 200,000-word limit and 5 translated languages at the expenditure of €490/ year.
  • Advanced- This plan is for 1,000,000 words and 10 translated languages and will cost you €1,990/year.
  • Enterprise- This is the most prime version and allows a defined number of words and translated languages. Its pricing starts from €4,990.


Lokalise Pricing- Weglot vs Lokalise

If you opt for annual billing, you will get two months extra for free by Lokalise.

Let’s check out their diverse plans.


  • Starter- This is the most basic plan offered by Lokalise. It can cost you $50/mo if billed annually. It offers a usage limit of 3 projects, 2 languages, 3 team members, 2M machine translations, 100,000 pageviews, Unlimited hosted words and various other features.
  • Growth- This plan will cost you $275/mo if billed manually and includes 10 projects,  5 languages,  15 team members, 10M machine translations, 1000,000 pageviews, Unlimited hosted words and various other features.
  • Business- This plan can cause an expense of $625/mo and includes 15 projects,  10 languages,  40 team members, 20M machine translations, 2,500,000 pageviews, Unlimited hosted words and various other features.
  • Pro tiers- For knowing the price of this plan you need to contact Lokalise. It’s a professional plan and includes 20 projects,  15 languages, 60 team members, 40M machine translations, 5000,000 pageviews, Unlimited hosted words and various other features.
  • Enterprise- This plan is for advanced solution and customization and understanding its pricing you need to contact Lokalise. 

Pros & Cons:-



  • Both manual and automatic translation is supported.
  • Its services are SEO friendly and can help you in improving your websites ranking in the search engine results.
  • Weglot offers very fast, easy to install and use translation services.


  • Once you cancel the subscription to weglot, you can no longer access your website’s translations.
  • The free version offered by weglot has a very limited word count.
  • Their paid plans are not very cheap.



  • Lokalise offers an organised workflow.
  • It offers International SEO Optimization.
  • It provides you with powerful marketing strategies to increase your market and customers.


  • Their pricing structure is quite confusing and complex.
  • They do not offer any free version.
  • Their prices are not very cheap.

Use Lokalise if:

  • You don’t care about too many integrations
  • You have a tight budget and need an affordable translation app
  • You need an easy and effective tool for Shopify translation
  • You don’t need human translation by the best machine learning providers

Use Weglot if:

  • You need need to integrate with Shopify 
  • You have many types of integrations with many other plugins
  • You need instant customer support
  • You need custom pricing plans
  • You need better and simple UI 

FAQs on Weglot vs Lokalise

🔥What types of translations are offered by Weglot?

Weglot offers both manual as well as automatic translation. So, that if you are not satisfied with the machine translation you can edit it yourself and its benefit is that with machine translation you don't have to start from scratch. It also offers professional translators and team collaborations if needed.

💥Is the free version of Weglot SEO friendly?

No, the free version of Weglot is not SEO friendly. For that matter, you need to opt for a paid plan. There are five paid plans and you can choose accordingly.

✔ Can you use Weglot for the translation of an eCommerce website?

Yes, Weglot is effective with e-commerce websites like Shopify and Woocommerce and can provide a multilingual Shopify or Woocommerce website.

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Conclusion: Which is The Best Translation Plugin? Weglot vs Lokalise

I hope this article has highlighted all the crucial features of both Weglot and Lokalise. I have included most aspects of both and tried my best to explain it simply so that you can get a clear idea of them and can make your selection effectively.


I have tried to present an unbiased analysis, but if you ask me what would I select, then I’ll go for Weglot as it offers all the crucial features for a website translation and is easy to use and understand.

I would suggest you make an effective decision and choose whichever is the best option for you.

If I had to select one, then I'll go for Weglot as it offers all the crucial features for a website translation and is easy to use and understand.

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