Top 9 Webinar Affiliate Programs 2024: Highest Paid Affiliate Programs

Webinar affiliate programs provide an opportunity for people to earn money by promoting online seminars. These programs allow individuals to sign up and get special links to share with others.

When someone uses their link to register for a webinar, the affiliate earns a commission. Different programs offer different commission rates and payment schedules.

Affiliates often receive promotional materials like banners and emails to help them promote webinars effectively.

Joining webinar affiliate programs can be a way for people to earn extra income by sharing valuable information with others.

Top Webinar Affiliate Programs

What are Webinar Affiliate Programs?

Webinar affiliate programs are initiatives offered by webinar hosting platforms or companies organizing webinars, wherein individuals can sign up as affiliates to promote these webinars in exchange for a commission.

Affiliates receive unique referral links, and when someone signs up for a webinar through their link and attends the webinar, the affiliate earns a commission.

These programs provide an opportunity for individuals to monetize their audience or network by recommending valuable webinars to them.

Commission rates, payment schedules, and promotional materials vary depending on the specific webinar affiliate program.

Top 9 Best Webinar Affiliate Programs 2024

Here is the list of Webinar Affiliate Programs:

1. LiveWebinar:

LiveWebinar specializes in live (and automated) webinars for more than one thousand participants.

LiveWebinar Webinar Affiliate Programs

Its cloud-based webinar software claims an extensive feature set, giving customers access to high-quality screen sharing, live video streaming, personalized branding, and many other engagement and sales-boosting capabilities.

And with over 40 data centers, it guarantees 99.9 % uptime and 24/7 accessibility.

In addition, its built-in email marketing software assists clients in building marketing lists and instantly subscribing leads to automation platforms and CRMs.

LiveWebinar, unlike most other webinar systems, provides a free subscription that allows users to conduct webinars with up to five participants. Monthly fees for paid plans vary from $ 11.99 to $ 95.20.

  • Commission rate: 30 % lifetime commission
  • Cookie duration: Lifetime

2. BigMarker:

BigMarker’s web conferencing and webinar technology can simultaneously accommodate more than 1,000 participants.


It allows users to conduct lead generating, ticketing, screen sharing, and nine-way video conferencing,  among many other capabilities. Additionally, Twitter and other channels are integrated.

The attendee network is a significant distinction for BigMarker. Beginners in the world of webinars may establish an audience for their first event due to its database of thousands of prospective participants.

Join the BigMarker affiliate network, and you’ll earn a staggering 50 % commission on each transaction, with a maximum payment of $ 152. In addition, you will get a $ 2 commission if one of your recommendations joins for a free trial.

Additionally, top-performing affiliates may negotiate for increased compensation.

  • Commission rate: 50 % per purchase
  • Cookie duration: Unknown

3. EasyWebinar:

As its name implies, EasyWebinar aims to make the development of webinars as easy as possible, allowing you to increase sales.


Its webinar software enables clients to hold live and automated webinars. The play-and-play builder makes establishing a webinar in minutes instead of hours (or days) feasible.

And it works. Capterra users have given EasyWebinar a 4.5-star rating, and over six million individuals have attended webinars created and hosted on the EasyWebinars platform.

The affiliate marketing scheme of the corporation gives a 30 % recurring commission, which is already rather lucrative. In addition, affiliate marketers can access various benefits and advantages, such as additional commissions and special events.

  • Commission rate: 30 % recurring
  • Cookie duration: Unknown

4. GoToWebinar:

GoToWebinar enables clients to produce pre-recorded and live webinars quickly and efficiently.


By enabling customers to create and host automated webinars, GoToWebinar frees up time that can be better focused on the crucial process of creating a high-quality experience that engages audiences and promotes conversions.

GoToWebinar is the “go-to” webinar platform for around 50,000 enterprises that generate and host 2.8 million webinars annually. It allows up to 1,000 participants for its essential webinars.

The GoToWebinar affiliate program pays a $ 100 reward payout for every eligible purchase made within 45 days of clicking your link, while other webinar platforms pay a percentage-based revenue.

  • Commission rate: $ 100 per paid order
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

5. ClickMeeting:

ClickMeeting specializes in video conferencing, online meetings, and webinar software for all webinar hosts, including professors, small company owners, internet marketers, and corporate team leaders.


The results generated by its webinar and video conferencing service are noteworthy. One webinar host on the site made $ 43,000 from a single event.

It may be a very beneficial tool for generating leads, with one customer generating 2,890 prospects using ClickMeeting’s webinar software.

With this affiliate program, you’ll receive a 30 % commission on every transaction you generate, provided it converts within 120 days – one of the most extended cookie windows of all the webinar affiliate programs we tested.

Need aid or assistance along the way? The affiliate manager for ClickMeeting is always available to help you in the correct route.

  • Commission rate: 30 %
  • Cookie duration: 120 days

6. Demio:

Demio provides easy, cloud-based webinar software, eliminating the need for webinar attendees to download anything.


From event registration to post-event analytics, it provides all the marketing and sales tools firms need to advertise and monetize their webinars.

Like WebinarNinja, Demio is keen to promote customer support, guaranteeing a four-minute average response time.

The Demio affiliate program offers a 30 % lifetime commission, so as long as your referrals continue to purchase Demio, you will continue to earn passive money. With membership costs ranging from $ 74 to $ 1,965 for an annual subscription, there is plenty of opportunity for profit.

The only minor disadvantage is that, depending on when a transaction is finalized, the payment for that month may be delayed for up to 44 days. Therefore, you may have to wait a time to get your commissions.

All conversions are recorded via your affiliate link, offered by First Promoter, the affiliate marketing tracking program used by Demio.

  • Commission rate: 30 % lifetime
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

7. WebinarNinja:

It provides sophisticated webinar software, enabling users to generate high-quality webinars in seconds.


It includes many extra tools and features — essentially everything required to build compelling online experiences on a single platform.

Users may send automated email alerts, construct landing pages with high conversion rates, and utilize sophisticated analytics tools to determine who attended, clicked, and bought.

WebinarNinja takes pride in its customer care, which has a 97.9 percent customer satisfaction rating and is accessible 24/7.

Affiliate marketers get 30 % recurring income for each sale they generate through the WebinarNinja affiliate program. With monthly costs ranging from $ 39 to $ 199, this represents a substantial income opportunity.

To assist in clinching the sale, every consumer receives a free 14-day trial. In addition, you get access to several marketing tools, including short- and long-form email templates, videos, and photos.

  • Commission rate: 30 % recurring
  • Cookie duration: 90 days

8. Business Hangouts:

Google Applications’ Business Hangouts is a webinar and web conferencing software. Creating a Business Hangouts account and linking it to your YouTube allows you to live-stream your events.

Business Hangouts

Using Business Hangouts allows users to host events with up to 5,000 concurrent viewers.

The affiliate program is operated by ShareASale and gives up to 50 percent commissions. This service is an excellent alternative to market to anyone seeking a YouTube webinar solution.

  • Commission: Up to 50 %
  • Cookie Length: Not disclosed

9. LiveWebinar:

LiveWebinar is a cloud-based software that specializes in hosting live (and automated) webinars with the capacity to accommodate over 1,000 attendees at a time.


Its feature-packed platform provides high-quality screen sharing, live video streaming, customized branding options, and numerous other tools to enhance engagement and sales. With over 40 data centers, it guarantees over 99% uptime and 24/7 availability.

Additionally, LiveWebinar has built-in email marketing software that enables users to build marketing lists and automatically subscribe leads to automation platforms and CRM systems.

Unlike most other webinar platforms, LiveWebinar offers a free plan that allows users to host small webinars with up to five attendees. Paid plans range from $11.99 to $95.20 per month.

LiveWebinar’s affiliate program is one of the most generous in the industry. Referrers receive a 30% lifetime commission, and the program has a lifetime cookie window.

  • Commission rate: 30% lifetime commission
  • Cookie duration: Lifetime

How To Select the Best Webinar Affiliate Programs?

Choosing the best webinar affiliate programs involves considering several key factors to ensure alignment with your goals and audience. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Research: Explore various webinar hosting platforms and companies offering affiliate programs. Look for reputable ones with a track record of hosting high-quality webinars.
  2. Commission Structure: Compare commission rates offered by different programs. Consider whether they offer a flat rate per referral, a percentage of sales, or tiered commissions based on performance.
  3. Cookie Duration: Check the cookie duration, which determines how long the affiliate gets credited for a referral’s purchase. Longer cookie durations provide more opportunities for earning commissions.
  4. Product Relevance: Assess the relevance of the webinars to your audience. Choose programs offering topics that resonate with your audience’s interests and needs.
  5. Promotional Materials: Evaluate the availability of promotional materials such as banners, email templates, and social media graphics. Quality promotional materials can enhance your marketing efforts.
  6. Program Terms: Read and understand the terms and conditions of the affiliate program, including payment schedules, payout thresholds, and any exclusivity clauses.
  7. Track Record: Research the reputation of the webinar host or company offering the affiliate program. Look for reviews and testimonials from other affiliates to gauge their satisfaction and success.
  8. Support: Consider the level of support provided to affiliates, such as dedicated account managers, affiliate dashboards, and responsive customer service.
  9. Performance Incentives: Look for programs that offer performance incentives or bonuses for achieving specific milestones or driving high volumes of referrals.
  10. Compatibility: Ensure that the webinar affiliate program aligns with your existing content, audience, and marketing strategies for seamless integration.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select the best affiliate program for webinars that offers profitable opportunities to monetize your audience and maximize your earnings.


🤔 What are some common requirements to join a webinar affiliate program?

Common requirements may include having a website or platform with relevant traffic, agreeing to program terms and conditions, and completing an application process.

📝 What promotional materials are provided by webinar affiliate programs?

Webinar affiliate programs often provide affiliates with various promotional materials such as banners, email templates, social media graphics, and pre-written copy to help facilitate successful promotions.

🔗 Can I promote multiple webinars from different companies simultaneously?

Yes, in most cases, you can promote multiple webinars from different companies simultaneously, as long as you adhere to the terms and conditions of each affiliate program.

📈 Are there any performance incentives or bonuses in webinar affiliate programs?

Some webinar affiliate programs offer performance incentives or bonuses for achieving specific milestones or driving a high volume of referrals. These incentives may include increased commission rates, cash bonuses, or prizes.

🧾 How can I track my referrals and commissions in webinar affiliate programs?

Webinar affiliate programs usually provide affiliates with access to a dashboard or affiliate portal where they can track their referrals, clicks, conversions, and commissions in real-time.

💼 Can I join a webinar affiliate program if I already promote other types of products?

Yes, you can typically join webinar affiliate programs even if you already promote other types of products. Many affiliate marketers promote a diverse range of products and services within their niche.

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Conclusion: Found Your Perfect Fit with the Webinar Affiliate Programs?

Webinar affiliate programs offer opportunities to earn commissions by promoting online seminars.

While commission rates and payout frequencies vary, affiliates can access promotional materials to aid in their marketing efforts. Affiliates should adhere to program terms and conditions while promoting multiple webinars simultaneously.

Some programs may offer performance incentives or bonuses. Tracking referrals and commissions is typically facilitated through affiliate portals.

Effective promotion strategies include creating valuable content, utilizing email marketing and social media, and collaborating with influencers.

With diligence and creativity, affiliate marketers can leverage webinar programs to generate income and expand their reach.

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