Affiliate Top Review 2024 Pros & Cons (Is It Worth It ?)

Affiliate Top

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Affiliate Top offers partners the opportunity to earn significant income by referring traders to the Binomo and Stockity platforms. By joining Affiliate Top, you gain access to a wide network, excellent marketing tools, and the chance to earn great commissions.

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  • Comprehensive Platform
  • Unlimited Commissions
  • Promotional Materials
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Significant Income


  • Strict Approval Process


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Are you searching for an affiliate program that offers more than just commission payouts? Look no further than Affiliate Top.

Initially, I was drawn by its weekly payouts, then later, I discovered the program’s standout feature: exceptional communication with my manager.

Always ready with timely solutions and engaging proposals, the Affiliate Top team goes above and beyond to support its affiliates.

Affiliate Top offers a wide range of services, including fair compensation, multilingual assistance, and promotional resources.

In this review, we’ll explore the features of Affiliate Top and help you decide if it’s the right choice to boost your earnings as an affiliate marketer.

 Affiliate Top Review 2024: What is Affiliate Top?

Affiliate Top is an exciting program for Binomo and Stockity partners. It offers different plans to suit your preferences.

Affiliate Top Review

Binomo offers two plans: Revenue Share and Turnover Share, while Stockity focuses on the Turnover Share plan. Many people are interested in joining Affiliate Top because of its fantastic rewards. You can earn up to 70% of the profits for each person you refer.

On Affiliate Top’s homepage, you’ll find support available 24/7 in over 8 languages, free tools to assist you in promoting, and various other benefits. It’s a better option than many other programs.

Let’s explore how you can become a partner with Affiliate Top.

Affiliate Top Review- Platforms and Plans

Classic RevShare (up to 70%)

The Revenue Share plan lets affiliates earn up to 70% commission based on the performance of traders they refer.

This means the more traders you bring in and the more they deposit, the higher your commission percentage can go. It’s a system that grows as your referred traders become more profitable.

Turnover Share (up to 6.5%)

The Turnover Share plan, available for both Binomo and Stockity affiliates, gives you a percentage of the trading turnover of the traders you attract.

This means you get a cut of the profits made from their trading activities each month. The percentage you earn is calculated based on your total trading volume.

If you’re promoting Binomo, you can choose between the Revenue Share and Turnover Share plans. But if you’re promoting Stockity, you’ll only have the Turnover Share plan available.

The program is flexible and can create custom payment terms if needed, showing that it’s willing to adapt to different affiliate needs.

How To Join Affiliate Top?

Step 1 – You can join the website by clicking “Join” in the top right corner. 

Affiliate Top

Step 2 – To register, you will need to enter your email address and password. Once you click that button, the Affiliate Agreement will appear. 

Join Affiliate Top

Step 3 – Confirm your email address by going to your email.

Confirm your email address

Step 4 – You should choose the method that is most convenient for you to communicate with your manager. You can choose between Telegram, Skype, and Phone. Choose the one that is most comfortable for you. 

choose the method to connect

Step 5 – That’s great news! After you have successfully registered, your dashboard is now open. It allows you to explore the program and learn more about it.   

dashboard is now open

As discussed above, you have options: Binomo and Stockity.

Binomo and Stockity

The statistics are on the left side. The current statistics are also available from the menu after clicking on them. 

You can view the statistics

How To Start Earning With Affiliate Top?

Affiliate Top makes it easy for you to start making money right away! You can do this by following these steps:

Choose a Platform and Profit Plan: Decide whether you want to focus on the Turnover Share plan, the Revenue Share plan, or both. Each plan calculates your earnings differently.

Copy and Share Your Link: Once you’ve signed up with Affiliate Top, you’ll get a unique affiliate link. Share this link with your audience through your website, social media, or other channels. When people sign up through your link, they’re connected to your profile, and Affiliate Top tracks their activity for you.

Motivate Your Audience: Encourage people to sign up and start trading through your link. In both plans, your earnings depend on how many first-time deposits (FTDs) your traders make each month. So, the more active your traders are, the more money you’ll make!

Maximize Your Profits: Keep track of your progress with detailed reports provided by Affiliate Top. Participate in contests they offer, use promotional materials they provide, and work on converting your followers into active traders. With time and effort, you’ll see your earnings grow!

What are the Benefits Of Joining Affiliate Top?

It provides a wide range of resources and benefits to its partners, ensuring their success:

1. Detailed Statistics:

Detailed Statistics

Partners receive regular and transparent reports on their performance and earnings.

These reports offer valuable insights into the effectiveness of their strategies, helping them make informed decisions to optimize their performance.

2. Telegram Bot:

Partners receive instant updates on important events such as deposits, sign-ups, and changes in their balance through a dedicated Telegram bot.

This real-time communication enables partners to stay informed and promptly engage with potential traders.

3. Personal Manager:

Personal Manager

Each partner is assigned a dedicated personal manager who offers support and assistance in multiple languages through preferred messenger apps.

Whether partners have questions about the program, need guidance on promotional strategies, or encounter technical issues, their personal manager is there to help every step of the way.

4. Promotional Materials:

Affiliate Top provides partners with a variety of professionally designed banners, landing pages, and other promotional materials.

These materials are crafted to effectively convert followers into active traders, saving partners time and effort while increasing their chances of successful conversions.

5. Events and Contests:

Affiliate Top Review- Events and Contests

Affiliate Top organizes motivational contests and events with prizes for partners and their referred traders. These initiatives incentivize active promotion of trading platforms, leading to increased referrals and commissions for partners.

For instance, as of writing this review, Affiliate Top has brought this exciting opportunity to participate in the Traffic to Travel competition. You have the chance to win a dream trip worth $30,000! You can participate in the following ways:

Look for the “Get $30,000 in Traffic to Travel” button located in the upper right corner of the platform.

Review the promotion rules provided in the sidebar and then click on “Participate” to officially enter the competition.

Join the competition

If you’re already registered with Affiliate Top, that’s great news! You can check your current position on the leaderboard to track your progress.

The top 100 affiliates with the highest points will be entered into the raffle on April 4th, where one lucky winner will receive the grand prize of $30,000 for their dream trip.

6. Payment Methods:

Payment Information

Partners have access to various payment methods, including Ovo, PIX, and Papara, ensuring convenient and hassle-free withdrawals of their earnings. You can add the payment methods easily from the dashboard. 

7. Profit Plans:

Partners can choose from flexible profit plans, including Revenue Share, Turnover Share, or custom options tailored to their preferences and goals.

Whether partners prioritize recurring revenue or volume-based earnings, Affiliate Top offers a plan to suit their individual needs.

8. Popular Platforms:

Partners promote highly converting brands such as Binomo and Stockity, which have established reputations and a vast audience of traders.

This association with reputable brands in the trading industry enhances partners’ credibility and increases the likelihood of successful referrals.

How Much Can You Earn With Affiliate Top?

Affiliate Top offers partners the opportunity to earn significant income by referring traders to the Binomo and Stockity platforms.

For Binomo affiliates enrolled in the Revenue Share plan, earnings are based on a tiered commission structure. As their referred traders make more First Time Deposits (FTDs), affiliates earn a higher percentage of revenue share.

This means that the more active their traders are, the more potential income affiliates can earn, with unlimited earning possibilities.

On the other hand, affiliates enrolled in the Turnover Share plan earn a percentage of the monthly trading turnover generated by their referred traders.

As the number of traders referred increases, affiliates can achieve higher levels and percentages of turnover share, leading to increased earnings.

For Stockity partners, the affiliate program exclusively operates under the Turnover Share plan. Partners earn commissions based on the trading activity of the traders they refer to the platform.

This straightforward system allows partners to easily monitor their performance and track their revenue.

My Tips To Become a Top Partner With Affiliate Top

Here are my personal tips and tricks to become a top partner with Affiliate Top:

1. Focus on Building Your Social Media Presence:

Use your knowledge and skills to grow your social media accounts. Follow the detailed guides provided by Affiliate Top for creating engaging content and effective promotion strategies based on trend research.

With their support, aim to reach over 100,000 subscribers, which can significantly boost your visibility and success as an affiliate.

2. Maximize Your Profits:

Take charge of your earning potential by setting clear goals and building your own motivation system. Keep track of your progress to identify areas for improvement and enhance your performance over time.

Additionally, leverage sponsored ads, challenges, and contests offered by Affiliate Top to further multiply your profits and stay motivated on your journey.

3. Expand Your Influence:

Explore innovative methods to expand your reach and impact as an affiliate. Experiment with different content formats, host live Q&A sessions, and organize raffles to engage your audience and attract more traders.

Affiliate Top is there to support you every step of the way, assisting in organizing these activities and attracting sponsor giveaways to further boost your success.

Affiliate Top Review- Registration and Deposits

Remember, becoming a top partner with Affiliate Top is achievable with dedication, strategic planning, and consistent effort.

Take inspiration from the success stories of affiliates like Mariiiik, Dimasss, and Egorushka Trade, and believe that you, too, can reach the top of the leaderboard. Let’s work hard, play hard, and aim to join the ranks of Affiliate Top’s champions!

Affiliate Top: Pros and Cons 


  • Wide variety of products to promote.
  • Attractive commission rates for affiliates.
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation.
  • Reliable tracking of referrals and sales.
  • Prompt and regular payment schedule.
  • Excellent support for affiliate marketers.
  • Comprehensive reporting tools for performance tracking.


  • Strict approval process for new affiliates.
  • Limited promotional materials for some products.


🌟 What is Affiliate Top?

Affiliate Top is a platform that connects marketers with affiliate programs, helping you earn money by promoting products.

💸 How does earning money on Affiliate Top work?

You earn commissions by promoting products from Affiliate. Top on your website, blog, or social media channels. When someone makes a purchase through your link, you get a cut of the sale.

📈 What kind of products can I promote with Affiliate Top?

You can promote a wide range of products, from tech gadgets and fashion items to software and e-learning courses.

🛠️ Are there tools or support to help me succeed?

Yes, Affiliate Top provides tools for tracking sales and performance, as well as support from their team for any questions or issues.

🌍 Can I promote products internationally?

Yes, you can promote products to a global audience, depending on the merchant’s shipping capabilities and restrictions.

💬 What kind of support can I expect from Affiliate Top?

Affiliate Top typically offers support via email, live chat, or phone to help with any questions or issues you may encounter.

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Conclusion: Ready To Earn With Affiliate Top?

In conclusion, the Affiliate Top Partner program is a fantastic opportunity for affiliate marketers.

With options like Classic RevShare and Turnover Share plans, you can boost your earnings based on your website’s performance and the activity of the traders you attract.

By joining Affiliate Top, you gain access to a wide network, excellent marketing tools, and the chance to earn great commissions.

Whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or have experience, Affiliate Top offers a pathway to financial success. Don’t wait any longer – sign up now and start earning money today!

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