LGaming Affiliate Network Review 2024: Should You Join ?

Are you searching for an LGaming Affiliate Network Review? I am here to help you.

In the world of affiliate marketing, it’s important to find networks that go beyond just connecting advertisers and affiliates.

These networks can provide you with the tools and resources you need to boost your earnings.

One such network to consider is LGaming. They don’t just offer affiliate offers; they’ve built an entire ecosystem designed to help you maximize your income as an affiliate marketer.

LGaming is all about helping you tap into the future of affiliate marketing. In this article, Let’s explore how they can assist you in earning more money compared to other affiliate networks.

What Do You Need to Know About LGaming?

LGaming is a program related to gambling and betting. It’s designed for people who want to promote these activities online and earn money through affiliate marketing.

LGaming provides special benefits like exclusive offers, VIP support, and opportunities to bet large amounts of money. They accept traffic from all around the world and various online sources.

LGaming Review

They have more than 1000 offers available in their affiliate network, including their own product called BetAndreas, which is licensed in Curacao.

LGaming allows you to earn money through different methods like CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and RevShare (Revenue Share). They also provide services like virtual bank card issuance and mobile app rental.

This affiliate network was created in 2022 by the team at LeadBit, who have been involved in the gambling industry since 2017.

Features of LGaming:

LGaming is an online platform offering a range of services in the gaming vertical. Here are the key features of LGaming that have really impressed me as an affiliate marketer: –


1. Affiliate Program: LGaming provides an affiliate program specifically tailored for the gaming industry. This program includes exclusive offers, app rentals, and VIP services, catering to affiliates who want to profit from gaming-related promotions.

2. Exclusive Gaming Offers: They have a team with years of experience in gaming offers. Partners of LGaming get exclusive access to these offers, which come with favorable terms.

3. App Rentals: LGaming offers proven mobile app rentals. This service might be beneficial for those who need apps for gaming purposes but prefer renting over purchasing or developing their own.

4. VIP Service: A specialized service that likely offers personalized support and exclusive benefits for high-value partners or clients.

5. Gaming Content: The platform includes content like live broadcasts, availability of tournaments, unique promotions, and bonuses for players. This feature is particularly appealing to gamers and those interested in e-sports.

6. Casino Games: Over 3,000 games are available on the platform, featuring licensed software, regular tournaments, and 24/7 support. This is a significant draw for users interested in casino-style gaming.

7. Betting Options: There are bonuses for new users, a loyalty program, and apps for iOS and Android, along with VIP services. This feature caters to users interested in sports betting or similar activities.

8. Webmaster Tools: LGaming offers tools and services for webmasters, including free app provisions, VIP services, exclusive offers, and payouts on demand.

Advantages of LGaming:

LGaming is a great choice for affiliates because it offers many benefits:

LGaming Features

  • They have more than 1000 high-stakes offers, some of which you can’t find elsewhere.
  • They pay your earnings on time, usually within 5 days when you ask for it.
  • They have their own high-quality product, and you can rent apps for free if you’re with LGaming.
  • You can request your money whenever you want, so you don’t have to wait for a specific date.
  • They have helpful managers who know a lot about affiliate marketing and can answer your questions.
  • You can withdraw your earnings using different payment methods, including regular money or cryptocurrency.
  • If you need a specific payment method, they can add it for you.
  • They’re open to discussing special working arrangements with you.
  • They provide quick assistance at any time, with an average response time of 15 minutes.

You can focus on bringing in traffic while LGaming handles the technical stuff. Whether you are a solo affiliate or a team, you will find working with them easy.

How Do I Start Working with the LGaming Affiliate Network?


To sign up with LGaming, you need an invitation. Here’s how to get started:

  • Visit the official LGaming website.
  • Click on the “Join our ecosystem” button.
  • Fill in your email, password, Telegram username, and Skype username.
  • Check your email for a confirmation link and click on it.
  • Wait for a manager to contact you or contact them yourself. Once your account is approved, you can log in to your dashboard and choose an offer.

On your dashboard, you’ll find:

  • Top offers and charts showing how much you can earn with CPA and RevShare.
  • Info about events LGaming takes part in and links to their social media.

At the top of your LGaming dashboard, you’ll see:

  • How much money have you earned through CPA and RevShare?
  • Contact details for your personal manager.
  • Your unique account ID.
  • On the left, you’ll find the main menu of the affiliate network.

Now, let’s talk about what you can do within the network:

Offers: Here, you can find all the available offers. You can use filters to search for offers by country, category, payment type, and where the traffic comes from. Each offer has details like its name, category, payment method, country, and bid.

When you click on an offer, you can learn more about it, including what kind of traffic sources are allowed, payment conditions, how long earnings are held, a description of the offer, testing limits, how often they check your traffic, traffic requirements, and any pre-landing pages.

It’s a good idea to talk to your personal manager before you start sending traffic to make sure everything aligns well.

Statistics: In this section, you can see data on your conversions. It shows you how well your campaigns are performing. You can filter the statistics by different parameters like streams, offers, landings, sources, devices, countries, and sub-accounts. You can also adjust the time period to see data for a specific timeframe.

Finance: Here, you can find information about your financial transactions. You can see your payout and compensation history, request a payout, or add a payment method.

News: In this section, you’ll find the latest news and updates from the LGaming affiliate network.

Profile: Here, you can view your personal information and change your password if needed.

LGaming Offers the Following Services to Start Working with Them:

LGaming support

To start promoting an offer on LGaming, follow these steps:

  • Pick the offer you want to promote and talk to your manager about where your traffic will come from.
  • In the “Offers” section, find the product you like and click on “Create Stream.”
  • Name your stream (this is like giving it a title) and tell LGaming where your traffic is coming from.
  • Choose a landing page that matches your target audience. You can filter these landing pages by language and category.
  • Set up a tracking system to keep an eye on your campaign’s performance.
  • Click “Create Stream,” and you’ll get a special link to use in your work to promote the offer. This link will help you keep track of how well your campaign is doing.

How to Withdraw Money from the LGaming Affiliate Network?

To get your earnings from LGaming, you need to have at least $100. You can ask for your money in US dollars (USD), Russian rubles (RUB), or Ukrainian hryvnias (UAH).

If you bring in a lot of traffic, you can ask LGaming to add a specific way to get paid.

Here are the ways you can get your money:

  • Bank cards: They can send the money to your bank card.
  • USDT: You can receive the money in a cryptocurrency called USDT.
  • Bitcoin: They can send your earnings in the form of Bitcoin.
  • Capitalist: You can choose this online payment system to get your money.
  • Wire Transfer: They can send your earnings directly to your bank account.

However, please note that it might take up to five business days for the money to reach you once you request it.

LGaming: Pros and Cons


  • Over 1000 unique and high-stakes offers are available.
  • Multiple methods, including cryptocurrency.
  • Open to discussing personalized work arrangements.
  • Handles technical aspects, allowing affiliates to focus on traffic generation.
  • Access to live broadcasts, tournaments, and unique promotions.
  • Wide range of games and betting opportunities.


  • Primarily caters to gambling and betting, which may not suit all affiliates.
  • Up to five business days for payment processing.


🤔 What is LGaming Review?

LGaming Review is a reputable gaming review website that provides comprehensive evaluations and insights into various video games, helping gamers make informed decisions about their gaming choices.

🎮 What types of games do they review?

LGaming Review covers a wide range of video game genres, including action, adventure, RPG, sports, simulation, and more. They aim to provide a diverse selection of reviews for their readers.

🤝 Can I trust LGaming Review's opinions?

LGaming Review strives to deliver honest and impartial reviews. While their opinions are valuable, it's essential to consider multiple reviews and viewpoints before making your own judgment.

📱 Is LGaming available as a mobile app?

LGaming may have a mobile app available for download, depending on the platform's offerings. You can check app stores or their website for information on mobile app availability.

🎁 Are there any giveaways or contests on LGaming?

Gaming platforms occasionally host giveaways, contests, or promotions. To stay informed about LGaming's giveaways and contests, you can follow their social media channels and check their website for announcements.

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Conclusion: LGaming Affiliate Network Review 2024

Thus, I can say that LGaming is pretty cool if you’re into gaming and betting and want to try affiliate marketing. They have a ton of choices, over 1000!

Plus, they pay you fast, even in crypto, and help you out super quick if you have questions.

They’re big on gaming stuff, so if that’s what you like, you’ll enjoy their live streams and casino games. Just a heads-up, it’s mainly for people into gambling.

You’ll need an invite to get started, and you have to earn at least $100 before you can take out your money.

So, if you’re ready to give it a go and have some fun with affiliate marketing, LGaming could be a great place to start! 

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