Bitcoin VPS Hosting: Buy a VPS using Bitcoin (BTC) in 2024

Many web hosting companies and virtual private server service providers accept Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency, as payment.

There are a few things to consider before using bitcoins to purchase a web hosting service because you can’t place your trust in each of these businesses.

How Does the Bitcoin Network Work?

Bitcoin VPS Hosting

The cryptocurrency with the highest name awareness is Bitcoin, or more precisely, decentralized digital currency (BTC). Although Satoshi Nakamoto created and first made Bitcoin available to the public in 2008, it is much more than just a form of payment.

Since 2009, more businesses and online stores have begun to accept bitcoins as a form of payment for online purchases. Despite this, very few significant internet retailers have started to take bitcoins. Price fluctuations and the lack of chargeback protection for clients who pay for services with bitcoins are the main causes of this.

This is another factor that makes choosing a Bitcoin hosting company extremely important. Because the provider is well-protected from fraudulent chargebacks, hijacked PayPal accounts, and other similar situations, you, the customer, run the danger of falling for a scam and not receiving any service or a refund, which is dreadful. This section talks about the specifics.

How to Use Bitcoin to Securely Buy a Virtual Private Server

There are a few crucial factors you must take into mind before purchasing a cheap KVM VPS or any other kind of hosting service with Bitcoins. For you to make an informed choice and prevent financial loss, we will walk you through the entire process step by step.

1. A Bitcoin Purchase or Bitcoin Mining Participation

Getting Bitcoins is the first step in the process, and you may do this by buying them or mining them. For instance, you can purchase Bitcoins on the renowned exchange Bitstamp if you so desire.

The second choice is “mining,” which is the process of creating Bitcoins on your own. In most cases, mining Bitcoin on your own computer or server won’t be profitable for you. Joining a Bitcoin mining pool, which is a large group of people who pool their processing power and other resources with the aim of creating Bitcoins, is your best option.

2. Look for a Bitcoin VPS provider

Finding a web hosting business that takes Bitcoin as payment is the next step once you have Bitcoins in your possession. Your best bet is to search Google for “the service you need bitcoin,” for example “VPS bitcoin,” if you want to purchase a Linux unmetered VPS. This will provide a list of online stores where you can make this kind of purchase

A few virtual private server (VPS) vendors accept Bitcoin payments, however, not all of them are reliable. We’ll go over the actions you can take to make sure the decision you make is the right one in the part that comes after this one. Any of JavaPipe’s hosting services, including domain registration and SSL certificate purchases, can be paid for with Bitcoin.

3. Discover The Bitcoin Hosting Company’s Details

You shouldn’t immediately acquire the goods from a company just because you’ve identified one that can provide the service you need! We’ve already established that canceling a Bitcoin transfer or requesting a chargeback is not possible. It can also be used as a secure method of payment.

The aforementioned specifics provide crooks a chance to implement their plan. More often than you might imagine, thieves create websites where that offer product or services that can be purchased with bitcoins. In the case that you purchase it, the fraudsters will keep your Bitcoins and you will never receive the service.

Because of this, you must ensure that the Bitcoin VPS hosting company you’ve chosen has a strong reputation and has been around for a while before you give it any money. Please be sure you follow these instructions to protect your safety:

1. Perform some research, Google the name of the service provider and the phrase reviews to see what results appear.

2. Look up the service provider on websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Every reputable service provider will keep up a social media presence and, at the very least, have 300 fans or followers. Make careful to read the reviews that are posted on Facebook as well.

3. WHOIS Check: Use the ICANN WHOIS search box to enter the service provider’s domain name. The domain registrant’s contact details and the date on which the name was first registered are then shown. Verify that the domain has been registered for at least two to three years and that the provided contact information is true information for the company and not just some fictitious information.

For instance, the domain name, which was registered in 2004, offers the owner of the website’s verifiable contact details. Additionally, you won’t find any bad reviews about us online, and you can find us on Twitter and Facebook frequently. If you want to utilize your bitcoins to make a secure purchase, you should use this company profile.

Bitcoin as a Hosting Payment Option: Wrapping up

Using bitcoins as payment is a fantastic and risk-free choice for buying services like web hosting. One of the biggest benefits is that incentives are received almost immediately. As staunch proponents of decentralized financial systems like Bitcoin, we ardently hope that more service providers will follow suit.

Customers’ only drawback is that payments that have already been processed cannot be stopped. Given the circumstances, it is essential that you thoroughly investigate the service provider before making any payments. Make no payments if you have any doubts about the service’s dependability; otherwise, you should prepare to lose your money.

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