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Overall Verdict

Voluum is one of the best ads tracking software in the world. It’s an All-In-One Ads Tracking Software that helps you simply manage, track, and optimize all of your advertising campaigns right in one place.

Out of 10


  • It is very easy to use
  • Voluum may accompany its own detailing suite
  • Direct Tracking Pixel
  • It's effectively created and refreshed
  • Tracking Domains with SSL
  • A/B Testing for Flows


  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Pricing is little bit high


Price: $ 49

Looking for an unbiased Voluum review, i’ve got you covered.

Ever wondered how people keep track of all those clicks and visits on their websites or ads? Well, I found this tool called Voluum that’s like a super-smart helper for this.

It’s designed to make understanding all those numbers way easier, especially for folks running ads or websites. I decided to dive in and see what it’s all about.

In this review, I’ll share my real experience with Voluum.

Whether you’re new to tracking your online stuff or looking for something to make your life simpler, stick around. I’ll break down how Voluum works, what makes it stand out, and if it’s worth giving a shot.Voluum Review

Updated Voluum Review 2024

Here comes a reliable and powerful affiliate ads tracker.

Voluum is one of the most reliable ad-tracking programs in the market. It is a complete ad-tracking software that allows you to manage, track, and optimize all your advertising campaigns in one place.

With the help of this tracker, you can easily track organic traffic and paid traffic, every event, click, and conversion from where you’ll get better traffic flow. All this allows you to make decisions based on data and optimize your efforts for a greater return on investment.

Is Voluum Worth It?

Voluum is one of the best ads tracking software in the world. It’s an All-In-One Ads Tracking Software that helps you manage, track, and optimize all of your advertising campaigns right in one place.

It’s cloud-hosted tracking software that provides data analytics insights and AI-powered optimization tools that make advertising easier and more profitable.

Voluum Review- Affiliate Marketing Tracker

Voluum is an end-to-end solution for performance marketers, media buying teams, agencies, and—of course—bloggers. The platform gained much recognition as a performance-tracking solution and is considered by many to be the best in the industry.

Recently, they have stepped up their game by developing an integrated native ads media buying feature.

Voluum provides instant information with real-time data processing so you can make transactions immediately. Because it is hosted in the cloud, it does not slow down, no matter where the traffic is, and you can access it from any device.

There is even a mobile application that provides personalized alerts about the performance of your campaign.

Why Is Voluum So Powerful?

Voluum’s advanced analytics tools help you analyze your campaigns and boost conversion rates. Voluum lets you measure performance across many platforms for more accurate analysis with its thorough reports and real-time insights.

It gives user behavior and trend data to improve ads in real-time for optimum ROI. Voluum’s drag-and-drop interface lets you design and set up campaigns without coding, so you can launch campaigns with confidence.

To safeguard your advertising budget from fraud, Voluum includes built-in fraud detection. Tracking campaigns and optimizing performance using Voluum’s sophisticated analytics package and fraud prevention is a terrific option.

Voluum’s affiliate marketing suite lets you optimize your collaborations. Voluum streamlines affiliate connection management with its simple dashboard. It gives precise insights into each partner’s performance, allowing you to correctly measure performance and make data-driven decisions.

This lets you maximize affiliate agreements. Voluum makes it easy to manage payments, design bespoke landing pages, and measure conversions in real-time, giving your affiliates the tools that must succeed.

Key Features Of Voluum

  • Direct Pixel Tracking: Paid and organic traffic tracking without the initial redirection. Accelerate the sending of visitors to your lists and publish unlimited ads, even in regions with slow Internet connections.
  • Impression Tracking: Follow the impressions of the ads in order to simply measure the impact of specific ad contact points. Combined with other statistics, impressions give you a complete picture of the performance of your advertising campaign.
  • Custom conversion tracking: Define multiple conversion types to track all the actions that users perform throughout the LTV.
  • Dashboard: Get an overview of the most important campaign statistics, such as visits, clicks, costs, or benefits. And even you can easily discover areas that require your attention or improvements.

Voluum Review- Dashboard

  • Detailed reports: Get instant access to your data regardless of traffic. The best part is that they have a database that ensures that reports are generated instantly in real-time. Access 30 data points right for each print, visit, click and convert to get the most detailed insights possible.
  • The Traffic Log: Now, you can access the raw data to obtain detailed information about each visit. With this feature, you will be able to detect data differences between your traffic source and Voluum.
  • Traffic distribution AI: Just put campaign optimization on autopilot with the help of this feature. Actually, they have machine learning algorithms that come up with the best offers, landing pages, and complete routes as well.

Traffic Distribution AI - Voluum Review

  • A / B test for Flows: Now you can automatically run A / B tests to easily determine which of your campaign’s routes mainly produce the best results for specific conversion goals and to see where changes should be made to improve the efficiency of your campaigns easily.
  • Real-time routing API: Using this feature you can just dynamically replace the default redirection routes through a system similar to Webhook in real-time, and that’s impressive.
  • Anti-Fraud Kit: Just stop wasting money on bot traffic. With the help of this feature, you can easily find out suspicious visits and clicks, detect unrealistic conversion times and so many things in a row.

  • Offers The Marketplace Beta: Simply find, compare, and promote the best deals from the most important partner networks in your Voluum account, and that’s very easy to do. Simply use their advanced filtering to easily achieve the best.
  • Multiuser Mode: You can invite your affiliates to work with your Voluum account. Adjust your access to specific workgroups and teams as well.

How To Easily Create Campaigns With Voluum?

The best part that I liked most about Voluum is that you can easily get started with it right away. The process of creating campaigns with it is very straightforward.

To check Voluum, you must create a campaign.

Voluum Review- Create New Campaigns

Then, you must select a traffic source that you have already predefined.

Right at the time of creating campaigns, you can just leave the country tab empty so that you can get better insights.

After you start the process, that will be replaced automatically.

You should also know if you want to track your costs in your ad network based on the pricing model you are using. So here, you can just set the CPC, CPM, or CPA value you generally pay for your traffic.

If you are using SmartCPM, you need not set your ads to cost here. Now, you might be thinking about what you should do in this case.

In this case, you must simply select “Do not track costs” because you no longer need to track them. But here, you must remember that you should check your costs on your ad networks.

The best part that I liked about Voluum is that it also has the ability to track costs automatically. So here you don’t need to worry as I have tried these features several times and it worked very well for me.

But one down part is that this option may also not work in some of the networks.

But somehow, if you really want to use it, just do a pre-test to ensure everything is done correctly. In the Advanced Settings tab, you can select the source you have generally predefined in the previous step.

Apart from that, you can even create a new specific route right for this campaign simply by selecting a new offer and a route before landing within the campaign easily.

Now I would like to introduce a simple step that you can follow to get started right away.

Now you have to choose a unique offer URL as the destination URL, and that’s it.

Voluum Review- The Destination URL

In this step, if you have selected the default source, Voluum toll will remind you of the source configuration and tell you how the traffic is distributed.

When you save your campaign settings, the campaign ID appears on the Campaign URL tab.

And now here, the URL must be included right in the destination URL so that you can simply start sending your traffic to a specific offer to simply track all your data in Volume.

How To Track Events Using Voluum?

Voluum generally follows different types of actions that are performed by visitors and called events. Different events have different effects on the performance of a campaign. That is why it is important to distinguish them well.

The main purpose of Voluum, in the broadest sense, is information management. This information includes:

Events: Impressions, Visits, Clicks, and Conversions.

Visitor characteristics: Basically, these visitors- are generated by the visitor transmitted from a source of traffic or obtained from Voluum that generally characterizes the visit, such as country, device information, costs, payments, etc.

This information is collected, recorded, and transmitted by Voluum. All this information is used to obtain more information about your visitors, better understand your campaign’s performance, and optimize your campaign’s configuration.

To obtain this information, you must configure Voluum correctly. The basic configuration covers the most common use cases and uses the redirect tracking method.  So, let’s find out how to track events using Voluum.

Here, you can track events using the methods given below:

Voluum Review- Track Events

Now, I’m gonna use the first method to track events using Redirect Method

It is one of the simplest configurations. To properly track visits, you must add two elements to Voluum: a traffic source and a campaign. However, it is recommended that you always add a bid element to enrich your reports and use the traffic redirection options.  Let’s check the necessary elements.

The Necessary Elements:

Traffic source: It is necessary to correctly register the information of an external traffic source platform.

Voluum Review- Add New Traffic Source

Campaign: This element links all other elements and is usually added to the end of the campaign’s axis configuration. It is used to provide general information about the campaign and to direct traffic to a selected destination. In the simplest configuration, this destination can only be a destination URL.

Voluum Review- Campaigns

Offer: Here, the position of a proposal offers additional options to manage the traffic deviation. You can use a quote element in routes or feeds to pass additional visit information to your affiliate network platform and use a redirect method to set up conversion tracking, a publishing URL, and more detailed reports.

Voluum Review- New Events

Let’s get straight to tracking the events:

Tracking Clicks:

To track clicks correctly, you should use an externally hosted landing page, add an appropriate landing element in Voluum, and then paste a destination URL provided by Voluum right on your landing page.

  • Lander: Basically, this item links Voluum to your landing page. The best part is that it can be used right on the paths and the flows with the offer element too.

Voluum Review- Create a Lander Element

  • Click URL: This link is generally provided by Voluum and should be included in your landing page so visitors can be easily redirected to an offer.

Voluum Review- Adding Click URLS

Tracking The Conversion:

Regardless of your chosen tracking method, you can track conversions using the redirect or direct method easily.

Conversion tracking with a redirect method: To track conversions using a redirect method, you must use a server-to-server postback URL that must be set up in the offers setup.

Voluum Review- Tracking Conversions

Tracking Conversion With A Direct Method: If you want to track conversions using a direct method, you must use a conversion tracking pixel to be implemented on a thank-you page.

Voluum Review- The Conversion Tracking Pixel

Tracking The Impression:

This must be compatible with your source traffic platform if you want to track your impressions. Read the following document for more information about impression tracking.

Tracking Impressions- Voluum Review

Track Visits With A Tracking Pixel:

Simply tracking the visits using the tracking pixel generally needs a landing page. Therefore, this method can easily track visits and clicks, too.

Direct Pixel Tracking: This feature generally allows you to track visits and clicks with a direct method. For this function to work, you must add a data source element and campaign source elements, too.

Voluum Review- Direct Tracking Pixel

Now, you can track events with the help of Voluum easily.  Let’s move to another part.

How To Easily Create A New Traffic Source From A Template?

The best part that I liked most about Voluum is that it has an easy-to-use interface. The following steps will teach you how to configure a traffic source based on the Voluum templates.

Just switch to traffic sources in Voluum. And there, the traffic source will show up.

Voluum Review- Add New Traffic Source

Now, in this step, you must just click the New traffic source button. The New Traffic Source Template will pop-up window appear.

Now, you have to simply select the template you want to use by clicking on it.

Voluum Review- Add New Traffic Source Easily

Here, in this step, you have to click on the Load Template button. The “New traffic source” form is displayed.

When loading a volume traffic source template, all options and text boxes are already full with the default settings. You do not have to change the options or provide additional information to use this data source element in your Campaign Funnel. However, you can change the configuration of your choice if you wish.

Now, just click on the Save button.

Voluum Pricing Plans:

The pricing plan offered by Voluum is very affordable and flexible as well. And anyone can easily get started with this tool right away. Let’s find out what pricing plans and features this tool offers.

Voluum Pricing Plans


What Can You Use Voluum For?

Although it seems mostly dedicated to performance marketing, Voluum can benefit many bloggers.

For example, if you promote your website through multi-channel campaigns, you can track your performance in just one place, just as a publisher would. You’ll get the same real-world insights into your traffic, no matter what ad exchange you use.

Voluum Review- Affiliate Tracker

FAQs On Voluum Review:

❓What features does Voluum offer?

Voluum offers a range of features designed to help marketers, media buyers and affiliates maximize their campaigns’ performance. These include real-time campaign tracking, dynamic creative optimization, A/B testing, powerful reporting tools, and more.

👀How does Voluum work?

Voluum is a performance tracking platform that helps marketers, media buyers and affiliates track and analyze their campaigns in real-time. The platform tracks user engagement from clicks to conversions using a range of powerful tools and metrics.

👍What type of support does Voluum offer?

Voluum offers comprehensive customer support including a knowledge base, online tutorials, live chat, and email support. They also have an active community forum where users can exchange ideas and get help from other Voluum users.

🤷‍♀️Can I track performance across multiple channels and devices?

Yes, Voluum allows you to track performance across a wide range of channels and devices including mobile, web and social media.

✔Does Voluum integrate with other platforms?

Yes, Voluum is compatible with a range of platforms such as Google AdWords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. It is also compatible with a range of tracking services, including ClickMeter, TUNE and more.

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Conclusion: Voluum Review 2024 

I guarantee you’ll be ready to launch your campaign if you follow these instructions. I hope this guide clarifies things for you, allowing you to master this Voluum guide series.

I’m craving a taste of Voluum. I’d like to learn how to use a tracker everyone has been discussing. I’m confident that with the help of this affiliate tracker, I’ll achieve outstanding results and create a lot of cash!

Best wishes to everyone!

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45 User Reviews on Voluum

  1. Voluum is a powerful tracker that will help you scale and profit in your affiliate marketing campaigns. My favorite part about this tracker is the advanced analytical features that tell me numbers I haven’t been able to get from other trackers before, but that’s not all – Voluum also has their built-in optimization tools. With these online advertising analytics to back me up every step of the way, I know there’s no stopping me from success!

  2. Voluum is often touted as one of the best ad tracking solutions around. One feature that stands out to me is the advanced analytical features, where it gives you the capability to scale and profit from your campaign by optimizing YOUR CAMPAIGNS. It’s always good knowing what’s going on with your advertising marketing campaigns!

  3. I have been with Voluum for a couple months now and I absolutely love it. It’s so user-friendly, has tons of great features, and was easy to install.

  4. Voluum is an amazing program that I’ve had the pleasure of using for months now. The program has helped me increase my income tremendously. It would be hard to put into words just how much this product will help you with your online marketing if you are an affiliate. If you are not, then it doesn’t matter, because it also helps with SEO! Voluum tracks everything about your campaign and fills in all of the blanks along the way providing live stats on what you need to know at any given moment.

    I found that this aspect especially came in handy when optimizing campaigns, which was really easy with their smart filtering features that allowed me to see only those keywords relevant to my industry or niche site,

  5. The tracker itself is OK. The support and customer service is terrible. I paid $100-$130 with my subscription for years, until they decided without any agreement, without any notify to charge my paypal account to almost $300. Nothing changed, neither service or features, just price. No notice, no agreement.

    I decided to stop working with this scam company once they overcharged me and requested refund in skype chat with Pawel Krajewski but got this: ” we do not have any refund policy. ”
    Please note, this is PREPAID service, not postpaid. Please stay away from this company, there are lots of trackers now offering competitive service for MUCH lower price ans well as MUCH more adequate support

  6. I have been an affiliate marketer for the last 5 years, and I wish I had this when I first started out. The customization is unbelievable!
    The UI design alone sets it apart from any other tool on the market in my opinion. You don’t have to have knowledge of coding or programming skills to understand how you can best optimize your campaign for full potential with Voluum Ad Trackers’ intuitive interface – just some common sense.
    The tracking features are second-to-none. With over 203 million visits serviced in 2017, Voluum has surpassed all competitors by far by becoming the leading service provider of advertising intelligence solutions globally with its state-of-the art technology that caters to both small merchants with limited budgets

  7. Voluum is simply the best way to track performance in your marketing campaigns. It has all the features you need, without anything too confusing or hard to figure out. Voluum makes it easy to see which ad copies are working best and what referral sources are turning into better clients than others, so you can keep refining your marketing strategy for more growth. I highly recommend trying out this product for yourself–you won’t regret it!

  8. Get in on the ground floor of a new and substantial marketing platform. You don’t need a huge budget to track your ads, when Voluum does it for you! And if that’s not enough to entice you, there are plenty of other features too. It has an intuitive interface that makes the campaign creation process much simpler than other programs out there. The conversion data can be filtered by traffic source or device type with ease so no more guesswork about which efforts were successful and which weren’t. Easy customization tools have made site owners love this product! Say goodbye to hours upon hours spent doing technical research–this tracker is all inclusive and takes care of everything for you!

  9. This product is the best I’ve found for keeping track of what you’re promoting and seeing profits. With ways to automatically optimize, analyze your customers, and get access to API keys- it comes with a lot of valuable features and has been very user friendly.

  10. Let’s get down to brass tacks: marketing is hard, and the price of failure can be high. Add in uncertainty about your conversion rate, not being at all sure if you’re making a profit on each sale, and unforeseen costs popping up out of nowhere? Voluum Ad Tracker is a serious must-have.

  11. The best thing about Voluum Ad Tracker software is that it doesn’t just track each click, but what people are viewing on your site. Not only that, but the software will work to optimize your campaigns for you. You can tell it to stop showing certain ads or pages and then see instant results as those clicks go elsewhere. And don’t worry about worrying if this will hurt conversions; they’ll be better than ever!

  12. I think Voluum is the best option for growing your affiliate marketing campaigns. For one, it won’t cost you anything! Plus, if you’re looking to get analytical information on how your campaign progresses, I don’t know of any other software that does this better than Voluum.

  13. I don’t think there’s a better tracking software out there. It has all the simple but effective features you need to measure your performance and keep your website safe from any threats. I highly recommend it!

  14. The only thing I found more difficult than installing this product, was deciding what kind of notifications I wanted to be notified for! This thing literally does it all- creating reports others can’t even evaluate accurately because they have no idea how much time you put into designing, developing or executing your strategy around this product.

  15. This is the best piece of market research software on the market. It has literally everything an affiliate wants with intuitive interface and easy to use features.

  16. I searched for the best tracker software for my affiliate marketing campaigns and I found it in Voluum. Their analytical tools are incredible, allowing me to make informed decisions confidently while scaling like crazy with one of their built-in optimization tools.

  17. After watching my YouTube ad spend dry up, I sought out a tracking software. My search lead me to Voluum Ad Tracker, which looked the most promising with the best reviews. After installing VAT on one of my own sites and working through all the features laid out in the user guide, it became clear that this was not something I could do myself. Voluum is great for an experienced affiliate marketer who’s looking to scale their business or someone new starting up.

  18. The Voluum platform lets me track my earnings, conversions and revenue with ease. The reporting features are phenomenal and has helped me improve my overall efficiency. It is so good, I recommend it to all of my friends who also rely on the internet for advertising.

  19. I love this thing! I use it all the time and it works like a charm.
    I always get rich fast with Voluum because you can track conversions, estimate your earnings potential, use the conversion optimization dashboard and build an affiliate store in minutes.
    It’s also affordable and quick to install: within seconds of downloading the plugin I had my site up and running with tracking on everything people wanted to buy. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for ways to make money online; we need more advertising options these days besides Adwords which is only really good at PPC but not much else. Some other methods that actually work are SEO or PPC – whichever one fits your needs best.

  20. Do you have some specific conversion data that you are just not getting the fine-grained key numbers on? Spend some time setting up tracking links with Voluum, which creates an accessible dashboard for all your affiliate marketing campaigns. I had some trouble locating this software but what joy when I found it! With easy to use features like automatic opt-in functionality and intelligent email notifications, Voluum is my preferred remote control over my own success as an affiliate marketer. There’s really no need to worry about missing out on any revenue opportunities – Voluum takes care of everything for me! This program blows away the competition – make the switch today!

  21. It’s always nice to know how well your marketing is doing. Formatting social media posts just isn’t enough sometimes. Voluum knows you have a lot of competition so they built in features that will help you compete against them for the next sale. Things like online sales tracking, access to analytics, affiliate programs integration with site solutions, and conversion rates are only few things included in this package. You can’t beat it!

  22. Voluum is the perfect product for affiliate marketers and online entrepreneurs. With its sophisticated analytical features and built-in optimization tools, there is an element of success that will be attainable with any marketing campaign using this tracker. I can see why Voluum is number one; it’s packed full of amazing features such as tracking deeplinks (r), link cloaking (x), social media plugin (sm) and more! All of these factors make Voluum an incredible tool for businesses, prosumers, or anyone trying to navigate their way around affiliate marketing practice.

  23. In case you’re not an affiliate marketer, you might be wondering what the heck Voluum is or who even needs it. If that’s you, then read on to learn more about this invaluable toolkit for digital marketers.

    Let’s start with a definition: Voluum is a sophisticated tracker that helps affiliates measure and optimize revenue from their marketing campaigns. It includes a suite of tools for reporting data and optimizing performance in standard web browsers (Chrome, Firefox etc.), ensuring compatibility with every platform. That means no app downloads required! A good way to understand how powerful this software can be comes in handy when brainstorming new income opportunities – instead of jumping straight into Google search results like everyone else seeking campaign solutions

  24. Find out that secret sauce for crushing it as an affiliate! For only small fees Voluum allows you to track and optimize your campaigns with sophisticated analytical features. With all this data at your fingertips, you will be able to properly take the steps necessary to finally start seeing those six-figure affiliate numbers in your account. Sign up today and find out what I know about this program!

  25. Voluum is the best thing that’s happened to my blog since Adsense. The features are phenomenal and I know that this will help me significantly in terms of optimization because it can be set up in so many different ways. Easily the most intelligent tracking system on the market, Voluum saves time and effort by allowing you to streamline your affiliate marketing efforts. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  26. I signed up for Voluum after listening to his presentation of it at a conference. I knew this would be the right solution for my needs because he said, “If you are serious about affiliate marketing, get on board.” What’s not to love about that? It was worth every penny!

  27. We’re all for nice, clean websites with happy people doing things, but when someone deserves something more – say an underappreciated infomercial guy getting a raise because he helped you increase your conversion rates – then it’s our job to let them know they should feel

  28. Voluum is an absolute game-changer for affiliate marketers. It’s made me not only more productive and profitable, but has given of brand new set of tools to work with. Plus, the customer service couldn’t be any better!

  29. I absolutely love this app and recommend it to everyone! It’s got a ton of different features and is really easy to use. I also like how you can see your sales number on the screen which tells me if I’m doing well or not. The tracker can be customized just for what you need, so I know that my data is safe with Voluum!

  30. Voluum has me in my best skin ever. It’s easy to use, they have helpful videos, extensive knowledge base articles, customer service is fast and responsive with small teams but I love them anyways

  31. It’s a really good one. You can do all sorts of fancy things with it. Sometimes I use the site myself for this reason, and because I find it easy to manage my time on it. One thing about Voluum is that you won’t get lost in umpteen screens trying to make sense out of different campaigns–everything is right there before your eyes!

    It’s changed my life entirely, and helped me progress from mediocre marketing approaches into something that has been tripled over the course of a year by focusing on conversion rates instead. It doesn’t hog up system resources either—the only downsides are what people expect–it does track everything for you so if someone accidentally visits your affiliate link

  32. I’ve been using Voluum from the beginning and I absolutely love this product. It’s honestly a life saver, not to mention it’s down-right fun! The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate – no need for manuals or tutorials. The dashboard allows you to monitor your campaign easily by letting you see who clicked on an ad, how they landed on your site, what link they clicked, and more all in one place. This is a perfect tool that will keep track of everything for you so that all you have to do is reap the benefits.

  33. This is by far my favourite tracker out there. If you need an app with detailed analytics and optimization tools, look no further than this one. Not only does it track your clicks in real time; but even if something goes wrong in your campaign, you can still recover without any hassle what-so-ever. Definitely recommend adding this one to the arsenal.

  34. Voluum was very easy to setup and implement. Other tracking software solutions I’ve seen were either too complicated for my skill level, or they required a subscription to make them fully functional. Voluum works without any cost, hidden fees, or lengthy contracts that the other software companies I came across seemed to be asking for. You can log into their website and create an account in minutes; it doesn’t even need your email address! I use this tracker mostly with Google Ads because of its affiliation with Analytics platform – really provides you with all of the data about how many impressions you’ve gotten/cost-per-click and pricing information as well as conversions and affiliate commission rate which is awesome

  35. here’s nothing worse than getting up at 5 AM just to check your stats before bed only to find out you’re making less than $10 – enter Voluum – an affiliate marketing software built specifically with social media in mind. This innovative platform gives user-friendly reporting solutions for efficiency and typically has users earning 40% more than they would anywhere else.

  36. I can’t imagine life without Voluum. I love being able to find data-backed insights on everything from who’s making my most money, what pages are working best for me, and which keywords I should be targeting with campaigns. In a nutshell: run your biz better by using all the information you have at your fingertips!

  37. Reporting that’s easy on the eyes.
    Voluum Ad Tracker is powerful reporting software for affiliates. Ideal for even expert power users with no programming skills, Voluum makes managing your campaigns a breeze thanks to features like built-in optimization tools and advanced analytical features. Give yourself an edge in affiliate marketing by giving your campaigns the care they deserve!

  38. “Voluum Rocks! I used to use a spreadsheet with all the information. Not anymore, now that I’ve got Voluum on my side it is like having an assistant who knows what’s best for me! It keeps track of how many deals go live and those deals then break down into categories according to product cost per acquisition or CPC. This way, if a certain category isn’t doing so great you can find out exactly which ones need work. You’ll even learn the customer persona behind the deal –which helps provide insight on how they shopper online –as well as tech skills, location, gender aged 20-34, and more. Spending less time searching thorough everything by hand has been nice too because of all these amazing

  39. So, I’ve been following this volume tip to increase my traffic and it’s really working out for me. i wasn’t using any tools before but now that I have Voluum Ad Tracker it just saves so much time! It also helps me see where all the good spots are which has lead to an uptick in sales. Thanks Voluum!!

  40. “I can’t believe I wasted so much of my time and energy on the other trackers that lacked too many features. Voluum is a perfect business partner for me.”

  41. You can’t afford to miss out on this product, and here’s why:

    – It is easy-to-use. Even though it might seem daunting, Voluum is straightforward when you get used to it. For example in just a few clicks, I was able to set up an advanced traffic tracking in no time at all! – It offers more than just traffic tracking. One of my favorite features with the software is that we’re able to see how many visitors per hour we’re getting and whether or not our website has been indexed by Google. Analytical data like this allows us focus on what marketing strategies actually work best for our business with little effort from us! – Sharp Reporting Tools make things simple.

  42. The key to any successful affiliate marketing campaign is figuring out the right data metrics. Whether you’re an expert or new to this game, Voluum Ad Tracker makes it easy for you to keep up with your best conversion rates, split-testing results, and much more! I highly recommend this software if you’re looking for a better way of keeping track of everything in your campaign.

  43. Voluum is by far the best tracker I’ve ever used. Other products are clunky and slow, but Voluum loads in seconds and has all the analytic tools you could want. It’s so easy to set up new campaigns too with the built-in optimization tools.

  44. It hasn’t actually snowed yet, but these slippers would be so cozy when winter finally gets here. Practicality will never go out of style with these fluffy loafers made from 100% genuine sheep wool with a faux fur trim around the cuff. They’re easy on indoor surfaces too with their light rubber sole and handy non-slip traction tread…

  45. In a nutshell, Voluum is an easy-to-use and powerful software that has the analytical tools you need to help you scale. The interface is very user-friendly and it comes with preset templates for each type of campaign so you can design your personalized HTML reports in seconds. One feature I like about it is; tracking sales by individual affiliate groups allows me to see how every single one of my affiliates are performing!

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