UpGrad Digital Marketing Program Review 2024: Is UpGrad Worth It ?


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100+ offline colleges and universities in India go online with UpGrad

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  • Cutting edge Curriculum from Top Faculty
  • 300+ Hiring Partners
  • Industry Projects, HBR Case Studies, and more.
  • Top university partners
  • INR 73LPA Highest Salary offered
  • India’s largest online higher education company


  • For Beginners it is expensive
  • More pricing options needed


Price: $ 999

UpGrad recently launched a digital marketing program. UpGrad is a company co-founded by Ronnie Screwvala, an entrepreneur who built UTV Movies and sold to Disney. He is also an investor in some of the most promising companies in India.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Founded in 2015, upGrad is India’s largest online higher education company providing programs in Data Science, Technology, Management and Law, to students, working professionals and enterprises. Every program is designed and delivered in collaboration with top universities like the IIT Madras, MICA, NMIMS Global Access, Jindal Global Law School, Duke CE, Deakin University, Liverpool John Moores University and others.

Read my UpGrad Digital Marketing Program Review Below:

UpGrad Digital Marketing Program Review

UpGrad Digital Marketing Program Review 2024: (Is It Worth?)

Upgrad reviews online

I recently received many requests to write a review upon UpGrad’s Digital Marketing Certification Program. I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts and some detail aspects of this program.

From my point of view, UpGrad differs in its focus on providing holistic marketing knowledge rather than on certain aspects of digital marketing.

Upgrad Review- Give Your Career A Lift

Over the years, I’ve met many digital marketers, most of whom only know how to “work” on one or two channels. Some know how to do marketing on Google, others know how to optimize the ranking of search queries on one website, others write a large copy for ads, but few can link marketing with the goals of the company. Businesses need someone who understands marketing as a whole and not just part of the puzzle.

It is true that digital marketers often manage only 1 to 2 channels in the early years of the race. But switch to a Digital Marketing Director or Vice President. Digital marketing and in-depth knowledge of digital channels and platforms are extremely important.

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What Is UpGrad And Why To Choose UpGrad?

UpGrad is one of the largest online companies in India that has worked to fill the skill gap that often exists among academic graduates and the needs of the industry. It provides the opportunity to advance the career path through rigorous online programs with personalized support, developed in collaboration with the best teachers and professionals in the industry.

UpGrad has provided waves by training dozens of young professionals with the exact experience they need to advance in their respective careers.

Upgrad review online

Upgrad student testimonials

Some of the aspects that distinguish UpGrad’s offer from other providers are (UpGrad Review)


Upgrad student review

1. Compact Program

Not only does this program cover all major channels, but it also provides a strong foundation for branding and marketing. At the end of the program, a student can develop a digital marketing strategy based on the business problem.

2. Best Instructors In The Business

UpGrad has created an incredible education of faculty members. These include HCL Marketing Manager, Microsoft Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Manager, former Global Digital Marketing Manager of Infosys and InMobi, global digital marketing consultants who have conquered the world, and many more. I think they will continue to add teachers to this level of quality as their program expands to include more members.

3. The Case Study Based On The Approach

Different types of companies do their digital marketing in different ways, as their business goals are different, their budget limits differently, and so on. UpGrad’s digital marketing program includes more than 17 case studies developed with some of the largest digital brands. These case studies put students in the positions of leading digital marketers.

In a case study, I would define the social media strategy for Grofers. In another case study with Disney, I would define the strategy for launching the “jungle book” in India.

4. Live Campaign Project

This is the most exciting aspect of the program. UpGrad provides real money to start live campaigns for its students. So, let’s say that when you study image ads, you’re able to show real ads through Google Adwords and are regularly advised by your internal mentoring team. UpGrad has tie-ups with some of the giant e-commerce and software companies, so you get live projects to work on with real-time tweakings like. Like SEO projects for big companies, PPC campaigns and so on.

5. Occupational Orientation

For people who are looking for a job in digital marketing, UpGrad offers professional support. This includes making an excellent CV by conducting sham interviews to help students find employment with their industrial partners. For entrepreneurs/businesspeople, they review their marketing strategy and help them develop an effective digital marketing roadmap for their business.

6. A process Of Awarding A Title

This program is certified by the IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Marketing Association), which works with leading brands and digital agencies to develop the digital marketing ecosystem in India. In addition, this program provides enough depth to eliminate most Facebook and Google certifications.

7. Pricing Of The Course

The UpGrad program fee is INR 60,000 (plus applicable taxes). The price is higher than most other providers in the market. However, I think that the price is justified by the quality of this program. In the end, through practice and experience, you can always become a digital marketing expert.

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Pros & Cons of Upgrad Reviews

UpGrad’s Advantages:

  • One of the program’s biggest strengths is the IIIT-B (which has great capabilities), which provides credibility.
  • UpGrad offers a PG IIIT-B diploma instead of administrative institutions and learning centers issuing a certificate.
  • The rate of Rs 2 lakh is comparable to that of training centers or business institutes.
  • UpGrad offers professional support that most learning centers do not offer.
  • UpGrad has its own discussion forum, encouraging students to dialogue and discuss their doubts and difficulties. In addition, UpGrad holds an offline meeting every month in Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai, where an industry speaker and faculty member are present.
  • After all, the program is an excellent combination of academic and industrial experience.

Upgrad’s Disadvantage:

  • It is a new participant in the ED-Tech ecosystem (UpGrad was founded in 2015), so other startups already have the first advantage.
  • The first batch is still in progress and we can not comment on any investment prospects

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UpGrad Testimonials : UpGrad Students Review

UpGrad Students Review 


upgrad student reviews


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UpGrad Reviews FAQs 

⚡️Are upGrad courses good?

UpGrad courses are for working professional, UpGrad courses are quite structured and courses certification from IIIT Bangalore helps one in the career, they have different course depending on work experience, the course which will help to a 2-year work experience individual will not be suitable for 12+ year experience.

💥Is upGrad degree valid?

UpGrad offers PG Diploma's and some amount of edge, UpGrad degree is not recognized, also one will not go to UpGrad to a degree like a Ph.D. or MSc in specialization like big data and even to get a specialization done from UpGrad one needs to spend additional money to get an MSc degree from an accredited university but UpGrad is not the bad option to go for.

✅Does upGrad help in placements?

yes, UpGrad do brings Placement Opportunities and also to the Job-seekers looking for for for the First-time, there are big numbers of learners who had been placed so far.

Conclusion: UpGrad Digital Marketing Program Review 2024: Is It UpGrad Worth Investing Money?

When I started my career in 2012, there was no lesson and I had never attended classes. But it took me 7 years to be where I am today. If you can pay the fees and do not have the time and patience, UpGrad’s digital marketing program will definitely accelerate your learning through hands-on experience.

It has a pool of expert digital marketers from all around the globe that had/working with top companies of the world. Let me know your experience with UpGrad in the comments section below and which course offered by UpGrad you liked the most.



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Comments (5)

  1. I decided to go ahead and monetize my master’s degree and get a certificate in big data analytics from Upgrad. I used what little money I had squirreled away during the past 10 years to afford it, but you know what? My day job quadrupled my salary! It was worth every penny!

  2. UpGrad is a great way to accelerate your career. I was considering going back to school and getting my masters degree, but Upgrad showed me that I could learn the knowledge and skills through an online program on my own time. They have really rigorous programs with personalized support so you can progress in your career without sinking into debt or waiting for classes to be held.
    The up sides: You’ll actually save money by not commuting, not missing work deadlines, or wasting hours at a university; you get a chance to network with professionals in various industries who share their insights as teachers and guest speakers while mentoring students through the peer-to-peer learning systems; they offer flexible payment plans so it’s easy for scholars from all backgrounds

  3. My co-worker and I enrolled in UpGrad’s executive leadership program. It was a really tough, but ultimately rewarding course that has helped us plan for our future careers in the financial industry.
    The project work is organized into modules where we were given tasks related to finance and created presentations from all of them with templates provided by the company. The best part was having access to mentors on the side who would review our projects to offer helpful insight at a moment’s notice whenever we felt stuck or lost direction.

  4. UpGrad unlike other competitors it’s objective is to empower people to achieve to their full professional capability by offering them an online platform comprising of programs or courses which are created and delivered in collaboration with the world-class industry. Combining with the technology and services upGrad strives to create an engaging learning experience-anytime and anywhere. In simple words it helps make one industry-ready opinion.

  5. UpGrad is one of the best options to explore different career paths and also best services offered in the industry.
    Theres flexibility for enrollment, refund options, referral bonuses!
    Thing that I found to be quite good and relevant were the different examples used throughout the course which made me feel that this course is indeed designed keeping in mind the ever changing.

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