TranslatePress Review 2024 – Is it the best WordPress Translation Plugin?

TranslatePress Review

Overall Verdict

TranslatePress enables you to turn your WordPress site into a multilingual one. It may be translated into one or more distinct languages, boosting its visibility towards various nationalities/languages.

Out of 10


  • You get dedicated translator accounts
  • They offer frontend translation
  • SEO support
  • Complete WooCommerce support
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Very easy to use


  • Free version lacks SEO assistance
  • For beginners, the paid version can be expensive.
  • Setting up automatic translations might be challenging.


Price: $ 89

Looking for an Unbiased TranslatePress Review, Don’t worry, I got you covered.

I’ve been running my website on WordPress for a while now, but I’m still trying to figure out how to translate it into other languages. 

It can take time to figure out where to start when translating your website. You need to ensure all of your content is translated accurately and that you’re using the right translations for your target audience.

TranslatePress Review

TranslatePress is the perfect WordPress translation plugin because it makes translating your website easy and accurate. With its visual translation interface, you can easily translate your website into any language with just a few clicks. 

Let us check out TranslatePress Review in a little depth.

TranslatePress Review: Manual Vs. Automatic Translation

Using a manual translation service means that the entire process will be done by humans—no robots involved! With manual translation, you have complete control over the quality of the final product. You could even request help from a native speaker for more accurate translations when necessary.

The downside of this option is that it requires more effort from both parties involved and more time for completion. Additionally, it can be costlier than some automatic options. 

Automatic translations are powered by machine learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These services use advanced technology to quickly translate text from one language to another with minimal human interaction required.

This method is much faster than manual translation, but the accuracy of translations could suffer depending on the type of AI used and the quality of training data provided.

Another downside is that some automatic translation services need to handle complex sentences or phrases accurately, making them less suitable for susceptible documents such as legal contracts or technical manuals where accuracy is key. 

Nothing beats the speed of an automated plugin when it comes to WordPress translation. With just a few clicks, you can translate your entire website into any language eliminating the need to manually copy and paste each content page into a translator app.

This saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on other strategies to promote your site.

In some cases, automated translations can be more accurate than manual translations (done by a non-native speaker) because they use machine learning algorithms to detect patterns in language usage and adjust their translations accordingly. 

In addition to speed and accuracy, automated WordPress translation plugins offer other features such as multi-language SEO support and integration with Google Translate—allowing you to translate your content faster than ever before.

Another great benefit of automatic WordPress translation is that you can easily keep track of changes made to translated pages using the “revision history” feature offered by some plugins like WPML or Polylang Pro.

This makes it easy for users to see what has been changed in each version so they can make sure all the changes have been implemented correctly. 

TranslatePress is one of the best automatic translation plugins out there, but let’s see why. 

What is TranslatePress?

What is TranslatePress

TranslatePress simplifies the creation of an SEO-friendly, easily accessible multilingual WordPress website.

All your translation data remains on your server and your website’s database, while the interface for visual translation is straightforward to use. You can choose between manual and automated translation from Google Translate or DeepL.

TranslatePress is one of the simplest methods for launching an SEO-friendly, multilingual WordPress website. The plugin allows you to handle all your translations using a visual editor and a point-and-click interface, with translation compatibility for all WordPress themes and plugins.

You may manually translate your text from scratch or use Google Translate’s or DeepL’s API for automated translation.

Your translation data remains on your server, and TranslatePress is not dependent on cloud-based translation delivery. This means that your translations stay yours even if you stop using the plugin.

What is Multilingual SEO & How Does TranslatePress Help With Multilingual SEO?

Multilingual SEO is optimizing a website for multiple languages so that search engine users can find it worldwide.

It involves using keywords in different languages, creating localized versions of existing pages, and ensuring search engines correctly index all content. With multilingual SEO, you can open up new markets for your business and reach a wider audience than ever! 

The TranslatePress Automatic WordPress Translation Plugin makes it easy to create localized versions of your content quickly and easily.

This plugin uses machine learning technology to ensure that translations are accurate and consistent with the original content while also considering regional variations in language usage.

Additionally, it automatically adjusts keyword density per language so that each version of a page is optimized for its target audience.

TranslatePress Pricing & How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of TranslatePress and click on ‘PRICING’.

TranslatePress Multilingual Review

Step – 2: Choose the plan of your choice and below it click on ‘Buy Now’.

TranslatePress Multilingual Review

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for.

TranslatePress pricing

Step – 4: Check the box and click on ‘Purchase’.

TranslatePress Pricing

Complete the payment, and that is it. You are good to go. 

All that’s left to do is download your purchased copy of the plugin, install it on your site, and start translating.

Why Do I Recommend TranslatePress?

Flexible Language Switcher:

Flexible Language Switcher

TranslatePress makes it simple to implement a floating language switcher or a language switcher in any menu section, allowing visitors to choose their favorite language.

Alternatively, if you need greater control, you can manually include the language changer using a shortcode.

You may also adjust the language switcher’s appearance, such as how language names are displayed and whether flags are included.

Multilingual SEO Functionality:

TranslatePress provides numerous multilingual SEO capabilities to assist you in profiting from multilingual SEO.

First, each translated version of your site receives its own static, indexable page so that Google may index it. TranslatePress automatically includes the hreflang tag to aid Google in understanding the relationship between content written in various languages.

In addition, TranslatePress connects with the majority of popular SEO plugins so that you can translate the SEO title and meta description (together with social media) from your SEO plugin (for instance, the information you provide in Yoast SEO) and generate a multilingual sitemap.

Compatible With All Plugins and Themes, Including WooCommerce:

One of the most excellent features of TranslatePress is that it works out of the box with almost any WordPress plugin and theme (along with all of the core WordPress functionality, of course).

This differs from other translation plugins, which need the plugin to be written in a particular manner to fetch its translations correctly.

TranslatePress can do this by examining the HTML shown on the front end of your website as opposed to the code on the backend. No matter how the plugin is written on the backend, TranslatePress should be able to pick it up if it shows the information on your site.

In addition to unique connectors for translating backend material through its string management interface, TranslatePress offers other integrations for translating backend content. For example, you can even translate your WooCommerce emails.

Manual or Automatic (Google Translate or DeepL) Translation:

You can translate your material from scratch or hire translators (via dedicated Translator accounts). You can also utilize automated machine translation from Google Translate or DeepL to save time. Even if you use automated translation, you can still edit and improve your translations manually.

I believe a combination of both ways is optimal. You may use machine translation to produce your first translations and then manually review them (or hire an editor to do it for you).

In addition, all of your translation data is kept locally in the database of your WordPress site. Therefore, you will only need to query the translation service once to produce the first translations; TranslatePress will then save these translations in your database.

Again, this is a significant distinction between TranslatePress and other automated translation plugins.

Visual Translation Editor (similar to Theme Customizer):

To make managing translations as simple as possible, TranslatePress allows you to add/edit translations using a visual interface that resembles the WordPress theme customizer.

You can handle the majority of your translations using point-and-click with this editor. For translating sitewide URL slugs, such as your category base slug, and other backend material, such as WooCommerce emails your site sends to consumers, you can use the string translation interface.

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Conclusion – Is TranslatePress Worth It? TranslatePress Review

One of the main advantages of using the TranslatePress plugin is its ease of use. The plugin has been designed with an intuitive interface that makes it very easy to set up, even for beginners. The dashboard provides an overview of all available translations and allows you to add or edit new ones quickly. You can also search and filter through your translations to find specific content quickly. 

Another great feature of TranslatePress is its automatic machine translation capabilities. This feature allows you to instantly translate any text on your website by connecting to Google or DeepL (a popular language-translation service).

This makes it very easy to quickly get your site translated into multiple languages without manually entering each word or phrase. 

Finally, the TranslatePress plugin also includes multilingual SEO support, compatibility with popular page builders (such as Elementor), and support for RTL (right-to-left) languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

In addition, the plugin is fully compatible with WooCommerce and other popular plugins, so you can easily create multilingual online stores. 

Overall, TranslatePress is a great WordPress translation plugin that both beginners and experienced users can use. It offers an intuitive interface, automatic machine translation capabilities, multilingual SEO support, compatibility with popular page builders, and support for RTL languages.

If you are looking for a reliable way to translate your website into multiple languages quickly and easily, I recommend giving TranslatePress a try!

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